Mystery Science Theater 3000/Recap/S07/E03 Deathstalker and the Warriors

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Film watched: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation contains these tropes:

Mike (using Vadinho's voice): "Get him men, he kicked Tony!"

Troxartas: RISE!
Servo: Oh, not that kind of rise.

Servo: Can you paint my van?
Mike: It's Troxartas, SUNDAY at the Metrodome!

(The opening credits show "John Allen Nelson" in a faux-Old English font)
Mike: John Allen Relson?
Servo: "Nelson", it's "Nelson".
Mike: That's one of the most clearly written "R"s I've ever seen!
(And Deathstalker gets called "Relson" through the rest of the experiment.)

  • Take That: The host segments really take apart RenFests.

"Potatoes are what we eat!"