Mystery Science Theater 3000/Recap/S08/E16 Prince of Space

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Film watched: Prince of Space

"The movie was made bearable only by the fact that we ate sushi for lunch. Also, Krankor and company's droopy crotch areas made me have to close my eyes so I missed a good deal of the movie."
- Bridget Jones

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 presention has examples of:

  • A Day at the Bizarro: The SOL spends the episode travelling through a Negative Space Wedgie, resulting in such weirdness as Mike being retconned into a ventriloquist puppet robot, the characters being knocked into separate timeframes while trying to have a conversation, and the Satellite's bridge spontaneously morphing into a "sylvan glen".
    • The "sylvan glen" sketch is notable as being the only outdoor shot in the show's entire ten-year run.
  • Brain Bleach: Mike and the 'bots don't react well to Japanese penises perfectly outlined in costumes that apparently the actors had to go commando in.

Mike: (disgusted) What gets into some civilizations?!

Crow: Come on, the movie's over. Let's just... let's just get out of here.

  • Gretzky Has the Ball: A mild case - the crew responds to the line "It's the Commissioner!" with "Pete Rozelle?" At the time the film was released (1959), the NFL commissioner would've been Rozelle's predecessor, Bert Bell (Rozelle took over in 1960). At the time of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode's airing (1997), Rozelle had long since been succeeded as commissioner by Paul Tagliabue (He'd also been dead for a year).
  • Oh, the Humanity!: "Oh, the inanity!" "Oh the Japanity!"
  • Running Gag:
    • "We like it very much!"
    • Many jokes about Prince, the singer.

Mike: (as Prince) Just call me 'The Artist'!