Namir Deiter

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A Funny Animal comic that started out with twelve-year-old Tipper Namir meeting her first boyfriend, Devin, co-starring her sister Snickers, Snickers's best friend Joy Satu, and their slightly older friend Blue Deiter. Devin dropped out of sight quickly, but the cast ballooned as each of these four became main characters in their own right, each acquiring a supporting cast of her own, Tipper's Six-Student Clique becoming especially prominent as she went through high school. The strip passes roughly in real time, so before too long, all of them were out of high school, into college and the real world. You can read it through this link here.

After Namir Deiter ended in 2015, Nicole and Derek started telling the story of the teenage children of the first strip's characters. That strip stopped updating early in the COVID-19 pandemic, returning for a few strips in February and March 2021 before going away again. They hope to return.

Tropes used in Namir Deiter include: