The Curse of Frankenstein

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The Curse of Frankenstein is a British horror film from the year 1957. It stars Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as The Creature. It is Hammer's first Frankenstein film, their first colour film and it single-handedly established the Hammer Horror.

Owing more to the Universal films than the original novel, this film once again tells a story of a scientist who creates life with terrible consequences.

Fascinated with Creating Life, Baron Victor von Frankenstein starts conducting experiments of such with the help of his tutor Dr. Paul Krempe. Unlike the well-meaning scientist from the Universal films, Frankenstein is depicted as an unfaithful womanizer and a Complete Monster, who has no qualms against killing people for body-parts and having those who obstruct his work murdered.

It was during this film when Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee met in person and struck a lifelong friendship.

The Curse was followed by The Revenge of Frankenstein in 1959 and Hammer remade it as The Horror of Frankenstein in 1970.

This film is cursed with: