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  • A shitload in The Movie:
    • The Eds must try and start Eddy's brother's car in order to get out of Eddy's room safely and before the rest of the cast break open the door and kill them (figuratively or literatelly, take your pick.) Sadly, the car is unable to start, so what does Ed do? He kicks his feet through the floor of the car and powers it with his feet and he manages to go fast enough to not only break through the room's wall but break open half of the freakin' house!


    • During Edd and Eddy's fight. Edd is usually portrayed was a weakling "who can't lift a butterfly", but when Eddy had him pinned down, he threw Eddy off of him. A rare show of strength.
    • When Eddy is clinging to his brother's door, trying to keep away from him so he won't get beat up again, it's Ed to the rescue. But this time it's different: Ed doesn't use his strength to beat up Eddy's brother, he does something SMART. He grabs one of the doors hinges and pulls it off, sending the door rocketing towards Eddy's brother, slams into his face and knocks him out. Now this is ED we're talking about. The guy who's mental capacity that would have most people worried, doing something SMART. That is AWESOME.
    • Not to mention soon before that, Edd of all people SCOLDED Eddy's brother for his behavior. Eddy's brother, who even Rolf was terrified of. Sure, he kinda lost his steam pretty soon, but I still think it counts. And even then, after getting HAMMERED INTO THE GROUND by Eddy's brother, he still stayed behind to try and help Eddy.

Edd: MR. EDDY'S BROTHER!!! As the older sibling, don't you think you should rather be setting an example for Eddy? And not, um... (Eddy's bro gives him a Slasher Smile; Edd loses steam) belittle him... in front of his... friends?

    • Then there was the other kids. They spent the whole movie trying to give the Eds the beating of a lifetime for a horrific scam. And when they see Eddy getting the beating of a lifetime from his bro, in-universe Fridge Horror sets in and they stop to think about what it must have been like to live with this guy. So what do they do? Even after what was pretty much Eddy's fault, they bury the hatchet and try to save Eddy!

Rolf: Rolf has had enough of your blunt-doodle, elder one! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A MERCILESS THRASHING!!!
Kevin: Hey, bro-guy! Lay off of him, man!
Nazz: Yeah, Mr. Macho Man!

    • Then, while Eddy's Brother is distracted, Ed gets the honor of finishing him off, as detailed earlier above.
      • One moment that stood out there was Kevin. After Rolf throws him into the fray, he's slightly nervous of being near Eddy's Brother. He looks around before manning up and calling him out.
    • Eddy's Brother in general. He has only five minutes of screentime and we got a fully fleshed-out character. And boy what a character he was.
    • Call it what you want, but...that Slasher Smile! Damn!
    • Also from the movie, Nazz finally HAS IT with Kevin ignoring her crush on him in favor of his precious bike and demolishes the thing! Damn, Nazz of all people just Took a Level in Badass!
    • After that quicksand prank, Edd EXPLODES and viciously tears Eddy a new one, nearly abandoning him!

Edd: I'd rather face up to the consequences, Ed, than wander aimlessly with a SO-CALLED FRIEND!!!

    • The Kankers giving Sarah a "wet willie", especially if you hate Sarah.
    • Jonny's Melon Lair!
    • Plank driving the bus.
    • Hell, this show OF ALL SHOWS actually portrayed Domestic Abuse in a straight and serious way.
  • In the episode where Ed is in a bad mood due to a pebble in his shoe. He actually makes Sarah back off.

Sarah: Ed! You can't kick me out, Mister! I LIVE HERE TOO!

    • Even more awesome, though, was after Ed had scared off Sarah and Kevin, Edd and Eddy didn't even CONSIDER running away. All they did was try to get Ed back to his former self. Their lives were quite literally on the line, and they STILL basically just stood there and took everything Ed threw at them, all in the hopes of cheering him up.
    • To clarify, Edd, who has gone through a series of coincidences that make him look like a bully, just got beat up by Jimmy of all people and the Kankers come in to give him and the other Eds the kissing ending they usually get, until Eddy screams at the top of his lungs the quote above to get them to back off. And they do!!
    • And during the fight, after being pelted by one too many hotdogs from Eddy, Jimmy freaking EXPLODES!!!
    • Adding onto the above moment:

Eddy: Beat it!
Kankers stand there stunned for a few beats, then they do.
Ed (in awe): Good one, Eddy.
Eddy: Vultures!

  • In "Pain in the Ed", Eddy wants to smash Ed's violin because Ed's a Dreadful Musician, but Jimmy is watching with specific instructions to tell Sarah if it happens. Edd suggests Making It Look Like An Accident, so he set up an extremely elaborate Rube Goldberg Device that included the precise reactions of the kids of the cul-de-sac themselves as elements of it...and it worked perfectly, including the last little bit he added to save the violin.
  • Ed winning a spelling bee against Edd, even if it was through the words "ectoplasm" and "gravy".
  • Double-D has created many, many awesome things out of cardboard and other junk, but probably the best was the Thingamajig, the technological equivalent of a genie's lamp that spat out whatever it's user wanted, including things bigger than the Thingamajig itself. And Double-D acted as if creating more than one would have been no big deal.
  • YMMV, but Jimmy's Evil Plan in "If It Smells Like An Ed" and the fact that it goes off so perfectly...at least until Jimmy trips and falls at the end and begs Sarah to come help him up, instantly regressing back into his pathetic self.
    • The fact that even Double D failed to figure it out until just before Jimmy revealed it certainly helps.
  • In "The Good, The Bad, And The Ed", Rolf risking life and limb to win the "Chest Hair of Resilience" badge.
    • Special mention goes to Eddy, who recieved a MASSIVE pain trip. He survived horrendous injuries, had all of his teeth knocked out, and was put in several casts. His injuries were worse than from the beating he recieved from his brother. Truly Made of Iron.
      • And he held onto consciousness just one second shorter than Rolf, who put up with the same thing, did.
  • Jonny tearing up the Kankers' sail in "Avast Ye Eds".

Jimmy: Just like Errol Flynn!

  • In "A Case Of Ed", Ed and Eddy have been alternating between tormenting a grounded Kevin, and tricking Edd into thinking he had a fatal disease. Both Edd and Kevin get their revenge when Kevin gets ungrounded early for good behavior, and then, when Ed and Eddy lock themselves in Eddy's house so Kevin can't get at them, Edd "accidentally" drops the spare key to the house, allowing Kevin to get in and get his revenge, watched by Edd who proceeds to list the symptoms of what can only be known as "Karma-itis".

"Kevin's Justified Pummel Disorder. Symptoms are bruising of the eye, followed by a sore rear end and a rapid decrease of hot air from an inflated ego".

  • Parodied in The Day the Ed Stood Still, when Edd, stands up to Ed (who believes he's a monster) and if it weren't for the fact Edd knew it was Ed and not an actual monster, this would probably count...at least, that's my opinion.
  • In "Sir Ed-A-Lot", after being pushed to his limit playing "princess" with Sarah, he gives her a taste of her own medicine by proclaiming himself king and locking Sarah in her own "cage". Now Eddy has the chance to have the last laugh while Sarah goes stark raving mad, screaming like a madwoman.
  • Johnny's rescue of Plank at the end of "Home Cooked Eds".
  • Ed's Mart. While it may not have seemed like a big deal back in season 1 (when it aired), it becomes this in hindsight due to being the ony scam that not only completely worked, but also (assumedly) turned out a good profit for the Eds.