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Charger Girls/

Plug Cryostat

One of the titular Charger girls and an employee of Neodym Inc. She's the first to stumble upon Oumi Sento when his sister registered on her geiger counter and surprised to encounter a "Parallel" (a term for humans used by the charger girls) that can see and touch somebody like her and has since become close to him, often hanging out on his house to watch her favorite show and later develops romantic feelings towards him.

She's constantly ranked last among her peers due to her ditzy nature and low charging count and thus, is always subjected to a monthly pay cut. However, she takes her job seriously and disagrees with the notion that she simply must charge up people to meet her quota and get paid, preferring to find a long lasting solution to people's problems before charging them up. Because of this, she's the only charger girl with the lowest returner (people who are constantly in need of a charge) rate.

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Aresta Blanket

Another Charger girl and Plug's complete opposite. She's constantly at the top of the charger girl rankings and has won 3 consecutive MVP awards. Her work philosophy is basically, charge people, meet quota, get paid and has little concern about the people she charges. Her philosophy is gradually changed upon Plug and Sento's influence.

She's first introduced as an arrogant charger girl who constantly berates Plug's ineptness but gradually warms up to her as they spend more time together as partners. She also meets Sento Oumi and develops feelings for him and is constantly vying for his attention.

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