Gag Boobs

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    There's a reason it's pronounced achin'.

    "It'll knock both your eyes out!"

    Tagline for the 3D Movie The French Line, starring the buxom Jane Russell

    The (often satirical) use of female breasts for comedy, rather than (or in addition to) Fan Service. Although motherly characters are oft given large chests, it is more common for the chest to be a cartoonish exaggeration (even within the context of the series) on a funny character for the purposes of physical humor. This even applies to a character who is otherwise very boyish-looking.

    Will usually be co-opted back into Fan Service at some point, unless the show is a Shojo series.

    Contrary to what widespread Trope Decay would have us believe, this trope is not synonymous with "any pair of breasts larger than a B cup", but refers specifically to large breasts regularly and intentionally used to comedic effect.

    See also Buxom Is Better, Gainaxing/Jiggle Physics, Most Common Superpower. Marshmallow Hell, Funbag Airbag and Thanks for the Mammary are related physical gags.

    Compare with A-Cup Angst, Petite Pride, and on a different axis, Gag Penis.

    Examples of Gag Boobs include:

    Anime and Manga

    • Mune-Mune in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. (Her name literally means "boobs".) And she is the main character's grandmother. Looks great for her age, though.
    • Mina in Airmaster, who has enormous breasts wider than her actual chest. Falls under the "often satirical" heading mentioned up there. Mina is actually embarrassed of their size and appearance, and the fact she gets hit on constantly by dudes despite being a sexually inexperienced Schoolgirl Lesbian.
    • Shii Aasu from Puni Puni Poemi is a particularly shameless example. Specifically: Shii has breasts roughly as big as her head, and virtually every line she has is her either boasting of their size, or blatantly displaying them...while boasting about their size. For variety she sometimes complains about their weight, although they don't seem to hinder her athletically.
    • Erstin Ho, whose name is an anagram of Holstein from the Mai-Otome anime and manga. This is more so the case in the manga where her fighting style is based around her breasts and can only be sized by an otome with a bust size of f-cup or higher, with the strength of the moves proportional to the size of the users bust. Hilariously enough the last otome to master the technique was Eiken moonstone Chiharu Shinome.
      • Tokiha Mai from My-HiME doesn't have the biggest rack in the show, but it attracts the most jokes. She can't go an episode in the early part of the series without someone's hand or face landing in her boobs, especially when No Social Skills Mikoto decides that it's okay to plant her face in them and nuzzle. In public.
    • Ukraine from Axis Powers Hetalia, who is recognized by the sound of her breasts in one episode. She is mentioned as having very stiff shoulders and back due to the weight of them (also, according to Russia in the English dub, her Gag Boobs are real since she's not rich enough to get implants). She is Ukraine though, it only seems natural that she would have vast tracts of land. But to repeat that: her breasts have their own sound effect (which sounds like a large rubber ball bouncing). And fan community.
    • In Basquash, the character Haruka Gracia has a pair of gargantuan sphere shaped breasts (It's a show about basketballs) dubbed "lunar bust". Supposedly, due to the low gravity of the moon, women who've lived there long enough developed enormous, sphere-shaped breasts. Ironically, despite the fact that she's the most attractive character in the series largely due to her breasts, most fanservice scenes are largely comedic.
    • Naga from The Slayers has breasts that match her personality: bizarre, flamboyant, and overly proud of themselves. She's a parody of all those Stripperiffic fantasy sorceresses, so that's only to be expected. There's a scene where she's trying to traverse a very narrow ledge overlooking a steep precipice. Awkward hilarity ensues.
    • Tsunade from Naruto has a pretty impressive set, considering one of the first things that happen when she becomes The Fifth Hokage is have Konohamaru crash into her and snuggle her breasts when he thinks they are pillows. Needless to say, Tsunade wasn't amused at all with this exchange.
      • This being shocking to many characters to realize that she was flat chested as a teen. Added in an omake with Sakura and Ino want to know her secret.
    • One of the more disturbing gags in the disturbing gag-packed last episode of Excel Saga features a character who reveals a pair of enormous Gag Boobs that she's been hiding under her shirt all this time. This prompts the pedophile scientist she's in love with to lose all interest in her. To a lesser extent, Hyatt. Lampshaded in episode 26; when the girls switch bodies, Excel, being the 10 kinds of weird she is, promptly proceeds to undress in a bathroom stall, and is shocked to see just how big Hyatt's breasts truly are.
    • In Bleach, Nel (in her buxom, grown-up form) gives Ichigo a hug. She seems oblivious to the fact that he has several massive wounds, resulting in her large chest putting him in a considerably large amount of pain (Arrancar have "skin of iron", remember?). Early on, Orihime Inoue got a lot of this; for example, one character explains Orihime's ability to eat a lot without gaining weight by claiming that "It all goes to her breasts." Also, the resident lesbian Chizuru often hugs Orihime from behind and attempts to grope her boobs, much to Orihime's surprise and Tatsuki's anger. Rangiku Matsumoto's habit of bringing up (and down and up and down) her endowments in regular conversation is a kind of Jogging Gag. One time Nemu held Ishida down, oblivious(?) to the fact that she was suffocating him with her ample breasts. Yoruichi did this to young Byakuya once.
    • In Gulliver Boy, one recurring Running Gag was to have 12-year old Gadgeteer Genius Edison hug the local Magical Girl Misty and bury his face on her huge breasts, with Misty not even blinking an eyelid. It's later explained that he's an orphan raised by a very kind and large-chested nanny whom he adores and hugs in exactly the same way.
    • Junko Asagiri from Desert Punk, mainly because most of the men can't stop looking at her chest and she's all too willing to take advantage of that.
    • Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge manages to combine this with Powered Armor (yes, really). Aimi, who's a bit on the flat side, has fake breasts on her super suit made of "Paff-Paff X", a material which is bouncy enough to reflect anything, including incoming missiles.
    • Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has countless instances of Marshmallow Hell and Boota using her boobs as a warm, cozy place. Kiyoh, the eldest of Kittan's sisters, has this going for her as well. Yoko's gag-boob status is turned Up to Eleven when she gets her own Mecha in the second movie. It has giant missile jubblies (with More Teeth Than the Osmond Family!).
    • Naeka from Kamen no Maid Guy. Her breasts even have their own fanclub, a set of three lechers from the boy's kendo club. Just about every episode makes Naeka's chest size into a plot point. Especially episode two, which claims Naeka is failing her math class because there is an inverse ratio between math grades and chest size.
      • Episode featured an entire cake shop where only girls as big, or bigger, than Naeka could apply for jobs there. The food was as bad as the Holocaust, but because they were all so busty no one cared. Interestingly the owner,who far outsized the rest of the girls, was shown to be flat-chested, wearing fake breasts because she was insecure, and all the girls other than Naeka had breast implants.
    • Mikuru Asahina's boobs are important to the plot in Suzumiya Haruhi.
    • Miyuki Takara, the Moe Meganekko of Lucky Star, is a lot more endowed than most of her classmates (even more so than the hot teacher Nanako Kuroi!), providing fuel for a an occasional gag or two, usually from the Genre Savvy Konata Izumi. For instance, when Konata and the others were discussing what kind of Animal Motifs they would have, Izumi remarks that Miyuki would be a cow due to her generously sized milk-suppliers.
    • Fujiko Mine from Lupin III. Her very name is a pun pertaining to this; it roughly translates to "peaks of mount Fuji". Lupin isn't above copping a feel now and again.
    • Masane in the anime version of Witchblade - her name is perfectly normal, but she quickly gains the nickname Masa-mune, literally "invincible breasts", after one man's drunken stammer. The name sticks because of her proportions.
      • In the English dub, it's "Melonie". Get it?
    • Mahou Sensei Negima does this on occasion, usually involving Chizuru or Yuuna. There was even a chapter where Yuuna had a nightmare in which Makie had magically stolen her "size".
    • In a series packed with fanservice, Izumi from Kemeko DX takes the cake with her ridiculous Gag Boobs. The 'Ode to Joy' sequence in episode 4 probably qualifies as the most awesome wardrobe malfunction in anime history.
    • At one point in the Pokémon Special manga (Chapter 32, in the fight against Sabrina), Blue stuffs her shirt with Poké Balls. Fanservicey and practical!
    • Hinata Aki's long-awaited swimsuit scene on Keroro Gunsou is marked by air raid sirens and flashing red lights ("WARNING!" "DYNAMITE!!").
      • Even the mecha-mom robot Kululu bases off of her has a huge rack, but then again Kululu did manage to watch her bathing in the shower multiple times to get the exact measurements, so this actually makes sense.
    • Courtesy of Code Geass, Norio Wakamoto and a certain 4koma... ALL HAIL BOOBS!!
    • Subverted in Canaan with one waitress and her impressive "meat buns". Turns out that she was actually flat chested was stuffing her shirt with actual meat buns in order to impress her clients.
    • Nodoka of Saki, whose absolutely huge bust size makes her the target of many breast-related jokes.

    Yuuki: And Nodo-chan is hiding tiles in her boobs!
    Nodoka: I am not!

    • Variable Geo has this, combined with Boobs of Steel, to the point of being somewhat satirical about it. Yuka Takeuchi, the main character, is a teenaged girl with large breasts that are still growing and she's greatly embarrassed about them; Elena Goldsmith is well endowed and uses her breasts to hold a lighter, a vital part of her fighting style, among others.
    • The late Joichiro Sakuraba is all about Gag Boobs and Breast Expansion. Among his easier to come by works:
      • Miyuki's Marvelous Melons is the story of a flat chested girl who, wishing to be popular, makes a deal with a devil who gives her the ability to inflate her breasts to absurd proportions when she gets turned on. But she has trouble controlling it, so it becomes more of a burden than a blessing. Later when trying to show off for a guy who just revealed he likes her, her breasts grow so huge that, according to dialogue, she topples over and crushes him - a top contender for "Most Magnificent Death Ever". At one point another girl shows up who made a similar deal with another imp, to boost her bust on live TV in an attempt to get a modeling contract...ironically she ends up getting so huge she becomes more breast than girl, and just squicks everyone.
      • Hyper Breast Girl Rikako-chan takes Gag Boobs to it's most extreme level, effectively a parody, with a title character so well-endowed she defies belief. She's a teenaged girl who has perfectly round, cartoonishly overinflated breasts that areover two-meters in diameter according to dialogue. Unlike Miyuki she's incredibly boastful and downright arrogant about it: there is rarely a scene where she isn't puffing up her chest with all her might, and she stops people on the street and asking them if they're impressed by her comically huge breasts. And when her boss makes the mistake of trying to guess her size and "lowballing" it, Rikako gets insulted, arrogantly sticks out her chest at him and exclaims she hasn't been "that small" since she was in elementary school...prompting an image of a preteen Rikako with breasts bigger than basketballs.
    • In Tona Gura, Hot Onee-Chan Hatsune and Nina both fit this trope, to the consternation of Kazuki and Yuuji, respectively, though for different reasons.
    • Carmen99 of Gun X Sword named herself after her bust size - 99 cm. She's actually named Carul Mendoza, but she prefers the nickname.
    • Kirie in Girls Bravo who according to Tomoka is a boob monster
    • A certain female character who appears in the second episode of Kaiba sports a pair of hilariously giant tits. Strangely enough, she looks a lot like Jessica Rabbit with green hair.
    • Tiffania Westwood of The Familiar of Zero, dubbed by Saito as "the big breasted fairy who saved my life".
    • Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire is constantly boasting about her large breasts and uses them to suffocate Tsukune from time to time.
    • Lampshaded in Fairy Tail: While Lucy's breasts aren't unrealistically large, they are notably large, perhaps more so than most or any of the other female characters. While under the influence of a body swap spell, Gray switches places with Lucy, whereupon his first action is to lose his balance, nearly falling face-first into a table. He spends the rest of the episode complaining of back pain.
    • In Sekirei, 4 out of 6 of Minato's Sekirei have huge tits. The other Sekirei's (most reasonably endowned) chests look small in comparison. At one point someone makes a call to the Izumo Inn and asks for the woman with big breats. Kuu is understandably confused.
    • Shizuka Marikawa from Highschool of the Dead, who somehow was able to get a puppy stuck in between her cleavage. In the anime her breasts now make an audible "boing" at random moments when they are and aren't bouncing.
    • Cattleya from Queen's Blade. Even compared to the other stacked combatants Cattleya's breasts are massive (to the point where she can use them as pillows [dead link]) , almost all her scenes tend to feature copious amounts of Gainaxing especially the fights where it's a wonder how her breasts haven't knocked her unconscious, and she carries her son on one arm while fighting, which makes makes for some awkward situations when she loses her balance.
      • Flat-chested Nanael lampshades the tendency of characters in the series to be gigantic. On meeting Melpha, her first (mental) response is "Great... more absurdly huge tits."
    • Fred Perry's strip "Minor Adjustments" in one of the Ninja High School yearbooks has the demure, flat-chested teenage witch Mimi waking up one morning to find herself suddenly blessed with enormous, gravity-defying Gag Boobs. It all turns out to be a plan by her elder sister to increase her character popularity, but Mimi is not best pleased.
    • Fight Ippatsu! has much Gainaxing from the Most Common Superpower, but the Gag Boobs go without Lampshading; a pair of undefined structures that appear frequently in the background as towering flesh-toned domes with pinkish tips.
    • In Cyber Team in Akihabara, the very first time we meet one of the main antagonists, Blood Hawk, it comes with the main character running headlong into her breasts...which she describes as "spheres" at first, not immediately realizing they're boobs since they take up about 3/4th of the screen.
    • Fuu, the resident flat chested girl of Samurai Champloo, gets a moment of Gag Boobs when she smuggles two grapefruit-sized bombs inside the front of her kimono and has to hurry... Gainaxing ahoy!
    • Another example of an artist that LOVES... shall we say... very well-endowed ladies is Chosuke Nagashima, the creator of such hentai manga as Momo Chichi Musume, Pururun Seminar, and probably the best example of NOT HOLDING BACK, Chonyuu For You, where the main female (named Ako, I think) has boobs that are at the very least five times the size of her head each. Thankfully, the guy actually seems to know how to draw a woman so insanely endowed and not be unappealing... now if he could just learn to draw males...
    • Used all over in the Black Lagoon Gender Flip omake. First Rock finds himself turned into a woman, then runs around Gainaxing here and there, then gets a boob faceplant when meeting female!Chang...
    • Manyuu Hikenchou. In a world where breast size determines social status this is to be expected.
    • Pokémon. Team Rocket's James, while in drag, famously featured realistic, massive gag boobs in swimwear [dead link], and flaunted them in front of Misty.
    • Tomo from Seikon no Qwaser, uses her large bust as puppets.
    • One Piece finally used boobs for humour in chapter 663: when Sanji's body-swapped in Nami's body he introduces "herself" by removing the coat, pushing both her breasts up with her hands and shouting "WE ARE NAMI SAAAAN!" at the top of her lungs.
    • It's done in the very first episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure to Tsubomi, who, like most other Pretty Cure protagonists, is quite flat. When Chypre and Coffret arrive on Earth, they're forced to hide when Sasorina shows up looking for them. They do so by hiding in Tsubomi's shirt, giving Tsubomi a massive chest. Sasorina is not pleased at the sight. The gag is replayed somewhat when Potpourri first meets Itsuki, however, he hides in her shirt around her stomach, causing Tsubomi and Erika to gawk at Itsuki's now massive stomach.
    • As shown in this article pic, this trope is the source of half of the plot on Eiken, as the main male character lives in a World of Buxom and somehow manages to be surrounded and smoshed by the boobs of some of the bustiest ladies of the setting, including a young teen girl who has a chest measure as large as tall is her.

    Comic Books

    • Power Girl. She's never been depicted as being even "average" in size - or even average in comparison to her Most Common Superpower superheroine compatriots, having universally been shown as having breasts noticeably larger than her peers. Jokes, comments, whole issues, have been literally built around her breasts. With the exception of Mighty Endowed, a Joke Character, she's never been out-sized—even characters like Lady Death, ostensibly created just for breast-size and little else, at most equal her depending on the artist. Basically, Power Girl is the gold standard for Gag Boobs in DC Comics and comics in general.
      • Actually, her breasts were more moderately-sized, or large but not overly so, until Bart Sears got hold of her in Justice League Europe. And he drew everyone with lots of bulges all over. His male characters had cup sizes. Power Girl's just never went down after that, because artists were guided by the urban myth of her giant boobs being in the original design, rather than by any previous character model. (And because, since 1990, DC has tended toward more exaggerated boobage in general, pushing the baseline up.)
    • The comic W.I.T.C.H., and its animated adaptation (see below), both focus heavily on fanservice, Breast Expansion, all of the main characters have the Most Common Superpower when they transform, and being teenaged girls breast size is a frequent subject of discussion. Special Gag Boobs mention goes to Irma Lair however, who is already possessed of unusually large breasts for her age (even when not transformed she's the biggest) which is a running gag, and yet has tried twice to use magic to make her breasts larger by way of magic. Neither time does it end well.
    • In The DC Universe, Young Justice's first "opponent", if she could be called that, was Mighty Endowed, who touched a mysterious relic and transformed into a power-crazed Catgirl with "huge... tracts of land." We never actually see them, but the impression is they outclass even the normal Most Common Super Powered heroines exponentially. As evidenced by the fact that she can't stand upright anymore. She tries to get around this limitation by getting support from the guys she controls. Seems a big enough pair of breasts can hypnotize men. She is later seen making an escape from custody, when she discovers she can make her breasts emit a blinding light. She turns on the high beams on her headlights.
    • In the miniseries 3 Little Kittens by Jim Balent, all of the main characters have ponderously huge tits, but the biggest of all is villainous Latex Red. She used to be one of the Kittens, before being kicked out for being, well, nuts. She was jealous of her former team-mates' breasts, so she decided to have gargantuan breast implants put in to make up for her inadequaces. In their first meeting, she actually proves to be a pretty Badass babe, taking all three on and, for the most part, kicking their finely-drawn asses. Unfortunately for her much like Mighty Endowed, Latex Red overcompensated while...overcompensating...and she actually ends up falling over a railing due to the weight of her own boobs. She survives, and again almost kicks their asses later, while kidnapping a foreign leader, had she not stopped to brag about her breast implants allowing Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose, to cast a spell on her disabling her gadgets. And stripping her naked. Seriously.
    • Jamie Schaffer from Chaos Campus has these. Being very, very short and quite insecure, she has, quote, "gotten ever larger and larger breast implants" over the years to compensate. That being said, Jamie is also incredibly strong and a great fighter, in keeping with her Boobs of Steel stereotype. She's described in her bio as "Ellen Ripley with breast implants" and kills monsters with her bare hands.
    • Olga Lawina, a regular character in the Dutch comic Agent 327 (a parody on James Bond) is quite literally the embodiment of this trope. In fact, she has probably been the target of every breast-related trope and then some. You can check out her assets here.
      • Her last name is based on the Dutch word for "avalanche" as an added punny bonus.
    • In the comic Harry Johnson, the second issue has a scientist that Harry just saved from the Nazis. The scientist was developing a "super soldier" formula. Still in it's development stage, the serum only works on women and it only doubles the size of their bust. The scientist shows Harry by having one of his many "scantly clad" lab assistants test out the formula.
    • In the new Blue Beetle, Jaime goes into combat with foe Giganta. His usual sidekicks were delayed from assisting, due to being stunned by the sight of breasts the size of bungalows. "We got to help Jaime with his sexy fight!" Mentor hero Peacemaker wonders if Batman slips Robin saltpeter in his food to avoid this kind of embarrassment.
    • Starfire from Teen Titans. Terra I infamously referred to her as "balloon bod". And she has no nudity taboo, and has little need for clothing being able to survive in space, so her costume is bikini-like.
    • She Hulk gets nearly as much grief/attention/affection as Power Girl. In her 100th issue, it was indirectly stated that she has the biggest natural breasts of any superheroine in the Marvel Universe — specifically, that she distracted a villain by being topless, and that that particular tactic would not have worked if she had been anyone else. This trope is especially in effect when she's drawn by artists like Adam Hughes and Frank Cho, but either way she's always depicted as a very tall and well-built woman.
    • The French comic Titeuf has the school nurse nicknamed Double Airbags.
    • Underground Comics artist Mary Fleener wrote a story about her former roommate who had real, unaugmented breasts approaching Gag Boobs size. Of course, every man they met (including Mary's father!) went practically crazy for them. Especially when she wore a self-made purple dress with Gratuitous Cleavage (for a renaissance faire).


    • Russ Meyer was notorious for this feature in his movies. He sometimes even cast actresses that were in their first trimester of pregnancy simply to enhance cup size.
    • A Dirty Shame: Selma Blair as Ursula Udders.
    • In the sixth part of Woody Allen's Anthology Film Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask), an accident at a sex researcher's laboratory lets loose a disembodied breast the size of a mobile home.
    • Repossessed features a scene at a gym where one woman is seen working on her...pecs. In every shot her breasts have gotten bigger and bigger, until finally we hear an offscreen explosion.
    • Monty Python and the Holy Grail - "And she has huge ... tracts of land."
      • You're looking at the wrong bride; she's...well, I'll let Buffalo Bill explain:

    Jamie: ...a great big fat person?

      • Unlike every use of 'huge tracts of land' since, the Prince's father actually meant land. Dry land, incapable of drowning multiple castles...
    • Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Made especially amusing by the line:

    Ed Valiant: Nice booby-trap.

    • Beaches. "One night at the opera he saw an Aida whose bust was so big they would often impede her. Bug-eyed he watched her fall into the pit, done in by the weight of those terrible tits! Oh, my god! There she blows! Aerodynamically, this bitch was a mess!"
    • In Liar Liar after Fletcher's son made his truth wish, he meets a well-endowed woman (played by the lovely Krista Allen) on the elevator.

    Busty Woman on Elevator: Everybody's been real nice.
    Fletcher: Well, that's because you've got big jugs. ...I mean, your boobs are huge. I mean, I wanna squeeze 'em! ...Mama! (makes bottle-sucking noises)

      • The outtakes from that scene are pretty funny too.

    Jim Carrey: If I was a boxer I'd...bounce those things like Sugar Ray Leonard. I'm sorry! (cracks up, with the cast and crew following suit)


    Live-Action TV

    • An episode of Allo Allo features two well-endowed female characters wearing low-cut outfits serving ice-cream. From a vibrating ice-cream truck.
      • And, of course, the MacGuffin through the whole series was "ze picture of ze fallen Madonna wiz ze big boobies".
    • One of the recurring characters in English sketch comedy Little Britain was a sheltered mama's boy in his late twenties who's still being breastfed. Like everything else in the show, it was done in the best possible taste.
    • Benny Hill. Never an episode went by without some kind of Gag Boobs gag. The most frequently repeated was the golf-ball-lands-in-the-cleavage shot, the "I dropped my keys down there" bit, and umbrella handles getting snagged in low necklines.
    • The premise behind Lindsay Lohan's Harry Potter skit on Saturday Night Live was that Hermione had gotten big boobs over the summer and every single male character was jaw-on-the-floor ogling at them.
      • Speaking of gag boobs on SNL, there was a mid-1980s instance where Season 10 cast member Pamela Stephenson appears on Weekend Update and introduces the audience to her breasts, which begin to move around on their own accord and end up throwing her over the Update desk.
      • Then there was the monologue from the first time Britney Spears hosted (Season 25), where she denies the rumors plaguing her career at the time—about how she lip-syncs her songs and how she got breast implants, the latter of which was similar to the Pamela Stephenson incident from Season 10.
      • Dolly Parton's hosting stint on Season 14 (1988-1989 season) included a sketch that was originally planned for the episode hosted by Raquel Welch from Season 1 (1975-1976 season) where Dolly Parton plays a prisoner who is banished from a planet where all the women have insanely large breasts and Parton's are considered too small by the planet's standards.
    • Anything involving Cleo Rocos, especially in her Kenny Everett Show days.
    • During the second and third seasons of Friends, Monica had to work at a 50s themed diner where she was made to wear huge fake boobs under her uniform.
    • The Japanese Sketch Comedy show Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji had two episodes of its Seikimatsu Sentai Gorenjai sketch revolve around the titular Goranger parody team changing its theme to various kinds of boobs which they would then dance around and Gainaxing with.
    • The obvious endowments of the female lead in the the awful Quest of the Delta Knights probably weren't intended to be played for laughs, but during the host segment on that episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Tom Servo's "breasts" definitely were.
    • In the Blackadder Season 2 episode "Beer", the wearing of comedy breasts was encouraged as part of a drinking party hosted by the titular character. Lord Melchett (Stephen Fry) sports an enormous, golden pair; Miriam Margolyes refers to Edmund's as 'Devil's Dumplings', which he then attempts to pretend are, in fact, earmuffs which have slipped down.
    • Manswers, as a show on Spike TV about questions men might want to know the answers to, quite naturally descends into this territory now and again. The two most memorable were "How big are the word's biggest boobs?" - a stripper in the US had 62MMM implants - and "How big does a boob have to be to crush a beer can?" - natural EEs did the trick.
      • Also, which will keep you from drowning? (real boobs are more bouyant.)
    • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

    Elvira: If they ever ask about me, tell them I was more than just a great set of boobs. I was also an incredible pair of legs!
    Elvira: It's me again, yours truly, Elvira, the gal with the enormous...uh...ratings

      • One of her movies is called Elvira's Haunted Hills.
    • Scrubs has had a couple boob jokes, but one in particular that fits this trope would be the time when Dr. Cox was raving over how "pregnancy really became" his girlfriend Jordan:

    Dr. Cox: I don't know what it is just look radiant lately, Jordan.
    Jordan: Mm. It's the giant boobs, isn't it?
    Dr. Cox: Well have ya seen them lately?
    Jordan: Yes... relax.
    J.D.: (standing next to Laverne, who overhears Dr. Cox) I've seen bigger.
    Laverne: (gives him sharp look)
    J.D.: No not you...although kudos.
    Laverne: Mmm-hm.

      • And then, in another season...

    J.D.: Hey, Laverne... what would you give me if I landed a jellybean in your cleavage?
    Laverne: A concussion.
    J.D.: (daydreaming, lands a jellybean in between her breasts) Yes, he hits it at the buzzer!!
    Lavern: Oh, no he didn't. (knocks him over and power-slams him)
    J.D.: (coming back from daydream) Not worth it.

      • And again...

    Ted: (standing with a couple other guys who are all gazing open-mouthed at two new hot nurses) Those nurses have beautiful breasts.
    The Todd: Hey - they have names! (pointing to each breast) That's Tina, Marge, Sloppy, and Mr. Snuggles.
    Laverne: Sloppy's bigger than Mr. Snuggles.

      • And yet again in "My Butterfly" wherein the entire episode was about different series of events following a butterfly landing on the chest of a woman with large breasts and an overweight man with similarly impressive endowments.
    • James May on Top Gear was given glamor model Madison Welch as a co-driver in a classic car rally—she had considerable assets and dressed to show them to their best advantage. May was visibly flustered several times when he had to reach over her chest to get her racing harness on.
    • One alternate version of the credits for The Young Ones, a parody of Dallas, introduced several characters as "The Dumb Blonde With Big Tits" (who was typing with them), "The Dumb Blonde With Big Tits Who Drinks Too Much" (who spilled booze on them), and "The Big Blonde With Dumb Tits" (who had one set in front and another in back).
    • Karen Taylor, a British comedienne, loves to use hers as these.
    • In Two and A Half Men, Jake gets suspended for a drawing of a well-endowed classmate ("Boobra Schmidt". I'm putting this oneon the refrigerator). And Alan screws up with the girl's mother ("Up here. I'm up here.") and the principal, who also have Gag Boobs.
    • Happens briefly in the Charmed episode "Hell Hath No Fury", when Paige gets ridiculously large breasts as backlash from a spell she does to punish a sexually-harrassing co-worker.



    • Magda, the scullery wench from Tanz der Vampire, manages to produce this effect in live action. On stage. While she has a few lines beforehand, she is basically introduced through an exchange in which Professor Abronsius asks Alfred if he's noticed "those little round things", and Alfred, transfixed by Magda's bouncing chest as she washes the Professor's feet, doesn't realize he's talking about the garlic all over the room: "Little? Those things are huge!"

    Video Games

    • Rao from Okami. Commented on numerous times by Issun.
    • Half the game Stretch Panic revolves around Boss Battles with Linda's possessed sisters, while the other half revolves around fighting "Bonita Zakos", demons that take the form of scantily clad women with breasts that are about twice the size of the rest of their bodies. Each.
      • Interestingly, much greater damage is done for hitting (usually stretching then snapping) a "weak point" on a boss, and more points are acquired for doing so on Bonita Zakos - in this case, however, the "weak point" is anything but the breasts - a difficult feat nonetheless.
    • Seolla Schweizer of Super Robot Wars is an exceptionally busty, young girl that most of the comical banter between her and Idiot Hero Arado Balanga is about her unusual chest size (and in one instance, her butt). This becomes a plot point in the Original Generation sub-series when during a battle, she subconsciously screams at him to stop making fun of her breasts, even though she's been Brainwashed into thinking he's the enemy.

    Xiaomu: A bomb girl? What's that supposed to mean? Does she have an even bigger rack than Princess Family Size here?

        • How bad is it? One of the villains has a minotaur for a henchman. Said minotaur falls in love with Kagura. Why? Her breasts are so large he assumes she's a werecow.
        • The sequel adds Neige Hausen, presumably so they don't have to gang up on Kaguya all the time. At one point, Haken's adoptive father asks the two of them to stand next to him for a while.
    • The Sunflower Girl from Conker's Bad Fur Day, who has a positively enormous pair of...stigmas. And later on offers Conker a chance to reach a bit of extra height by bouncing on her lovely twosome. "Now this is what I call a platform game" indeed.
    • Tales of the Abyss, in the skits. TWICE, on Tear:

    Luke: (Speaking about the Star of Ispania costume on Natalia) Oh, I remember about that book. That character got big breasts, right? Maybe Tear would've been a better... OWOWOWOW!!
    Luke: (In regards to Anise stating she'll grow up as "big as Tear"): No way you could hope to match those melons!
    Tear: M-m-melons, what do you mean melons!? Are you stupid!? Can't you be a little more quiet!?

      • Also in the all-girls swimsuit battle ending.

    Natalia: I'm so worried this swimsuit will just fall off.
    Tear: I know. I feel like I'm going to... pop out.
    Anise: I wish I were...

      • Tales of Vesperia proudly continues the tradition with Judith, also mostly in skits...

    Judith: If that's what it is, then just wear this outfit yourself.
    Estelle: Like my boobs could fill out that top! (gasps and flees)
    Judith: ...I didn't say anything about boobs...


    Estelle: They're...bouncing.
    Judith: What're you looking at?
    Estelle: I wish I could bounce...

      • Before either of them, Tales of Symphonia gave us Sheena. Most of the comedy came from her interactions with Zelos.
    • During one part of Persona 4, the entire party get medical checkups to see if the television world is having any adverse effect on their health. Hilarity Ensues when Rise gets a hold of Naoto's chart and is flabbergasted by her breast size measurements.
    • In Castlevania Judgment, the assets of Shanoa, Sypha, and Carmilla are played for laughs in Maria's story mode:
      • Note the irony: Sypha' true gender was hidden in her first appearance and only revealed in her ending. The designers were evidently overcompensating for that—Sypha has the biggest rack in the game.
    • In MadWorld, one of the boss is a vampire who has large, round knockers. Everytime Jack managed to struggle against her arms, he found himself staring at them, allowing the boss to bite him if he is not fast enough. Awesome rack on her, though!
    • Leisure Suit Larry is all about this. Love For Sail even has the two Wydoncha and Nailme Juggs. An Easter Egg lets you see them in the nude.
    • Litchi Faye-Ling from BlazBlue. In fact, come Continuum Shift, THIS is what Taokaka did to her when meeting:

    Taokaka: (puts self in Marshmallow Hell) Boobies are fun! Boingboingboingboing!

    • Plain and simple, almost every girl in the Dead or Alive series.
    • Disgaea has the Succubus and Nekomata class. Not only are they scantily clad, but they also bounce while in their idle pose. Some designer decided to also put "Bouncy" as one of the random names you can generate. Hypercompetent Sidekick Jennifer's breasts are practically lethal to Laharl, who is allergic to sexy bodies. The Magic Knight class, Lampshaded with the bill needed to be passed to create them, which states "Make a busty beauty"!
    • Super Mario RPG had Queen Valentina whose assets bounced when she got hit with an attack!
      • Also Flurry the Ghost from a later game had a pretty impressive pair that Mario would have to hold on at certain points in the game.
    • Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4. Apparently the President was kind enough to equip his daughter with 'ballistics'.
    • Dr. Naomi in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle; evidently, a good chunk of the money Travis gave to her during the first game and between it and the second (for new Beam Katanas, upgrades, a Humongous Mecha, et cetera) went to her plastic surgeon. She gets pretty annoyed if you notice though.
    • Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII. Some of her special abilities involve her distracting the enemy with her ample "assets".
    • Dark Ophelia of Mastermind World Conqueror is Gag Boobs personified. No arms, no head, just a pair of tits on legs. Makes a great cup holder, though.
    • A hilarious example in Western Video Game. In Baldur's Gate 2, Edwin can get a sidequest that turns him into a Gender Bender... and the result is a nice-racked woman, as noted by Yoshimo.
      • Noted by Edwina herself in one bit of inter-party banter.
    • Countess Barbarella from Resonance of Fate sports huge breasts which bounce merrily with the slightest movement.
    • Vanessa from Luminous Arc has massive breasts (which she flaunts with her skimpy clothing) which are constantly the butt of many in-game jokes.
    • Touhou characters, due to ZUN's legendarily crappy character art, are almost always drawn with completely flat chests, even alphes (the significantly more capable individual that draws for the Fighting Gaiden Games) portraying them with modest breast sizes. That is, until alphes drew Yuugi for a piece of promotional art for Subterranean Animism, the result falling right into this trope.
      • The fans of the series have come to consensus on which characters are "definitely buxom" in the series, usually along lines of height, power, maturity, and contrast with a related character (usually flat chested but not always). "Definitely buxom" characters for purpose of "gags" include Meiling, Yuyuko, Yukari, Komachi, Sanae, Kanako, and Yuugi. Aya is given large breasts to mock of her "author favorite" status being due to "sexual favors". Sakuya is absolutely everywhere on the breast-size chart (and she PADS moverover).
    • Countess Knockersdale from Embric of Wulfhammers Castle.
    • In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Holy War, Sigurd encounters a 14-year-old dancer named Sylvia, and this exchange happens...

    Sylvia: My name is Sylvia, but you can call me 'Sylvie'!
    Sigurd: Huh? Just a little girl. You better find a place to hide, it's dangerous here.
    Sylvia: Little... GIRL!? You ever see a little girl with THESE!?


    Web Comics

    • Buxom Gal from Supermegatopia. Buxom Gal was a flat-chested girl who was abducted by aliens who planned to use her as a sex slave. But they were displeased with her appearance so they gave her large breast implants that, being alien technology, can absorb energy in various forms — the more she absorbs, the bigger she gets. Now she's an energy-manipulating, Power Girl-like superheroine, uncomfortably trying to live with her new endowments while saving the world. She gives a whole new meaning to "walking around with your chest puffed out".
    • The Magnificent Milkmaid, which redefines NSFW, has many heroines with immense sweater puppies (including a villainess named Sweater Puppy...who lives up to the title), but then they also have JuGGGz. Originally a flat-chested, insecure girl she gains the power to grow to immense size, or at least her boobs do, as well as superstrength and durability. After a brief rampage, though, her roaring rampage of revenge is brought to a close when a boy she was lusting after calls her (and MilkMaid) a freak and says he's not interested in someone with boobs the size of her whole torso. Ouch. She shows up again from time to time...sometimes with happier results, as in her liaison with the Gag Penis (and then some)-sporting "Captain Cock", with whom she forms a relationship.
    • The webcomic Craving Control has this as its central premise. Lalia, the main character, is a Big Eater with the "straight to the breasts" clause. She's also klutzy, impulsive and jumpy, huggy (when drunk), and often... overflows her wardrobe.
    • Monica, main character of Wapsi Square, sometimes uses her large breasts comedically, especially when she's been drinking. Other times, it just happens to her.
    • Turn the Minotaur from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic travels with the other monsters to steal a treasure from a Sphinx. Unlike the others however, what he seeks is the sphinx herself, whom he imagines is as lonely as he is. He is last seen resting comfortably between a pair of breasts several times his own size (NSFW).
    • This trope appears one of the central reasons for Didi in Menage a 3. Most strips she's in feature some kind of gag about her enormous breasts. Which is practically lampshaded by her cast page picture, which shows the bottom of her nose, the mouth and chin underneath... to her chest.
    • If Fa'lina isn't there already, then she's closing in fast.
      • As a shapeshifting succubus, it's implied she keeps them purposely with the joke being that no one pays attention to them.
      • There's actually an unreleased bonus comic floating around out there drawn as a humorous alternative to Part Two's page 46, done by Amber herself, which crosses this trope with Wardrobe Malfunction. Fa'lina actually brings the saying to life, and ends up putting someone's eye out with one of those.

    Fa'Lina: Friggen' hell! Do I need to reinforce these with steel?

    • Crops up occasionally in The Wotch, usually during an Attractive Bent Gender.
    • Last Res0rt's Adharia Kuvoe gets the brunt of the boob-related gags.
    • Jamie from Girls with Slingshots, to the point that when she and Hazel agreed to go as each other for Hallowe'en, Hazel just wore a cardboard cutout of breasts. They are multi-purpose tools, earning free drinks and serving as a kitten basket.

    "I asked your mother what she thought about you, and she said 'boobs'! And then she thought about it for a while... and then she said 'boobs' again!" (paraphrased)

    • Ellen from El Goonish Shive has fairly large breasts normally, but when she zaps herself with her own Transformation Ray her tracts of land quickly reach gag boob territory. This is used by her to tease her "brother" Elliot.
    • Most of the protagonist of series by webcomic creator Lightfoot fall in this category:
      • In the series Pulse the main character, Annie Chang, a formerly flat chested gets superpowers through a Freak Lab Accident and as side effects getting huge expanding lactating breasts, they keep growing through out the series. At one point while fighting crime as a sidekick her partner makes up a story to the press that she's a robot and the breasts are actually missiles. The result? When the action figures of the two super-heroines come out Annie figure doesn't stand up straight and fires her breast like missiles.
      • A webcomic by the same author, Peeved, has a similar theme. Eve, down at luck protagonist life takes a course for the strange when she becomes the master of a genie Genie in a Bottle. We're vaguely introduced to this genie when she uses her magic on a high school student, causing the student's breast to grow so big that the she fell under the weight of them. As with comedic stories involving genies, Hilarity Ensues, this one involving videogame characters. Eve experience breast expansion numerous times during the story, none of which where wished for. Twice in the series her breast expand to the point where she couldn't stand up from the weight. Fortunately theses are temporary.
      • The Final Fantasy VII comic, The Missing Materia - which takes the ALREADY buxom Tifa and gradually ups her (and all other female characters) breasts to increasingly enormous sizes.
      • My Big Life, a newer comic by the same author, deals with a journalist named Xom, who's reporting on the trend of women getting larger breasts. To do this, she herself gets gargantuan breasts and reports on her experience for a year. If she breaks her contract she'll be stuck with them and forced to become a stripper. To keep her breasts in top condition she has to go on a special diet and is assign a doctor, wholes sole task is to take care of her breasts.
    • Many females in Las Lindas have these, and this is even a plot point in certain areas of the comic.
    • Chi-Chi Chan from The Adventures of Chi-Chi Chan is a weird case. A successful child star, Chi-chan is forced to quit when puberty hits.....her breasts, and only her breasts. Tired of being cast in dark hentai, she moves to America to find new stardom.
    • Harmony gets them in this Sore Thumbs. Also, Cecania's natural ones.
    • Marigold from Questionable Content is starting to veer into this territory. Lampshadage.
      • And more a little earlier, when the strap on her bra broke.

    Angus: Oh no, the levee broke! Warn the townsfolk downstream!

    • Beryl from Tanktop, Texas (formerly Oopsie-Doodle) has a massive set of gag boobs, with a majority of the strips featuring an actual gag about her boobs - typically she knocks something down with their natural swing.
    • In Femmegasm, Fizzy McBeer's breasts are so big that she has her backbone reinforced with steel.
    • In Suicide for Hire, a bunny-girl has implants so big she has to wear a 'Mechafrankenbra ' that's attached to a belt at the back, with three straps coming up from it. When it's cut a few scenes later, she faceplants offscreen to the point where Hunter says "Eew, are backs supposed to do that?"
    • Spinnerette starts out with the titular heroine's buxom roommate Sahira, who uses her figure to manipulate men and help Heather out when she isn't snarking. The trope really goes into overdrive, however, with a brief mention of the heroine Super-Milf, and the introduction of the villainous Greta Gravity.

    Web Original

    • The gags Doreen and Maureen is most famous for usually involve Doreen's huge, sagging breasts. They're always moving, possibly due to wind, but at times they seem to be controlled by Doreen, or have a mind of their own. On occasions they've been used for slapping people in the face, throwing people, opening doors and picking up objects. This joke is parodied with Doreen's mother, Noreen, whose breasts are so long they reach the floor. She uses them for walking, and can slap two people at a time with them.
    • In one of Michael Swain's Mastermind cartoons, the Mastermind's new assistant is literally just a pair of legs atop which is perched a pair of spherical breasts the size of huskies. One of his minions is annoyed at being passed over for promotion once again; everyone else is too busy enjoying the view.
    • Zero Punctuation has what might be called Running Gag Boobs, in that anytime a character is particularly endowed he will either go out of his way to make jokes about them or go out of his way to let you know he is is striving mightily not to make jokes about them.
    • Mai Valentine's endowment is a running gag in Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series (though in fact she's merely large, but not to a comical degree; the joke is mostly in reference to her role as Ms. Fanservice).
      • Episode 38 takes the gag to the max, especially during the "Joey catches Mai" scene:

    Magnum: She's going to fall to her untimely death! What would L. Ron Hubbard do?
    Joey: I see London, I see France, I see Mai Valentine's underpants!
    Mai: Joey, stop gawking at my nethers and save my butt!
    Joey: Aww, can't I do both?
    Mai: Just shut up and catch me!
    Joey: Okay, but whatever you do, don't let go until I say--
    (Joey gets crushed by Mai's breasts with a squeaky toy like noise.)
    Mai: It finally happened! I killed a man with my breasts!

    • And now from the dregs of "popular" YouTube videos comes "Tig ol' Bitties". Yes. This is the most popular thing on YouTube right now. You can view it here. They turn out to be fake, anyway.
    • Many hentai artists seem to have an infatuation with giving the women they draw breasts that should by all rights snap their spines in half.
    • The Cinema Snob's wife, Jillian, is a Real Life example.

    Western Animation

    • A Giantess on Chowder who, predictably, launches Shnitzel straight into Marshmallow Hell.
    • The Simpsons. Marge Simpson's accidental breast augmentation. She puts them to good use at the end of the episode.

    Krusty: Whoa! Look at those mugumbos!

      • There is also the Elvira parody, Booberella. Her large breasts and her constant references to them are always played for laughs.
      • Also Titania, a blond buxom woman who slept with Duffman so he would let her win a beer related contest. Too bad for her Duffman lied about that.
      • In Blame It On Lisa, a parody of Brazilian entertainer Xuxa's kid's show is called Teleboobies. Hysterically, the parody is not far off from the real show.
    • The Hippo Lady on Rocko's Modern Life; Rocko would unintentionally end up in her massive cleavage on more than one occasion.


    • In one episode of Justice League, The Atom gets to ride in Wonder Woman's Wonder Bra. And he looks very satisfied with himself. Warren Ellis, who penned that episode, originally put in a line of dialogue for the Atom during that scene: "Try not to breathe." Unfortunately, the censors cut it. The first episode to introduce Galatea (basically Power Girl) introduced her by having a sniper staring directly at her chest, while she was dressed as Supergirl. Later in the episode Green Arrow and Supergirl are looking at a picture showing Galatea (of course, standing with her back arched and breasts thrust out) and he says something to the effect of "She's just like you..." Supergirl looks at him cross, "Well, not exactly".
    • Anastasia: Sophie, cousin to the Dowager Empress. No wonder Vlad considers her his "cream puff".
    • An episode of Duckman featured twin models with breasts twice as big as their heads. They hire Duckman to find out why men seem to act so strangely around them. The same episode had Duckman heading to a plastic surgery clinic (no...completely different reason) and we get a short sequence of a woman having her breasts enhanced. Something apparently goes awry though because she rapidly gets so big she explodes and deflates.
    • In An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, there is a human woman with huge knockers who is infatuated with Cat R. Waul, whom he meets when Fievel stabs him with a fork and sends him shooting up into the human overworld, and whose unwilling pet he becomes when the good guys send him packing on a train at film's end. In her first scene, she even snuggles him up into her cleavage!
    • A cutaway joke in the Family Guy parody of Ghost Whisperer features the main character talking to a ghost and asking why all the ghosts come to her and it reveals she has enormous breasts longer than the rest of her body.
    • Mrs. Toad from Thumbelina. A toad with perfectly circular, ginormous breasts that bounce and sway everywhere. What's worse is the artists dressed them in polka dots. She's voiced by Charo. Suddenly it all makes sense.
    • Ever heard of Clara Cluck? They might not be classic boobs per se, but her chest area is a rather...prominent gag wherever she appears. Donald gets a free ride on them in Mickey's Birthday Party.
    • South Park:
      • When Cartman became a parody of Dog the Bounty Hunter, he too got a buxom assistant. Not only were her boobs so huge that they obscured most of her face, she was also as short as a fourth-grader, making her essentially a pair of boobs on legs. Dog & Co. apparently thought the episode was hysterical. Beth even jokingly complained that they made her breasts too small.
      • Then there's Miss Choksondik. Her breasts sag to her feet and disgust all the other teachers - even Chef is disgusted.
    • In the episode "Busted" of Braceface, the title character, Sharon, gets tired of being flat-chested and buys a breast enhancement pump to impress a boy. Unfortunately she ends up so overinflated that instead of impressing the guy everyone just laughs at her. Oh but wait, that's not all, because then she goes even bigger and one of her boobs explodes! The moral is supposed to be about being proud of how you naturally look... I guess.
    • Again WITCH plays with this. Numerous times Breast Expansion, breast size and the girls' various insecurities about either having not enough (Something Will is quite upset about) or too much (Irma has the ironic problem of being too big) are used for humor.
    • The Last Unicorn has Schemindrick finding himself almost suffocated by the expansive boobs... of a Douglas Fir tree (that he had brought to life).
    • In a cutaway gag for the pilot in The Cleveland Show, a baby Dolly Parton is shown with breasts bigger than her little head.

    Dolly's Father: Ha! I guess she can nurse herself, huh?
    Dolly's Mother: Stop it Bob! This is a real problem!

    • Power Girl in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. When the two meet Toyman (a 13-year old Japanese kid), Power Girl is staying as far away from him as she can, presumably due to an incident that Toyman described as involving "X-Ray goggles". Later when they view his rocket (designed to take out a meteor heading towards the planet), this exchange occurs:

    Superman: You're absolutely sure this is going to work?
    Toyman: Does Power Girl have big-
    Batman: Just feed it the numbers, kid.