Hetalia Bloodbath 2011/YMMV

Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

  • Nightmare Fuel: As a general consensus, the Amerimochi... Horse... Thing which can be found here.
  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: Romania and Bulgaria not only have two historical!strips together, but also look like they might be bringing in some plot with Hungary. Of course, it's Himapapa, so nobody knows for sure.
    • Liechtenstein apparently ships Edelweiss.
    • And Chairmany!
    • The return of Turkey/Iceland, your new OTP.
    • Hours after the update, fans are still going crazy over Seborga and Monaco.
    • Austria in a corset.
    • Pantsless Spain, followed by Romano (who had his pants!)
    • Ladonia loves Pokémon, and fanon has declared that he's Sealand's brother.
    • The appearance of the Broceania (Australia, New Zealand, Wy and Hutt River!
    • Just look at the fans' reaction when Prussia and America were in a strip together.
    • The fandom went crazy when, after a ten hour wait, Himaruya updated with USUK and tanks.
    • But none of it could compare to teen!Holy Roman Empire, saying almost the exact same line that Germany did in the first episode/strip!
  • Crack Pairing: Many were shipped by the fans. Hidekaz Himaruya/Andrew Hussie to name one.
    • Can't forget England's Eyebrows/Rock Lee's Eyebrows, Belarus's Knife/Herr Schtick, and Ladonia/Stunfisk!
    • Among the fandom, many new pairings were born. Strangest so far: Switzerland/Spain.
  • Ear Worm: "Today it's Russia and tomorrow it's Russia..."
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: After an update featuring a mysterious person in a bunny suits, many people in the fandom started spamming the thread with terrifying bunny pictures
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Compare this fanart drawn three months before the event about Prussia and America and this page. Himapapa is the Trollking.
    • Don't forget meltedpeep, who was probably (at least one of) the first to point out this historical occurence here (scroll down a bit). I think made this much better known--I know it wasn't mentioned in my history class). You can also access the rest of her works from the General fanfics page for Hetalia (title: Disgusting History Lessons).
  • Ho Yay: It's Hetalia. Need we say more?
    • Austria tricking Germany into being his chair; one of the incidents that spawned Couchtalia.
    • In a related blog post, Iceland has a dream about Turkey. Who is wearing nothing but a santa hat, collar and shorts. And the Fandom Rejoiced and cracked up.
    • Chibi!Prussia demands Chibi!Poland let him touch his balls. Poland disagrees.
    • Italy sleeping on Germany's lap.
    • The Spain/Romano strip; Romano has some work he has to do, and Spain offers to give him his "cheerfulness for a charm", while Romano says he "doesn't want it"... then Spain crawls under the desk, there's a pause... then Spain does something and Romano snaps "I told you not to!". Fans were not shy at all about the dirty implications of all this, especially before the strip was translated.
      • Later, Spain gets dragged out pantsless... and Romano show up with said missing pants.
    • Netherlands dragging Spain out pantsless as well.
    • And then Switzerland shows up with Spain's underwear.
    • China and India fighting over who is closer to Russia, who looks really happy for the attention.
      • Then it turns out to be a dream of Lithuania's, who wonders "Why am I even dreaming of a really happy-looking Russia in the first place?"
    • Italy has apparently memorized how far around Germany's chest is.
    • The strip where Italy gets a request to "keep his eyes open longer than 10 minutes"

Italy: Eh? But I'm handsome enought as I am now, or not?
Germany: Think about how you'll be even more handsome and open them!
Italy: Got it! *opens his eyes* Like this?

  • Italy sits there with big wide eyes. Germany looks disturbed, and ends up slapping his hand over Italy's face*

Cuba: *laughing* What is it? Was his face so preposterous?
Germany: Ah...how to call this...maybe 'too limpid' would be fitting.

    • Russia tries to kiss Germany as a greeting. Germany rejects him, but when Russia says this makes him sad, Germany says Russia can greet him any other way. Russia then offers to blow him a kiss instead.
      • And although Germany freaks out when Russia tries to kiss him, he had no problem kissing Italy that one time...
    • England gives America chocolate.
    • Japan and England/Europe and nudity.
    • This trivia under one of the strips:

There are writings left behind by some of Rome's distinguished people praising blond hair like Mr. Germania has.
Romans with black hair, dark skin, and black eyes regarded the blond appearances as mysterious.

    • P*nis. Swords.
  • I Thought It Meant + Crossover: Anyone else hear the name Steve and want to yell Eh! Steve! or "No! Nothing is named Steve!" Just me? Thought so.
  • Les Yay: Liechtenstein thought that Kugelmugel was a girl and proceeded with much hugging and fangirling anyway.
    • Taiwan gets a bit... flustered at the Western girls' cleavage.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: England and Norway think their respective Flying X Bunnies are the cutest thing ever, and aren't afraid to show it.
    • Italy with his eyes open.
  • Tear Jerker: England writing America a letter during the Revolution asking him to come back, even though he knows America won't read it.
    • Holy Rome collapsing in a worried Hungary's arms from exhaustion. The part where he tells her that he tires himself so much is because he didn't want the German states to forget his existence is highly sniffle worthy knowing what will happen to him.
    • Near the end of thread 71, several people began roleplaying different characters and someone decided to RP Steve, leading to this heartbreaking USUK RP: http://hetalia-events.livejournal.com/24640.html?thread=92923712#t92923712