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Describe Ken Narita he-- (*crash*) wait, is that a giant orange?

What the hell?

--What is this? A troper! Get out of my way! I have to describe myself for my article!

Orange-kun! It's you!

--(*startled*) I beg of you please! Allow me to describe myself. I was born as Tsutomu Narita in 1964. I am a freelancer seiyuu. You may have first noticed me as the voice of Sesshomaru in Inuyasha. Since then, I have done many starring roles in other anime. Oh, and did I mention I am the Japanese voice of Johnny Bravo?

Well, I'm supposed to be describing you, so--

--Out of my way! This is my article, not yours! ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!! Today, you know me memetically as the voice of Jeremiah "Orange-kun" Gottwald in Code Geass, as well as Michael Roa Valdamjong in Melty Blood.

--And don't you dare confuse me with the anime singer of the same name!

--Now that I've finished describing myself, Take This! THE STORM OF MY NOTABLE ROLES!!!: