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Revolver Ocelot

  • It's extremely difficult to pick a single crowning moment for Revolver Ocelot, as nearly his every appearance (with a few notable exceptions) is followed by awesome. Whether it's chasing down Big Boss's escape plane to challenge him to a pistol duel/Russian Roulette hybrid, only for the bullet to be a blank, telling his abusive CO to "fight like a man" when prompted for help with fighting Big Boss, shooting Fortune right through the chest after it was well established that nothing could hit her, the after credits conversations of the first and third games, hijacking SOP to destroy The Patriots once and for all, or his constant manipulation of everyone and everything seemingly for the sheer fun of it, Ocelot challenges even Snake for the title of most awesome character of the games.
    • By far the most Crowning Moment-worthy Ocelot moment is in MGS4, when Ocelot and company are surrounded by US troops in Eastern Europe, with seemingly no escape. So what does he do? Hold two fingers and a thumb like a gun and says "bang" while pointing at a helicopter. AND IT GOES DOWN. This troper likes to pretend that Ocelot wasn't using the Guns of the Patriots there, and that he had actually mastered mind bullets.
      • Not to mention that at the end of MGS2, we think Ocelot was completely taken over by Liquid, and just a pawn of The Patriots. Turns out in MGS4 he was faking being Liquid at least since the end of MGS2 to fool The Patriots, not to mention that he gets Snake and co to carry out a backup plan for him. Basically, everyone in the game helps or gets killed by Ocelot.

Metal Gear Solid 2

  • Solid Snake's stupendous character traits are comprehensively demonstrated when you rush in with the computer virus, covering a range from "We're counting on you" to "Change sides? I don't recall ever saying I was on yours."
    • Supposedly this is why Hideo Kojima had Raiden be the playable character for most of the game... because it was only through a rookie's eyes that you could really feel the awesome.
  • In MGS2, Ocelot steals Fortune's electromagnetic device which was the cause of all projectiles missing her, not supernatural powers of luck as she believed, after shooting her in the heart. But it is revealed her heart is located on the right side of her chest, she stands up, and as Ocelot launches a massive amount of missiles at her, she raises her hands, and despite the device being missing, the rockets all misfire anyway. Then she dies, knowing she will see her family again.
  • Regardless of how other fans perceive Raiden, to me, he established his Badass cred in MGS2. That no one has bothered to mention how he took on multiple RAY units, three at a time, before the final showdown with Solidus in a sword fight? I'm disappointed. Heck, an option he has available to make his fight with the RAY units even more Badass is taking them out with the Grenade Launcher instead of the Stingers! For being a rookie compared to Solid Snake, he can hold his own!
  • Sometimes it's the simple things, like the Power Walk moment in MGS2 with Otacon (and his sister's parrot) leading Snake and Raiden. Or Snake and Otacon's bro-tactular fistbumping right before it. A friend of mine, who loves nerds and soldiers in equal measure, found herself positively squeeing at those moments.
    • This troper also felt the 'power walk' on the USS Missouri was awesome given that it was Meryl, Johnny, and a guy who's chemically approaching his late 70's. Give it up!

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • At the very beginning, Big Boss throws his cigar on the floor before he stands up to parajump. He then takes an single step towards the hatch, extinguishing the cigar as it flies towards the door. Awesome!
    • Snake isn't the only one here, everytime The Boss appears is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for her, successively topping the previous ones. And the battle against The End is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the series in general.
      • For example, while in MGS4 Big Boss prevents Snake from firing his Operator pistol at close range pistol during the final graveyard scene, in MGS3 when The Boss and the future Big Boss (then Naked Snake) have a confrontation, during her weapon grab she actually disassembles his M1911A1, and only after he draws it does he realize that she left him only the frame (including the grip) and took the barrel, slide, and probably the other internal components with her.
      • What's even more impressive is that The Boss has her single greatest crowning moment of awesome posthumously!
    • Despite being a straight male, Big Boss's crowning moment of awesome was the Ho Yay Revolver Ocelot. He was so Badass Even the Guys Want Him, WITHOUT REALIZING IT. (Not coincidentally, when he left the Patriots, both EVA/Big Mama and Ocelot sided with him.)
      • Then again, that latter was almost certainly an allusion to the unignorable difference between those who coordinate military actions from a comparative emotional distance and those who actually fight in the field. No matter how much Sigint and Paramedic liked Snake/Big Boss, it wasn't the same as what the other two went through with him.
  • Also from MGS3, the entire fortress escape. You ride in the sidecar on EVA's bike, gunning down countless soldiers (and pursuing bikers), all while Colonel Volgin chases you relentlessly in the Shagohod. And the boss battle against it that follows. It's a Crowning Moment for just about everyone involved.
    • It's this troper's belief that anything to do with EVA's bike is crowning moment of awesome, particularly when she backflipped off a ledge onto said bike and then proceeded to drive it up young Ocelot's FACE. (And yes, Ocelot DID end up with tire tracks on his face for the rest of the scene.)

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

  • What? No love for Portable Ops? Anyone remember the soldiers that you recruited throughout the game repaying Big Boss' loyalty throughout the game by sacrificing their own safety Chars Counterattack style by shooting the shit out of the Metal Gear in the Launch Control Base. In fact, they even say, despite Big Boss' protests not to throw away their lives:

You fought for our Motherland! Now let us help fight for yours!

  • Gene gets a CMOA for his sheer badassery by his effortless asskicking of Null at one point, ending with a one sentence command that basically amounted to Kneel Before Zod
  • Elisa gets a CMOA by using Car Fu to kick Cunningham's ass so Snake and crew can avoid getting shot to death.
  • Hell, Colonel Skowronski gets a small CMOA by damn near killing Gene and Large Haming his brief moment of Captain Ahab style glory when he temporarily hijacks Metal Gear RAXA. Bonus points for giving Big Boss, Elisa, and Gene a massive WTF reaction.
  • In game, Big Boss gets a CMOA from all the soldiers present for kicking Metal Gear RAXA's ass, more or less reinforcing his Badass reputation.
  • Hell, the player can easily give Big Boss CMoAs which are never, technically, in continuity. This MGS fan once went into the Town to get recruits, and decided to capture every single soldier as Big Boss. I'm sorry, I should have said Big Boss once captured an entire town full of soldiers, and convinced every single one of them to join his personal army. By himself. Big Boss, you are indeed worthy of your reputation.
    • Speaking of Portable Ops; the stats that your soldiers get when you recruit them is more or less up to chance. For example, it's highly likely to recruit a politician who is absolutely crap at fighting, but a total dead-eye (s-ranked) with a sniper rifle. But you can go further. This troper recently recruited a female glasses-wearing scientist with an A-rank in CQC and handguns with a B in shotguns. And sixteen HP. This troper proceeded to deck her out in body armor, a shotgun, an M1911 and a MK 22 and unleash her upon the unsuspecting enemy.

Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Otacon gets laid. Inside a helicopter. Inside a plane. In mid-flight.
  • The performance of Patric Zimmerman. With incredible finesse and talent, he is able to mimic the speech patterns of Cam Clarke's Liquid Snake expertly, while balancing it out with his own Revolver Ocelot voice. The end result is enough to convince anybody that Ocelot is truly possessed by Liquid. which was absolutely crucial to the game's story arc. Not only that, but the sheer quality of his acting is outstanding. It isn't much of a stretch to say that Patric Zimmerman gave the greatest performance of the series in Metal Gear Solid 4, and one of the best performances period in the history of video gaming.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4, one word. Raiden. It's sort of still being debated on what the Crowning Moment was, but later on, it seems to be a mix of Breaking his own arm to get to his sword with his other hand so he could cut it off so as to free it from a bunch of rubble...BEFORE stopping a umpteenhundredthousand ton SHIP...yes a himself. Or, perhaps it was when he held off and brutally killed who knows how many FROGS, who were apparently terrified judging by the CG, while having NO ARMS, with nothing but his sword in his teeth and his feet. If these scenes, among with others unmentioned don't get his Scrappy title out of the way, I don't know WHAT will.
    • "I am lightning. The rain transformed." This troper got shivers.
    • This troper was convinced that he'd end up as a limbless torso bouncing around, before finally just rolling along the floor as a head nipping soldiers ankles. For the first time in a straight 27 hours of gameplay he had to put the controller down and go outside to stop himself from laughing.
    • It might sound kind of weird, but this one felt his old persona was only completely done away with in the epilogue, when the woman he once thought had major-mindscrewed him reverentially presented him with the son she bore him in secrecy.
    • All the above counts, but this troper was seriously impressed when after Raiden says "I just don't fear death," and escapes, he performs a copecera spin with two Gekkos attached to his legs.
  • The microwave corridor in Metal Gear Solid 4 is both this and a Tear Jerker, as a weak and weary Snake struggles to cross a tunnel that blasts searing-hot microwave radiation, boiling his insides and causing his suit to explode and injure him during the process. He manages to eventually crawl to the end by sheer willpower and manliness alone, even when his Solid Eye optic explodes in his face, his Life bar being totally depleted and his Psyche draining at the same time. At the same time, you are shown all of Snake's allies fighting their respective battles, reminding you that you, as Snake, are their only hope for winning. All this whilst Otacon, through the Mk. III, is constantly pleading you to keep moving. It's both fantastic and agonizing.
    • I remember thinking, when the scene ended and the cutscene started "This is either one of the most brilliantly made cutscenes I have ever seen, or the most depressing game over screen in history"
    • The microwave hallway is so incredible and heartbreaking, that is quite possibly Snake's most awesome moment in the entire series. Yeah, it's really that powerful.
  • Either Snake vs. Ocelot battle in Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear on Metal Gear action at the end of Act 4 -- "Twin Suns" and the epic, nostalgia-driven final fistfight shouting out to all three previous games' Snake vs. Liquid/Ocelot encounters were enough to make Manly Tears flow like rain.
    • What bugs me is that no one mentioned the EPIC fight between Metal Gear REX vs Metal Gear RAY in Act 4 and given it any real justice. What's wrong with piloting two of the strongest weapons in the world and pitting them against each other. Really, the CMOA belongs to REX, who beat down RAY minus the former's railgun and having a smashed radome.
    • To this day, this troper is incensed that it was his friend's turn to play the game when it came time for the Metal Gear throwdown.
    • Let's not forget During the final fistfight, Snake and Ocelot using their syringes to get back on their feet. First Snake. Then Ocelot. Then both of them at the same time. Then both of them injecting EACH OTHER. Some call it Narm, others consider it a CMOA.
  • Three words from MGS4: "Call me EVA!" and "Call me Mama... Big Mama!" Yes, that 78-year-old with the open top is not only the Bond Girl from MGS3, but also your character's mother. Also, the entire chase scene that ensues, especially when Raging Raven shows up.
    • After getting smashed against a wall when her bike crashes and having shards of glass lodged in her stomach, she makes herself get up again and pull the glass out when she sees Snake. 'A mother's work is never done'.
  • An overlooked but nonetheless awesome moment occurs for the USS Missouri and her crew at the beginning of Act 5: The Big Bad's massive floating fortress launches a Macross Missile Massacre at them as they approach. What do they do? They shoot down the entire swarm and destroy the launch pods. With World War 2-era naval weaponry. Although, considering the lack of electronic warfare systems combined with the hijacking of SOP, that's all they had to do it with.
    • Then again, in Metal Gear Solid 4, there are a LOT of Crowning Moments of Awesome to be had by all.
    • This is also counts as CMoA for Mei Ling. If you remember, Otacon makes fun of her position in Missouri, joking that she used a "special arrangement" and has a "thing for older guys". Otacon, we wouldn't care how she got into position, but she definitely had her homework done.
  • For gameplay Crowning Moments, in MGS4 it'd have to be the Big Boss Emblem, which if achieved gives you the Patriot... whose own trope is subverted by the BBE's requirements (instead of going off and grinding, you have to play the "ultimate" MGS game on the hardest difficulty). In fact, there are online guides and a section in the official paperback strategy guide just about achieving the BBE.
  • This troper feels that Roses plan revealed in MGS4 would definitely be a crowning moment of glory. Hear me out - after MGS2, it was pretty much confirmed that the Patriots would stop at nothing to get what they wanted - kidnapping children had worked so well, that it was pretty clear that since Raiden had proven himself such a great fighter, all they needed to do was take one hostage and they'd have their own private supersoldier. Rose knew this, and knew there would be no way to hide their child from the Partiots. The only option would be to make their child useless to the Patriots, by making Raiden think the child was dead - if the Patriots contacted Raiden and told him they had his child, he's just laugh at them. She could tell that Raiden had his doubts about her immediately after the GW tried to get into his brain and make him question reality, so if she gave him one last push, he'd be sent over the edge. She made him crazy to protect him.
  • In Guns of the Patriots, the Missouri's Marines are hella awesome, if you think about what's actually going on here. By the final act, we know that many soldiers from non-Outer Heaven-owned PMCs as well as state militaries are deserting because of SOP withdrawal, and those are the ones who aren't so slammed with battlefield trauma they're permanently broken or suffering heart attacks. Thus, the Missouri's Marines must all come from two groups; either combat veterans who are in the minority of those able to barely hang on without SOP, or total rookies who have never seen combat, let alone ever fired their weapon at an enemy since getting out of basic training. And they still do their job, holding the line long enough for Snake to get the job done despite being overwhelmed in numbers and firepower, by an enemy with more experience and the advantages of SOP, watching each other be gunned down by Haven troopers left and right. Semper Fi.
  • It might not seem like much, but for this troper, there's another one at the end of MGS4, when Snake finally gives up his smokes.
  • "That takes care of the cremation." Sure, Liquid showed up alive again afterward, but Snake's nonchalantly taunting a guy after shooting him down was badass. Especially since Liquid had previously taken down two jet fighters with his gunship/transport helicopter.
  • Another subtle one happens during Snake and Ocelot's CQC fight at the end of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Ocelot grabs Snake and attempts to poke him in the eye...only for him to poke into Snake's eye patch. Given that Ocelot is responsible for Snake's missing eye, it's an awesome Call Back to their previous encounter. The grin on Snake's face when he realizes the irony of the situation makes it even better.
  • Both Johnny Sasaki and Meryl get one the moment they become a Battle Couple. Cue countless faceless Mooks getting mowed down by their combined awesome... and then in the ending everyone except the suicidal Snake, Raiden and Rose, attends their happy wedding, where everyone has a great time.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

  • While there are plenty of awesome moments in Peace Walker, one of the most memorable is the entirety of the "Get to the Control Tower" mission, particularly when played in single player. The climax of the mission is when the player encounters their final obstacle; a squad of commandos and a chopper, all of whose sights are centred directly on you. Making it even more intense is that the player is likely running quite short on ammo, and the building the player enters through is promptly blown apart by the chopper, taking away most of the player's cover. If that's not enough, the main vocal theme of the game, Heavens Divide, begins playing in the background. It is probably one of the most intense and awesome moments of the game, possibly even of the entire Metal Gear series, especially when the player finally takes down the chopper.
    • Taking down Metal Gears is always awesome, but taking down Metal Gear Zeke to Koi no Yokushiryoku, instead of the typical electronic music was pretty damned sweet.
    • The "Head to the Control Tower" mission, blasting though a army of Elite Soliders and Kidnappers, a 3 part Tunnel section, all ending in a full on fight with more Soldiers and a Helicopter. This is the best part of the mission though, as while you fighting the Soliders + Helicopter, Heaven's Divide starts to play, and you know with that playing, you feel more pumped to win this battle.
      • The real kicker is going outside at the start, even though Miller says it's suicide, and getting on the mounted machine gun. YOU CAN'T GET HIT USING IT. Time to go Rambo.
      • And to make it even better, the mission ends with things getting tight for Snake, up 'til when the Sanadistas arrive, gunning down all the enemies in one of the best Big Damn Heroes moments in the whole series. Cue to Amanda finally being recognized as "Comandante", and after she hugs Big Boss, everyone starts cheering for him. It's such a moment of glory.
    • Mixed with Crowning Music of Awesome, the background music while you fight Peace Walker is also another one that really pumps you and fills you with determination to win the freaking battle. Though you'd better have some friends to do it, or it'll take a good half-hour to beat.
    • The QTE at the end of Infiltrate the Underground Base. The prompts are so fast it's borderline impossible to avoid losing (and continuing to the next mission), but Big Boss' CQC Foe-Tossing Charge (not to mention stealing Strangelove's ID card to escape later on upon completion) is totally worth it.


  • Meta: Kojima refuses to communicate with Uwe Boll. At all.

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