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  1. In one level GLaDOS gives the player a Weighted Storage Cube that had to be carried through the level. Playtesters would often leave the cube behind and get stumped, so Valve gave the cube a Palette Swap and had GLaDOS talk about the cube constantly. As a result many players became incredibly attached to the cube and some even gave it a Memetic Badass status. Also a Trope Namer.
  2. GLaDOS, resident Ninja Butterfly/Mission Control/Big Bad, is an immensely popular Fountain of Memes for her dark, dark comedy, with nearly every single one of her lines repeated or mutated in some form. Some other examples are listed below. Note that this example is what shows up in the subtitles, but you hear the full line.
  3. The closing credits song of the first game, "Still Alive", is also immensely popular, with lines often taken out of context, most notably "This was a triumph" etcetera in response to anything good.
  4. From the advertising campaign, "Now you're thinking with portals". Often used when someone thinks of a weird but ultimately successful solution to a problem. The phrase may have originated from Nintendo slogan "Now you're playing with power!". One of GLaDOS' lines in Portal 2 co-op, when a robot dies, is "Now you're thinking with stupidity".
  5. Both GLaDOS and the escapee Doug Rattmann are a little cake obsessed, and later in the game there is a room where the phrase is written over and over again. Used when something is an obvious scam or whenever cake is mentioned. This one is definitely a Discredited Meme; using it in most Internet circles will get people seriously annoyed and in certain places probably get you banned.
  6. In the second Aperture Investment Opportunity video, "Bot Trust", the two robots are seen pancake-flipping. Cue Youtube comments like this. Unforunately, the pancakes were indeed a lie, as none appeared in the game in any fashion.
  7. Cave Johnson, resident Crazy Awesome Mad Corporate Executive, is a Fountain of Memes to challenge even GLaDOS, and though not all of his lines became memes it is damn close. This one is used at the beginning and end of all four of the Aperture Investment Opportunity videos.
  8. With snowclones: "That's not a <noun>. That's a <different noun>. We sell them, too."
  9. Cave's final pre-recorded message has him deliver an epic rant subverting the typical "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" idiom. It is widely believed he actually managed to do this.
  10. J.K. Simmons, the voice of Cave Johnson, also played J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man films, resulting in a lot of Hey, It's That Voice! moments and subsequent jokes such as these.
  11. From the over half hour of additional dialogue added with the Infinite Testing Initiative (read: user-designed test chambers). Cave first says that due to the multiversal nature of the program, he'll precede all of his messages with "chariots" so the tester knows it's Earth Prime Cave. When he realizes there's a universe where his counterpart for no discernible reason says "Chariots" before his sentences, he adds another one on for good measure.
  12. About halfway through Portal 2 GLaDOS gets attached to a potato, and says this. Also known as "PotatOS", taken from the developer commentary.
  13. One of the corrupted cores that have to be attached to the final boss of Portal 2, the "Space Sphere", is obsessed with space, and constantly streams lines like these.
  14. Another of the corrupted cores, the "Adventure Sphere", is not as popular, but has still managed to achieve Memetic Badass status, with jokes such as "Saxton Hale in sphere form".
  15. The sphere also openly flirts with Chell, managing to achieve minor Memetic Sex God status as a result as well.
  16. Rick the Adventure Core's "theme song".
  17. Wheatley was always told that if he performed just about any action, he would die.
  18. A parody of the infamous "This is the part where he kills you" scene in Portal 2, where the first two lines are spoken, then the chapter title appears, then the achievement is unlocked with its description, all saying variations of the same line. Upon the soundtrack's release, it was revealed that even the music track title was shown to follow this.
  19. Wheatley's line when he gets attacked by a bird.
  20. GLaDOS doesn't like birds either.
  21. Said by Wheatley when he tries desperately to make it look like he's your intellectual equal.
  22. Wheatley really doesn't like being called a "moron".
  23. The Fact Core's numerous inaccurate "facts" have become something of a meme.