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Showgirls is a 1995 sexploitation film directed by Paul Verhoeven. The only movie to wide release under the NC-17 rating, this tale of the lives of Vegas strippers set to the plot of 42nd Street may have been partially responsible for the rating's decline; it was basically an X-rated movie that went through the ratings process (which was and is not required for an X rating).

The film tells the tale of Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley), a country girl who hitchhikes to Las Vegas in hopes of becoming "a dancer" and eventually (after a lot of nudity, a lot of sleaze, a little violence, and a lot of choreographed numbers) making her way to the top.

Common reactions are split between thinking it's a campy, So Bad It's Good, Cult Classic or just plain bad. It doesn't quite seem to know if it's a comedy or drama or a combination of the two or something else entirely. Although some have called it a satire of the human condition and the relationships between women. Or a non-trashy movie that happens to be about trashy people. Or a parody of misogynistic exploitation films. Or simply a bad movie.

An unofficial sequel which parodies the first film, Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven, was released in 2011, starring Rena Riffel (playing her same role from the original film), who also wrote, produced and directed the sequel.

Tropes used in Showgirls include:

"Man, everybody got AIDS and shit."