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The Now Show is a British satirical radio show, starring Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt (previously of The Mary Whitehouse Experience) as well as Marcus Brigstocke, Mitch Benn, Laura Shavin, the very short Jon Holmes, and occasional special guests.

Known for heavy use of Running Gags: The Other Wiki used to have a long list of them, and may still do.

Tropes used in The Now Show include:

Rhythm is a Dancer: Maggie Rhythm is a dancer. With hilarious consequences.

Little Jim: He's fallen in the wa-ter.
Hugh Dennis: Yes, we'll steal anyone's catchphrases, we don't care.

  • Spiritual Successor: The Mary Whitehouse Experience, as above.
    • Spiritual Thing-That's-On-In-The-Off-Season: It's Been A Bad Week on Radio 2, a topical satire show hosted by Punt and Dennis, with Mitch doing the songs, but which was otherwise a completely different show with a different format.
  • Take That
  • Take That, Audience!: Regular jibes at the live audience and listeners being the stereotypical idea of Radio 4 listeners.

"Where else would 'over 40' be classified as 'young'? [Beat] This is Radio 4."