Tokyo Mew Mew in a Nutshell

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"And that's when I found out my very first date was a tree!"


Created by Hika Yagami, Tokyo Mew Mew in a Nutshell is another imitator of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series and an entertaining Fan Vid series in its own right.

Unlike Little Kuriboh's magnum opus, which picked on 4Kids' English dub of the series, Nutshell sets its satirical sights on Fan Dumb itself. Where fanfic portrays Die for Our Ship victim Aoyama Masaya as The Ditz and constantly kills him off, here he can't tell Ichigo from a tree and dies every episode only to reappear in the next one. Fans tend to forget the existence of Akasaka Keiichirou (Hika Yagami's self-admitted favourite character), so here all his plot-important lines are changed to insane chatter about his ponytail. Rule 34 subjects Aizawa Minto to chains and whips; in Nutshell, she's the one holding them.

Whether played completely straight or inverted, each character plays on a certain assumption of the fans that just didn't get it. While doing what YGO:TAS did would be safe and make sense (especially since Tokyo Mew Mew was also destroyed by 4Kids), the specific needs of the fans were catered to with a message they desperately needed: big fandoms suck, but we can laugh at them.

The first episode can be found here.

Tropes parodied and/or lampshaded by this series: