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"It helps to have the damsel in distress in nice clothing, you know. Helps make the atmosphere."


In addition to being captured, a character (usually a woman) is found by the rescuers and seen by the audience in an embarrassing outfit; she casually spends the rest of the episode wearing it until she can escape. Not done so often anymore—possibly because of the sketchy nature of who exactly stripped her and forced her to wear such a thing—but it pops up in Science Fiction from time to time. The lite version where the villain tries to force-marry the heroine seems pretty dated too.

The male variant of this is when the guy's buddies come in to find him strapped to the bed in his boxers, either because his captor didn't want him to have anything that could allow him to escape or because he was captured by letting the woman tie him up because she'd convinced him she was into bondage.

Often overlaps with Color Coded for Your Convenience. If the captured heroine has to have a bath before being go-go enslaved, then it's Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me. See also Sex Slave, whose default attire is probably this, assuming she's allowed clothing at all. Compare Ready for Lovemaking and Instant Cosplay Surprise. When the captive is stripped bare but no clothes are offered in turn, it falls instead into Shameful Strip.

Not to be confused in any way with anything to do with Inspector Gadget.[1]

Examples of Go-Go Enslavement include:

Anime and Manga

  • An Alice in Wonderland costume logically requiring others doing the undressing is pointed out in Slayers. Given it was the standard for the theme park that Lina had been thrown into after a nearly disastrous confrontation with the Big Bad, one wonders why people would pay to go there.
  • Blood Plus has Saya waking up naked after being captured (and rescued) by Solomon. Subverted in that he gives her a nice gown to wear.
  • In the Fate/stay night anime, Caster kidnaps the normally conservatively-dressed Sakura, brainwashes her, and dresses her up in a tight leather outfit that is quite out of character... Although it is a Shout-Out to the computer game on which the series is based, to a different plot scenario. (Mentioned below, and it happens to Saber instead.)
  • Haruhi Suzumiya
    • Spoofed in the first episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, where the narrator and cameraman Kyon nearly flips his lid when he realizes that Itsuki had to have undressed and bathed Mikuru while she was unconscious in order for the scene he was filming to make sense. He starts threatening physical violence as soon as it starts getting into "Dude, She's Like, in a Coma" as well.
    • In the original novel and the second-season anime episode that showed how the film was made, Mikuru was drunk while filming this scene, thanks to two extremely mischievous friends of hers who wanted to "enforce her acting" by spiking her drinks. Kyon was pissed (in the US sense) that she was pissed (in the UK sense).
  • Tokiwa from Ask Dr. Rin claims to attempt to do the lite version to Meirin, although all he actually tries to do is kiss her (even this fails). In fact, when he does make the claim, it more tends to highlight his own instability.
  • In the last arc of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, Enishi kidnaps Kaoru and uses her clothes to dress up a fake corpse that looks like her. Kaoru wakes up in Enishi's base in a bathrobe. He lends her a Western dressing gown later, though. This is made even more disturbing when you realize that all young women remind Enishi of his dead older sister.
  • Code Geass
    • Used in the second season, where Kallen is kept as a prisoner by Britannia for a good chunk of the season and wears a... rather revealing and frilly dress, as well as princess shoes (not to mention she's trapped inside a glass cage/room). She does get to beat up Suzaku while wearing it, though. A somewhat justified case, as she had been in ordinary prison garb (see C.C. below) in an ordinary prison cell, and her new accommodations were Nunnally's way of treating her nicely during her imprisonment.
    • Nearly happened to her in the first episode of the second season, where she's dressed up in bunny outfit while working undercover in a casino. A mafia boss at the casino is coincidentally going "bunny hunting" and tries to grab Kallen like he already had with a couple of other girls... Someone on the writing staff was given a little too much freedom.
    • Happens again in the series finale, this time to both males and females. In the final step of his Zero-Approval Gambit, the Zero Requiem, Lelouch parades a dozen of his former allies to the execution grounds in straitjackets, along with Schneizel bound with massive gold chains and dressed in rags. [dead link] His little sister Nunnally is also present, her ankles chained, wearing a simple dress that's very revealing [dead link] compared to her usual attire. [dead link]
    • Self-imposed version: C.C. spends much of the first season voluntarily wearing the full-body straitjacket Britannia stuck her in, symbolically representing her being bound to this world since, initially at least, she just wanted to die. As her interaction with Lelouch changes her worldview, she starts wearing more normal clothing, up until the final plot arc when the restraining suit makes a return to mark her willing participation in Lelouch's self-sacrificing Zero Requiem plot.
  • Used in the Magic Knight Rayearth anime, when the girls are captured by their rivals after losing to them in battle. Each girl wore typical costumes of the planets their captors came through: a Chinese dress for Fuu, a cyberpunk gown for Hikaru, and a revealing odalisque outfit for Umi. The latter even lampshades this when she openly whines to her captors, the Chizeta princesses, about having to dress in "skimpy" clothes (and how she's been putting on weight lately), but one of the princesses (Hot-Blooded Hot Amazon Tata) shows surprise as to why Umi would complain. (To their captors's credits, they generally sent female guards or maids to greet the girls and give them these clothes; the only time it didn't happen, the one who dressed Hikaru up was a cute little boy).
  • In an episode of Kyo Kara Maoh!, Yuuri is forced to escape and be rescued in a very frilly maid outfit. It's not so bad, considering that the person who rescued him was also a man in a frilly maid outfit.
  • In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Shion Sonozaki traps her twin sister Mion in a cellar and has her wearing next to nothing, save some eerie white robe similar to the one she's wearing. No-one gives a damn, however, "thanks" to all that happens around at the same time. Poor, poor Satoko...
  • Miyabi and Synclavia in Macademi Wasshoi weren't exactly modest when they were free (Synclavia's dominatrix outfit, especially), but after they're forced to work for Ataro, they're usually seen in some sort of otaku fetish outfit afterward. Meido wear is the most common, but they change according to Ataro's mood.
  • Full Metal Panic!
    • Played straight with a bit character in the first series; in the episode which flashes back to how Mao met Sôsuke and Kurz, the bad guys demonstrate their bad-guy status by, among other things, forcing a young female captive to wear first a bunnygirl costume and later a slinky dress.
    • Subverted in Full Metal Panic Fumoffu—the villain of the day plans to do this to Kaname and Ren in order to torment Ren's father with pictures of it, but his compound is raided by Sôsuke and the Mikihara gang before he can put his plan into action.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima
    • Happens to Asuna Kagurazaka when the villain Wilhelm captured her, and she woke up in lingerie.
    • Happens again in the Magic World when the Gateport incident scatters everybody and Ako, Akira, and Natsumi end up selling themselves into slavery. Complete with French Maid Outfits and shock collars. Negi and Kotarô are later able to buy their freedom.
    • Happens again to Asuna, when Fate captures her. And to Anya, who is dolled up in this.
    • Although the examples shown are usually not related to this trope, it should be noted that Negima often does show many people who are ready and willing to forcibly change another person's clothing and put them into various costumes (At Mahorafest for example, you are more likely to be press-ganged into a contest than you are to apply for one). This is usually Played for Laughs.
  • Nami in One Piece is captured by a creepy perverted villain that wants her as a wife and therefore wakes up in a gorgeous wedding dress. This temporarily distracts both Sanji and her would-be husband as they admire her (while she's still unconscious).
    • This happened to both Nami and Robin in One Piece: Heart of Gold, the villainous Mad Treasure forcing them to wear skimpy harem girl outfits.
  • In Sailor Moon, Prince Diamond kidnaps Usagi (as Sailor Moon) and actually dresses her in something less revealing than her Sailor Senshi Uniform. A white flowy dress with gold at the bust, it still counts as Diamond is trying to make her look more like her future self Neo Queen Serenity upon whom he has a very creepy crush, and it has a very low cleavage. And in the manga, he actually gets away with a Forceful Kiss.
  • This is, well, the plot of He Is My Master—the whole series. Two girls become indentured maids to a kid, having no other way to repay the millions of yen they owe him; he spend the rest of the show dressing them up as embarrassingly as he possibly can.
  • In Darker than Black, when Misaki is at her Mafia Princess Forgotten Childhood Friend Alice's birthday party, Alice declares that her punishment for forgetting about her birthday is that she's going to have to wear a rather revealing qipao. (She also steals her glasses.) This being DtB, it turns out that Alice has gone Ax Crazy and is planning to kill everyone at the party, and as a result Misaki spends the rest of the 2-episode arc trying to escape in said outfit. Several jokes are made at her expense, and the bottom half of the skirt gets ripped off around the time things get messy, showing even more leg.
  • In the Rewinding Town arc of D.Gray-man, Road Kamelot dresses up Lenalee Lee in an Elegant Gothic Lolita-looking gown and curls her long hair, normally in Girlish Pigtails, into Mega Twintails Manga link in B & W.
  • In episode 16 of Love Hina, Naru Narusegawa plays the role of Sanzo in a rather loosely-followed play of "Sayuki". In an opening shot, she is held captive on a chain leash by the "bad guy", and is wearing very similar clothes to slave Leia.
  • Subverted in Bleach. When Orihime was forced into going to Hueco Mundo because of a Sadistic Choice, she was put into a dress-like outfit similar to the Arrancar's white uniforms; however, said outfit is one of the most chaste in a Fan Service-heavy series.
    • In chapter 485 we see Tia Harribel in a skimpy outfit. She's a prisioner of the Vandereich and thus we see her in chains.
      • Subverted in that the outfit is just her Resureccion Hollow Form, minus the BFS.
  • Ranma ½
    • Female!Ranma is kidnapped by Sentarô Daimonji after she'd rescued him. The tea ceremony martial artist gives her drugged tea, and when she wakes up, Ranma is wearing an elaborate wedding kimono. Sentarô isn't really a villain, though, more like a clueless (if somewhat creepy) lovestruck teenager.
    • Later in the manga, Akane and Ukyô are captured by Konatsu's stepfamily of ugly kunôichi; they end up chained and dressed as Playboy Bunnies.
  • Pretty much the whole theme of Shitsurakuen.
  • Near the end of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, the title heroine is catured by Gargoyle and made to wear a Neo-Atlantis uniform. The suit, though skintight, is more modest than her usual outfit. Even so, Nadia says she is embarrassed and disgusted to wear it because it represents the things she hates.
  • Another example is Gundam ZZ when Leina Ashta is captured and held captive by Glemy Toto for most of the first half of the series. Glemy is enthralled by Leina and spends most of the time having her educated as a "Lady" to be an image in the future Zeon movement, much to her chagrin. During her captivity, Glemy has Leina wearing fancy dresses. In one episode she's also seen in a leotard while one of Glemy's instructors is giving her ballet lessons.
  • Hana, Katja's "soma" slave from Seikon no Qwaser is forced to wear a very stripperific cat costume that only covered her breasts and private parts when she was kidnapped by the Qwaser of Oxygen. She wears it again in a filler episode.
  • A later arc of Umineko no Naku Koro ni combines this with I Have You Now, My Pretty with the infamous Erika in a wedding dress scenes.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn: While not quite as fanservicey as the trope usually implies, Daemon's first order of buisness after he pulls a Hypnotize the Princess on Chrome is making her change into the Shimon Middle School uniform.
  • In Noein, when Haruka is abducted and taken to the future, she becomes naked except for a poncho.
  • In Marchen Awakens Romance besides the dog collar Alviss was forced to wear, he changed into a darker outfit when being controlled by Phantom.
  • Black Butler: Happens to Ciel in the anime. Before being led to presumably be raped by the high priest of the cult, they feel the need to bathe him and put him in a rather cute altar boy outfit.
  • Ai no Kusabi: The outfits worn by Pets are certainly revealing.

Comic Books

  • Rare male example: At one point in the comic Preacher hero Jesse Custer is knocked out and wakes up to find himself tied to a bed and dressed up in a World War II-era German officer's uniform. The culprit behind this is a villainess infatuated with Custer who also has a fetish for national socialist paraphernalia and a penchant for sadomasochism. Before she can have her way with Custer he frees himself and ties her up, prompting her to remark that she likes being treated in such a manner. While still in full Nazi getup, he encounters his black deputy. Awkward...
  • Example for two genders: The Darker and Edgier Thundercats The Return comic series featured the twins Wilykit and Wilykat, now hot teenagers rather than spunky children, dressed in very revealing clothing while they served as Mumm-Ra's servants. On the one hand, only Wilykit (the girl one) is actually referred in dialogue to as his concubine and is the only one shown bathing and dressing him... on the other hand she's actually referred to in dialogue as his concubine!! (And hey, maybe they took turns, and if the comic had taken place a day later, we'd have seen Wilykat bathing Mumm-Ra instead.) Likewise Cheetara is chained to a pillar wearing a bikini made out of tattered rags, apparently having been handed over to the mutants (the book takes place after a time jump—the specifics of how the characters got from their old status quo to the new one is glossed over).
  • Chris Claremont is... fond of this trope for heroes of both sexes.
    • The famous Dark Phoenix Saga of the X-Men comics had Mastermind brainwashing Phoenix into thinking she was his wife in the 18th century, and then had her dress up in a cheesy dominatrix outfit. Unfortunately for Mastermind, brainwashing is a risky business when the victim vastly outpowers you...
    • Early New Mutants issues has Dani Moonstar rendered unconscious, stripped and re-dressed several times; often by female villains. She even comments on it herself. "Man, I hope I'm not dressed this way for a party..."
    • This has happened to Storm as well, during an adventure in the Savage Land. It was possibly their first time there, but memory is sketchy[please verify] since there's a 50/50 chance the X-Men will get captured whenever they go there.
    • A little over a decade earlier, we have a male example. In Havok's first appearance, he's kidnapped and dressed in an ancient Egyptian-style skirt by the Living Pharaoh in preparation for his upcoming sacrifice.
    • Another classic male example: In the first appearance of the Morlocks as a group, Angel was kidnapped on the orders of their leader, Callisto. He was dragged to the sewers of New York City, stripped to underwear, tied and with his wings skewered to a stand. He's later shown in obvious bondage gear for the "marriage ceremony." The entire situation is played for drama and taken very seriously by his fellow X-Men.
  • Teen Titans
    • Starfire was captured and taken as a slave/trophy by the Gordanians prior to the formation of the team, and wore a militaristic black-and-metal outfit that a few fans expressed appreciation for.
    • Her sister Komand'r wears the black suit with armor and cloak. Kory's original metal bikini is shown to be her slave harness, originally worn for working in a mine. She still wears a version of it, many years later.
  • * Spider Woman: The Locksmith was a villain who imprisoned victims instead of killing them, and had a weird sense of this; after capturing Jessica while she was in her civilian identity, he insisted she wear her costume. Possibly his ego was such that he wanted her easily identified as Spider-Woman, as his stated goal was to prevent super-humans from eclipsing the achievements of ordinary humans.
  • She-Hulk fell victim to this in the first issue of her second series. She was hypnotized by the Ringmaster, who had his costume/makeup man dress her up in a Grecian-style dress with a red wig and flesh-colored body makeup. Unlike most examples, the Ringmaster had a pragmatic reason for this; the usual MO of his circus of crime is to put on a performance, hypnotize the audience, then have his cohorts steal their wallets and jewelry. However, he figured that having She-Hulk performing could hasten the third part of that plan, as she could lift the entire bleachers and shake the wallets out of the spectators.
  • Poor Courtney Ross was not only subjected to this when she was kidnapped by Arcade in an Excalibur story, she was subjected to two humiliating costumes in the same incident! First off, after initially being kidnapped, she wakes up wearing a costume that resembles that of a Playboy Bunny with a ribbon in place of the ears, and then is sent into a rather creative Death Trap. (She is dumped onto a stage in front of a Tough Room full of android hecklers who demand to be entertained; failing to win them over will result in them killing her. Amazingly, Courtney survives by discovering a talent for impromptu stand-up comedy, much to Arcade's surprise.) When the heroes actually show up, Arcade uses a trapdoor to send her into Murderworld proper, where some mechanism dresses her like the protagonist from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And sadly for Courtney, she only survives this to be killed hours later by her alternate reality counterpart Sat-Yr-9.
  • The Post-Crisis reboot of Wonder Woman has this happening to Queen Hippolyta, Diana's mother, care of Hercules.
  • Happens to Julie Winters in The Maxx when she's kidnapped by Serial Killer/rapist Mister Gone.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe
    • In what may bit a bit of Squick for certain readers, and fetish fuel for many, many, many others... Ahsoka pulls a Leia in the comics. Although that was a disguise to go undercover (Anakin was pretending to be a slaver and she was his slave); not a straight example of this trope, but this trope was obviously the inspiration for her cover.
      • This comic arc was later given a three-episode adaption in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. Ahsoka's disguise is much more modest in this version.
  • In an issue of Thunderbolts, the supervillain Graviton takes over San Francisco and sets himself up as a conquering lord. When confronted by the protagonists, his "throne room" prominently features some captured female civilians forced to lie at his feet in bikinis.
  • Gen 13
    • Has happened to Caitlin Fairchild at least twice. The first time it's a mad scientist; the second (or at least a subsequent) time it's an alien warlord. Unlike most heroines, she actively dwells on the fact that this means the villain saw her naked.
    • In a borderline third case, she becomes indebted to a villainess who forces Fairchild to go on a mission for her in a fetishistic latex costume. She's not technically a prisoner (except to her debt and/or sense of honor) but at the end of the mission, the villainess erases her memory, leaving her thinking that she still owes a favor (and suggesting that this isn't the first time she's done it).
  • Poor Big Barda went through this twice on her first meeting with Superman (post-mid-80s-continuity-reboot-wise). She gets captured by the New Gods villain Sleez, and as Superman arrives on the scene, he finds Barda all dolled and dressed up as a Go-go dancer and being psionically controlled to dance for Sleez. Superman gets captured as well, and as Barda's husband Mister Miracle arrives on the scene, he finds Superman and Barda being psionically controlled by Sleez into making a porno movie! What was John Byrne thinking?
  • In The Middleman‍'‍s graphic novel finale, Manservant Neville does this to Wendy.

Wendy: You murdered my boyfriend... destroyed my workplace... trapped Noser in a giant diamond... gave my best friend Lacey leukemia... and did God-knows-what to the only father figure I've ever known... and the worst you could think to do to me was put me in a slave girl costume?


Fan Works

  • The Code Geass fanfic In the End: when C.C and Lelouch go to Suzaku's funeral, with her pretending to be his mistress kept against her will.

Films -- Animation

  • Subverted in The Prince of Egypt. The Midian slave girl (Tsipporah, future wife of Moses) is ordered bathed (of course) and brought to him. When he walks into the bedchamber, what appears to be an enraged Tsipporah sitting on his bed is revealed to be a tied up servant, with the girl nowhere to be seen.
  • Aladdin: Jafar makes Princess Jasmine wear a red harem outfit, although her normal clothes don't cover much more; they're just blue. While it's perfectly possible that he magicked them onto her, seeing as he was the world's most powerful sorcerer at the time, or, since he was holding her father captive, forced her to put them on of her own free will (as much as free will comes into the situation at any rate), why would he?
  • This happens to Ginormica in Monsters vs. Aliens. Twice. Though, they hang a lampshade on it somewhat the second time. To be fair, the first time her ripped wedding dress wouldn't make for much concealment and much more Fetish Fuel. Hell, that space outfit is prime fuel. It's certainly much more attractive than that ugly uniform she was wearing before.

Films -- Live-Action

  • Leia's (and Oola & Lyn-Me's) skimpy slavegirl costume in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Jabba apparently appreciates female humanoids.
  • A combined parody/Homage occurs in the live-action Street Fighter movie. At one point, Chun-Li is captured by Bison and forced into an outfit that better suits his tastes. It's her outfit from the game series on which the movie is (rather loosely) based.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Inversion in The Curse of the Black Pearl: shortly after taking Elizabeth Swan as his prisoner, Captain Barbossa gives her a proper dress to wear. What she's wearing when captured is, by modern standards, a reasonably concealing nightdress—but for the time in which the film is set, she was essentially naked. Incidentally, the alternative was nudity—and a night with the crew.
    • Alluded to in Dead Man's Chest when she shows up at Jack's crew recruitment dressed as a man and reveals to him who she is.

"It should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin."

    • Played straight in At World's End: when Elizabeth impersonates an encarnate Calypso for Sao Feng, he dresses her in what we'll assume is the most queenly costume he just happened to have on his ship. Given how Barbossa came by the dress he gave Elizabeth in CoTBP, this has nasty implications.
  • Hannibal: Clarice is rendered unconscious by a gunshot wound and wakes up wearing an evening gown (specifically a Sexy Backless Outfit Absolute Cleavage one) instead of the casual clothes she was wearing earlier. Which never happened in the book—although Clarice does end up wearing the evening gown, she's allowed to put it on without Lecter being in the room. Nor does Lecter ever undress her, except to tend her injuries.
  • Mortal Kombat, The Movie: Shang Tsung abducts Sonya Blade on the pretext of challenging her, rather than Liu Kang, for the final match. By the time Liu and Johnny Cage show up, Sonya has, for no readily apparent reason, been dressed up in an unflattering leather dress (which actually covers more of her than the tank top and shorts she'd been wearing up to that point), is barefoot, and her hair has been thoroughly teased.
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark: Belloq convinces his captive Marion to put on a fancy dress that he just happens to have with him.
  • The first Austin Powers movie hung a lampshade on this:

Dr. Evil: Do you like your quasi-futuristic outfits? I designed them myself.

  • James Bond
    • In Dr. No, Honey Rider dons a pair of capri pants and a tunic-style top to attend a dinner with Bond, Dr. No, and company. After the dinner, Bond is beaten up by No's henchmen and Honey is dragged away; when next we see her, she's chained up in a flooding basin, still wearing the top but without the pants.
    • The Man with the Golden Gun: Mary Goodnight ends up in a bikini (no concealed weapons, as Scaramanga puts it). Unfortunately, Goodnight is such a Walking Disaster Area, she doesn't need them to mess up further and cause Bond no small amount of trouble...
    • In Diamonds Are Forever, Blofeld abducts Tiffany Case, and the next time we see her, she's sunbathing in a purple bikini on Blofeld's oil rig.
    • And in The Spy Who Loved Me, Anya Amasova is captured by Stromberg, and turns up in a skimpy outfit tied to a chair.
    • The World Is Not Enough: Elektra King does this to Bond.
  • In the James Bond spoof Our Man Flint, when Galaxy agent Gila does her Heel Face Turn, she is dragged away to be turned into a brainwashed Pleasure Unit. But before being sent to the actual brainwashing machine she's dressed in a red bikini.
  • Played straight in Taken, with an unpleasantly appropriate justification: The kidnapped women are being auctioned off as sex slaves.
  • Played for laughs in the '80s film The Night Before: Keanu Reeves' character accidentally sells his prom date to a pimp, and when he goes to rescue her later in the movie she's handcuffed to a bed in her bra and panties.
  • In Unlawful Entry, Madeline Stowe's character is forced to change into a blouse-and-slit-skirt combo by Ray Liotta's.
  • The 2009 Sherlock Holmes film features a male version, with Sherlock stripped and chained to a bed, though this was just to inconvenience him for a while rather than get any kind of sexual thrill.
  • In the 1993 thriller Kalifornia, the villain, Early Grayce (Brad Pitt), forces his female companion to wear a skimpy baby-doll dress at all times. Following the girl's Heel Face Turn, Early murders her and takes the protagonist's female partner captive—and humiliates her by forcing her to wear the same skimpy dress.
  • In Twenty Eight Days Later, Major West dresses Hannah and Selena in fancy red dresses in preparation for mass rapes by the soldiers to "repopulate" after the virus dies out.
  • Male version in Tron: Legacy with Sam: the Armory Sirens cut his clothes off and he is quickly dressed in a black suit, complete with armor, for competing in the Games.
  • Done in Knight and Day. Cameron Diaz wakes up on a desert island, finding herself in a bikini. Tom Cruise quickly informs her that, being an expert bomb disposal technician, he could easily take her clothes off and change her into a bikini with his eyes shut. Not that that's what he did...


  • Slave World: Pretty much all British agents who gets captured, as well as most of the convicted serfs.
  • In John C. Wright's The Fugitives of Chaos, when Grendal captures Amelia, she wakes up in his mother's wedding dress. However, her captor Grendel is horror struck when she thinks he put her in it. He is a mass-murderer and dragged her off by force to marry her, but he wouldn't take off a girl's clothing when he wasn't married to her. He had his mother do it. (The dress also plays a significant role after her rescue.) Did we mention that the dress is see-through?
  • Male example: in David Eddings' The Belgariad, Garion is kidnapped by the decadent Queen Salmissra, drugged, and made to wear nothing but a loincloth. (Salmissra's female servants bathe and undress him.) It is clear that he is supposed to be a concubine, but his friends rescue him before Salmissra tries anything. And it is made clear that Garion is very disgusted by this when the drugs they give him wear off.
  • Amelia Peabody Emerson is captured by the Big Bad in Lion in the Valley and required to dress herself in a sexy harem costume. She keeps her long Victorian underwear on though. Husband Emerson is not appeased.
  • Pretty much the entire point of the Gor novels.
  • Subverted sickeningly in Under the Yoke when Sister Marya — a stocky and unattractive Polish nun — is made to wear a revealing silk nightie for the amusement of her masters, and of their guest who has asked their permission to rape her.
  • A male example in Captive of the Red Vixen when Rolas is forced to parade around in a pair of tight suede shorts and wrist cuffs for the amusement of the Space Pirate who captured him, on pain of getting stunned by his Shock Collar.
  • Conina was dressed in a skimpy outfit in the Discworld novel Sourcery.

Live-Action TV

  • Stargate SG-1:
    • Sam Carter in the third episode, with the Mongolian warlords on another planet. It's implied that she did dress herself, though, which makes it less squicky. That one was also an example of "She Cleans Up Nicely".
    • When SG-1 is captured and brainwashed by the Goa'uld Seth in the episode of the same name, Sam winds up wearing an entirely different (smaller) outfit than she was wearing when she went in. Daniel and Jack had also changed, although a little more decently. It wasn't really commented on at the time.
    • While it's not quite the thing and says far more about Vala Mal Doran's dressing habits than Daniel Jackson himself, the latter has to remove the former's Kull Warrior armor and put her into SGC fatigues in the episode she steals the Prometheus. Her comment: "You've seen me naked, the least you could do is cook me dinner."
    • Played straight with Colonel Mitchell in "Memento Mori", in which SG-1 discover him chained to a bed, wearing only a blanket and eating snack cakes. He also seems to lose his pants often when imprisoned, which Sam Carter lampshades in the aforementioned episode.
  • Sort of an aversion, more of a slight variation really. In the Angel episode "Through the Looking Glass", Cordelia became basically kind of a cross between a Princess and a Sex Slave.
  • Also toyed with in a 6th season episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when the Trio use some techno-magic to make a love-slave out of Warren's ex-girlfriend. The spell breaks though and she is understandably disgusted and enraged, pointing out that they essentially intended to rape her (which apparently never occurred to Jonathon or Andrew before that moment).
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation has Data get kidnapped, and acid dumped onto his clothes in order to force him to wear a different outfit. Though it should be pointed out that the villain in question specified that the acid wouldn't harm Data's skin. The villain also specified that he'd be happy to have Data walk around naked, but he (correctly) assumed Data would be too modest to do so, and therefore supplied a change of clothing (the point of the acid was to get him out of his Starfleet uniform).
  • Chuck
    • Casey is left handcuffed to a bed by Carina, a rival spy who doesn't play well with others. It's implied this isn't the first time she's done this to him. To be fair to Casey, she is a redhead. He escapes by breaking the bed, and has to wander the halls of a hotel in his underwear still cuffed to part of the headboard.
    • Happens to Chuck himself in a later episode. A spy pretending to be a naughty ("desperate," if you will) suburban housewife cuffs him to her bed (although she doesn't just ditch him—she actually intends to take him prisoner). He escapes and has to run across the cul de sac in his underwear with one wrist still cuffed.
  • The Mighty Boosh did the male variant of this, only played exactly like it would be with a woman. Howard is abducted by natives on the planet Xooberon, made the slave of The Chosen One, and forced to wear Leia-style chains and a sort of loincloth.
  • Played with in Lost when Kate is captured by the Others. Mr. Friendly gives her a short dress to wear and takes her original clothing. She suspects that he is doing this because he wants to watch her change. It turns out that Mr. Friendly is gay anyway, and the real reason he wants Kate to wear the dress is that Ben is trying to make Jack jealous by getting Kate and Sawyer together... or so it would seem...
  • Happens a few times in Star Trek: The Original Series. Noteworthy variations include:
    • "The Squire of Gothos": Trelane uses his Reality Warper powers to change Yeoman Teresa Ross' uniform into a fancy gown.
    • "Who Mourns For Adonais?": Apollo magically changes Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas' uniform into a pink peplos.
    • "Bread and Circuses": A female slave in a society similar to Earth's ancient Rome was at one point required to dress in a skimpy silver outfit.
  • Happens in Power Rangers in one episode to Kimberly when Lord Zedd decided he wanted to make her his queen.
  • Happens to Guinevere in Merlin when she's captured by a local warlord.
  • In an episode of Unhappily Ever After, Tiffany had to dress like the title character of I Dream of Jeannie as part of a sorority initiation, and be a slave to a male student; which might not have been too bad if said male student wasn't her obnoxious brother Ryan.

Tabletop Games


  • For the final scene in The Phantom of the Opera, the Phantom has Christine wear a wedding dress. How exactly she got into it is never addressed.
    • In the film version of the same, the Phantom is seen sitting on his steps when Christine emerges from a side room clearly having just changed into the bridal gown. Murderous psycho, but he's a gentleman.

Video Games

  • Metal Gear Solid:
    • Snake and Raiden, during the course of their respective games. Snake is stripped to his waist when he comes to after being knocked out, while Raiden wakes up butt naked.
    • Don't forget Big Boss, who is stripped to his waist like Snake, although that's a camo option.
      • Probably the reason Raiden is naked is because his sneaking suit is one piece as opposed to Snake's or Big Boss'. Yeah, that has to be the reason...
    • Cecile who walks into a Peace Sentinel base by accident was captured blindfolded and strip to her underwear, fortunately she was well taken care of by Dr. Strangelove.
  • Ninja Gaiden II (for the Xbox360) has Sonia dressed in a Stripperific Spy Catsuit for the majority of the game, yet when she gets kidnapped by Alexei, she winds up in a diaphanous nightgown. Which turns out to be more modest than her regular garb.
  • Dead Rising: Whenever Frank West is captured by the US Army or the psycho cultists, they take all of his clothes and leave him captured in his boxers. For the Army, it gets even more bizarre, as they take his pants but leave his camera.
  • Wizards and Warriors 3's Game Over Man screen hits you with a random bit of Foe Yay, as Malkil suddenly has Kuros down to his skivvies and chained up in front of his throne. Yeah.
  • Mentioned, but not shown, in Brutal Legend. The women of Bladehenge are kidnapped by glam rockers and forced to work in his "Pleasure Tower".
  • Adventure Quest Worlds has Gravelyn in a Leia-esque Slave Bikini [dead link] when she's captured by Noxus and Vordred during the Shadowfall War.
  • Mortal Kombat,
    • In multiple games, many of Shao Kahn's chained slaves can be seen wearing barely-there bikinis. Considering these outfits are strikingly similar to the outfits worn by every other woman in Outworld, it is implied that Shao Kahn is enforcing every woman under his rule to dress like this (made especially evident when Kitana switches sides -and outfits- to join the heroes). Oh course, Kahn himself shows a lot of skin - and a lot of muscle - with his outfit.
    • In Kano's Arcade Ladder ending of Mortal Kombat 11, he uses the Hourglass of Time to rewrite reality so he rules the world and has everything he ever wanted, including Sonya and Cassie fighting while wearing leather bikinis, simply to amuse him. Astonishingly, he eventually gets bored with this, and decides to restore reality back to what it was before.
  • In Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, the heroine is caught by cultists on Tan Line Island who think she's their princess who has returned, and make her wear a "space princess" outfit. (It looks similar to the Slave Leia outfit.) Halfway through the level, where she has to avoid temple guards without her gear, Shantae finds that Sky, Rotty, and Risky are in the same predicament (although Rotty seems to like the outfit). When the actual princess shows up ("returning" from a run to the store) the clearly nearsighted and absent minded high priest apologizes and lets them go, admitting this happens all the time.
  • In Maple Story, Tear (aka Angelic Buster) might be considered the victim of a non-evil version of this Trope, as she really doesn't like the flashy, gaudy outfit - with a very short skirt - that Eskalade - an ancient dragon with the personality of a Dirty Old Man - requires her to wear as Angelic Buster, and seeing as she cannot remove the Clingy MacGuffin that binds her soul to that of Eskalade, she doesn't have much of a choice. Still, she can switch to her civilian clothing whenever she wants, and given the fringe benefits of being the Angelic Buster, she puts up with it as best she can.
    • When she reaches Lvl 200 (5th Job Advancement) Eskalade admits the outfit was never really necessary to begin with, but she tells him she's kind of gotten used to it. However, she flat-out refuses his suggestion of an even more risque version of it. Also, she sort of gets revenge on him here by learning a Skill called Mighty Mascot, which when used, gives him physical form as an Assist Character for a few seconds, but said form is that of a cute cartoon-like dragon.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, the Mad Hatter has several female hostages who have been forced to dress like Alice (from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, of course). This version of Jarvis, being even madder than usual, not only believes Alice is a real person, but that she's been kidnapped by "them," and is obsessed with "finding her."

Web Comics

  • General Protection Fault: When Ki and Nick are first captured and employed by the James Bond-parodying secret agency the UGA, they are put into a skimpy bikini and a tuxedo respectively as their "uniforms".
  • The Wotch: Parodied when Lord Sykos comes to The Wotch's home dimension, his first act is to transform several boys into scantily clad female servants. And then one of them demands the heroine leave him to his fate, and even goes back with Sykos to be his new maid.
  • Played straight in Terinu when Gwen and Joleen held captive by the Ardactavians. In her case it's ostensibly to hide her in plain sight as a servant, due to her Cyber Glider abilities. Which would make sense, except that the Ardies are anthropomorphic bugs that are disgusted by mammals, so why would they have her show off even more skin than normal? Meanwhile, Terinu wakes up from being near mortally injured dressed in a much more modest open chested tunic and trousers, though there's some Squick when you realize that the Gene Mage not only dressed him, but braided his hair with expensive jewels.
  • In Freefall, Florence wonders about this when waking up in Mr. Kornada's pants. However, the reader knows that Sam had put them on her when she was wearing a hospital gown, to get her out of the building.
  • Referenced in The Order of the Stick, when Roy accuses Nale of dressing up his (Roy's) captured sister Julia as "some faux-punk whore". Those are the clothes Julia normally wears. She is not pleased.
  • Kin the Yuan-ti from Goblins is forced to wear nothing but a rag tied around her chest. After killing her captor she delays her escape to put on the most concealing coat she can. In so far as the trope normally involves the person continuing to wear the skimpy attire until the escape in complete, this makes it a partial subversion.
  • Laura in Collar 6, although this is a consensual case.
  • Girl Genius
  • Domain Tnemrot: Many of the female slaves wear impractical skimpy outfits for fights.
  • In American Barbarian, Uli's fate after capture.
  • Pandora in Dangerously Chloe once made a good imitation of "slave Leia" costume (including the chain, but with less fancy bra[2]), apparently just to prank Teddy.

Visual Novels

Web Original

  • Implied through Fridge Horror (or Fridge Fetish Fuel) when The Nostalgia Critic is kidnapped by the Game Heroes to promote T-shirts. He's pretty shocked and confused over seeing that he's wearing a "Hero" T-shirt, so that logically means he was stripped while unconscious during his time there. And his "Th--they're treating me well" is Blatant Lies so...

Western Animation

  • Parodied in The Venture Brothers, where team Venture is kidnapped on their way back from a costumed party. The theme? Star Wars; and Dean was Leia.
  • Batman the Animated Series:
    • Not explicitly pointed out, but in the episode "Mad as a Hatter" a woman kidnapped by the Mad Hatter is dressed as the title character of Alice in Wonderland. It becomes much creepier when you consider that the Hatter must have undressed her and put her in the costume himself. Of course, he may have simply hypnotized her into donning it herself. Considering that the girl is actually Hatter's secretary, on whom he had a crush, and how the Hatter behaved towards her before he went bonkers, the second possibility isn't that far off.
    • There's actually an inversion in the series where The Joker seduces Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and she puts on a harlequin uniform, becoming Harley Quinn, then breaks him out of Arkham. True that Harley put that outfit on of her own free will, but when you think about it, that outfit represents the fact that Harley has become a slave to the Joker out of love. One thing's for sure, every villain in history that's tried to seduce the girl and failed would envy the Joker's success with Harley.
    • In "Baby-Doll", the actress who played Baby's teenage sister is kidnapped, knocked out, and wakes up in her old bedroom set... dressed in her old costume. Hopefully, Baby had her one henchwoman Mim dress "Sister Susie" instead of her two male thugs.
  • In The Batman episode "Strange Minds", the Joker kidnaps Yin and dresses her in a jester outfit before putting her in a jack-in-the-box themed Death Trap. Again, this is unpleasantly creepy when one realizes he must have changed her clothes himself. While she was unconscious. Of course, this is the Joker here.
  • In the first season finale of Harley Quinn, Harley gives herself up to the Joker in order to save the lives of her "crew". Joker has one additional condition: he wants her to wear her original costume, which she discarded in episode 2 in exchange for a new look. While Harley's new costume actually shows far more skin than the original one, the show portrays the old costume as a symbol of Harley's unhealthy dependence on ""Mr. J", making the original costume a practical slave-garment. Thus, the Joker forcing her to wear it is his attempt to exert complete dominance over poor Harley.
  • Zigzagged in the Justice League episode "Hearts and Minds" at first it seems like Katma has been kidnapped, brainwashed, and converted by the cult, and made to wear an outfit that looks like Leia's "metal bikini". As it turns out, she joined via her own volition and is working undercover. Although, if the cult has converted followers and the outfit is a "female dress code", this Trope may be played straight.
  • Maxine Gibson spends the Batman Beyond episode "Curse of Kobra, part 2" in a white Bare Your Midriff top and dress. Chances are that the two servant girls she subsequently beat up put it on her.
  • A very disturbing example happens in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Fun and Games". The Toyman kidnaps Lois by sending her a doll that sprays sleeping gas; when Lois wakes up, she's dressed like an old-fashioned cupie doll. What makes this disturbing is, Toyman has no henchmen in this episode, much less any female ones, so the only explanation is, he changed her clothes himself. And given the type of guy he is, Fridge Logic could lead to Fridge Horror; he may just consider doing so the same as doing it to an actual doll.
  • In the episode "Twin Factor" of Kim Possible, after being subjected to mind control under Dr. Drakken, Kim is seen wearing Shego's outfit. This is questioned and acknowledged by both Ron and Shego but quickly dismissed and never explained. Though a reasonable explanation can be drawn, like say Drakken ordering her to go into another room and dress up, leave it to the fans to take it a bit further. Since Shego made Señor Senior Junior and her entire enslaved population wear Shego's green dress (and the fact that Shego still wears her Team Go dress even while not part of their group), the whole logic about that dress just does not make any sense...
  • On Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, in their first encounter with the Kanker Sisters, the Eds wake up in the sisters' mobile home to find they're wearing bathrobes (that belong to the Kankers' fathers), and their clothes are hanging to dry outside. Again to be fair, it wouldn't be sporting of the Kankers to leave the Eds naked while their clothes were drying, although they are stalkers.
  • The Teen Titans cartoon features another example, this one with Robin. After he is blackmailed into becoming Slade's apprentice, the camera pans over Robin's outfit hanging on a hanger, then Robin donning the shirt of his new Slade-esque costume, then Slade stepping out of the shadows and nodding his head approvingly... implying that Slade was standing there the entire time, especially when one takes into account the extreme interest that Slade has for him. Though perverted interest or not, he'd be insane to let Robin out of his sight—it's Robin after all.
  • Danny Phantom, where Sam is forced to wear the pinkest dress she's ever had the dishonor of seeing to please her future hubby Prince Aragon in an Arranged Marriage. She subverts this later on by creating her own bridal dress as a plan to escape his clutches.
  • In an American Dad episode ("Tears of a Clooney"), Roger runs a vineyard in the back yard while Stan and Francine are out of the country, and adopts several foster children to work it. He gives two teenage girls to Steve as "personal assistants" and they're made to dress in exact duplicates of Leia's metal bikini, along with other skimpy outfits.
  • Futurama
    • In the 4th movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder, the eco-feminist organization does this to this to the guys.

Zapp Brannigan: Ah, the fairer sex.

    • Zapp tries to do this to Leela the first time they meet, but she refuses to play along.
  • Korgoth of Barbaria: Korgoth in his travels meets a guy keeping a girl in a cage in his dining room.
  • Evangelyne from Wakfu, in the episode "Vampyro", gets mind-controled and kidnapped in preparation for becoming the host body of the Demoness Shadofang. Before the possession, she's put in a skimpy white Sexy Backless Outfit dress exposing the demonic marks that crept over her.
  • In the episode "Fun and Games" of Superman the Animated Series Lois was knocked out by Toyman's gas, then later woke up in a doll's costume (no, not that doll). It was actually more concealing than her usual style, but considering Toyman's personality it was probably his equivalent of Chainmail Bikini.
  • In Dan Vs, episode "Dan vs. Technology", Elise tries to get rid of the proprietor of a computer company, but is then captured and put in an outfit similar to one from Tron.
  • Totally Spies!: In "Stuck In The Middle Ages With You" Clover is caught in a I Have You Now, My Pretty situation and is made to wear a pink princess gown and crown by a evil guy who wants her to be his "queen".

Real Life

  • Joan of Arc was charged by her captors with many things, including wearing men's clothes (a big no-no). They first forced a pledge from her not to wear men's clothes, then while she slept stole all her clothes and left a man's outfit behind. She was thus forced to wear that outfit and subsequently charged with violation of her oath. It's also been suggested that she was insistent on wearing men's clothing as a safeguard from her guards raping her. Many historians are of the opinion that when she was forced to wear women's clothing, she was actually raped.
  1. Except maybe in Lemon fanfiction.
  2. not that she's modest, but Pandora is not well-endowed and knows it, and also knows how to get the maximum effect - "lifting" was prioritized over "revealing"