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This is the character sheet for Zoobles

The Mains

Chevy (チェビー Chebī)

Voiced by: Mai Hirano (Japanese)

Chevy is the main heroine of the series, an orange Tabby Cat Zooble with an Orange Flavor. Chevy is the best friend of both Coron and Panky, who live in Candy Land in her flower tree house. She has a Tomboy personality, is slightly impudent, impulsive, rowdy and awkward but sometimes doesn't like to be treated like a child. Aside from her personality, Chevy can be a very cheerful Zooble who loves conversation and always hangs out with both Coron and Panky in each of their adventures. Chevy is also very active on sports, is good on climbing trees and also love to read comics. She also has a serious rivalry issues with the Black Candies, especially to Blacky.

Coron (コロン Koron)

Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi (Japanese)

Coron is a white and pink Rabbit Zooble with a Strawberry Milk Flavor and one of Chevy's best friends, who lives in a flower house. She is a Romanticist, but also very nice, cunning and talks politely. She is sometimes determined like Chevy, sometimes and doesn't afraid to speak her own mind and sometimes negotiates towards other Zoobles or cheer up to others, though she can be a bit impulsive like Chevy, but not in an extent like her friend does. Coron is also very found of milk and always carries some in her candy-like bag in case she's thirsty or in an emergency. She is also not as active as Chevy also as she's not always used to dancing.

Panky (パンキー Pankī)

Voiced by: Manami Numakura (Japanese)

Panky is a white and purple Panda Zooble with a Blueberry Yogurt Flavor and the only male member of the group, who lives in a treehouse. He is cunning, intelligent and also very timid, sometimes trying to catch up to both Chevy and Coron. His speeches ends with "~damon". Unlike the two, Panky is not as assertive as the two and sometimes can get scared when threatened. He is also not as active as the two like Coron but in an extent, sometimes having difficulty waking up in the morning or dancing for longer periods during practice. But he tries to keep up with both Chevy and Coron as he doesn't like to let his friends down, even in some situations that they're stuck with a problem.

Kumanpa (クマンパ Kumanpa)

Voiced by: Keita Koga (Japanese)

Kumanpa is a wise old Bear Zobble god, on which Chevy, Coron and Panky summon by a special dance for them to get some advice. He is very knowledgeable, moody, has a good sense of humor and also supportive to the three protagonists. Though his advices were strange and some of them were totally cryptic but weird for the three to guess, they then figure it out later on and helped them on their daily problems.

The Black Candies

Blacky (ブラッキー Burakkī)

Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese)

The leader of the Black Candies, Black is a brown Fox Zooble with a Vanilla Caramel Flavor. Usually Chevy's rival, Blacky first met Chevy and her friends in the Rainbow Fountain, blocking her from drinking the fountain water. He has a strong sense of responsibility on leading the group and likes to play tricks on other Zoobles. He is sometimes harsh and rough to others, especially to Chevy but deep underneath, he is a soft spot to others despite being a trickster. He is shown to hate Chevy after his group lost to them during a dance competition to reclaim the fountain and will do anything to totally embarrass her in public or even him and his lackeys go on a fight against her.

Mikey (マイキー Maikī)

Voiced by: Kokoro Kikuchi (Japanese)

One of the members of the Black Candies, Mikey is a mint blue Fox Zobble with a Chocolate Mint Flavor. As one of Blacky's lackeys, Mikey is a big music lover, very enthusiastic on things and lastly clever. Mikey usually follows Blacky everytime, scheming on plans or making fun of Chevy in some situations. He also despises Chevy a lot but sometimes very supportive towards Blacky.

Cooper (クーパー Kūpā)

Voiced by: Mari Kiyohara (Japanese)

One of the members of the Black Candies, Cooper is a yellow Giraffe Zobble with a Chocolate Banana Flavor. As one of Blacky's lackeys, Cooper is a calm but honest Zooble who also likes to dance. He also follows Blacky everytime, scheming on plans or making fun of Chevy in some situations. Unlike the two, he's not afraid to show his true feelings to others.