Purple Eyes

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Purple eyes, also known as "violet", "lavender/lilac" or "amethyst" (depending on the shade) are very, very rare in real life, and in fiction generally mean that a character is very special and mysteriously Badass. Thus though there are plenty of good characters with these eyes, it is also a popular Mary Sue eye color.

Purple eyes are a result of blood vessels showing through very pale blue eyes (red + blue = purple). They are occasionally found in albinos as well, although pale blue is a more common albino eye color (The bright red seen in fictionland, not so much, incidentally).

Due to their rarity in real-life, purple eyes are a type of Technicolor Eyes.

Compare Graceful Ladies Like Purple, Purple Is Powerful, Supernatural Is Purple.

No Real Life Examples, Please

Examples of Purple Eyes include:

Anime and Manga

  • Lelouch, and most of the Britannian imperial family, from Code Geass.
  • Rosemarine of Kaze to Ki no Uta has them, although due to the art style of the series they appear rather insect-like.
  • Yin from Darker than Black, who interestingly is also Blind.
  • Ellis from El Cazador de la Bruja.
  • The twins Zero and Ichiru Kiryu, along with Maria Kurenai from "Vampire Knight". They all also have albino-white hair, and Zero very much fits the badass trope.
  • Urd from Ah! My Goddess. Very much not an albino.
  • Shinigami Asato Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei. Interestingly not a Variant Visage; they really are purple, with the implication Tsuzuki was shunned in his hometown by supersitious people.
  • Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Malik Ishtar, Mokuba Kaiba, Yugi's Grandpa, and Mai Kujaku/Valentine. There are more purple-eyed people than brown-eyed in Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Kira Yamato, the only Ultimate Coordinator in existence, in Gundam Seed.
  • Kouta Otoyama, the "chosen one of the Universe", in Stellvia of the Universe.
  • Madlax.
  • Einhalt Stratos from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. Well,oneeye, in any case.
  • Tama-chan, the quiet, innocent, yet super-skilled kendo girl from Bamboo Blade.
  • Sunako Nakahara, the female lead of The Wallflower, has these as a sign of her... um... difference.
  • Ruki from Digimon Tamers has purple eyes along with red hair. Considering she is the team badass she fits the trope.
  • Himeko of Kannazuki no Miko, who is arguably the least badass example on this list
  • Alice from Pandora Hearts has purple eyes and is definitely a female badass.
    • The Will of the Abyss, who also happens to be the twin sister of the above, has these, as well.
    • As does Glen Baskerville, the enigmatic leader of the Baskervilles. Specifically, Revis and Oswald have purple eyes.
  • Genjo Sanzo from Saiyuki has violet eyes which have been described as both like those of a god and a youkai. Appropriately enough, he was a god, specifically the nephew of the Bosatsu of Mercy in his previous life.
  • Xelloss from Slayers, when he chooses to open them.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, while all the homunculi except for Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath and Pride have red eyes, in Brotherhood, Envy and Pride have purple eyes; the latter originally has black eyes which turn purple after he eats Gluttony.
    • All of the homunculi in the 2003 anime version (except for Gluttony) have purple eyes.
      • Also in the 2003 anime, Edward occasionally jumps between this and gold as well, but in his case it seems to be a recurring animation mistake.
  • Sabrina the gym leader in Pokémon has purple eyes.
    • As does Mewtwo.
    • Not to mention the antagonist of the 2nd movie, Jirarudan/Lawrence III.
    • Speaking of villains and Team Rocket, Domino from Mewtwo Returns has purple eyes too.
    • And Molly Hale of the third movie.
    • Don't forget Cabernet!
  • Mai Minase, who shares some mysterious connection with The World in .hack//Liminality.
  • Kamui in the X 1999 manga has blueish purple eyes (they are hazel in the anime for some reason) and certainly fits the 'very special and mysteriously Badass' criteria.
  • Shuichi from Gravitation. An aversion of the normal traits associated with the colour, definitely more eccentric than mysterious. The purple mostly serves to make him look very, very cute.
  • Florian from the manga Gorgeous Carat has amethyst eyes that are commented on quite frequently, and are pretty much the sole reason so many people lust after him.
  • Nodoka Miyazaki in Mahou Sensei Negima, in going with her violet motif and hair color, contrasting the lead heroine's lighter blue and green. Having darker and more mysterious eyes may be some metaphor for inner strength or a type of enigmatic, hidden bravery, since she (despite being seen as meek otherwise) often enters such a state when pulling her hair away.
  • Suigetsu and Hidan from Naruto, who are certainly special (one can turn into water, and the other is immortal respectively), but go against the trope by both being rather violent, with the first being something of a Blood Knight and the other flat-out Ax Crazy.
    • The eyes of the Hyuuga clan have officially been called lavender.
  • In the Prince of Tennis anime, Momoshiro 'Momo-chan' Takeshi has deep violet eyes. They have nothing to do with his significance or personality, but they do look good.
  • All the test subjects in SHUFFLE!! Ygdrassil project. And the daughter of one of them.
  • Caren and Lady Bat from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.
  • Ouran High School Host Club's Tamaki has purple eyes in most of the official art, although they sometimes look more like a blue-violet.
  • When the Prétear manga was made into an anime, Sasame went from having blond hair and brown eyes to white hair and purple eyes. Considering the connotations of both tropes, it was probably an intentional hint that in this version Sasame would betray the knights.
  • Russia of Axis Powers Hetalia sports these, as do Austria, Canada, Finland, Iceland, and Latvia. But is interesting to note that with the exception of Austria, all of the aforementioned nations were originally depicted with blue eyes in their designs.Russia and Prussia only somewhat fit the badass theme, with Canada and Finland being more Badass Adorable / Beware the Nice Ones / Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
    • Occationally Prussia has purplish eyes as well, although usually they are red. Either way, most fans like to suppose he has albinism, since his hair is also white and skin rather pale.
    • Another thing to note is that, with the exception of Austria, most of the purple-eyed countries are considered to be "Northern" or "Arctic" nations. This has lead to some connections between their eyes and the Northern Lights in the fandom. In Canada's case, his eyes seem to have been originally purple (in the manga, at least), but had been changed to blue for the anime.[1]
  • Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn. Mars' are only purple in the manga, while the anime they're charcoal black with purple highlights to match her hair.
  • Hansel and Gretel, the "Vampire Twins" from Black Lagoon.
  • Pet Shop of Horrors: Count D's father, and one half of the Count's own.
  • Relena Peacecraft officially has violet eyes, but in animation they tend to look blue-green.
  • Melissa Mao from Full Metal Panic! has purple eyes in the anime and most of the official art as well.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Jack Atlas has violet eyes.
  • Aya Fujimiya from Weiss Kreuz has violet eyes in all versions of his character design, although they're most vivid in the original anime series.
  • In the Fruits Basket manga, Hatori is shown as having purple eyes in color art.
    • In the anime, Yuki has them instead.
  • Michiru from Uta Kata has purple eyes, which match her hair, underlining her mysterious aura.
  • Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.
  • Kai from Beyblade have this in season 3. Funny enough in season 1 they were red and in season 2 grey/blue.
  • Yumichika from Bleach has wisteria-coloured eyes, a shade of purple very similar to (and often confused with) lavender. Zanpakutou represent their shinigami's true nature and his hates the colour of wisteria-purple which itself raises questions about Yumichika's true personality. A straight example of this trope, his true strength and nature is a mystery. Superficially narcissistic, he's hiding the fact he's sacrificing everything he is to adhere to his division's martial philosophy. The very few times his true abilities have been used, he's won in a single strike, meaning his full strength has never been tested or even acknowledged. And he's working hard to keep it that way.
  • Charles Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos is incredibly nice and sweet, but can definitely be badass when called for. Just watch the team fight with Ichika against Laura and Houki if you want proof.
  • Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin has violet eyes when he is in his calm rurouni state.
  • In Tenkai, purple eyes are a sign of demonic heritage, which is mainly why Yasha doesn't trust Kujaku.
  • In RG Veda, purple eyes are a sign of demon heritage, which is why Kujaku tends to get a bad welcome among people. Actually Kujaku's situation is rather more complicated than that.
  • Saionji from Revolutionary Girl Utena has purple eyes, though he's more Jerkass than he his Badass.
  • Anna from Wandering Son is given this in the anime; in the manga she had Brown Eyes before changing to Black Eyes. She's an attractive teen model, with a good fashion sense. Though she has Shrinking Violet elements that are covered up by her Sugar and Ice behavior.
  • Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's eyes usually appear either red or purple.
  • Shoukei of The Twelve Kingdoms has violet eyes, which go well with her blue hair and suited her when she was a princess. Because these colours are not as rare in her world, her appearance went unremarked when she had to live among peasants.
  • Takashiro-sensei in Bible Black has purple eyes with red hair, and is a magic user with great significance to the backstory.
  • Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Wolfrun from Smile Precure.

Comic Books

  • Lois Lane in the DCAU continuity.
  • Moonshade and Pike in Elf Quest have purple eyes, though it has no special significance besides being apparently a more common eye colour for elves than humans.
  • Tempest, the former Aqualad, young partner of DC Comics' Aquaman. His eye color was actually a plot point for a while, since it hints at his genetic ancestry, and it was considered a bad omen around that same time.
  • Bucky from Get Fuzzy.
  • In the Post-Zero Hour Legion of Super-Heroes, Triad-Purple has purple eyes. Triad-Neutral has one purple eye.

Fan Fiction

  • Fanfic example: Ayameko from Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy, whose naturally blue eyes turn purple when she transforms into Cure Jasmine.
  • Nasira from Keepers of the Elements has purple eyes.
  • Ricki Sunflare from For Good, as a green-skinned alien, possesses prominent violet eyes. She is depicted as the wunderkind of the cadets and performs a Sherlock Scan on the protagonist.
    • The enigmatic Fringe woman Zomega also has one violet eye - her other eye was lost and replaced with a cybernetic red eye. She is half human, but her eye color is actually one of her human traits, as her alien heritage possesses red eyes.
  • Wei Ming in the Azula Trilogy has dark purple eyes. Like Princess Yue's white hair in the show, the unusual color is the result of having been touched by a spirit. Her natural eye-color was green.


  • Purple eyes in A Song of Ice and Fire are a sign of Valyrian ancestry in general and associated with the royal Targaryen family. The Targaryens go so far as resort to Brother-Sister Incest to preserve this trait. Word of God has stated that purple Valyrian eyes resemble Elizabeth Taylor's.
  • Mackenzie Calhoun in Star Trek: New Frontier is purple-eyed, but this is Justified in that purple is the dominant eye color for Xenexians.
  • Alanna in the Song of the Lioness quartet and related books has violet eyes, as does her twin brother Thom.
    • And her divine talking cat. Never forget the divine talking cat.
    • Word of God says that the twins inherited them from their mother.
  • Elva from the Inheritance Cycle.
  • The lead character of Dean Koontz's Twilight Eyes, oddly enough.
  • Emily Starr by L.M. Montgomery)in the cycle of Emily books has purplish-grey eyes and she's more than a little odd. Her Anne of Green Gables books have an in-universe example: Anne writes a story in which one of the ridiculously beautiful heroines has purple eyes; she says she never heard of anyone actually having them but wanted something out-of-the ordinary.
  • Daniel Molloy in The Vampire Chronicles.
  • Members of House l'Envers in Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy novels, particularly Queen Ysandre. Something of a twist in that every member of House l'Envers comes under suspicion at some point, whether deserved or not.
  • In Roald Dahl's The Witches movie, all Witches have violet eyes. In the book, it was the witches' pupils that were unusual, with rainbow-like colors appearing in them.
  • Underland humans are basically a race of albinos, so this trope is justified here.
  • Purple eyes have very dark connotations in House of Many Ways. Offspring between a lubbock (an evil, magical creature that can change its size and is purple with the body of a man, fuzzy wings and the grotesque head of an insect, which either tears people apart or lays its eggs inside them depending on the season) and a female human are distinguishable often only by their purple eyes and violent tempers.
  • A young man known only as 'Red' in the Philip Marlowe novel Farewell, My Lovely has violet eyes. Marlowe describes them as 'the eyes you never see, that you only read about'.
  • Subverted with a once-mentioned character in New Moon where the colour is simply a consequence of wearing blue contacts over red eyes rather than any special indication of power.
    • When she was human, Rosalie had violet eyes. She doesn't have a superpower though.
  • Diana in the Trixie Belden books has purple eyes.
  • Claggart from Billy Budd has violet eyes, and it's clearly intended to be somewhat sinister.
  • The people of the Human Empire capital world of Mithra (including the Villain Protagonist, among others) in Yulia Latynina's Inhuman tend to have violet eyes, because of their incredibly bright sun; apparently it greatly reduces light sensitivity, which allows the character to carry out an over-the-top version of Perp Sweating.
  • Serena Butler has lavender eyes in the Legends of Dune prequels.
  • A major plot point in the Through Violet Eyes series, where purple eyes are genetically linked to the ability to communicate with the dead. The book-jargon even calls these people "Violets".
  • Aurelia Cotta, mother of Caesar, is described in the Masters of Rome series as having not dark blue eyes but purple making her a "living, breathing omen". Like maybe the woman destined to be the mother of the greatest Roman of all time?
  • Jondalar in Earth's Children has blue eyes that turn purple in firelight.
  • In the Georgette Heyer novel 'These Old Shades', Leonie had violet eyes.
  • Female protag Arianna from the Stravaganza book series has violet eyes, as does the Duchessa of Bellezza. For a while Lucien believes it must be a common trait in Talia.
  • The book Violet Eyes is named for the eyes of the protagonists, Angel Eastland and Michael Vallant.
  • Mrs. Murry in A Wrinkle in Time is described as having violet eyes.
    • As does Meg
  • Jasnah Kholin and her mother Navani in The Stormlight Archive have violet/purple eyes. It's not a terribly unusual colour for a lighteyes apparently.
  • Lena Lingard in Willa Cather's My Antonia.
  • Titus Groan, the hero of the Gormenghast trilogy, has violet eyes.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, in its dissertation on colour-coding in Fantasyland eye colour, says people with violet eyes may be royalty, or just destined to lead "uncomfortably interesting lives".
  • Half-Elves in Chronicles of the Emerged World have violet eyes.
  • This is the only physical trait of Anthony Fremont which is described in Jerome Bixby's short story It's a Good Life.
  • Edith Pattou's East (North Child in the UK and Australia) has the heroine Rose with purple eyes
  • The Camulod Chronicles by Jack Whyte feature Dierdre of the Violet Eyes, although a childhood illness left them grey.
  • The ruling Queens in the Septimus Heap series mostly have violet eyes. It is very distressing to Princess Jenna that her eyes never turn green to match her (adopted) brothers'.
  • The Black Jewels trilogy has a brief mention of Alexandra Angelline's eyes being the color of Purple Dusk Jewels. Unusually, such an eye color does not mark her as anything special or heroic.
  • The title character in The Legend of Drizzt by R. A. Salvatore has lavender eyes, which represents the fact that he's a living subversion of his entire race.
  • In Death series: Innocent In Death has a little girl named Rayleen Straffo, who is noted to have these kind of eyes a few times. This turns out to be Foreshadowing for the fact that she's the murdering Complete Monster the police are looking for.
  • The Last Dove: Adrian is able to identify Bria as Queen Vasi's daughter because of this.

Live-Action TV

  • In Tin Man, the Queen's lavender eyes are her best-known feature. So much to the point that when the Mystic Man mentioned that DG's mother had "lavender eyes", both Cain and Glitch are left with their jaws on the floor.
  • The Vorta of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, complete with the vision problems associated with Real Life albinism. As the Vorta are genetically engineered Henchmen Race, this was by design.
  • Baby Sinclair on Dinosaurs boasts "big purple eyes on either side" in his "I Am" Song.

Animated Movies

  • Megara from Hercules has purple eyes.


  • "Purple Eyes" is a song by FACT. Not that you could tell from the lyrics.
  • Jewel has a song "Violet Eyes".
  • "Violet Eyes", a song by Meat Puppets.
  • Owl City's Vanilla Twilight: "When violet eyes get brighter, and heavy wings grow lighter..."
  • In the song "Kiss Kiss" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen sings about a lover having "small purple eyes."
  • Canadian band Two Hour's Traffic has a song called "Purple Eyes/Yellow Light".
  • Elefseus and Artemisia in Sound Horizon's Moira. For Elefseus, they end up taking on the same connotations of red eyes.

Isadora: Amethyst eyes that invite death...you musn't fight with that man!

Tabletop Games

  • Drizzt from the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons has purple eyes - and even the drow, whose eyes are usually a sinister red, think it's a strange color.
    • Oddly, in the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, purple eyes are mentioned as a common color.
    • Eberron has the Inspired, who commonly have purple eyes and hair. Kalashtar with purple eyes show up sometimes as well.
  • Given a dark twist in Warhammer 40,000, where violet eyes are seen as a minor mutation, casting a shroud of suspicion over any purple-eyed character. In addition, the planet Cadia, a planet where the entire population takes to The Spartan Way, is known for a large percentage of its population having violet eyes.
    • It turns out the purple eyes of the Cadians is a side effect of living on a planet right next to the Eye of Terror, a Negative Space Wedgie from which the forces of Chaos launch attacks against the physical universe.
  • Also present in the original Warhammer Fantasy Battle. In the tabletop RPG, the tables for Elf eye colours include purple. If tie-in novels are your thing, at least two dark elf characters are mentioned as having purple eyes. Bloody elves.


  • In Patience by Gilbert and Sullivan, one character serenades Bunthorne with the lines "Deign to raise thy purple eyes/From thy heart-drawn poesy".

Video Games

  • Knuckles the Echidna in the Sonic the Hedgehog series beginning with Sonic Adventure.
  • Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu from The World Ends With You. Looking at his status, the specialness of violet eyes is probably justified.
  • Lyla from Harvest Moon is revealed in one scene to have violet/purple eyes.
  • A certain character in Xenogears has purple eyes. This is an important plot point. Whoever is being 'possessed' by Miang tends to get purple hair and eyes.
  • Montblanc at his Final Fantasy Tactics A2 character artwork, though at some artworks, his eyes are gray.
  • Spyro has purple eyes... although he's already purple to begin with.
  • Taigong Wang from Warriors Orochi has a bewitching pair. As he's a mystic and demi-god, it's probably justified.
  • Rose, the heroine of Sword of Mana, is the only character in the game with eyes this color. She's The Messiah and The Chosen One.
  • Damas from Jak and Daxter has purple eyes. While appearing only in Jak 3, he had a major role and he ruled Haven before Baron Praxis. And he's Jak's long-lost father.
  • Setzer Gabbiani of Final Fantasy VI, if you zoom in on his battle sprites. Especially rare, as he's not even the main character.
  • Albedo from Xenosaga has these, potentially due to him being a (batshit freaking insane) albino.
  • If you look very closely, Sir Zeliek and Baron Rivendare in World of Warcraft both have purple eyes. They are never mentioned, explained, or in any way noticed. If this isn't strange enough considering that eye colors in Azeroth tend to be fairly realistic (though in many cases glowy), it's even wierder because pretty much all death knights have blue eyes, regardless of eye color in life.
  • Rose from Street Fighter, matching her purple hair.
  • Takenaka Hanbei from Sengoku Basara, to go with his fabulous outfit.
  • Morty from Pokémon does in his HeartGold/SoulSilver redesign, though his are a lighter shade of purple.
    • Mewtwo also has purple eyes.
    • Commmander Jupiter has, like all Galactic members, eyes the same color as her hair; in this case a distinct plum.
    • In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, the leader of the Pokemon Pinchers is named Purple Eyes.
  • While it's probably more accurate to say that Kairi, of Kingdom Hearts has Blue Eyes with a very slight purple hint to them, they're outright purple in the opening and closing cinematics of the games.
    • Xaldin has purple eyes, though they don't seem to have much in the way of significance.
  • Maya Amano has these, to some extent. They appear to be more pink than purple. This is likely symbolism for the fact that everyone on the party thinks of her like a 'goddess' and the portrayed Maia is purple.
  • Purple eyes in the Golden Sun series seem to be unique to Jupiter adepts (purple is the color associated with the wind element—if they don't have purple eyes, expect purple hair). Ivan, his sister Hama, and his daughter Karis all have them. Sheba consistantly has them in game, but they're consistantly green in official artwork. Their true color is hotly debated.
  • Final Fantasy II has main antagonist The Emperor, with very pretty purple eyes (he's always had them, but considering the graphical format of the game, it's been hard to tell until Dissidia). In both games he is a very powerful sorcerer and chessmaster, so it fits the trope...but it's also likely to have been chosen simply because of how well it goes with the rest of his mostly-golden-with-purple-accents character design.
  • Wolf O'Donnell's eyes are bright purple in Star FOX Assault and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His eyes didn't have an obvious color in 64 because of the simpler art style. And his eyes in Command were grey like his body, again because of a slightly simpler art style.
  • Charme the Thief in Recettear combines this with Curtains Match the Window (and possibly You Gotta Have Blue Hair). In keeping with other examples she's royalty.
  • Count Waltz of Eternal Sonata has violet eyes, matching the rest of his purple ensemble.
  • Purge in Space Channel 5 Part 2 has purple eyes, and is albino.
  • Marilyn Sue of Akatsuki Blitzkampf has purple eyes, as part of her overall Ms. Fanservice package.
  • The Kirby series has a few examples:
  • Ness appears to have these in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Visual Novels


  • Drowtales treats purple as a common, if not the most common, natural drow eye color, and the "tainted" have red eyes.
  • Sorcery 101 deconstructs the Mary Sue stereotype when it becomes a plot point by making purple eyes a sign of magic potential. A human with too much power to be normal but not enough to be a mage will have purple eyes, giving them extraordinary focus and the ability to learn very quickly. This essentially allows them to be good at everything. However, without proper training their magic lashes out at them, causing headaches and seizures, and their talents often lead to arrogance ranging from just being stuck up to an outright god complex.
  • Misfile Emily has violet eyes...and blue hair. It might just be Artistic License though...
  • In the few full-color strips to date, all the characters of Gastrophobia have purple eyes.
  • This trope is taken to a whole other level in Freak Angels where not only do the twelve Midwich Cuckoos style psychic main characters have purple eyes, but about half of them also have purple hair (including one who had purple hair before going bald, thanks to a little drugfest one time...
  • Seekers' main character has vibrant purple eyes and green hair.
  • Anyone evil has purple eyes in Fake News Rumble.
  • Rose "tentacleTherapist" Lalonde apparently has purple eyes that match her text color (although this isn't obvious in most art, especially at the start). She's a no-nonsense girl who's also a Nightmare Fetishist with a interest in Eldritch Abominations, and is the only person who's mastered the use of "real magic" in the story.
  • Played differently in Miamaska, the 'whites' of Amity's eyes are purple, while the pupils are red.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Nioi has them and by extension so does Kaoli.
  • Vaarsuvius from Order of the Stick has eyes that glow purple when s/he casts a spell (as well as purple hair all of the time), but the minimalist art style usually only shows character eyes as black.
  • Elf Blood has a few: The genetically experimental KO Twins, the half-spirit Carlita Delacroix, and the noble girl Cecelie Von Alsace. It seems to be a naturally occurring eye color amongst the elves.

Western Animation

  • Princess YumYum from The Thief and the Cobbler. Fits her overall candy-like colour scheme.
  • Dr. Facilier in Princess and The Frog has purple eyes. They match his belly shirt.
  • Megara in Disney's |Hercules has very purple eyes. So purple they had to change one of Phil's lines because he said something about "a pair of big blue eyes."
  • Princess Aurora's eyes are heavily implied by close-ups in the movie, and the Disney Princess franchise to be violet.
  • A villainous example exists in The Little Mermaid, as Vanessa has purple eyes. This also is one of the first signs that she isn't what she appears to be.
  • Dory from Finding Nemo.
  • Babs Bunny, although one episode revealed that they're actually tinted contact lenses and her real eye color is brown.
    • Oddly enough, the toys of her had eyes of BLUE.
    • And then there's Fifi La Fume in the episode, "Love Stinks". Purple skunk girl+violet eyeshadow+purple eyes=Good combo.
  • Bunny, the fourth Powerpuff Girls.
  • In Transformers Animated, Autobots tend to have blue eyes and Decepticons red. Neutrals tend to have yellow eyes, but Swindle, nominally a Decepticon, is willing to sell arms to the highest bidder, and both sides of the war have lined his pockets well. As such, he has purple eyes, perhaps to say that though he's involved in the war (unlike yellow-eyed characters) he has as much real loyalty to one side as the other—namely, none.
    • Wasp(inator) from the same series started out with blue eyes, but they turned purple at some point after he was framed as a traitor. For the record, Derrick Wyatt mentioned on his formspring that he considers purple eyes the result of a "programming change" of some kind. We may be missing something about Swindle...
  • Transformers Prime: Megatron starts off with standard Decepticon red eyes, but they turn purple after he stabs himself in the Spark with Dark Energon. They default back to red, but turn purple whenever he uses his new powers.
  • Charmcaster in the original Ben 10 has purple eyes to match her purple lips and purple outfit.
  • Samantha Manson from Danny Phantom has purple eyes.
    • Also Maddie Fenton, who fits the trope description more than Sam does—she's a full-on Action Mom!
  • Lo Ridgemount from Stoked.
  • Jen Masterson from 6teen.
  • Raven in Teen Titans, when they aren't glowing from Psychic Powers or red from demonic rage.
  • Niko's eyes go from her normal bluish-green to violet when her Psychic Powers activate.
  • Poof from The Fairly OddParents, as well as Tootie, according to this screenshot.
  1. This, along with his reddish-blond hair being changed to dark blond, only serves to make him resemble America more than ever. Poor thing.