A Brighter Sun

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A Brighter Sun is a novel by Trinidadian author Samuel Selvon, published in 1952.

Set in World War II-era Trinidad, the story centers on a young Indian native named Tiger, who is placed in an arranged marriage at age 16. Leaving home with his equally-young bride Urmilla, Tiger struggles to come to terms with his newly-acquired adult status and proving that he has, in fact, reached true manhood.

The story also delves into the lives of Tiger's multi-ethnic neighbors in his new community of Barataria, the Fantastic Racism that is both subtly and openly expressed there and throughout Trinidad at large, and how the nation as a whole is affected by the war happening hundreds of miles away from the Caribbean shores.

The book was Selvon's first of 10 novels, published by Longman Publishers.

Tropes used in A Brighter Sun include: