Ame Nochi Hare/Characters

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    Below is the character sheet for Ame Nochi Hare.

    The Five

    Hazuki Yamanoi

    An ordinary high school student before he was afflicted with the transformation curse, Hazuki does not differ much from an average teenage boy if not for his fantastic culinary skills, which he picked up as a result of handling all the household chores while his parents work. Tends to be rather timid and unassertive, especially when it comes to romance, although currently he is the only one among the five that is shown to have a definite love interest (with Asumi). He has an identical twin brother by the name of Natsuki, whose personality is almost the opposite of Hazuki: athletic and outgoing.

    Goes by the name Tsukiko whenever he is transformed.

    Touma Kisaragi

    A half-Japanese with striking Caucasian features, Touma is essentially the foil for Hazuki: he is calm, confident and assertive. These traits also allow him to stand and speak up for his friends whenever they are caught in awkward situations (usually involving their curse). One of the three original residents of the dormitory amongst the five, he now shares a room with Hazuki.

    Goes by the name Mako whenever he is transformed.

    Madoka Sakonji

    The most responsible among the five, Madoka usually takes on the role of the Team Mom for his friends, and is concerned over their welfare. He is shown to be a fairly proficient calligrapher, having being influenced by his mother who is a professional calligrapher. Has an arranged marriage with Azusa, a 12-year old primary school student who is incidentally friends with his sister. One of the three original residents of the dormitory amongst the five, he now shares a room with Junta and Yuusuke.

    Does not change his name when he transforms.

    Junta Goromaru

    Despite being the smallest among the five, Junta (who goes by the nickname "Goro-chan") is a proficient karate martial artist. He tends to rash and careless, however, and is often restrained by Madoka. His enormous appetite in virtually any situation is somewhat of a running gag.

    Goes by the name Junko whenever he is transformed.

    Yuusuke Maki

    Nicknamed "Maki-chan" by Junta, Yuusuke was initially not part of the group as he had transformed in a location isolated from the rest. He joined the group eventually when he accidentally stumbled upon Touma and Madoka during one rainy night. He is one of the top students of Amagai Academy, and is shown to be a shrewd planner. One of the three original residents of the dormitory amongst the five, he was dismayed when he found out that his large room was to be shared with Madoka and Junta when previously he was the sole occupant.

    Goes by the name Yuuko whenever he is transformed.

    Supporting Characters

    Asumi Houjou

    A first year student attending Amagai Girls' Academy, Asumi first met Hazuki when he was walking up the wrong path during their first day in school. She became friends with him when he attended Amagai Girls' Academy as Tsukiko and was assigned the same class as her. She is unaware that he is the same person, however. Has a cheerful personality and greatly admires her brother Takuma. She is also a classmate and friend of Sakurako.

    Takuma Houjou

    The student head of the Amagai Academy dormitory. A second year student, Takuma is shown to be very diligent in his duties and is also good in his studies. Despite his cool exterior, he is actually warm and caring. He is very protective of his sister Asumi and is wary of Hazuki when he found him meeting Asumi. However, he found himself being able to relate to Tsukiko, not knowing that she is actually Hazuki in his female form. He moved to the dormitory after falling out with his father, who refused to support his interest in piano-playing.

    Sakurako Mutsu

    Classmate and friend of Asumi, Sakurako has a sharp mind and tongue, and is almost constantly aloof. It is implied that she likes Asumi, and got jealous when she heard Asumi has went out with Hazuki, even though he was just helping her out with her mother's flea market stall. Her aunt Kaoruko is the principal of the Amagai Girls' Academy.


    The dormitory supervisor-cum-gardener of Amagai Academy, Haruto (affectionately known as "Haru-chan") is the first person to discover the five's affliction, and had kindly provided all the assistance they will need to survive their predicament, such as allowing them to take up refuge in his house within the school grounds whenever they are transformed, and helping them to secure a place to study on an ad hoc basis in Amagai Girls' Academy. His background remains unknown till now.

    Jouji Saiki

    The other dormitory supervisor of Amagai Academy, Jouji is a friend of Haruto and was visiting him one day when he accidentally caught Haruto in a compromising position with Hazuki... while the latter is in his female form. He was then let into the secret and now complains constantly over the ridiculousness of the situation. He is also moonlighting as a novelist.

    • Only Sane Man: How he felt especially when his reckless friend (Haruto) and the five cursed protagonists gather together in the house of the aforementioned friend.