Sweet Tooth

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    All boys, girls, and even boys-turned girls scream for ice cream.

    Ukita: Hey, how many sugar cubes did you put in there?!
    Chikage: All of them.


    A character who really, really likes their sweets. Pretty much everything they eat could be classed as a dessert and if they drink tea it's got so much sugar in that the smell alone could kill a diabetic.

    Sometimes identified as fuel for a hyperactive character. Another common version is for the Genius (see Gadgeteer Genius, Genius Ditz and Teen Genius) to require lots of sweets- they burn the calories sugars by thinking extra hard. Something of a Truth in Television: the brain uses glucose as its primary source of energy and not getting enough is bad. Real Life examples of the Sweet Tooth heed warning, however, because having too much sugar is also bad.

    With adult characters, the same effect can be achieved with much lower doses—after all, most kids are nuts about the stuff to begin with. One frequent shorthand is to show someone adding huge amounts of sugar to tea or coffee (sometimes to the extent of an Overly Long Gag), with a bystander looking on in horror. Another reason for an adult being obsessed with sugar can be to emphasise their immaturity (or more positively, "being in touch with their inner child").

    May have some of the tendencies of the Big Eater. If they particularly enjoy lollipops, you may have an Oral Fixation Fixation on your hands. In kids' shows, may lead to An Aesop about tooth decay.

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    Compare and contrast with Real Men Hate Sugar. See also Mascots Love Sugar.

    Examples of Sweet Tooth include:

    Anime and Manga

    • Pictured above, from Ranma ½: Ranma Saotome. He's such an ice-cream lover that he's perfectly willing to use his much-hated Gender Bender curse to go with Akane to the local ice-cream parlor and gulp down all the parfaits he can without being recognized by others.
      • Nabiki, too. She's seen eating ice cream pretty often. And then there's the first season anime episode where she buys, and clearly intends to finish off in one sitting, a dish of pudding a la mode, a chocolate parfait, a serving of cheesecake, a strawberry tart and a slice of pumpkin pie.
      • On one hand, in Ranma's case, there's an implication (which is eerily plausible, given what we know of Genma) that he's actually never eaten ice cream before in his life until he came to Nerima. On the other hand, however, Genma also has a sweet tooth in the anime; in fact, he actually threatens to disown Ranma after Ranma eats some sweets that Genma was saving (he won't really go through it, though; he's just throwing a temper tantrum in hopes of intimidating Ranma into apologising. It doesn't work, as Ranma knows Genma too well).
      • Hinako Ninomiya is seriously obsessed with candy while in her child form.
    • Count D (Pet Shop of Horrors). Leon regularly gets information out of him by bribing him with chocolate.
    • Death Note: One of L's many Bunny Ears Lawyer characteristics is his fondness for an enormous amount of sweets. He thinks so hard that his brain burns up all the calories and allows him to stay lean.
      • Mello takes after him in this regard, but only for chocolate. His calling card is biting into a chocolate bar, which makes a snap like a thunderclap... To Memetic Levels. [dead link]
    • Tsuzuki Asato in Yami no Matsuei.
    • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Reed and his guardian/daughter Nakuru Akizuki aka Rubymoon. Subverted with Spinel Sun aka Suppi, who can't eat sweets because MY GOD, the sugar highs he goes through...
    • Abel Nightroad of Trinity Blood is a slightly milder version. He drinks tea with 13 sugars in it, but he'll eat pretty much anything regardless of its sugar content.
      • And IIRC, the tea thing was because it was the only food or drink he could afford at the time, so he put lots of sugar into it to make it more substantial.
    • Ah! My Goddess: Skuld, of the Gadgeteer Genius variety. She adores her ice-cream and cookies.
    • In Futaba-Kun Change!, Misaki has an extreme sweet tooth and when she switches from swimming club to wrestling club so her new friend "Futaba-Chan" won't be the only girl in it, there is a joke about how it turns out that none of the other swimmers actually know how to swim in regular water that isn't filled with dissolved sugar from Misaki's sugar-filled body.
      • Understatement. This is a girl who starts with a container full of sugar and adds tea.
    • Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou will do almost anything for mame daifuku, a type of dessert.
      • On one notable occasion, the mame daifuku had been spiked with some insanely beyond-the-tolerances-of-ordinary-mortals spicy seasoning. Despite the associated pain and agony, Suzu ate them all anyway.
        • She's been known to walk into obvious traps that have been baited with mame daifuku. Fortunately, since this is Nagasarete Airantou and not Lost, the consequences are annoying at worst.
    • Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka in Ouran High School Host Club, as if his nickname wasn't any major indication.
      • He eats so inhumanly much without ever gaining weight that his younger brother was convinced he's sort of alien (though the lack to weight is probably because of how much energy he regular exerts).
        • By "inhumanly," we're talking three whole cakes for desert after dinner. And every week he eats several cakes as a sort of feast. Note that these are huge cakes that probably wouldn't be out of place in a wedding.
      • In fact, his obsession with sweets is such that:
        • He chooses keeping his cakes and other sweets over reconciling his differences with the aforementioned brother.
        • When he is forced to abstain from sweets due to a toothache, he shows the rest of the club EXACTLY why they must Beware the Nice Ones. *shudders*
    • Legato in Trigun. Eating cheesecake has never been so creepy.
    • Buu from Dragonball Z actually turned people into candy and ate them. This after he devoured his first god, which was quite fond of sweets.
      • This eventually bit him in the ass with the Amazing Fighting Jawbreaker.
      • Though he's fine with regular sweets too; in one episode, he gets bored waiting for Goku, so he goes and finds a bakery and starts pigging out on cake.
    • Yukino from Candy Boy loves sweets so much that she can be bribed with the goods—much to the dismay of her twin sister Kanade.
    • Subaru of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has normal dietary habits for a modern Belkan mage, but have her a go at ice cream and she'll really stack them up on her cone. "Suki suki daisuki!"
      • Cinque likes eating sweets to a similar degree, also using "daisuki" to describe how she feels about getting a cake. ("Thank you Father. I *love* sweets.")
    • Prime Minister Wong Yunfat from G Gundam. Always ready to eat his Pocky and drink his red wine as he plans his next move.
    • Gakushuu from Ikki Tousen, which is used to underline his Gentle Giant persona.
    • Gintama: The first thing we see Sakata Gintoki doing is violently knocking an Amanto dignitary unconscious... because said dignitary tripped Shinpachi, who spilled Gintoki's chocolate parfait. Yep. The man has the word "sugar" on a plaque on the wall of his...office.
    • Ryoko Kurosaki in Kemeko Deluxe! really has a thing for sweets. This becomes very clear when the squeals of delight and visual effects used to show her enjoying the sweets she's mooching off Sanpeita make it seem like she's in the throes of lovemaking.
    • Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is constantly eating cookies and candies.
    • Skinn from D.Gray-man is a poster boy for this trope. He's even seen beating the shit out of one of his minions because the dessert that was served wasn't sweet enough.
    • Sadiq aka Turkey from Axis Powers Hetalia. Justified Trope since Turkish desserts like ashure (which is, in fact, Turkey's Trademark Favorite Food) and baklava are very famous. And very sweet.
    • Suomi from Diamond Daydreams consumes massive amounts of cream puffs. Luckily she is a professional figure skater, so she stays thin.
    • Bunta Marui from The Prince of Tennis, so much.
    • While Mahoujin Guru Guru's Kukuri likes sweets as much as any youngster, she had never in her life eaten chocolate, due to her foster mother convincing her chocolate was deadly to children to keep Kukuri out of her private stash. When she realizes this and finally tries some, she becomes addicted to the point of spending all her and Nike's cash on chocolate treats and can be seen munching on it off and on from then on. To be fair, Guru Guru being a Role Playing Game Verse, the chocolate has a practical effect of replenishing MP.
    • Asagi and her mother from Yotsuba&! regularly fight over sweet food.
      • Yotsuba herself can always be bribed with ice cream. Of course, she's five years old.
    • In K-On!, Yui's love for tasty sweets is abused without reservation by the members of the Light Music Club to make her join them.
    • Raichou, the magical butterfly girl from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, loves sweets but always finds her enjoyment frustrated by the rest of the cast.
    • Hiro of Hidamari Sketch. Like eating meal replacements with sweetened condensed milk.
    • In Real Drive, Minamo and her friends are often seen gulping down enormous parfaits at their favorite boutique. It helps explaining why all of them rather plump and healthy looking lasses.
    • The red-suited technician in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has a weakness for red bean jam sweets.
    • Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts is a spectacular example: not only he can eat a dozen portions of cake at one scoop and never parts with his precious box of candies, but he steals sweets from other characters, and is capable of pushing into his mouth half of a saucer with cake remains on it - in order to lick it off.
    • Usagi of Sailor Moon has a sweet tooth combined with being a Big Eater, which is constantly mocked in Sailor Moon Abridged.
    • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple‍'‍s Creepy Child Chikage Kushinada defuses into "child mode" at the promise of sweets.
    • Killua from Hunter X Hunter managed to spent several millions in sweets in DAYS. The chocolate shop couldn't keep up.
    • Anko Mitarashi of Naruto (whose name refers to ingredients used in dumplings), enjoys eating dumplings for lunch, often eating dozens of sticks in one sitting. In one of the video games, she goes into withdrawal when she is unable to obtain dumplings, leading to a mission to get some for her.
      • An early databook calculated that in one sitting she ate over 6000 calories worth of dumplings.
    • Hanyuu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has shown been shown to have quite the sweet tooth. In Daybreak Portable she ate so many sweets she couldn't pay for it. Her Trademark Favorite Food is cream puffs though.
    • Everybody in Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages has a thing for donuts. It gets to the point where you'd swear Krispy Kreme was sponsoring it.
    • Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru: Tsukumo.
    • Apart from (or perhaps related to) his apparent addiction to lactose, Durarara!!'s Shizuo Heiwajima also apparently has a Sweet Tooth. In fact, his first demonstration of Unstoppable Rage was in response to his little brother stealing his pudding.
    • Blossom/Momoko from Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z.
    • Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler, though it certainly helps that Sebastian is a very good cook.
    • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Stocking loves her treats like Panty loves sex.
    • Erza from Fairy Tail will snap if you mess with her and her strawberry cake.
    • Kyouko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is always munching on something sweet, even in battle.
      • The witch Charlotte is stated to be the same, while also being an inversion - her One-Winged Angel form is a cake that eats people.
      • Mami Tomoe seems to have quite the fondness for cake. Considering that Charlotte kills and eats her... ouch.
    • The four main characters from Tamayura seem to derive quite a bit of sensuous joy from eating tasty sweets.
    • Tony Tony Chopper, to the point where his Wanted Poster nickname is "Cotton Candy Lover."
      • Big Mom has such a big sweet tooth that she orders islands under her protection to pay her candy in return. If they aren't able to pay her back, she has the island destroyed.
    • In The Secret Agreement, Iori has one and even tells his lover "if you are always surrounded by sweet and delicious things, it is very attractive." In comparison Yuuichi is more moderate, but still treated as pariah for eating sweets at all by his uncle because they should (and eventually begin to) kill him.
    • Yuusuke in Ame Nochi Hare, who asserts that lack of sugar slows down his mind.
    • Toru from Iris Zero, to the point of abandoning his main principle. Minimal exposure < Cake
    • Jennifer Satou from C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.
    • Other characters from Hatenkou Yuugi are often disturbed by how much sugar Alzeid puts in his tea and hot chocolate.
    • Kurumu Kurono from Rosario + Vampire. To the point of devouring a batch of poisoned cookies she made herself in an attempt to win Tsukune's affections by knocking Moka out of the picture for a bit.
    • Natsumi in Nicoichi, who will turn violent if she was intentionally deprived of sweet foods. She is very embarrassed of this personality shift though.
    • Mea in To LOVE-Ru Darkness asks for 50 (no, that zero isn't there by accident) sugar cubes in her cup of coffee. Justified since she's a "transform weapon" who needs lots of energy to fuel her changes.
    • Klem in How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. She is an archdemon, she is supposed to subjugate and enslave humanity, but when Rem and Shera offer her those delicious cookies, she decides to call the plan off.

    Comic Books

    • Rorschach, from Watchmen, has odd dietary habits. He tends to pilfer food, particularly sugar cubes, from Nite Owl whenever he visits. Then again, he needs quick energy, since eating takes away valuable killing time.
    • Agent Graves from 100 Bullets is no stranger to making murderous plots and cunning schemes. Strangely he's always snacking on pies, cakes, sweet drinks and popcorn while doing so.
    • In the DC Universe, the Martian Manhunter is quite fond of Oreos.
    • Sam of Sam and Max Freelance Police, often seen with popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches.
    • Skinner Sweet of American Vampire, a notorious bank robber and murderer who retains his sweet tooth even after becoming a vampire.
    • In the Marvel-published G.I. Joe comics, the Dreadnoks seem to live entirely on grape soda and chocolate donuts. They even recruited Gnawgahyde after meeting him in a 24-hour donut shop. Averted in the cartoon, however, where they eat much healthier.

    Fan Works


    • The Bug in Men in Black, while wearing his nice new Edgar suit (but then again, he is a giant cockroach, and cockroaches love sugar):

    Bug/Edgar: Give me sugar. In water. More. More.

    • This appears in the animated series as well. In one episode, viewers who saw the original movie will immediately realize that the guy bothering Frank is a Bug when they see him raid the news stand's stock of candy.
    • Norman Bates from Psycho.
    • The daughter from Pecker.
    • In both the play and the film versions Amadeus, Mozart's nemesis Salieri is a glutton for both sweets and women.
    • The Fly; "Were you thinking of having any coffee with your sugar?"
    • Maguire in Road to Perdition pouring tons of sugar into his coffee, with horrendously rotten teeth to match.
    • It's subtle, but it's suggested Egon Spengler is this in Ghostbusters. For instance, when he tells the others that he knows how they could actually catch and hold a ghost, Venkman gives him a chocolate bar, saying 'you've earned this,'. He's also eating a Twinkie when he describes the uptick in paranormal activity to Ray and Winston.
      • Harold Ramis supposedly thought that scene up; Ramis himself was a fan of them too. After his death, many fans remembered this, and brought Twinkies to place at the grave site.
    • Buddy from Elf, his favorite dish being spaghetti with syrup and candy on top. Tastes Like Diabetes, indeed.
    • Owen in Let Me In. Usually seen eating Now and Laters for dinner.
    • The Greedy from Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure eats the candy that gushes out of his body constantly... it makes sense if you've watched the film.
    • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; Napoleon Bonaparte quickly develops a taste for ice cream; similarly, Genghis Khan for Twinkies.[1]
    • In Zombieland, the only thing Tallahassee loves more than killing zombies is finding Twinkies. Ironically, Woody Harrelson, being a vegan, does not eat them himself; the one "Twinkie" he ate on-screen was a mock-version made of cornbread.
    • The title character of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial just loves Reese's Pieces candy.
    • Sonya, a member of the cult in The Babysitter, has a thing for cookies. She is willing to share them though, even with the cult's intended victim.


    • Ahh! Agent A.X.L. Pendergast has a major sweet tooth.
    • Winnie the Pooh, with "hunny". Also, when visiting Rabbit, condensed milk.
    • Honor Harrington's genetically enhanced metabolism requires regular stoking, preferably with hot cocoa.
    • In The Nutcracker and The Mouse King (the original short story and not the ballet), Marie and the Nutcracker visit a kingdom where practically everything, from Marzipan Castle to Marmalade Grove, is made of sweets. The Nutcracker tells her the story of a giant named Sweettooth who nearly ate the entire kingdom. In the end the citizens made a deal with the giant: they would let him have part of the Castle and a good portion of the Grove without a fight and in return he would leave peacefully after he was done.
    • The Villainous Glutton Count Fosco of The Woman in White loves to eat various sweets, and this preference was contemporary stereotype of Italians.
    • Carrying on from the Italian example noted above, Salieri of Amadeus has an obsession with sweets, especially marzipan, and after making his Faith Heel Turn, that's one of the first things he is able to indulge in to the fullest. As an example of stereotypes sometimes being Truth in Television, this aspect (unlike the killing Mozart one) was true of the actual Salieri as well.
    • Harry Potter: Dumbledore loves candy of all varieties, except Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (too many bad experiences with those.) All of the passwords to the door of his office are names of sweets. Shame there's no such thing as a Licorice Swordfish...
      • And anyone who's been Dementor'd will seriously appreciate a chocolate bar.
    • Rooster Cogburn from True Grit is described as having a "sweet tooth" (in those words). He is partial to eating his honey cakes with butter and preserves.
    • Stephanie Plum loves cake so much her grandmother calls her a cakeaholic.
    • In Night Watch, Anton mentions that all Others have a sweet tooth regardless of alignment. Apparently it is something to do with the Twilight.

    Live-Action TV

    • The main character of The Closer (2008), Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. Counts towards the "genius feeding her brain" subtrope, as she is a certified Southern-Fried Genius (particularly at extracting information/confessions).
    • This troper recalls an episode of, he thinks it was, Homicide: Life on the Street where an informant was a drug addict—who also had a thing for sugar. They kept him calm by feeding his sweet tooth...until, towards the third act, he was getting really bad withdrawal symptoms, and said "There ain't a Dinky Dog big enough in the world for this one...", so they have to give him a small amount of some of the hard stuff to keep him from crashing.
    • Detective Inspector Carlisle from Blackpool.
    • The Trickster from Supernatural.
    • Detective Theo Kojak from the 70's police procedural show Kojak is hooked on lollipops specifically, displacing his previous habit, cigarettes. (This being the early '70s, when people started to become aware of the risks of smoking, the producers decided not to say that Smoking Is Cool).
    • Fez from That '70s Show. When given an apple while trick or treating in Halloween, he yells "WHERE IS MY CANDY, YOU SON OF A BITCH?!".
      • In a Valentines episode, he buys a box of bonbons for his Huge Schoolgirl girlfriend. He is shown trying to resist the temptation of eating them, and in the end, he gives in.
      • Another episode's "Circle" sequence has Fez drinking chocolate syrup straight from the jar. Hyde then goes all "And you? You've had enough!" and they start fighting over it.
      • When he faced deportation, he stated an intention to spend the last of his American money on candy and porno.
    • On Fringe, Walter Bishop cannot think without his milkshake!
    • Sylar and Elle of Heroes. "Hi, do you like pie?"
      • Sylar loves pie so much that he demolished an entire one by himself.
    • Speaking of pie, Emerson Cod in Pushing Daisies has a piece of pie whenever he walks into the Pie Hole.
    • On Doctor Who, the Fourth Doctor often asked, "Would you like a Jelly-Baby?" and always had a bag of the gummy treats in one of his voluminous pockets.
    • For Lorelai and Rory of Gilmore Girls, candy is a major food group, much to the disgust of Luke.
    • In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Troi's Trademark Favorite Food is chocolate ("chocolate is a serious thing"), and she seems to prefer bee-lining for the desserts first. Other than some formal dining settings, we hardly ever see her eat anything but sweets on camera.
      • Ironically, Marina Sirtis herself doesn't really like chocolate.
    • All That had Kenan Thompson frequently play a character named Randy, a chef who coated everything he ate in chocolate.
    • Compo from Last of the Summer Wine tends to put five, six, or even more teaspoonfuls of sugar in his tea whenever he gets the chance.
    • In Degrassi, Manny loves her cotton candy but after she stops acting like a little kid you never hear of it again.
    • Leslie of Parks and Recreation is rather fond of sugar.
    • In Mr. Belvedere, the title character loved Ho-Hos, and Ding-Dongs, and cookies, and... well, desserts in general.
    • From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy herself. In "The Zeppo" Giles is annoyed at her because while he is detailing a plan to prevent The End of the World as We Know It, she seems more occupied with devouring all the jelly donuts.
    • In All in the Family, Archie's love of Twinkies was a Running Gag.


    • The Beatles' "Savoy Truffle" was George Harrison's ode to Eric Clapton's notorious jones for sucrose (with a darker subtext, if you're aware that heroin addicts often seem to prefer sweets to real food). A bit sadistic, regardless: think of the bridge ("You might not feel it now..."). By the way, "Good News" is an English brand of chocolates; think Whitman or Russell Stover for an American equivalent.
    • All sweets despite the consequences in "Sugar Rush" by Anthony and Those Other Guys.

    Tabletop Games

    Newspaper Comics

    • Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip was a demonstratively very intelligent, uber-active (to a fault) little kid whose imagination knew absolutely no bounds. His favorite food was a breakfast cereal named, "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs". With a lot of added sugar. And chocolate milk. They make it with marshmallow bits but his mum won't buy that for him. He once tried it with soda instead of chocolate milk, but the bubbles went up his nose.
      • The was also the time that Calvin made sandwiches for himself and Hobbes as rations for an ill-planned journey to Yukon, Alaska. They were marshmallow sandwiches, with one containing honey and the other chocolate syrup.
    • All three of the Fox children from FoxTrot, but Paige more so than her brothers. In one strip, mother Andy catches the boys eating their chocolate Easter bunnies early and bawls them out, pointing out that Paige hasn't touched her hollow rabbit at all; the boys comment that the rabbits are solid chocolate. In the last panel, as Andy yells "Paige, get down here!", Jason wonders when she was alone with the candy for more than five seconds.
    • Cathy loves anything sweet, especially chocolate. She can even devour an entire pie in one sitting.
    • Opus from Bloom County love Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos, Twinkies, Zingers, and pistachio ice cream.

    Video Games

    • Georg Prime in Suikoden, a Badass swordsman who never forgets to bring several cheesecakes in his inventory.
      • In Suikoden III, Aila spends a lot of time musing over her obsession with soda.
    • Ema Skye in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and her Snackoo obsession.
      • And Tyrell Badd with his constant lollipop.
    • Tytti Noorbuck from Super Robot Wars likes sweets. Unfortunately, she lets her feelings override her preference (or sense) of taste, thereby turning her into a Lethal Chef. Ibis Douglas, however, is a honest Sweet Tooth and looks very Moe while eating cheesecake.
    • Mega Man Star Force: Arthur C. Eos (or Ace for short) is a Mega Snack addict. When he's not taking charge or kicking ass (or the other way around), more often than not he'll binge on these in plain sight. He even went so far as to buy out every Mega Snack at Echo Ridge Elementary!
    • Leon Magnus in Tales of Destiny
    • Gaige from Borderlands is fond of cupcakes and hot chocolate.
    • The only time Sten of Dragon Age breaks his unflappably stoic and completely deadpan demeanor is when something sweet is involved.
    • Kimmy Eckman of Backyard Sports. CAAAANDYYYY!
    • Classic computer Video Game star Commander Keen, might count. Pretty much every bonus-point item is candy, especially from Keen Dreams onward. In fact, the 5,000-point item in the fifth game is a plain 'ol bag of sugar.
    • In Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet has a major sweet tooth, and can refill her Life Meter using candy. Not just lollipops, even though those are her favorite. She can also use things like jellybeans and sugary cereal.
    • Much like Juliet, Bayonetta uses lollipops as Power-Up Food (but just lollipops in her case) and when she does, given the type of woman she is, it borders on Erotic Eating.
    • Zack, the young pirate hero half of Zack and Wiki loves his chocolate bars.
    • In Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, the item that restored Richter's health was the classic meat. Maria, the other playable character and a twelve-year-old, restored her health with ice cream sundaes, lolipops, cakes, and ice cream. She actually has more variety of health power-ups than Richter does!
    • Laharl and Etna from Disgaea both have enormous sweet teeth, and the former's confiscation of the latter's expensive snacks is a frequent point of contention between the two, particularly in Disgaea Infinite.
    • Barlow from Vanguard Bandits is always snacking on some candy except when he's eating something else.
    • Sugar, or at least its aroma, is known to attract witches in the Left 4 Dead series. One part of the "Hard Rain" campaign in Left 4 Dead 2 revolves around navigating a sugar mill completely infested with this strain of infected – they may be as many as twenty of them,[2] sometimes right beside each other. Thankfully, they disperse when the rain starts and the smell (presumably) dissipates.
    • The Monster Clown from Twisted Metal named Sweet Tooth (Actually his name is Needles Kane but is rarely referred to it even in game, suggesting it is an alias he uses for himself) is rumored to have a massive craving for sweets which he keeps in the freezer of his ice cream truck, along with his victims.
    • Gaia from Fire Emblem: Awakening. He's noted to be always carrying candy with him (He's sucking on a lollipop in his face portrait, and has a number of additional lollipops on his belt in his full portrait) and doesn't mind sharing with his friends.
    • Pokémon:
      • Pokémon in general have Sweet Tooths. Lots of Power Ups you use on them are sweet foods, like Soda Pop and Lemonade in all the games, which restores their hp, along with Lava Cookies, Old Gateau (sponge cake), Casteliacones (ice cream), Lumiose Galettes (cookies again), Shalour Sables (shortbread biscuits), and Malasadas (Portuguese donuts) which cure Conditions, each one unique to a certain Generation. Rage Candy Bars and the chocolate Sweet Hearts can restore a little HP for a Pokémon in most versions (but they usually have other uses too). There were also Poffins in Diamond and Pearl, which you made from Berries and fed them to enhance their Contest stats, Poké Puffs, cupcakes you can feed them during the Poké Amie Mini-Game that they clearly love, and Poké Juice, special drinks made from berries that give them a variety of benefits.
      • Professor Rowan from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, although it isn't obvious. You first find out that he has a thing for candy if you check out the refrigerator in his lab at the beginning of the game. (It's full of sweets.) Later, when after you beat the game, you can find him in the lower floor of the Veilstone City Department Store; if you speak to him, he complains about the Rage Candy Bars still being out of stock before he speaks to you.
    • The Squid Sisters in Splatoon. For starters, they have a jar of lollipops in their studio within arms reach. Both of them get rather excited about the marshmallow side of the Hot Dog versus Marshmallow Splatfest, and one of Callie's - Japanese only -quotes for Urchin Underpass involves asking for a "mega-whip-choco-chip-double-waffle".
    • In Team Fortress 2, the Heavy can use the Dalokohs bar for infinite healing.
    • Chip from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He loves chocolate, and he loves sharing it with others.
    • Jade's Friendship finisher in Mortal Kombat 11 has her break a pinata with her staff, then laugh as she starts grabbing all the candy.
    • In Punch-Out!!, Doc Brown - Little Mac's manager - loves chocolate candy bars. In the Wii version, he can give them to Mack between rounds for a LP boost. And of course, Soda Popinski guzzles soda like it was going out of style.[3]
    • Aoi Asahina from the Danganronpa series loves donuts, and in some stories, binges on them in her efforts to stay sane. Of course, seeing as she is one of the few who did survive the whole franchise without going mad...

    Web Comics

    • One way to calm down Nefarious from Emergency Exit is to give him candy. "You can defeat demons with chocolate?" "Apparently we've been going about it all wrong." -Fall and David from the crossover with Parallel Dementia.
    • Robin DeSanto of Shortpacked is prone to attacks of ludicrous hyperactivity when she engages in her habit. Famously, on one occasion she enjoyed a breakfast cereal of Cadbury cream eggs in chocolate syrup; she regained consciousness to find she'd been elected to congress.
      • Another time Robin ate Cadbury cereal she brought (temporary) World Peace, but also made a sex tape from a one night stand with another congress member which she then accidentally leaked.
    • Nina, one of the vampires from Eerie Cuties, was born on Easter and consequently feeds on chocolate the way the rest of her family feeds on blood. In one early story, she stalks and pounces on a chocolate rabbit, much to her sister's embarrassment.
    • Grace of El Goonish Shive as seen here.
    • The two teeth, ickle and Lardee, from My Milk Toof... there's a horrible pun to go along with that but let's not start.
    • Hom from Welcome to Room 305 loves sweet things, to the extent that he puts honey in everything.
    • Belgium in Scandinavia and The World.

    Web Original

    • SCP Foundation
      • SCP-2396 (aka "Ms. Sweetie") is a young girl who claims to require sugary food, and if given it, eats it almost constantly. If denied it, she claims to suffer pain, and also becomes moody, rude, angry, and eventually malevolent. Oddly, in her case, she seems to need the "sweetness" and not the actual taste; on one occasion, she was given a bottle of maple syrup, and drank it without putting it on any other food. The Foundation has her on a diet of "sucralose" (a sugar substitute) in liquid form. SCP-2398 claims it tastes "like crap" but still finds it satisfying.
      • Also, SCP-999 a happy, friendly, lovable Blob Monster who loves sweets of all sorts, its favorites being M&Ms and Necco Wafers.
      • A darker example, SCP-053 has the same craving for candy that is typical of the young child she resembles, even though she is far older and cursed with eternal childhood. While she seems to at least vaguely know how her powers worked (anyone who looks her in the face, touches her or stays around her for 10 minutes or more flies into homicidal rage, trying to kill everyone in sight before turning on her, only to be struck dead should they survive to that point) and that she had no control over them, she would occasionally risk buying a candy bar when she scrounged up enough money for it. in many ways, being arrested and detained by the Foundation (who let her have chocolate so long as she cooperates) was the best thing that could have happened to her.

    Western Animation

    • Nutty from Happy Tree Friends basically personifies this trope. It usually gets him killed.
    • Inverted in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, in which Mac can't have any sugar, lest he go into a berserk frenzy.
      • Played straight once he actually gets some: His sugar-rush persona is Sweet Tooth and Intoxication Ensues incarnate.
    • Everybody in Springfield in the episode of The Simpsons where sugar is outlawed.
    • 'Beavis and Butthead: The Great Cornholio was awakened by lots and lots of sugar.
    • Dexter's Laboratory: Dee Dee
    • Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.
    • There was a one-shot villain in The New Adventures of Batman called Sweet Tooth. He was a big fan of sweets.
    • The already mentioned Martian Manhunter keeps his love of Oreo Choco cookies in Justice League.
    • Timmy and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents. to the point that when Timmy considers wishing for all of the daily meals to be just desserts, Wanda eagerly gives in because it means she'll get to eat as much chocolate as she wants.
    • In Gravity Falls, Mabel has one. In one episode, she eats so much of a sugary candy that she lapses into a Mushroom Samba. In another, where Gideon shrinks her and Dipper to doll-size, he quiets her by putting her in a bag of Gummi Koalas.
    • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, most of the ponies count, but Pinkie Pie stands out, devouring half a cake shop during a royal visit. Also, Princess Celestia's love of cake was something of a Running Gag.
    • The title character of Little Bear loves sweets, one episode dealt with him and his friends holding a track and field event and he blew off every event so that he could sneak some desserts, it eventually made him sick from eating too much.
    • T.J. and Gus in Recess. T.J. can pack down candy like there's no tomorrow, while Gus loves chocolate.
    • Miraculous Ladybug.
      • Tiki likes everything in the bakery run by Marinette's parents, the cookies in particular. Her favorite is the chocolate chip biscuits.
      • Chloe scarfs down an entire tray of chocolates for Comfort Food in one episode.
      • Jagged Stone's pet crocodile Fang loves cake. In "Lies" Ladybug is able to lure him into the villains' paralyzing field using several slices of cake carried by a drone, since neither can be affected by its power.
    • On Family Guy, this is the Fatal Flaw of James Woods (a recurring villain on the show As Himself). Every time he attempts something sinister, Brian, Stewie, and/or Peter can use his insatiable love of candy to lure him into some trap, and he never learns.
    • This is a common Weaksauce Weakness among bacteria villains in Ozzy and Drix; they can't resist anything sweet. They can be lured into a trap or ambush with simple pastry. (Of course, for a very big bacteria, you'd need a pretty big pastry.) Even the criminal mastermind Strepfinger was apprehended after Maria lured him out of his office with a pie.
    • Everybody (including the bad guys) in Strawberry Shortcake, naturally.
    • Wonder Woman's fondness for sweets is addressed in the mainstream comics, but it is taken to absurd exaggeration in DC Super Hero Girls. All it takes is one taste of ice cream for her fall in love with it, disregarding table manners and utensils in order to scarf it as fast as possible, later comparing it to ambrosia. Of course, everyone else has this too, the Hero Girls even making their HQ under the Sweet Justice ice cream parlor.
    1. Possible a Genius Bonus or Accidentally Accurate, as the real Bonaparte did indeed love ice cream.
    2. (if you find two witches in any other single segment of a campaign, it's a sign that the Director is going sadistic on you)
    3. Only the American version; in the original, where his name is Vodka Drunkensk, it's not soda.