Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Case 5: Turnabout Substitution/Characters

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Returning Characters

Note: Only put tropes relating to what the characters do or what happens to them in this game

Apollo Justice

Ema Skye

Phoenix Wright

Judge Chambers

Also known as The Judge, but this time he's the defendant for killing Robert Erlenmeyer in revenge for killing his brother.

He gets acquitted, but then is killed by Rhea for seeing her disposing of Erlenmeyer

Arthur Chambers

Also known as the Judge's brother (and the one who presided over Mia and Edgeworth's first trial). He is a victim of the Mysterious Bust Killer

Mike Meekins

A guard at the asylum who was on duty when Chambers visited.

Jake Marshall

He shows up to testify late in the second day of the trial when Ema is out gathering evidence.

Original Characters

Rhea Wits

Owner of a funeral home, and Apollo's partner on this case. She is actually the real Mysterious Bust Killer.

Robert Erlenmeyer

The victim in this case, known as the Mysterious Bust Killer. He's not actually dead, and is broken out of prison by his brother. He gets accused of the Judge's murder

Shawn O. Fisher

A guard at the asylum, who is Meekins' superior and Erlenmeyer's twin brother. He collaborated with Paul Strings to break Erlenmeyer out of prison.

Paul Strings

The new Chief Justice of the court system[1]. He also masterminded the plan to break Erlenmeyer out of prison.

Jessica Poole

The prosecutor Apollo goes up against on this case, who is tirelessly devoted to justice.

Gerald Strings

The Chief Justice's son, who is relatively new.

Vivian Snow

Robert Erlenmeyer's defense attorney.

  1. The one mentioned in Apollo Justice was apparently replaced after the events of 4-3