Beauty and the Beast (TV series)

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Beauty and the Beast is a 1980s CBS TV series, loosely inspired by the fairy tale of the same name but set in modern-day New York City. The series lasted from September 1987 to August 1990. A total of 56 episodes in three seasons.

The premise was simple. Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton), a lawyer, is abducted, beaten, slashed and left to die in Central Park. She is then rescued by Vincent (Ron Perlman), a member of a secret community of outcasts living in tunnels under the city. The series then focused partly on the attraction between the two characters, and partly on the cases Catherine encountered in her new career. Said career being the role of Assistant District Attorney, facing crime drama situations.

Many of the episodes were penned by none other than George R. R. Martin, now famous for his A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels.

The CW commissioned a reboot of the series with a more urban super-hero spin and Kristin Kreuk as Catherine, which debuted in 2012 and had four seasons.

Tropes used in Beauty and the Beast (TV series) include: