Eternal Negima

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Eternal Negima is a Fanime by YouTube user EternalNegima225.

The 11 episode show (of which only 4 have been released so far) is a loose retelling of the metaseries Mahou Sensei Negima. (The show itself seems to use a mishmash of the first TV series and the Manga's canons.) While there are many differences compared to the source material the show draws from, the most noticeable is that all of the characters except Negi, Kotaro, and Fate have been replaced with either the creator and her friends or original characters.

Similar to Tokyo Crystal Mew, the show is best viewed on the Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga. As the comments left by various people (mostly 4channers) add to the viewing experience.

Sadly, the work is no longer available due to "multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement", according to YouTube.

Tropes used in Eternal Negima include:
  • Alliterative Name -- Ashley Absher
  • Alpha Bitch -- Brianna
  • Alternate Universe Fic
  • The Cast Showoff -- Ashley. The class party in the old Episode 1 is pretty much an excuse to show off the voice actress' singing abilities. The new version removes the Sk8ter Boi scene completely in favor of a montage showing off all of the girls' talents.
  • Catgirl -- Cloud (and her twin brother Mark) and Abby
  • Did Not Do the Research -- The "Japanese dub" names given to the characters on the show's site. Many of them are either boy's names, family names given as first names, and vice versa.
    • It should be noted that one of the characters' "dub" names is Miharu Shimizu...
  • The Ditz -- Emily and Kaitlyn (who mistakes Kotaro for an actual dog)
  • The Dragon -- Madison to Brianna, Ariana to Marissa
  • Do-It-Yourself Theme Tune -- The opening in the old episodes is a karaoke (and translated) version of Kusumi Koharu's "Balalaika". The new ones just use the regular version.
  • Evil Twin -- Marissa, Ashley's sister. (Who, like Evangeline, wants to suck her blood for a, so far, unexplained reason.)
  • Flat Character -- There are 20 girls listed in the opening credits. Most of them haven't even shown up yet. Those that have, aside from 3 or 4 characters, tend to only get one or two lines and no character development.
  • Half-Identical Twins -- Cloud and Mark
  • Jerk Sue -- Ashley. She has no problem acting like a jerk to a good number of people (including to her own friends). In Episode 1, Ashley acts like a jerk to Negi and, by the blush on his face in the same episode, this doesn't seem to lower his opinion of her. She also insults Emily's outfit (albeit in a sarcastic and roundabout way). In Episode 3, Brianna throws a desk at Ashley. Kaitlyn jumps to her defense and gets slapped by Brianna. Ashley doesn't make a fuss about her friend getting hurt and, rather, says, "Brianna, my friends back me up!". Ashley was also responsible for dropping the ball with the break-up between Kaitlyn and her boyfriend by revealing Kaitlyn's boyfriend's name to Brianna. And later, when the break-up occurred and Kaitlyn was crying over it, Ashley pretty much told her to get over it.
    • She also snarkily comments (with Marissa) on the fact that Emily's act for the talent show is chugging apple juice behind her back.
  • Mismatched Eyes -- Abby (Brown/pink and switch sides depending on the scene.)
  • Off-Model
  • The Remake -- The episodes are being redone to remove the copious use of traceovers and karaoke.
  • Species Surname -- Abby Iriomote
  • Self-Insert Fic
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad -- Ashley, the creator's self-insert. (A few commenters on Nico Nico even joke that the show's name should be changed to Eternal Ashley.)
  • Token Minority -- Lakshmi
  • Tsundere -- Ashley
  • Vitriolic Best Buds -- Ashley and Emily
  • Write Who You Know -- Brianna seems to be based off of someone that makes fun of the creator in real life. (One of the villains in the creator's Tokyo Mew Mew fanfic is also named Brianna and has the same physical appearance.) Cloud and Mark are also based on the creator's cats.