Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan

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    Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan, or (roughly) "The Gender-Flip of Haruhi Suzumiya" in English, is a fan creation based on the Suzumiya Haruhi franchise that serves to tell what the universe would be like if all the male characters were female and vice-versa. Started off as just a random musing that became quite popular because of the difference in dynamics from the flipped gender roles and dynamics that gives a distinctly different impression from the original. Such as changing Kyon's cool snarks into Kyonko's moe sass.

    It got so huge that it is one of the longest threads in the Animesuki forum and gave birth to the revision projects. Also notable for having strikingly different versions of genders with Kyon(ko) [you really can't tell that they are genderflips of each other on appearance alone], that they might as well be two unrelated characters if not for the personality and origin.

    Tropes featured in the gender-flipped fanfics include:
    • Annoying Younger Sibling: Little Brother, even more then Little Sister.
    • Badass Bookworm: Yuuki, even more so in the original.
    • Bokukko: Some interpretations of female!Taniguchi.
    • Captain Ersatz: Haruki is given traits similar to those of Kamina.
    • Chippendales Dancers: Haruki and/or Mitsuuru at a couple of points.
    • Crossdresser: Poor Mitsuuru, forced to wear a frilly maid dress for a photo shoot and whenever he shows up at the club room for the remainder of the gender-flip of the first light novel!
    • Double Standard: Why some people find Haruki considerably less bearable than Haruhi even when they are acting the same way. Also, arguably the whole point of the Rewrite Project, changing the gender of all characters, placing then in the same situation and seeing how things would change.
    • Mr. Fanservice: Yuuki. Arguably Future Mitsuuru.
    • Evil Laugh: OK, Haruki's not evil, but he gets one after explaining how it's possible for the Computer Research Society girls to rape a boy (Mitsuuru).
    • Fan Nickname: The Rewrite Project (and related Fan Fics) treats Kyonko as one. Which has her called just 'Kyon' in the story (because Kyon was only a nickname to start with), but as 'Kyonko' by the authors and readers. Most Doujins, however, call her 'Kyonko' anyway.
    • Gag Penis: In most depictions, Mitsuuru.
    • Gender Flip: The whole idea of these fanfics.
    • Groper Girl: Female!Koizumi/Itsuko gets this trait, albeit it appears more in doujins than in written fic. Kyonko gets to be her usual target.
    • The Glasses Gotta Go: Yuuki, after his clash with Ryou Asakura.
    • Guilty Pleasure: To Kyonko, the photos of Mitsuuru in the maid dress and herself in the bunny girl costume, to the point where she saves the photos to an encrypted folder instead of just outright deleting them.
    • Hide Your Lesbians: Subverted, as Itsuko only acts like a lesbian when Haruki is around.
    • Hot-Blooded: Haruki and if he joins in with it, Tsuruya-san.
    • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: A subset of fan artists appear to have developed the tendency to draw Kyonko really short and Nagato really tall. Fans have come to refer this version of Yuuki as "Space Giant Yuuki".
      • Fanship couple Tsuruya(M) and Kunikida(F) tend to be portrayed as an odd couple like this. Somewhat better justified than other interpretations since in the original Kunikida was a shorter than average guy and Tsuruya was a taller than average girl.
    • Image Song: Surprisingly enough, Kyonko also got a Gender Flip of the Image Songs fandubbed with feminine particles. Even Itsuko has her own version of Maggaare Spectacle.
      • Actually, everyone get the at last first set of the image songs genderbended. Most are just pitch altered versions, however, so they might sound a bit weird (although the voice sounds similar). Some, like the 3 above links, are actual Fan Dubs.
    • Ironic Nickname: Kyonko is flat chested.
    • Katanas Are Just Better: Ryou Asakura sports a katana instead of a Ryoko's knife.
    • Keet: Haruki.
    • Kuudere: Kyonko.
    • Little Miss Snarker: Kyon's personality, when transfered into Kyonko, just works.
    • Meido: Subverted by Mitsuuru, not surprisingly.
      • Also, female!Arakawa (male!Mori becomes a butler).
      • An alternate depiction of the genderbent Maid Cafe scene in "Live Alive" has Kyonko and Itsuko in maid outfits.
    • Moe: Mitsuuru, as for the original version.
    • Nerds Are Sexy: Yuuki.
    • One Head Taller: Predominantly how Kyonko and Haruki are drawn together.
    • The Password Is Always Swordfish: Unfortunately for Kyonko, Haruki was able to access her hidden "MITSURU" folder by using her brother's name. And people wonder why it's common courtesy to not put personal information on your computer, and not just in that way--Haruki, upon seeing the Playboy Bunny photos of Kyonko, considers forcing Kyonko to wear said costume at all times when she shows up to the club room.
    • Pettanko: Kyonko.
    • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Very subtly. In the rewrites, alongside all the gender flips, the celestials in closed space and the glowing espers had their colors switched; the blue celestials were made red, and the previously red espers were made to glow blue.
    • Playboy Bunny: Kyonko was unlucky enough to get a bunny girl costume as a present from Haruki, who expects her to be grateful and try it on.
    • Promoted to Love Interest: A variant of this trope in that female!Kunikida and male!Tsuruya are shown to be very interested in each other in several fan works, whereas in the original their interaction was much more limited and nonromantic. At least until the 11th book, where they got some Ship Tease. Ascended Meme, perhaps?
    • Real Men Wear Pink: Invoked by Haruki in the Rewrite Project, who made Mitsuuru wear a maid dress to make him (somehow) "manlier". It didn't work.
      • Quite a few people keep Haruhi's headband, while others make it into headphones. At least one other person is trying to throw 3D glasses into the mix.
    • Rei Ayanami Expy: Even as a male, Yuuki, like his original counterpart, is very much this trope.
    • Rule 63: The whole point of Seitenkan is to take the Suzumiya Haruhi universe and flip the genders of all the characters.
    • Sacred First Kiss: Kyonko, just like Kyon, has to give hers up to Haruki to stop him from destroying/rewriting the world. It's a bit more... intense... than it was in the original novels. And the description was a bit more thorough.
    • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Haruki is quite obviously manly, and Mitsuuru is extremely sensitive, especially when Haruki puts him in a maid dress.
    • Spell My Name with an "S": Pretty much everyone, as the Gender Flipped Haruhi project began in a disorganized fashion:
      • Suzumiya - Haruki is how he is known by the English Fandom, however, Haruhiko[1] is more common in Japan.
      • Nagato - Usually Yuuki, although Yukio is not unheard of.
      • Koizumi - Japanese Fandom calls her Itsuki, with her name spelt using more feminine kanji. English speakers have to differentiate somehow, so we call her Itsuhime (hime being an alternate reading of the kanji in Itsuki's name) or, as is more common now, Itsuko.
      • Asahina - The "correct" spelling would be Mitsuuru, but Mitsuru is very common.
      • Asakura - Like Mitsuuru, the "correct" spelling is Ryou, but is commonly spelled without (Ryo).
      • Kimidori - Emori? Emirio? Eriotto? Elliot? No one knows for sure.
        • The point of "Emirio" and "Eriotto" was picking a similar sounding western name and write it in a Japanese way. It should be noted that "Emiri" is an actual Japanese name and not (in this case) a corruption of "Emily".
      • Kyonko - The only character who don't have variations on it (nick)name. Some still prefer to call her 'Kyon', tough, as Kyon is a nickname, so it wasn't deemed necessary to change it. Anyway, when there's discussion about Kyonko, she's usually referred to with the "ko" for easier identification.
    • Spell My Name with an "S": Not everyone in the fandom uses the same gender-bent names; the main variation is "Haruhiko" for Haruhi, which is pretty common in the Japanese fandom.
    • Stripperiffic: Haruki and Mitsuru (the latter unwillingly) dress up as Chippendale Dancers while passing out flyers advertising the SOS Brigade.
    • Villain with Good Publicity: Ryou Asakura.
    • Visual Novel: The Crossdroads of Haruhi Suzumiya, a yet to be finished fan-made Visual Novel that switches back and forth between the normal and gendenbent universe. That is, until Kyonko becomes a Slider and accidentally brings everyone to the original universe.
    • Zettai Ryouiki: Itsuko, the Computer Club President, and the Student Council President. Also suggested for Kyonko at one point.
    1. As Haru-hiko, not Haruhi-ko