The Roper

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The Roper is a role in The Con. The roper moves The Mark into The Tale, frequently by being an attractive woman. The roper can have a mark lined up, but not have The Tale to tell, so is needing to find a Con Man, or can be dispatched by the Con Man to bring in a specific target.

Is not related to the Dungeons & Dragons monster, nor to the landlords from Three's Company.

Examples of The Roper include:


Live Action TV

  • On Hustle, this role is fulfilled by Robert Vaughan's character, Albert Stroller.
  • Sophie generally takes this role on Leverage.

Video Games

  • In Suikoden IV, a male 'victim' tries to convince the mark to challenge a Cute Bruiser with a BFS. Somewhat ironically, he turns out to be your Personal Trainer once recruited.