The Something Force

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Basically slapping "Force" at the end of a team name, just for Rule of Cool. Probably because certain Real Life organizations used "force" in their names, so you want your team to seem just as strong.

To fit this trope, "Force" has to be at the end of the team name, and it has to be a team explicitly calling themselves that just to seem cool.

Not to be confused with the forces of physics.

Compare Awesome McCoolname, NameTron.

Examples of The Something Force include:

Anime and Manga

  • The Ginyu Force
  • Riot Force 6. On a side note, this seems to be an Ascended Meme fansubbers in this case. The Japanese name for Hayate's unit is "Kidou Rokka", which basically translates to "6th mobile division"; hence, the less popular "Mobile Section 6" is actually a more accurate interpretation.
  • At least consider Mirror Force.
  • In America, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is known simply as G-Force in its Macekre version Battle Of The Planets as well as the second adaptation named G-Force.

Comic Books



Live Action TV



  • Action Force, the UK branding of G.I. Joe.
  • Assorted parts of the Transformers mythos give us Noble Force Mini-Con Team, Maximal Command Security Force, Rescue Force, Rotor Force, Galaxy Force, and Super-God Masterforce, among others.
  • LEGO Exo-Force

Video Games

GLaDOS: To boost morale, I think we need a code name for the...elite squadron we have here. We should name it after your specialty. I know: Special Team Falling Into Acid Force.

  • The Playstation 1 game "Fighting Force".

Western Animation

Real Life

  • When the Army Air Corps split off from the US Army, it was renamed to the Air Force, after the Royal Air Force of Britain.
    • It gets worse..., from 1940 until the formation of the US Air Force, they were known as the Army Air Forces, with the Army Air Corps existing at the same time (and making up the vast majority of the USAAF). This was a vast improvement over previous years, when Army airpower was run by two separate organizations, the Army Air Corps and GHQ Air Force, which operated in parallel (GHQ had very few planes, and it's honestly hard to tell nowadays exactly what they did.)
    • While we're on the subject of air forces, how about the Royal Canadian Air Force, eh? (Which was replaced in the 70's by Canadian Forces Air Command, combing Trope Force with that cool effect you get where a military unit has "Command" in its name... but the RCAF got its real original name back in 2011.)
  • Many armed units such as the Delta Force, though that is not the unit's official name. Special police units will sometimes have names such as "Rapid Reaction Force" or something like that.