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One of the most successful Saturday Night Live alumni since Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell is a comedic actor well known for his ability to say and do the craziest things with a totally straight face, although he is certainly quite capable of hamming it up. His popularity on SNL ensured that he would become a box-office juggernaut in the world of funny movies. He is also part of the Frat Pack.

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Will Ferrell has performed in the following roles:


  • Saturday Night Live (1995-2002)
    • A plethora of celebrity impersonations, most notably Alex Trebek, George W. Bush, Robert Goulet, and Inside The Actor's Studio host James Lipton.
    • Original characters include Steve Butabi and Blue Oyster Cult cowbell player Gene Frenkle, both of whom would inspire legendary memes in their respective skits.
  • The Oblongs (2001-2002) Bob Oblong
  • The Office (US Version) (2011) Deangelo Vickers


Will Ferrell provides examples of the following tropes: