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  • A French Lesson, presented by Froggie McFaggot. And it just keeps going from there; it's just so offensive, you can't be offended.
  • Benzaie discovering the ability to drop people's pants in his IK+ review. Which he winds up using on Angry Joe, Linkara, MarzGurl and Nostalgia Critic accidentally.
  • Benzaie's Let's Play of Heavy Rain is shaping up to be this.

Kid: "It's not my fault that Jason is gone! It's not my fault!"
Benzaie: "Why you little..." * Mortal Kombat theme starts playing*

  • Rapelay :

Benzaie's girlfriend : What are you doing ?!
Benzaie (naked, hiding his penis behind a computer screen) : I was just waiting for you, baby !
Benzaie's girlfriend : You know, mom is here...
Benzaie, pulling his thumb up : Then I guess it's my lucky day !

  • 3D Custom Girl review : after telling us the game has an auto-mode, Benzaie show us all the wonderful things you can do with your hands while it automatically plays... like eating your breakfast. His girlfriend's desperate look as he's gleefully watching his hentai game is just hilarious.
    • There's also "Let's Fap to Marz Gurl with Marzgurl", in which he used the program to create a hentai avatar of Marzgurl... while Skyping with her and with her giving the details about how the avatar would look.
  • Let's Fap Immoral Study. Reiko. The manliest voice imaginable. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Immoral Study 2... Starring Christopher Lee[1] as the professor and Miss Piggy as Yuka!
      • And Alice Cooper as the Narrator!
    • "He's the James Bond of rapists!"
    • "My name is "Professor" after all. Hitosuji is just my last name. But on my license card, it says "Professor". So my name, my full name, is professor Professor Hitosuji."
    • After Benzaie spent two videos griping over how the "protagonist" is, well, a douche, this happens:

Hitosuji: Let's start studying a little biology. Now, spread your legs for me.
Yuka: Huh?!
Hitosuji (thinking): All right, it's working, it's working!

Benzaie (reading Yuka's moaning in total monotone): "Ooh, aah, ahh, ahh, ooh, eeh, ooh, aah-aah, bing, bing, walla-walla..."

  • X-Change. The triumphant return of Kermit the Frog.
    • Also, Benzaie interprets the main character saying "my voice changed" to mean "my voice got really deep" rather than "my voice got as female as my body". Hilarity Ensues.
    • More specifically, it sounds like Christian Bale as Batman.
    • "I reach into her panties, touching the treasure inside. Yarr!"
    • Then Beary narrates the near end of the playthrough: "Should I really be reading this? I'm two years old!"
    • *Wild Pokemon music* A giant Hard Cock appeared! *more battle music* Its not very effective...
    • All the Boss Nass and Chewbacca noises he keeps making during the review for the sake of Fan Disservice are hilarious!
    • KHAAAN!!!
  • 3D Real Girlfriend. Where Master Bate kindly takes the time to interpret what he thinks the anime babes are saying in Japanese.

"It's nice to be out of the kitchen for once!"
"My vag itches, can you sweep my chimney?"

    • Beary trying to use the webcam option on the game.

"It doesn't work! How do I get this bitch to blow me?!"

    • After telling us you can use two computer mice to play this game :

"So you can finally use both hands playing a hentai game!" *beat* "Wait, do we really want that ?

  • TGWTG Does Benzaie. Benzaie got really drunk and fell asleep while everyone was partying. So they held an impromptu Roast of Benzaie, complete with lots and lots of impressions and Benzaie-isms.
  • From Welshy's AniNite 2011 VLog: Him getting electrocuted by a fence (which everybody thought he was getting sexually exited by the panda inside the fence) and him scaring a lioness by doing the Gay Benzaie dance to her.
    • Also, his girlfriend having the same "Waddafuk? Dees ees boo-sheet!" reaction as him when she discovers there are no towels after a artistic experiment in an Autrian Museum.
  • His breaking into Marion (his girlfriend's) house while still in character as Conan, for the advertisement for her SuburbanKnights artwork

Marion: Conan, what are you doing in my living room?
Benzai: I was looking for Suburban Knights artwork, especially ones with me in them. But all I can find are these pictures of the sexy robot chick from Game Fap.
Marion: Is that why you broke my window?
Benzai: I didn't break it. I just threw a cat through the window. He's the one to blame.

  • From his Gamefap review of Box Hako, we have the reveal, at the very last second of the video, that his mental breakdown over the game's surreal ending is actually a scam for getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. Master Bate, you truly deserve your title.
  • The entirety of the Computer & Spaceman short film. It's a Space Opera about a lonely Spaceman who goes through space making hamburgers out of every alien species he encounters. Computer, his only friend, is psychotic.
  • The Misfits interrupting "Top 5 Brutal Murder Attempts in Jem and The Holograms" to talk about evil acts other people (including Jem!) performed. Pizzazz (a scenery-chewing Elisa Hansen) in particular steals the show.
  • Benzaie tries Real Mana Potion.
  1. and later Kermit The Frog