Dink Smallwood

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Dink: I'm NOT a pig farmer!
Milder: Are you farming pigs right now?
Dink: Er...

Dink Smallwood tells the standard 32-bit RPG tale of a farm boy who dreams of becoming a mighty warrior. After Dink receives a visit from a local wizard and Dink's mother and house burn in a fire, Dink begins his epic and snarky journey to save the kingdom from cults, rogue knights, goblins, famine, and an ancient who destroyed all other ancients. Also, lets not forget the evil furniture.

Dink Smallwood was made by Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies in 1997, and was originally sold in stores, with a shareware version online. In 1999, Seth released the game as freeware, and can be downloaded here. Even later, Dink became open sourced in hopes of making it available on more systems.

Dink Smallwood is also notable for having a game development system right alongside the game, for creating new adventures for Dink called "D-Mods". One D-Mod, Mystery Island, which was also created by Seth, is included with the original game. Other D-Mods, along with the bulk of the Dink community, can be found at The Dink Network.

Tropes used in Dink Smallwood include:

Man: What the hell are you doing?
Dink: What do you mean?
Man: I mean you just barging in here, no knocking, nothing! What's with that?
Dink: (pause) And there's like... something WRONG with that?