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  • Shamshiel gets multiple moments:
    • In Roxanne's route, she foils multiple attempts by the Prefect to screw Lute over And even leaves when Lute choose to live out his life with Roxanne despite her own feelings for him.
    • In Isis' route, she does what she does in Roxanne's route but to a greater degree, even helping Isis and Lute escape the entire country so they can be happy together.
    • Her own route is ironically more one for him. Not only does he elect to stay with her for the rest of his days he does so knowing he will be unable to live amongst humans in the process.
    • Near the start of the events of Luceria's and/or the Harem route, after the "warm welcome" Lute gets from the 3 generals after his arrival to deal with the rebellion, she tries to cheer him up, but then he actually turns it into a heartwarming moment for her by giving her a gift: A Bra. She had jokingly asked him for one back at the capital, but he went as far as to ask for one directly from the king who got him one that was the latest type, and premium quality made from silk. She even remarks that she was joking when she asked, but her gratitude for it is clear as day.
  • Roxanne's arc is just heartwarming from start to finish, with her clearly over the moon Lute actually treats her like a woman and while he admits he's into her body, he also regards her with actual affection. She repays him showing her more love in a few days than her husband ever did for their entire marriage by helping Lute take control after her husband's treason comes to light. Her ending is filled with even more tooth rottingly level sweetness from the two of them.
  • Generals Zant, Schlamm, and Felzen come off at total Jerkasses when we first meet them, and little has changed when they meet again, with all three trying to undermine Lute every step of the way in the commander arc. However, Lute wins their reluctant respect when he's given a golden opportunity to have them executed for trying to have him assassinated and instead tells them he assumed it was a test of his competence, leaving them with the responsibility of taking over should the worst happen. Felzen later sees Lute privately, having realized he may have been blinded by hubris when he first considered Lute's competence, and when Lute confides in him about the traitor the King warned him about, Felzen is stunned, admitting he could be the traitor himself, and is further surprised Lute is still willing to trust him, especially after Lute admits he's aware of the possibility but still believes Felzen is loyal to what really matters. Felzen is so moved by this he later speaks with his fellow generals and makes them admit they underestimated Lute based on assumption and possibly rigged evaluations from the Knight's Academy, and when Lute manages to win the duel against the enemy commander the following day, Felzen's former arrogance disappears completely, to the point when Motaire acts out, he personally pulls rank on him and orders Motaire to give Lute the respect his rank deserves.
    • General Zant later joins Felzen in showing Lute proper respect, and when Motaire tries to strangle Lute at a royal banquet in Lute's honor out of jealously, Zant pulls rank, orders the guards to toss Motaire out on his ass, and even gives Lute a warning about his next possibly assassination attempt, and Felzen later joins him in foiling another one.
    • Later, Motaire is so pissed you are so far above him it's not even funny anymore {and have basically taken everything from him, including the adoration of his airheaded bimbos) that he tries to attack in broad daylight, and not only does General Felzen see this and order the guards to give Motaire a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, he decides to prove why he earned his own reputation as a brawler and joins in! Later, as what's left of Motaire is dragged off, he compliments Lute on winning over Gladys to his side and warns him directly the Prime Minister has knives out and to watch his back.
      • Later, when the King wants to fill the position of Commander of the Guards, he calls Lute and the Prime Minister in to discuss the options. Felzen is Lute's pick, and the King agrees, while the Prime Minister does everything he can to disqualify the man, with Lute managing to outwit him, with the King agreeing to Lute's logic and sending the minister away to get Felzen to inform him of his promotion. Felzen is so happily shocked Lute was the one to not only suggest his promotion but also to free him from being assigned to rural postings for the rest of his career he leaves the room having to wipe his face on his sleeve.
  • Each route is stocked full of moments that will tug at your heartstrings for one reason or another, but some of the stand-out moments in each include:
    • Roxanne's Route establishes that she is fully aware that the Prefect only married her, because he thought she had status and resources he could seize, but instead was furious to find out she has next to nothing to offer in that regard. Nonetheless, even with the Prefect sleeping in a separate room from her, cheating on her with younger (implied loli) girls, and even knowing he married her simply for political reasons, she at least tries to make the most of it for her part.
    • Isis's Route starts off with her fiance belittling her when she tells him she is going on what they essentially all felt was a suicide mission for who-knows-how-long with the supposed "bottom of the class" of knights. From there, things only seem to get worse for her, with her entire party (save Lute), goes awol, takes most of the equipment and supplies, and leaves them alone in a demonic forest. Lute stays with her on the journey though, and overtime he ends up saving her life several times from killer-insects, poisonous plants, being eaten by demons, and a near-fatal fever. Not once does Lute say he was helping her, because he expected anything from her in return, and after each time she acts a little nicer toward him, until finally falling in love with him by the end of the trip.
    • Shamsiel's route is a return trip to the forest temple, and on the way, Shamsiel protects Lute from some soldiers that the Prime Minister had sent along to kill Lute, and then the duo teamed up to wipe Prince Bobon off the face of the earth, the two then decided to marry and stay together in the forest away from humans forever.
    • Princess Lucien's route ends with Lute marrying the princess, and the king surviving to help Lute adjust and take over the throne properly.
    • The Harem route undoubtedly has the biggest amount of heartwarming moments, but one particularly touching one comes along for Emeralia when she ends up racked with guilt for framing Lute for murdering the king, and after being continuously rejected by those around her including her own father, the Prime Minister, she takes it upon herself to personally go to the dungeon and use her magic on the guard and attempts to free Lute. She gets caught, but it is actually Lute who is able to convince their captors not to execute either of them on the spot. Then, once they've left them alone, she tries to apologize to Lute for everything, but he instead thanks her for introducing him to the princess. She tells him that when she died she assumed she would go to Hell, but Lute tells her that in that case, then he would send an angel from heaven to get her. He then tells her that she had been so strong to endure so much in her life. Cue the well-deserved waterworks as she is finally openly expressing her feelings as Lute holds her.
  • The Harem Route is full of awesome for everyone in the cast save the villains. The various harem members do their parts to save Lute with Roxanne even serving as a decoy for the Princess so she can help Shamshiel get into places she cannot. General Schlamm and even Motaire Heel Face Turn. Gladys pulls a Big Damn Heroes and saves Lute from execution, while Emeralia calls out the Prime Minister for his crimes and confesses to being his accomplice, Felzen cuts off the escape of Bonbon and executes him, but not before revealing King Hagel had confided in him he always assumed his own son was a Devil In Plain Sight. The Prime Minister makes it back to his own room, where tries to use an actual gun to kill Gladys, who cornered him. Shamshiel shows up to screw that plan up by tricking the panicked Prime Minister into wasting all his ammo on her, so he jumps into a magic portal to escape to the audience chamber. Around this time, Lute finds the portal and gives chase, only for the Prime Minister to attempt to kill him, only to be stopped by Motaire, who finally decided he'd rather follow his conscience than the Prime Minister and deflects the blow. The Prime Minister then, finally out of options, tries to appeal to Lute's sense of mercy to spare him, but Gladys and Felzen kill him before he can get the chance to try, and Lute doesn't even give a shit about his life regardless.
    • Lute keeps his word to Motaire in the Harem Ending, and makes him Captain of the Royal Guards. Motaire is later shown to have taken the humbling of his former Pride to heart and treats Lute like an equal, and not only are they speaking like friends at the end of the Harem Route, Motaire basically serves as Lute's speechwriter for the Knight Academy Graduation ceremony, with Lute thanking Motaire for his speech suggestions.
  • In the Harem route, on the night before Lute is due to be executed, he's sitting in his cell thinking... Was he feeling afraid, anxious, angry, or resentful about it? No. He was only thinking about not being able to see any of the women he loved ever again: About not keeping his promises to Roxanne or Gladys, about Luceria crying over losing her father (and him), about Isis and Emeralia (who, even though neither had explicitly told him by then, he knew and reciprocated it anyway), and about just wanting to see Shamsiel's smiling face one last time...
    • Building on that, is that while he's thinking about them, he reflects on all the women he felt love toward, and the first name to come up is Isis. Why does that matter? Simple, because by that point, Lute had had sex with literally every single other named female character to appear at least once over the course of the story, with Isis being the only exception. Therefore, him including her on the list implies that his feelings not only for her, but for all those women in his thoughts were there because his feelings for them were genuine feelings of love and not simply lust or desire built upon just the fact that they had sexual relations or anything. He really DOES love them.
  • Another small moment comes toward the end of the Harem Route, after the King is murdered and Lute was framed for it. Every single one of the women that loved Lute knew right away that he was innocent... Isis, Luceria, Gladys, Shamsiel, and even Roxanne. In fact, special mention goes to Roxanne who had been gone for all of the Harem route up till that point. She had been away from Lute for around a few months, and actually took it upon herself to go to the capital to visit him on her own. When she did, the guards told her that Lute was imprisoned for murdering the King, and she automatically knew it had to be a lie or a mistake. That's pretty touching to know that after all that time, she still never doubts him for a second.
  • Near the end of the Harem Route, Motaire has basically been having the worst string of luck of his entire life, and I'm talking AFTER Lute was imprisoned falsely. The Prime Minister pretty much tells Motaire that he only values him as a pawn for his own goals, and the newly crowned "King" Bobon treats him and everyone else like garbage just to flaunt his kingship in their faces, which includes trying to force himself on Motaire's groupies Aristera and Droit, attempting to make arrangements to force himself on Isis (Motaire's former-fiance), Roxanne, and even Gladys (whom Motaire had had a crush on too), and there's also how he acted abusive with his powers to banish Motaire AND General Felzen just for fun. Motaire feels so empty inside that he visits Lute's former room and reflects on his previous visits, including an instance where he tried to confront Lute after he had allegedly brought (even though they kept attempting to get in there themselves) Aristera and Droit. During that time, he had a standoff with Isis, but it was Lute who calmed them down, even offering Motaire some praise/advice. When he looked back on that time, he actually found himself thinking of it as a good memory. This ends up leading to him actually going to the dungeon and personally visiting Lute.
    • His visit with Lute in the dungeon is a surprisingly heartwarming moment on its own. He starts out still trying to accuse Lute, but Lute tells him secret information that actually proved his innocence, such as the fact that he was getting intimate with the Princess (thus he had no motive), that his big promotion that started all of this was because he had thwarted a prior attempt by Bobon to start a rebellion in Boan, and that Juan Flaann's actions in Vunderbolt to sabotage the king's forces was most likely under the orders from the Prime Minister, who had also secretly contacted Bobon to come back BEFORE the King was murdered. Motaire notices that Lute was looking thinner than before, due to the guards not really feeding him anything, and wondered if he should've brought him some bread. Motaire also asks Lute whether or not he would relegate him. Lute tells him that something like that would be a waste, since he's such a good knight. As Motaire leaves, he tells Lute that while he still hates him as he always had up till then, he no longer felt ashamed to call him his peer.
  • Isis' route has plenty to choose from, but one rather simple blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment is near the end when she and Lute are about to enter the demon sanctum. Lute tells Isis to wait outside, in case something happens. She declines. He tries tell her again, but she cuts him off with this line: "We've come this far together right? If we die, we die together." It's sort of overshadowed by the ending (which is heartwarming on its own merits), but for what it's worth, this one line exemplified how far Isis has come from being an arrogant jerk (hidden death seeker) at the start to a truly loved/loving companion (genuinely happy) by the end.
    • Similarly, in the Harem Route, at one point, Isis warns Lute about the Prime Minister and Emeralia saying that there were many in the Royal Knights who never had anything good to say about the Prime Minister, while there were some others who were so blindly loyal to him as though they were dogs. Lute asks if she was on his (the Prime Minister's) side too. To which she responds with a (genuine) smile: "I'm on your side, Lute." She even goes on to say that she even supports the idea of him being the next king of the entire kingdom. "You're the only one." she says.
    • Another heartwarming moment in Isis' route is during and after making love with Lute the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th depending on how you count it) time. It had been initiated under the excuse of wanting to help Isis "conquer her weaknesses" (which were her sexual weak spots), but after a while, both of them drop the pretense and just do all they can to openly enjoy themselves, including Isis even telling Lute to stay and that she didn't care if he impregnated her. When all is said and done, the 2 lie down in their tent/bed they'd set up in the tree together. Isis had actually still been wearing most of her clothes during sex, but when we see her, she's almost naked apart from her panties. The way she acts regarding this, implies she felt not shame or discomfort from being naked in front of Lute, which is to say she was entirely comfortable with leaving herself exposed and vulnerable to Lute (in pretty much every way). She takes it even further by opening up about how she admired Gladys Wackenheim as a knight, how her family had actually defected from another kingdom, and how she was actually the only surviving child of her family as the rest had died of the plague. She also opened up about how her father had arranged her marriage with Motaire in order to gain wealth, but that as of right then, she was done with Motaire, because she had found someone more important to her... Take a guess who she was talking about? She even asks Lute if he were dating anyone and if he wasn't would he be willing to ask her out on a date again? He said he wasn't and said he definitely would ask her. She lastly says that the 2 of them would find the final sanctum and make it back home... Together... She closes her eyes and kisses Lute as the 2 fall asleep.

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