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Kyonyuu Fantasy, localized as Funbag Fantasy, is a H-game that was originally released in 2008, but was finally localized in English in 2016. A Hentai OVA adaptation was made in 2012.

The game stars Lute Henge, a Brilliant But Lazy (drop-dead last) graduate of the Knight's Academy in a kingdom full of problems. Figuring he's useless, he's sent out to Boan, a territory considered to be the most worthless place ever, in the hopes he'll basically be out of the way.

However, thanks to some unexpected good luck, he winds up solving a demon problem there, and he's then encouraged to see if he can't continue to make good on that good luck and run with it.

Has two direct sequels in Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden and Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2, plus a second game (actually a Stealth Prequel) set in the same world, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2, and a prequel title called Kyonyuu Fantasy 3. Most of them have been localized into English, with the third title and various Updated Rereleases in the pipeline.

Tropes used in Kyonyuu Fantasy include:
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: The English localization title is both this and a Pragmatic Adaptation, since the original title would have literally translated to "Huge Breasts Fantasy".[1]
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Invoked by Lute if he chooses to become a royal commander, as one of the things he requests before taking the job is to get a luxury bra, which the King easily requisitions for him, assuming it's for a mistress of Lute's And he's not wrong, its for Shamshiel.
  • Battle Harem Lute's group of loves can be seen as this with the rankings being:
    • Shamsiel is Lute's most powerful love since she's a pure-blooded succubus. She has all sorts of magical powers, experience, and training. One could say that she's as lethal outside the bedroom, as she is within... And when she's IN bed, she can kill a man with even the most basic sexual acts. She's clever, she's smart, she's experienced, and she is a force to be feared if you get on her bad side!
    • Gladys ranks at 2nd most powerful woman in Lute's harem since she's regarded as the best knight in the entire kingdom, if not world. Her intelligence and combat skills are known throughout the kingdom (and continent). To where, nobody in their right mind would try to anger her or threaten the man she loves: Lute. In the Epilogue of the Harem Route, she becomes the new High Commander, which is the highest rank in the kingdom's military besides the king himself.
    • Isis ranks 3rd in Lute's harem, because she was the 2nd highest overall graduate of her class at the Royal Knight's academy, and the top female graduate ever. Plus, the fact that she pulled that off without any guidance from a master like Motaire who had studied under Gladys as a child. In the Harem Route, she even takes up the job of being Lute's personal bodyguard. Isis is also fairly smart too, and can read people pretty well. She can also accurately deduce things about events going on around her, which even the Prime Minister feels is threatening to his schemes.
    • Emeralia gets 4th place, because while she doesn't have training as a knight, she's a cunning mage. Her father, the Prime Minister, although he never acknowledges her, forced her to learn all sorts of magical spells and what not so that he could have her work for him. She in turn uses her spells along with her body to seduce men and entrap them so that they are forced to obey her and by proxy, the Prime Minister. She's also very smart on her own merit as she is the Princess' private teacher, AND in the epilogue of the Harem Route, she becomes the new Prime Minister.
    • Princess Luceria holds the 5th place spot, only because she has minimal combat experience or training (which she learns from Lute in the Harem Route). In all honesty, Princess Luceria's body holds a secret magical property that actually makes her as potentially lethal as Shamsiel. E.g. Princess Luceria is actually half-human, half-nymph, which makes her body similar to a Succubus in how dangerous it is for someone to try having sex with her in any way. Lute manages to overcome this since he is half-Incubus, but if anyone else were to try something with her, the implications point to them dying from it.
    • Lady Roxanne comes in 6th / Last Place, because unlike the others, she never displays or references ever having any sort of combat experience or training whatsoever. She also doesn't have any magical powers or characteristics...
  • Bastard Boyfriend: Motaire to Isis, whom it's obvious he cares nothing for. They are engaged, but he had every intention of canceling the engagement as soon as possible and doesn't care about Isis at all, who actually wanted it to work on her end.
    • He shaves off the first half of this trope completely by the end of the harem route, after a Heel Face Turn, and gets back his groupies from the beginning of the game, thus keeping the second half of the trope.
  • Born Lucky: It's assumed this how Lute manages to be so successful yet otherwise seem non-impressive to most characters. In truth he IS this in a way, having demonic lineage, which is why Shamshiel couldn't kill him like most mortals. In fact, Lute has the potential to be the king of all demons, which explains why Shamshiel was so willing to defer to him.
  • Breast Expansion: Happens twice to two different characters. Roxanne has a problem with excessive lactation, causing her breasts to swell painfully, and in the commander route Shamshiel's increase in size as well, for different reasons.
  • Cameo In the anime adaptation of "Mankitsu Happening", the manga shop where much of the story takes place in has posters and images throughout it that feature the cast of Kyonyuu Fantasy, including a few posters of the infamous shot from the anime when Lute first grasps Shamsiel's breast for the first time.
  • Compressed Adaptation: The anime adaptation, which is borderline Adaptation Decay. While managing to cover most of the high points of the plot that are depicted, most of Lute's characterization is glossed over and without knowledge of the game you'd assume he was more a Handsome Lech than the Chivalrous Pervert he is in the game.
    • The Demonic Forest Arc and anything related was cut out and the character assigned to it was folded into another subplot from the game, but it would have been impossible to cover in two thirty minute episodes. Motaire was also cut as a result, and Lute's backstory never comes up, leaving his assumed Born Lucky status unexplained.
  • Dirty Old Man: The Prefect is a barely veiled Lolicon, and the Prime Minister isn't above making a few perverse remarks in Emeralia's direction, albeit mostly to Troll her over her hate of men.
  • Distaff Counterpart Maia of "Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru" in terms of appearance, is basically an H-game, Gender Swapped version of Lute. Seen here Not surprising since both animes were the work of Majin Label, but it's a rather unfortunate Fan Disservice when one considers what happens in her story.
  • Does Not Like Men: Emeralia, who openly admits to as much. She's lying, or was until Lute managed to be the first man she ever enjoyed being with. Before, she merely used sex to break men to her will without feeling anything for them.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good Bobon has no comprehension of anything good or bad. He is completely self-centered, and as he feels, so long as he is in charge as king or otherwise. Then nothing and nobody else matters. He can say what he wants and do whatever or whoever he wants, and everyone else just has to obey him without question.
  • Evil Blonde Prince Bobon.
  • Feudal Overlord: The King is one by design, and the feudal system in place is designed to restrain the ambitions of the noble class, lest they get any ideas about trying to usurp him. It isn't all that effective, partially because the nobles retained too much power before the system was implemented to be subsumed into compliance, and most of their successors aren't all that happy with the system and many are hoping to join forces with the nobles to topple it.
  • Foreshadowing: It's possible to figure out a lot of the plot twists if you play careful attention to Lute's flashbacks to his childhood.
  • Fantastic Racism: Demons and humans, with the latter assuming the worst of most of the former, despite once co-existing. To be fair, humanity's fears aren't entirely without founding, but they aren't totally justified either. And it comes full circle in Shamshiel's route when we discovered demons feelings on humans are an exact mirror image of how humans feel about them, again, not without some justification. And it turns out both sides have reason to fear the other, because those of mixed demon-human lineage have a power called the "Hallowed Hand" that can, in combination with the proper trigger, give them god like power.
  • Five Lady Band Lute's harem of girls can be considered this: (Since Lute holds The Hero slot)
    • Shamsiel - The Lancer Obviously Lute's most powerful, skilled, and Genre Savvy girl. Compared to how calm, laid-back, and tolerant Lute is of others' shenanigans (male or female), she is far more energetic, but isn't one to be trifled with.
    • Isis - The Big Girl Aside from Gladys and Shamsiel, Isis is likely the 3rd most powerful of the group, although she isn't as smart as Gladys or Emeralia, she was still ranked number 2 in her class at the Royal Knight's Academy, AND she becomes Lute's personal bodyguard in 2 of the routes.
    • Gladys - The Big Girl or Big Sister Mentor of the bunch. She's the strongest, most skilled, and smartest knight in the kingdom (if not world) and (human) of Lute's harem. Only Shamsiel beats her in terms of power and only Emeralia can come close to rivaling her in intelligence.
    • Roxanne - Team Mom Being the most mature of the bunch (though Shamsiel has her moments), Roxanne is usually the one acting in a nurturing or supportive/mediator role that is sometimes shared with Luceria.
    • Luceria - The Chick shared somewhat with Roxanne. Although she's somewhat timid initially, she finds her courage and does much to keep their group from arguing with each other.
    • Emeralia - Sixth Ranger Traitor / Token Evil Teammate until she pulls a High Heel Face Turn and becomes The Smart Girl.
  • Gag Boobs: Almost every woman save, oddly, Shamshiel, whose bust is actually the smallest despite her being a succubus and them being referred to as large ingame, though they'd still be huge by real world standards. However, she does undergo the Breast Expansion trope in a later route of the game.
  • Game Breaker: Shamshiel serves as one for Lute. Only visible to him unless she chooses otherwise, able to be his spy with no one else being the wiser. She essentially defeats every schemer who wants to screw him over by doing this for him, as well as running interference to prevent some of the other plots against Lute from being pulled off.
    • Shamshiel's abilities are crippled by the Prime Minister in the Harem Route, as he was Properly Paranoid enough to foil her advantages, and even tries to invoke the trope in a literal sense when Gladys tries to stop him by revealing he has an actual gun and lampshades how in the battle between sword and gun, the gun wins, only for Shamshiel to trick him into wasting his ammo, thus negating his own Game Breaker, made possible because Gladys destroyed the barrier he set up that prevented Shamshiel's entry.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Usually, a hentai game protagonist having the abilities of Sex God is not explained or given a Hand Wave at best. In this game, Lute's ridiculous level of sexual stamina is actually story relevant: he's essentially half incubi.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, after the Prime Minister gets desperate, murders King Hagel and frames Lute, Shamshiel recruits the other ladies Lute has slept with to help Lute out.
  • Handsome Lech: Motaire, definitely. He gets a lot better in the Harem Route. Lute comes off as one in the anime adaptation instead of being a Chivalrous Pervert due to most of his backstory and characterization not making it in.
  • Heel Face Turn: Generals Felzen and Zant in the royal commander arc. Gladys Wackenheim as well, though they weren't really all that evil in the first place. Even General Schlamm does this in the Harem route.
    • MOTAIRE, of all people, even he pulls this off in the Harem route. Kinda helps all the times his Pride took a beating and the fact Bobon basically treated him so much worse than he ever had it under Lute made him come to a Heel Realization and so he decided to help the right guy out for once. And Felzen was the one who got the ball rolling with a To Be Lawful or Good proposition to him. The other ladies also take turns kicking him in the metaphorical balls over how much of a Dirty Coward he's become, which only further prods him along. And the real clincher for his face turn is when he realizes the Prime Minister only considers him a pawn, and when Lute fills in the rest of the blanks in the puzzle of what's going on, his face turn is a done deal.
    • High Heel Face Turn: Emeralia, though not completely the first time round, though she does give up information to Lute she otherwise wouldn't have divulged. Her more complete betrayal of the Prime Minister occurs in the Harem Route, in which we learn she is actually a bastard daughter of one of his concubines, and she eventually attempts to free Lute before the Prime Minister can execute him because her guilt in helping frame him for murder overcomes her. It fails and she winds up in the same cell as Lute, but her face turn is completed. She is rewarded in the harem ending by becoming one of his wives and taking her now dead father's job.
  • H-Game POV Character: Lute is an extremely positive examples of a Type III A. His endings tend to end with him in Type I territory, though a few have shades of Type II A.
    • He's also an inverted version of Vincent Conquer from Conquering the Queen. While both Lute and Vincent are good at charming women and have some magical abilities, Vincent is an utter asshole underneath the charm, while Lute is a Chivalrous Pervert with a good heart at the end of the day. And while both men climb from ground level to the top floor of responsibility, Vincent was happy to Kick the Dog constantly on the way up, while Lute merely screws over legitimate Asshole Victims by default while doing the same.
    • In a rare non playable variation of the trope, Motaire's Character Development changes depending on route, with him defaulting to a Type V, dipping into Type VI on at least one route, and on the Harem Route, upgrades all the way up to a Type I.
  • Horny Devils: Shamshiel is a literal obvious example. Male demons fall more under Horned Humanoid territory.
    • Lute himself is half-incubi, thus qualifies for the trope as well.
    • Princess Luserina is at least half-nymph on her mother's side.
  • Hot Witch: Shamshiel is quite adept in magic. So is Emeralia, who even look the part.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: My god, if all the flack the protagonist gets from every Traitorous Slime Ball or Opportunistic Bastard's. On top of all the uncaring, dimwitted civilians and all around unsympathetic douche bag's who're all Unfit for Greatness is any indicator. It's a wonder Lute finds better company among demons than with his fellow humans, let alone how a Kingdom run by a bunch of finger pointing jerkbags has lasted this long to begin with.
  • Hypocrite: A lot of the jerks Lute has to jump through hoops for in order to earn the respect of spend most, if not all, their time pointing fingers at how great a failure he is. When all of their shortcomings due to crappy personalities make you wonder just what makes any of them so great to begin with. Lute pretty much sums up the three generals who put a hit out on him with a few simple yet accurate words.

"They're rotten old men, yeah. But the higher you rise in ranks the more rotten you get, I guess."

  • Ice Queen: Isis, due to some Blue Blooded arrogance (ironic, since she's related to disgraced nobles). She also was desperately trying to get a relationship with Motaire off the ground despite it being a lost cause and was trying to hide the frustration.
    • Defrosting Ice Queen: She thaws out considerably on her route especially after Lute save her life more than once and treats her with more consideration and decency than Motaire ever did.
      • She defrosts in a different way in the Harem Route, and even before then on Luserina's route comes to greatly respect him.
  • Jerk With a Heart of Gold Shamsiel, she's a succubus and yes she HAS killed people before by feeding on them, but she's also pretty much the nicest and most helpful person to Lute in the entire story...once he wins her over. Isis, Lute's former classmate from the Royal Knight's academy, treats Lute with very little respect due to him graduating dead last in their class, but it turns out this was actually just her venting her frustrations from her struggling to get her relationship with her arranged fiance Motaire to work (it was failing due to him cheating on her and not caring for her at all), and once she starts seeing Lute's strengths and kindness as opposed to Motaire's egotistical and skirt-chasing ways, she falls in love with Lute. Felzen, Schlamm, and Zant also all saw Lute as a worthless loser at the start of the story, but once they see him in a better light, they become some of his biggest supporters and allies (though they try to play it off initially). Gladys, a seemingly traitorous woman who leads a rebellion against the king, turns out she and her father were gathering the rebels under them to keep the damage to a minimum AND to force the king to take better care with his political reforms. Motaire... His is buried deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep within him, beneath his ego, jerkass, skirt-chasing, and snobbish ways, he's actually a loyal knight wanting to become a great leader someday for his kingdom. It takes a while (and several ass-kickings to humble him), but he eventually makes the change for the better and it certainly helps him out.
  • King Incognito: Lute, he just doesn't remember. He's actually the half-human son of the former king of demons, who died when he was young. His mother raised him as a human, partially to prevent anyone from trying to kill him over that particular fact, as he's the true heir to the demon king throne. Shamshiel even knew him from way back when, which also explains why she seems to know him when they first meet.
    • He becomes an overt king in a different manner on the Harem Route: King Hagel was planning to step down and hand him the job sooner or later, the Prime Minister then murders Hagel and tries to frame Lute to stop this from happening. Lute and the rest of the cast with the slightest hint of morality manage to stop him, and Lute becomes the next king afterwards.
  • Laxative Prank: Before Lute's chess match with Gladys, he was given a pie that was secretly tainted with laxatives, as part of Wan Coan's plot to sabotage Lute. It only serves to make Lute to rapidly make his chess moves in a manner that he ends up winning the game, despite Gladys being a chess prodigy.
  • Lolicon: The Prefect of Boan hates his wife, calling her a "cow" (due to her Gag Boobs), and Shamshiel informs Lute the guy like girls "young".
  • Me's a Crowd: Lute gets a chance to pull this trope off due to "split seeds". He uses them for what you'd expect the protagonist of of a hentai game would be expected to use them for.
    • Becomes a Chekhov's Gun when Emeralia tries to seduce him. They help Lute overpower her magic and foil a plot by the Prime Minister to make him a mind controlled slave.
  • Mood Whiplash In the anime adaptation's 2nd episode, Lute has just finished having sex with Isis, and Shamsiel appears happily cracking up at the hilarity of the situation for Lute. Cut away to Gladys who is still awake late that night thinking to herself that Lute may have put up an act in front of her, but she knew he wasn't going to be able to sleep peacefully that night (due to fear of death from their duel that was to happen the next day). Cut back to Lute, who is not only sleeping soundly in his bed, but also snoring loudly with drool coming out of his wide open mouth, and instead of Isis, it's actually Shamsiel that is now asleep in bed snuggled up to him. It makes for a cute little touching moment... Only to be tossed out the window seconds later when it cuts to a shot of the gallows (presumably early the next morning) with crows squawking and the silhouette of a man (implied to be Wann Cwaan) hanging motionless and silent.
  • Non Action Hero Lute is the protagonist of the story, but he pretty much never solves any problem using actual combat skill or brute force which is a good thing, because he knows full well that he'd stand no chance in such a situation due to his poor combat skill. He tends to be able to talk things out with people or pull off some plan usually with the help of Shamsiel or the other women he loves.
  • Old Soldier: The three generals Zant, Schlamm, and Felzen, referred to by the Prime Minsiter as "the three old bastards". None of them are fans of Lute. By the end of the Harem Route, this changes drastically.
  • One-Winged Angel: Any devil human who attempts to gain the power of the Hallowed Hand can get this upgrade.
  • Potty Emergency: Roxanne has a variation of this. She prone to excessive breast milk lactation, so she has to have someone relieve the pressure from time to time. Ordinarily, a female servant helps with this. As part of the Uriah Gambit to get rid of Lute and her at the same time, the Prefect has his adjutant dope her up with aphrodisiacs to tempt Lute into committing adultery with her by aggravating this problem and her sexuality in general.
    • During Lute's chess match with Gladys, he's desperately needs to use the latrine, as a result of having laxatives slipped into his food. As a result, when its his turn, he just quickly picks a piece and moves it.
  • Punny Name: Lute's first name is the same as the musical instrument, and a few jokes are made about it. It also serves to clarify the official English romanization with an L is the proper one, as his name in the original translation was prone to the Japanese Ranguage issue, being transliterated as Ryuute and other similar names.
  • Quit Your Whining In the Routes where Lute gets promoted to ranks above Motaire, it leads to him (Motaire) constantly complaining about it and trying to still talk down to Lute. Lute, for his part doesn't care what Motaire or anyone says about him regardless of his rank, but should Motaire make a scene in front of other people... Let's just say he gets a lot of footprints on his ass and fist-marks on his swollen face.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Several notable ones.
    • Lute himself. He's not hung up on flaunting his authority, which helps him win over the soldiers of Boan which proves crucial to stopping the Prefect's treason, and regardless of his posting choices once the King offers hims several, he proves able to handle them.
      • If he returns to Boan, he marries Roxanne and does his best to turn the place around, having taken a genuine shine to the area, already doing a lot more than its previous ruler ever did for the people there.
      • If appointed to the Royal Guard, he either completes his mission for the King and is forced to escape because the Prime Minster wants him killed for his true lineage, but leaves the country with Isis to prevent trouble from befalling the King and the country itself should it become known why he had to leave or he discovers his true heritage, takes down Bonbon as he tries to seize the throne of the King of Demons, marries Shamshiel, and decides to make sure no other human can enter the forest where it lies to prevent another power-hungry despot from trying to disturb the peace of humans and demons.
    • King Hagel, who realized the nobles were power hungry and willing to usurp his authority for more, so he implemented reforms to make the kingdom be more meritocratic.
    • Roxanne, who immediately is willing to help Lute take control of Boan once it's obvious her husband is corrupt gutter slime.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Lute's initial assignment amounts to this.
  • Revive Kills Zombie: Mocked by Shamshiel, who is freely able to enter "holy" places without harm.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: King Hagel I, who is actively trying to force reforms that will make his kingdom more meritocratic. Unfortunately, this is getting him lots of enemies, even though it's obvious the reforms are sorely needed.
    • He's also not half as stupid as his enemies would believe, and is but stated to know about his daughter's demonic blood and is thus well aware Lute has claimed her virginity in her own route, and gives his blessing for them to marry because his own wife did much the same. And while the Prime Minister thinks he's manipulating the King, it's implied the King is merely giving him rope to hang himself with the whole time.
  • Running Gag: Lute and his recurring inability to avoid looking at women's busts instead of their faces.
  • Samus Is a Girl: The Duke of Wackenheim's successor is Gladys, his daughter, but is referred to as his son since hardly anyone has ever lived to see them.
  • Sinister Minister: The Prefect's attendant, a buck toothed weasel who is as devoid of scruples as his boss.
  • Spell My Name With An "S": The game script has some minor typos, like "canon" when referring to "cannons".
    • Wan Coan is, to his frequent consternation, referred to as "One Coin".
  • Tenchi Solution: The Harem Route. Can be considered the canon ending since the game set after the events of this one uses it as it's jump off point.
  • The Woman Behind The Man: Two. The obvious one is Shamshiel for Lute. The not so obvious one is Esmeralia, who is apparently this for the Prime Minister, though she's apparently not entirely pleased with this role. We find out why this is so in the Harem Ending and she eventually defects completely and becomes Lute's right hand woman.
  • Theme Naming: Lute is named after the musical instrument. This is discussed in universe, partially as a likely meta shout-out to how Fan Translations of the anime that preceded it assumed his name started with "R".
    • A less obvious one is Samshiel, who, while a Horny Devil, has a name scheme more appropriate for an angel, which is rather appropriate, given how her loyalty actually plays out in the game itself.
  • Those Two Girls: Aristera and Droit, Motaire's two airheaded groupies. They becomes Lute's in one of the game routes. At the end of the Harem Ending, Motaire gets them back due to pulling a Heel Face Turn.
  • Upper Class Twit: Practically every villain and/or just an outright Jerkass in the game is one of these.
    • Motaire, who might as well be a Gaston expy, right down to the arrogance, air-headed groupies and entitlement complex. He gets to shave the "T" off the last word of this trope by the end of the Harem Route.
    • Prince Bobon, the idiot prince of the Kingdom who eerily resembles Prince Charmles in both looks and attitude. He's also a traitor to his own father who wants power and is willing to sell out the kingdom to get it. He also attempts to seize the power of the Hallowed Hand for the same reasons in Shamshiel's route.
    • The Prefect of Boan, who is just barely nobility (technically a knight, which he resents) due to basically being the top dog of Boan (which means he's still the laughingstock of the other nobles), who happens to be a Dirty Coward, a Lolicon and a traitor collaborating with rebel forces.
    • The Prime Minister is a total asshat yet otherwise seemingly competent, though he's certainly quick to dismiss Lute's importance, even after proof of his competence is available. He tries to kill Lute in both Isis and Shamshiel's routes for different reasons. In Isis' route, he's revealed to know the secret of the temple Lute discovered and how he could gain it's power and tries to kill him before he can get it, while he merely wants to eliminate Lute for not getting killed due to the other gambits that failed, implying he was aware of them and had some role in them. In Luserina's route he even tries to use Luserina's demonic blood as a weapon against Lute, which backfires pretty hard. In the Harem Route he goes for the nuclear option, murders the King, and tries to frame Lute for it. This backfires epically, and he pays for his crimes with his life at the end.
  • Upper Class Wit: Roxanne, the Prefect's wife, who is an intelligent woman who didn't let Blue Blood turn her into an asshole and who shows more decency and concern for others than her husband, and is smart enough to realize he's a scheming Jerkass and winds up helping Lute stop his plans because she's much smarter than she's taken for.
    • Gladys von Wackenheim realizes Lute isn't half as stupid as he comes off as, and impressed by his intelligence, even leaving a few clues to the real villains of the commander arc since they see Lute as a Worthy Opponent.
  • Uriah Gambit: Lute is immediately put into one not long after arriving in Boan, which he survives. The guys who put him into it didn't expect that, but since he survived, they have a second one they immediately put him in that fails as well. Later on, in Shamshiel's route, Lute winds up in a third gambit courtesy of the Prime Minister, who sets him up to be killed, but this plot is foiled by Shamshiel's last minute intervention.
  • Villain of the Week More like "Villain of the Route", depending on your choices, except... Bobon, the Prefect of Boan, and Madoise are the villains of the Roxanne/Boan Arc which makes for the first 3rd of the overall story no matter what. Then in the other routes, there's Bobon, Motaire, and the Prime Minister (to a degree) are the villains of Shamsiel and Isis' routes. Assassins ABCDE, Wahun Kuwahun, Gladys (kind of, but also not really, and she changes sides later), Emeralia (for a while but she also changes near the end), Bobon, and finally the Prime Minister in Luceria's and the Harem Route.
  • What Happened To The Mouse?: Happens to Shamshiel in universe if you pick an ending route without her in it, with Lute wondering where she went. She's mentioned as at least keeping in touch in Roxanne's ending
  • Why Won't You Die?: Shamshiel wonders this about Lute after a night of trying to drain him dry, wondering why it didn't kill him, something that even he is amazed by, and since it will solve the problem of her having her "meals" die and solve his problem of "dealing with her", she opts to stick with Lute since he "defeated her".
  • Wretched Hive: Played with. While many of the citizens within the kingdom are content and the royalty are decent enough to be much beloved for it. The kingdom itself is constantly plagued by war, strife and hidden cabals secretly scheming and plotting behind the throne with thoughts of rebellion in mind. If that wasn't apparent at first sight; a lot of people in the kingdom, from the top brass to upper political and/or militia echelons included. Are all either somewhat incompetent or all around complete bastards even if they mean well. Which for the most part in story, given all their bigotry and egotism a great many of whom do not.
  • X Marks the Hero Somewhat. Supposedly, there's special marks that can manifest on Lute's hands if he ever fully taps into his true powers as a half-human half-incubus. At which point, it will immediately be a sign that he is not a human, and would therefore make him a target due to the law known as the "Demon Extermination Order". Simultaneously, any demons that see Lute's hands even when the marks aren't visible can automatically tell who/what he is: their King.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Roxanne is trapped in an incredibly loveless marriage and immediately wants to sleep with Lute, and he feels the same, but is a bit nervous about doing so since adultery has stiff penalties. Also, the Prefect is hoping Lute will cheat with his wife because he wants an excuse to be rid of her and wants to keep her and Lute from discovering his treason. Regardless, it is portrayed very sympathetically for both parties involved.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: The effective end result of Shamshiel managing to NOT kill Lute after a night of passion is for her to act like he did this to her, effectively making her his servant.
  • Zoo World There's all sorts of creatures that inhabit the setting of the story. One particular place worth mentioning is the Gripon Woods, better known as the "Demon Woods", which as it turns out is a forest that hosts a variety of plants, animals, and yes demons that are not found anywhere else in the entire kingdom.
  1. "Funbags" is a common slang for huge breasts, and it rolls off the tongue better in English.