PPG World Battles the Broccolloids

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A Powerpuff Girls fancomic by Tony Bates a.k.a Sly Cherry Chunks made in 2003-2004 for the then active PPGWorld forum, a popular forum for all things Powerpuff Girls.

Also known as Board Battles the Broccolloids, it tells the story of the Powerpuff Girls joining a space corporation known as Bridge Co to battle the against the Broccolloids (from the episode Beat Your Greens) invasion alongside the other cadets (who are based off the forum members). However as the battle rages on, there turns out to be more at stake then initially let on.

Full of many a Shout-Out and author avatars, along with a well written story (though obviously written on the fly to incorporate the growing members into the story) and great artwork by Sly. It's a very good read for any fans of PPG or just anime pop culture.

Was followed by a sequel: Board Battles the Bydo, but that comic was discontinued when the PPG World site went belly up. The site hosting the comic also went dead though you can see some of the last few pages on Sly's Deviantart gallery.

You can find the first two BBB comics: here and the third and final book here [dead link]. An archive of all of the pages of Board Battles the Bydo empire is seen here.

Tropes used in PPG World Battles the Broccolloids include:

Braveun: Maybe Sly's making this up as he goes along...