RPG Parade

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A series of videos released on YouTube by Katapicture. It is currently in its fourth season, following the adventures of a bunch of friends as they live a story of life... and awesomeness.

...Oh, and did we mention, it's an RPG?

Taking the guise of a JRPG, RPG Parade both uses tropes normally seen in RPGs and lampshades them. It all starts here. Watch, and enjoy!

Party Members:

  • Janman, the main character of the series. Uses a unique fighting style called 'Betting It All'. His main source of power appears to come from his Hoodie of Wildfire.
  • Steel, who despite his archetype is not the main character. Has a big anger problem.
  • Nomi, whose offensive arsenal is based on food. She appears unable to talk about anything else (because what else is there to talk about, in her view) and has an unusual method of addressing people.
  • Whiffler, the drunken guy. Rarely seen without a bottle of booze.
  • Totchi, a bard who wishes to find inspiration and make music which would melt the hardest of hearts. Left Team Parade in Episode 46 to find his own path.
  • Gri, one of Janman's best friends. He has a bit of an attitude, and uses piercing attacks to get by armoured foes.

Tropes used in RPG Parade include: