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"Merry Christmas, Denis Norden!"
Rik Mayall to the camera after another flub, Bottom
Mal in Serenity, in an outtake

Outtakes from a pre-recorded show that someone deemed entertaining enough to stand on their own. Usually run over the credits of some Sitcom shows, but also a standard feature of the Clip Show, and sometimes included as extra material on DVDs.

They can involve:

Naturally, outtakes (sometimes also known as 'bloopers', and professionally called a 'gag reel'), are not always appreciated (or welcome) in all situations. Let's face it, at times it's downright embarrassing to screw up, and many actors feel that publishing a string of 'goofs' is demeaning and makes them look unprofessional. Many directors don't want the tone of a drama changed by people remembering moments from the blooper reel when they watch the movie again.

The viewers, however, love a good blooper reel. Everyone can identify with saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or have to try something over and over again that is just not going right. Because of this many movies will toss in a blooper reel on the DVD, even if it isn't a very good blooper reel, and media in which outtakes are unlikely (such as animation) it's not uncommon for a reel of fake outtakes to be created from whole cloth - since these are created intentionally for comedic purposes, they're often even funnier. Most news stations run a blooper reel at the end of the year. TV shows and movies dubbed into another language always fall victim to these because the actors often need to perform to already-completed footage, which is difficult and heightens the chance of them royally screwing up a take. Bonus points if said actors have a background in improv and can make an outtake So Bad It's Good.

There are also individual programmes made up entirely of outtakes, e.g. It'll be Alright on the Night (an ITV series hosted by Denis Norden, hence the page quote), Auntie's Bloomers (taken from Auntie Beeb, an old-fashioned nickname for The BBC) and TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes.

Note that outtakes are not the same as deleted scenes: while outtakes consist of mistakes and flubbed lines, deleted scenes are removed from the final print for pacing or running time issues or because they either fall flat or simply don't add enough to the work to justify including them.

A Sub-Trope to Blooper. One of these can actually become a case of Throw It In, if the mistake is minor, nobody else breaks their composure, and the director decides to keep it.

Compare No Fourth Wall.

Examples of Hilarious Outtakes include:


  • This well-remembered 1969 spot for Alka-Seltzer spoofs the concept, with a film crew ostensibly trying to shoot a commercial for spaghetti sauce, and the lead actor repeatedly flubbing the line "Mamma mia, that's a spicy meatball!"
    • And when he does nail it at the end of the commercial... the oven door spontaneously falls open, ruining the take.
  • A good Real Life example would be Orson Welles' now-infamous '70s spot for Paul Masson wines. Welles was genuinely and extremely inebriated for the shoot, requiring the producers to edit his performance as best they could with Welles redubbing his own voice after the fact.
    • Another Orson Welles example would be a commercial he did for Findus frozen peas. As taping progresses Welles, who apparently Took The Bad Commercial Seriously, repeatedly stops to mock the copy he's supposed to read, getting increasingly agitated and finally leaving the studio in disgust. (The incident was later spoofed in episodes of Pinky and The Brain, The Critic and Futurama, all utilizing voice actor Maurice LaMarche's dead-on Welles impersonation.)
  • Jim Gaffigan's Saturn commercial outtakes have made their way to the internet. They have a good ten minutes of trying to get this guy to focus.
  • The video magazine PlayStation Underground had an outtakes clip from a commercial where two older people mess up repeatedly during the filming of a Playstation commercial. It's hard to find by itself, but a few issues later PU let Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff all of their opening segments, and Mystery Science Theater 3000's riffing took the already-funny segment Up to Eleven. You can watch it here, the outtakes segment starts at 2:30.

Anime & Manga

  • 10 Little Gall Force contains a bunch of "outtakes" from the actual Gall Force, even though they are cartoons.
  • The American DVD release of Berserk has, as an extra feature, outtakes from the dub voice cast... including several takes in which Griffith's voice actor randomly bursts into song. Yes, it's as hilarious as it sounds.
    • There was also a clip where Sean Schemmel mimic Beavis and Butthead. "Look, that old guy's hand is holding a nad! Huh-huh huh".
    • On the early volumes, the outtakes are mostly true mistakes and occasional ad-libs made by the voice actors. As the series goes on and gets worse, the outtake extras descend farther into deliberate comedy and self-parody. Of note are Casca's Running Gag about getting her cock sucked, Guts playing up his role as The Ahnold, more musical interludes from more characters, repeated scenes with different dialogue, and a Lampshade Hanging on the cliffhanger ending to finish things off.
  • FLCL's DVD includes outtakes from the dubs. The most hilarious is Amarao's voice actor Dave Mallow failing to say Haruko's real name right multiple times, until he eventually just keeps trying to say it. For a solid minute. There's applause when he finally succeeds. He also has a lot of trouble with "Atomsk", which he pronounces several different ways, none of them correct.
  • Full Metal Panic!? Fumoffu's last episode in the English dub has a fourth-wall-breaking bonus for those that watch to the end of the episode's credits. Near the end of the credits, Chris Patton (the voice of Sōsuke) momentarily breaks character to make a comment to Luci Christian (the voice of Kaname), who replies amusedly that he still has another line. Probably intentional rather than a true outtake, as Patton and Christian are still using their "Sōsuke" and "Kaname" voices, but funny nevertheless.
  • In Hellsing, the "next episode preview" bits are usually narrated by an Art Shifted Seras and the Harkonnen spirit. A few of them involve Walter and the Valentine brothers. Oddly, Alucard never shows up in any of them.
    • You do get to hear him in the last one, though, congratulating Seras for doing an episode preview with no interruptions.
  • One of the primary points of humor to the Noein dub are the outtakes that Crispin Freeman and company partake in when they just can't make a straight face to their lines anymore.

Yuu: C...Crispin Freeman! Get out of my bedroom!
Karasu: I believe she went to the Waffle House...I'm going to have my way with the both of you and then I'm gonna do the dog.
Karasu: Fuck...you...all...
Yuu: So.. then if I could think about where she could be...
Karasu: Then this story might actually make sense.

    • Freeman once mentioned at a con that most of his outtakes weren't on the DVD because they were too dirty (the one about the dog being the one that was kept), and that he's actually competing with Steve Blum to see who can make the most "X-rated" outtakes.
  • The DVD Extras for Mariasama ga Miteru mostly consists of the characters in Super-Deformed mode doing Toy Story-inspired animated "outtakes" such as getting clothing caught in a door or forgetting to turn on their mikes.
  • The English DVDs of Princess Tutu feature outtakes from the dub recording, most stemming from the fact that Jay Hickman (Mytho) and Chris Patton (Fakir) couldn't resist juicing up the already apparent Ho Yay:

Mytho: She appeared and...touched me.
Fakir: The same place where I touch you? Bitch!

  • Media Blaster's English release of Rurouni Kenshin, including the actor for Hiko Seijuro flubbing a line trying to say kuzu ryu sen and launching into a 20 second string of gibberish.
    • How about virtually any outtake from Hiko Seijuro? "Listen to me! The Hiten Mitsurugi Style will always guarantee victory to the sides its chooses because I cantve begen legen legen!"
    • No love for Chou's voice actor saying his lines on helium? Or Shishio's saying "LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!" in a really-high-pitched Camp Gay voice?
    • Or Kenshin's VA at a scene that is supposed to be quiet and meaningful: "What happened to all the animals? The birds? I can't hear any FISH!"
    • Lest we forget Lex Lang's love of talking about sandwiches when he flubs a line. Or this during Kenshin's fight with Shishio: "Two hit combo with super-sized fries!"
    • Best one ever might be seconds before a ship explodes and Sanosuke is supposed to shout "A bomb?!", Lex Lang instead shouts: "I FARTED!" Cue explosion and massive amounts of laughter.
    • No mention of Saitou yet? After the fight with Shishio ends, and he turns to leave: "It's all about the bling-bling."
    • Another brilliant outtake of Hiko's is when he's supposed to say "Live on, Kenshin," but turns it into "Rock on, Kenshin" instead.
  • Sailor Moon Abridged by Megami33 has blooper reels for every episode.
  • The Super Gal anime (Maris the Chojo) ends with fake animated bloopers.
  • The DVD releases of Texhnolyze features "Alternate Dialogue Outtakes", which redubs select clips from the included episodes with snarky, bizarre, or outright wacky dialogue (such as changing a vicious gun battle into a rather enthusiatic paintball match). Considering the series takes place in the most depressing of worlds possible, and is in effect 22 episodes worth of psychological torture, gives these dubbing added hilarity.
  • There's the Dub Outtakes of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, where Steven Jay Blum goes Up to Eleven with how he can make Leeron even gayer.

Leeron: So let me get this straight...you've never seen a man's jibblies before?

    • And also...

Yoko: Urgh, you and your creepy toys.
Leeron:: Honey, you can't handle my creepy toys.


Yoko: What did you find?
Leeron: An entire collection of Boys Life magazines! Veeeeery hot!

  • The US release of Weiss Kreuz and its sequel series Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen both include outtakes from the dubbing process. The outtakes from the original series in particular are occasionally rather revealing, as the voice actors are sometimes obviously reacting in surprise to what's happening in the animation, having clearly never seen it before that recording session. ("Oh my God! He gets...does he get killed?...oh my God!") The outtakes also feature Christopher Yates making a Running Gag of introducing the teams targets as celebrities they resemble ("David Carradine, Kojak, and that guy from Duran Duran").
  • One of the commentary tracks on FUNimation's final Yu Yu Hakusho DVD was actually an outtakes reel, introduced by Line Producer/voice of Yusuke Justin Cook, and featuring an ad-lib of Koenma's voice actor, Sean Teague, sneaking into the booth and thanking Justin for being 'like a Yoda' to him. It also features Justin yelling his lungs out for 24 seconds straight.
  • The US DVD release of Ouran High School Host Club includes outtakes from the dubbing as an extra, including a Gag Dub of the end credits sequence.

Travis: (laughs) It's so funny; Captain Million Miles An Hour just grabs [Honey] . . . Oh, gosh, what is this show...?

    • One of the best outtakes is a scene where Tamaki was being extremely over-protective and jealous, causing him to "breathe fire". Vic took it to the logical extreme.

Vic: Look at me! Fire! I'm breathing fire! This is the fire of my anger, Kyoya! You've turned the king of the Host Club into a dragon! I AM THE DRAGON KING!

    • It has to be heard to be believed, but a very camp-y Tamaki can induce uncontrollable laughter:

Tamaki: Next week the Ouran host club is sponsoring a party all up in here.
Tamaki: That's ridiculous. You're not the droid she's looking for.

    • J. Michael Tatum has also stated that his favorite blooper is the "blooty is bootiful", as well as "Enchante . . . moron."

Kyouya: . . . i.e., disrobing? I.e., gettingnakie? Nuuuude? In da buff? Au naturale? Posing for a picture?
Kyouya: IIIII hate your face! Weeee're out of money! WE'LL SEE YOU THEN!


Kyon: I don't really have a glasses fetish anyway.
Yuki: (still totally deadpan) What kind of fetish do you have?
Kyon: Hey Nagato; are you willing to pose naked for the site?
Yuki: (deadpan again) Yes; I am.
Kyon: The fate of this world is resting on your mammaries, Mikuru!
Kyon: Maybe I'm an animated character on a screen, and all of you watching could go outside...and get a life!


Itsuki: Say this closed space is a pimple that appears on Miss Suzumiya's ass, and espers are the acne medication.
Kyon: You know, your metaphors are hard to understand.
Itsuki: Yeah, that's not all that's hard.

    • Heck, all the Brigade members get a few good shots. Even Mikuru.

Mikuru: (watches Kyon diving to catch a baseball) Ooh, look, buttcrack!


Haruhi: What's your name anyway?
Kyon: Crispin Freeman.
Itsuki: Mount Fuji today.
Itsuki: Is that any way to greet your friend?

    • Stephanie Sheh gets a good one as well.

Mikuru: July the seventh, three years ago...right after Anime Expo!


Dan Green The first thing I'm gonna do is get laid, then I'm going to get laid again, then do some crack and then get laid some more. That's what I'm all about, getting f-Sound Effect Bleep-ucked.

  • The Digimon dub have occasionally made fake outtakes for ads. More specifically, The Movie for Digimon Savers included a couple of fake outtakes interspersed with copy-pasted footage of the movie during its credits.
  • The dub outtakes for Mahou Sensei Negima! includes such things as Negi swearing a lot, Evangeline spontaneously shouting "French Toast" with an exaggerated Texan accent, and the tale of Chamo's escape becoming...different (see below).
    • Chamo definitely gets the best ones:

"Hm...DAH! I've got it! I forgot what to say, but oh my goodness it's going to fit the flaps!"
"Negi! NEGI! Eh heh heh heh, a-heh heh...I'll kick you in the face."
"I projected... a large sales increase in Yanni CDs across the overseas... nation. That made a lot of sense, ladies and gentlemen. I have a big cigar in my hands."

    • Special mention should go to Negi angrily saying "Get the f*** out of here."
    • Or Evangeline failing to keep her English accent going:

"So in other words, since you find yourself...yourself...since you find yourself...*drops accent* I CAN'T DO IT! I CAN'T TALK LIKE THAT!"


Fuuka: She's trying to say, she has to go p...crap.
Negi: Eeuhh.

  • Spiral has some amazing outtakes on the second volume, including Monica Rial saying "crap" a billion times. CRRRAAAAP
  • It's said that a large number of supposedly hilarious outtakes and improvisations (many of them involving Spike Spencer) were recorded during the process of dubbing Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. For whatever reason, they (as well as a number of other special features that had already been prepared) were not included on the DVDs, and may well be lost forever. The closest we'll ever come to knowing what kind of hilarious memes we could be missing are a few remarks on the commentary tracks alluding to their existance.
  • Central Park Media's release of the Slayers DVDs had these, with the most memorable being highly naughty exchanges between Crispin Freeman and Veronica Taylor in-character (they play Zelgadis and Princess Amelia respectively, whom are frequently subjected to Ship Tease). Sadly, FUNimation's re-release lacked these, along with the commentary.
  • Black Jack's anime adaptation include one (Karte NG) after the end credits.
  • Midori Days has a few English dub outtakes, many of which focus on the more R-rated implications of Seiji and Midori's "connection".
  • Wild Arms TV has dub outtakes on each of the DVDs. However, they suffer a bit from only putting the mistakes in and losing the context of the prior dialogue. For example, the very last clip is the main character ad-libbing in the phrase "Ah, bite me" on a scene where he's just standing there. Show the bit of the scene directly before this when the rest of the main cast wishing him good luck before getting out of his way and escaping kind of makes it lose its oomph.
  • Durarara!! has a blooper reel for each nine-episode set.
  • While the 2003 anime series didn't have any bloopers, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood does in the dub's final volume. While it's short, there are several uncensored F-bombs to go around.

Winry: Oh hey! I almost forgot! Grandma's making stew tonight!
Al: F*** yeah!

    • One of the best was Major Armstrong's dramatic "Let's look at the door!" exactly one second before everyone in the room stares at an open door for several seconds.

Scar (while performing one of his Facepalms of Doom): "Your face asplode!"


There once was a woman from Q
Who filled her vagina with glue
She said with a grin if they pay to get in
They'll pay to get out of it too.

  • Magic Users Club has enough outtakes from the English dub cast for a set to be included in the extras on each DVD.

Sae: I command you to stop! ...in the name of love...


Takeo: Miyama? My god! Where did you get those things?


Fan Works

  • The fan-made tribute movie River City Rumble has an outtake reel of various mistakes, and some goofier takes on some scenes, including one where the actors are dancing in the background for no reason whatsoever (well, it might be a Shout-Out to God Hand...). Better yet, the last scene on the reel is when one actor (a black guy) accidentally gets his lip busted open and comments on the scenario, which makes everyone die laughing:

"You got a bloodied black guy up against the wall, surrounded by a bunch of white dudes with a camera."

    • And:

Merlin: (reading from a book) Stone Fists --
Off-screen voice, imitating Merlin: Stone Hands, asshole!
Merlin: (beat) Stone HANDS!


Films -- Animation

  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has a hilarious fake gag reel on the DVD release, including such gems as Gray stumbling and "accidentally" shooting Aki.
    • As well as the cast performing the Thriller dance.
  • Barbie in a Mermaid Tale abused the hell out of this for the DVD release: it features outtakes for scenes that don't even appear elsewhere on the DVD.
    • All the recent Barbie movies abuse this one. Unfortunately, they're really animated in the exact same way as the rest of the movie, which ruins the humour (Worse, the "jokes" rarely make any form of sense; they're often clips of the ridiculously hyperintelligent animals dancing around).
  • For its CGI-animation feature A Bugs Life, Pixar actually animated outtakes from the actors' recording sessions, and ran the fake bloopers under the end credits. (See Animated Actors.) They later did the same with Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc.—Disney even removed the outtakes from Monsters, Inc., then put them in after the film had been out for three weeks, to incite audiences to go see it again. After a while, Pixar decided they were in danger of falling into formula, so they did away with the outtakes, starting with Finding Nemo.
    • Much to the disappointment of fans.
  • Jonah: a Veggie Tales Movie has animated bloopers on the DVD bonus content, which makes sense with the series sense of the different characters being actors in the main series. There's also an Easter Egg video exclusively of different lines for the talking Jonah plush toy.
  • The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray includes animated outtakes featuring audio of actual flubs the voice actors performed.
    • The original character animators even got to reanimate their scenes.
  • Shrek had a collection of test animation and rendering errors—including the hilarious fuzzy donkey clips when they did a batch of final renders with the wrong settings.
    • Madagascar also showed animation bloopers on its DVD.

Films -- Live-Action

  • Many comedy movies run outtakes over the end credits, including:
  • Being There runs outtakes of Peter Sellers continually flubbing a speech that had to be cut (he couldn't get through it without cracking up and breaking character) over the end credits. This was director Hal Ashby's idea—Sellers was famous for committing to his characters, and saw this as "break[ing] the spell" of the film. He tried multiple times to get the outtakes dropped, but Ashby never relented. New York Times critic Vincent Canby later noted the mood-breaking effect of these outtakes in an essay against the whole trend of such, which was taking off around this time with the aforementioned Smokey and the Bandit films. There is an alternate, no-outtakes end credit sequence that was last seen circa 2004 in syndicated television airings, but all video prints of the film, including the 2009 DVD release, only use the outtakes version—the DVDs don't even include the alternate version as a bonus feature. And the BluRay disc includes even more bloopers from that speech.
    • There's a rumor that the outtakes were what caused Sellers to lose out on the Best Actor Oscar for his role.
  • The 1984 movie Chattanooga Choo Choo had a great collection of outtakes following the movie.
  • Most Jackie Chan action films include a modified version of this, with the outtakes often highlighting Chan's stunt failures and injuries. Several films have included clips of Chan being airlifted to hospitals, being loaded into ambulances, breaking bones, falling from high places onto hard/pointy things, etc. Chan was inspired to do this by the bloopers in Cannonball Run, where he had a bit part.
    • On Rush Hour, though, when he fails to slide through a narrow space and falls to the floor, he jumps up with a "Jackie always OK!" to the amusement of the crew.
    • Most of the other outtakes are Jackie flubbing his lines. Chan speaks very little English, and does his more complex lines by repeating the sounds without understanding what he's saying. The end result is that he often mispronounces things...and sometimes the crew slips him fake lines to get him to say something awful without knowing what it was!
    • This is especially hilarious in the Rush Hour outtakes, where Brett Ratner fed Jackie Chan increasingly dirty commentary about porn, ending with Jackie saying "I like the one with the horse!" with a straight face, until the entire crew bursts out laughing.

Chris: Lee, what's wrong with you?
Jackie: I don't know! Ratner told me to say it! (everyone laughs as Jackie glares off-camera) Are you teaching me a bad word?

      • This one goes both ways...

Jackie: (laughing) Three words! You say my English is bad; he cannot say three words in Chinese!

      • And from one of the sequels, after several clips of Chris Tucker flubbing the same line:

Chris: El Poco Roco...
Jackie: El Pollo Loco!

        • He also can't pronounce "gefilte fish" to save his life. And Jackie can't say "Madison Square Garden."
      • After Chris keeps flubbing the line and calling Jackie, "Jackie" instead of his character's name (Inspector Lee).

Kenny (Don Cheadle): His name is Lee, Goddamnit!

      • Another has Chris Tucker getting a phone call from his friend.

Tucker: [On phone] I'm filming, I'm looking at Jackie Chan dead in his eye! Call me back at seven o'clock! Call me back!
Chan: Are you a professional? we are filming and you turn on your phone!?
Tucker: [Still on phone] No, you can't speak to Jackie Chan! [Extras and crew laugh in background]
Tucker: Look just...[Hands Jackie phone embarrassingly] I'm sorry man.
Chan: Hello? We are filming right now! [Background laughter rises, Tucker apologizes continuously]...You sorry! ... You waste our film!
Tucker: [Takes phone back] Call me tonight, seven o'clock! [Shuts phone off and walks off camera; Jackie looks at the camera shaking his head]


Tucker: Damn! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3!

    • In the Shanghai series, Owen Wilson has a great deal of difficulty remembering to call Jackie by his character's name. Then there's the time Jackie forgot to turn his cellphone off... oops.
      • Which is a bit of a weird callback to the above mentioned outtake from Rush Hour 2.
    • Also from Shanghai Knights, during one fight he and his foe totally forgot the fight choreography, and just kept repetitively hitting each other... until Jackie turned the motions into a dance routine, then finally threw his hands up and shouted "You have to say CUT!"
    • Same outtakes reel: Jackie falls through a hole in the set, we hear an absolutely epic crash from below, followed by Jackie's pained voice saying "You were supposed to catch me!"
    • These were parodied in the Mr. Show Direct to Video Run Ronnie Run.
    • While not hilarious, there's an interesting one in Rumble in The Bronx, where Jackie Chan trips while running from the actors playing goons. It's interesting watching the expressions of his crowd of pursuers go from angry "I'm going to get you" to "are you okay?" in a split second. here at 1:30 - notice the guy with the bat raise it to strike, then check on Jackie.
  • Serenity has some excellent outtakes on the DVD. Nathan Fillion gets extra credit for slowly but surely derailing a dramatic scene for full comedic effect.

Mal: Get these bodies together.
Zoe: We got time for grave diggin'?
Mal: Zoe, you and Simon are going to rope them together. Five or six of them, laid out on the nose of our ship.
Simon: Are you insane?
Mal: Put Book front and center. He's our friend, we should honor him. Kaylee, find that kid who's taking a dirt nap with baby Jesus. We need a hood ornament. Jayne! Try not to steal too much of their shit!


Mal: I'm assuming y'all were listening.
Kaylee: Yeah...
Mal: Did you hear us fight?
Kaylee: No...
Mal: TRAP!!!

    • But perhaps the greatest one of all is during the big space battle near the end, made funnier because no one breaks character during the entire thing, even after it's apparent that someone's messed up. "GET OUT OF THE WAAAAAAYYYYY!!!"

Alan: Fine! You wanna fly?! Fuckin' fly!! (gets up and 'storms' off; Nathan grabs the wheel and begins 'driving' the ship. As he leaves the cockpit, Alan turns and screams) I'LL BE IN MY BUNK!

  • The special features on the DVD of The Hangover include a segment entitled "The Madness of Ken Jeong", which are basically improvised scenes of Ken being as creatively vulgar/racist/homophobic as possible. The other actors desperately try to keep up, and do admirably (Jeong's right hand man's attempts to back up Jeong's wanking motions are pliceress).
  • Pirates of the Caribbean has got to have some of the funniest outtakes ever committed to film:

Johnny Depp: And now all that's left is for you to climb aboard the Davy Jones Crocodile Machine or whatever it's called, what is the bloody thing called?
Jonathan Pryce: (reading from a scroll) The charge is conspiring to set free a man convicted of... (very long pause) I can't read my own writing.
Johnny Depp: I shall help you to find the compass...if you do strange things to my dog, his name is Tim.
Sailor abord the Edinburgh Trader: There's a female presence here, sir! All the men have felt her...No they haven't.
Johnny Depp: Dear friends, let us not...forget our lines. Let's not forget our lines, shall we?
Geoffrey Rush: NAAAY, BELAY THAT!!! (long pause) Do somethin' else!
Johnny Depp: (after flubbing a line for the third time) I hate this bloody line. Where are the writers; I want to kill them.
The part when the candle breaks off the wall at the wrong moment is also hilarious, as is Orlando's numerous attempts at flipping the sword.

    • Director Gore Verbinski deadpans "same thing, only better, please."
    • Johnny Depp leans into the frame and fussily adjusts a lock of hair on Jack Davenport's forehead, to which he replies "Thanks, dear." And they wonder why people write fic.
    • The third installment has another epic line from Geoffrey Rush:

Captain Barbosa: (he kneels in front of Calypso) Calypso! I come before ye as but a humble servant! (the wind blows, knocking off his hat) You blew me hat off, ya bitch!

    • And this conversation:

Beckett: Someone must ensure the world turns smoothly... someone must... oh **** , **** !
Jack: Ahem. You can't curse in a Disney film, mate.

    • What makes some of them even funnier is that Johnny Depp never breaks character, even when he flubs his lines.
  • Hitch has some excellent blooper lines by both Will Smith and Kevin James, as seen here.:

Will: (to Kevin James, who is off-screen) I feel terrible mixing business and pleasure, but um... I would... I would love to fuck you.
Kevin: Because without you, I have no... I have no... shit. I have no shit. I have no shit in me. I'm empty. Which is convenient on a camping trip but not now.


Dave: (points a gun at the camera) Who's laughing? SHUT UP!
Dave: (waving his gun) We're gonna break Whitey's motherfuckin' head! (he points it at the camera) You too, audience! Get out your seats! Burn that motherfuckin' theater down!
Dave: Bill Clinton! Black. Man. His high-yellow ass ain't foolin' me.

  • Men in Black II was not exactly the best movie ever, but the nearly ten-minute long rolling of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Rosario Dawson, and a stuntman in the car was arguably funnier than the actual movie. Mostly because the director kept calling the stuntman "Derek" and that was not his name. Will could not keep it together because of it.
  • The Silence of the Lambs, a Best-Picture-Winning Horror Film, includes on its special edition DVD a hilarious blooper reel, including an outtake of Hopkins, covered in blood, impersonating Rocky Balboa. There's also a great clip of when Starling attempts to arrest Buffalo Bill. Jodie Foster flubs her line, causing her and the actor playing a serial killer to dissolve into hysterics.

Jodie Foster: "FREEZE! PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS-(pause) Hands on your hips? (cracking up) And fucking do the hokey-pokey!"

  • Say what you want about the movie Van Helsing but the outtakes were brilliant, especially these two:

Frankenstein: (encased in a block of ice) I'm a cold-hearted bitch.
Dracula: Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... Van Halen!

  • Hot Fuzz's outtake reel has a lot of line flubbing... and then Nick and Simon fully acknowledging the Ho Yay between their characters. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • And of course, Nick, when confronted by the drunk kid pissing against a wall, commenting "Collars match the cuffs."
  • The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (the 2005 one), has several, including the Centaurs and Mr. Tumnus having difficulty playing their instruments (no.), Peter falling off his horse as it rears up, and claiming that Lucy looked like "the girl from The Exorcist" in one scene, and Jadis having trouble with some doors (and slipping on her sleigh).
    • The best was the motion-capture actor for Maugrim playing around with his bright neon green suit:

"But you're going to die... by a FROG!" (jumps at Peter)

  • Shaun of the Dead's gag reel includes an awful lot of improvisation on the part of Nick Frost, particularly during a scene describing some of the Winchester's exotic customers, namely the old woman that was eventually called a "Cockacidal Maniac."

Simon Pegg: What about her then?
Nick Frost: Oh... big ole gash/holy flaps/loves giant root/pipe or clam, it's all good/big old muff/ropey old twat/more holes filled with pearly-white spooge.

  • Underworld has a few notable examples. One involves the Lycan scientist constantly flubbing his explanation to Viktor over and over- when he finally gets it right Selene (Kate Beckinsale) breaks character because she realizes she's missing her fangs. Another shows the film's Stunt Coordinator removing a ladder used to set up a shot and trying to exit the set far too quickly considering the environment- basically he slips trying to run on wet cement with a ladder in his arms and falls on his ass.
  • The first Lord of the Rings film has some great ones.

Ian McKellen (as Gandalf): Orcs! And so far from Auckland.

    • And Sean Astin's "I just wanted to get a close up!" bit is awesome.
    • Viggo Mortensen randomly deciding to kiss Billy Boyd deserves special mention.
    • The best one of all has to be from Two Towers: during the scene in Osgiliath, there's one take where David Whenham (Faramir) looks up and screams "NAZGUL!!!" The camera pans up and a 747 flys by overhead. Cue all of the actors falling over laughing.
    • IanMckellen forgets his line, and never breaks character
  • Both the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies have them, some staged (most of the ones involving Jar Jar, and one bit where Boba Fett hunts down an Ewok). The blooper reels also demonstrate that, apparently, it is impossible to keep R2-D2 standing up straight for any length of time. And then there's the bit where George Lucas is telling Anthony Daniels, in costume as C-3PO, that he needs to emote more.
  • The film Red Eye, of all things, has a hilarious blooper reel. You can find it on Youtube. I won't spoil it for you - but apparently the extras had fun and that little blond girl scared Cillian Murphy ... with good reason.
  • Speaking of Wes Craven, the first five minutes of the Scream 4 outtakes features Ghostface jumping out and scaring actors out of no where. It's freaking GREAT.
  • The bloopers for the 2009 Star Trek are unbelievably funny. So much so that to list the funniest ones would be impossible considering all of them are complete gold. Seen here.
    • Special mention to J.J. Abrams constantly beatboxing with the microphone.

(calling from offscreen) ...and again, as if not in the blooper reel...

    • The part when Bruce can't get the gun out the holster and when Chris falls out of the captain's chair are hands down the funniest moments.
    • Well of course they weren't filming a scene and simultaneously broke out into dance and obviously ZQ and Chris Pine weren't messing up when they did that whole scene with an Irish/Scottish/Wherever the hell people talk like that (nowhere) accent. Rule of Funny, my friend.
  • Thai action film Chocolate goes a different route—instead of funny material, the outtakes are injuries suffered on-set.
    • Good thing that pile of stunt guys broke his fall.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was already a hilarious film, but the actors somehow managed to top themselves in these bloopers

"What's wrong with that car?" "That car's fucked up!"

  • Rupert Grint, and to a lesser extent Daniel Radcliffe, are notorious for Corpsing on set.
  • The Master of Disguise, to pad things out to 85 minutes, intersperses its end credits with these and deleted scenes.
    • Unfortunately they're better than anything the movie threw at us.
  • Rat Race has a real gem.

John Lovitz: (ad-libbing) I just want some proof. I want to see it. Did he show you the money?
Cuba Gooding Jr.: No he did not show me the money...

  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist has a series of deleted scene outtakes in which a cleaning lady comes by, takes one look at Caroline's mess in the public toilet, and says simply, "Hell no!", with a different acCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle each time.
  • Hellboy II has its share of moments (you can watch their blooper reel here).
  • The Blu-Ray edition of Spider Man 3 has a blooper reel that is unique in that, at the end, it features incomplete visual effects shots that the animators messed around with for fun. For example, instead of the symbiote, a tiny version of Spidey is shown trapped in the jar, and there is a sequence where Spider-Man and New Goblin are riding on his glider...only to be eaten by Sandman, who visibly enjoyed the meal. There's also alot of JK Simmons messing up and swearing, in-character. Willem Dafoe, in his cameo, yells "AVENGE MEEEE!!!!!!!" at the camera, and swears as well.
    • It should be noted that the DVD version of this blooper reel is censored, and the HD versions are not. Although the F-word is bleeped in both, the word "shit" is only bleeped in the DVD version; the uncensored version of Bill Munn (Robbie) stumbling over a line that comes out "Black suits shit!" and Simmons' in-character reaction to this is funnier without the bleeping.
  • Enchanted has a blooper reel on the DVD. Among the highlights are Susan Sarandon cracking up in the middle of trying to look really evil, then-8-year-old child actress Rachel Covey helping Amy Adams with a line and James Marsden trying to unsuccessfully draw his sword.
  • The Producers has so many, it took five whole videos to get all of them on YouTube.

Hold Me, Touch Me: Give it to me -- Oh, I've forgotten what you are -- Well Hung! Sorry...
(everyone on the set bursts out laughing)
Nathan Lane: Please, start that rumor.

    • The part where they screw up a scene about half a dozen times, are finally doing it right, and then Uma gets he coat caught on the sofa. Cue everyone collapsing into hysterics.
    • The crew is drunk. Drunk!
    • Please let me go home!

Matthew: ... and I still have the ticket stub. *searches for it* Well, what do ya know, I don't have it. What a time to lose it.


Nathan *talking to a statue* This man should be in a straight jacket! What? Don't argue with me *slaps it* I'm having a rhetorical conversation!

  • The 2005 King Kong has a 10 minute long blooper reel. Some of the best moments:

Naomi: I was afraid you'd be one of those self-obessed literary types. You know the tweedy twerp with his nose up his ass.
Adrian: How do you do? My nose is up my ass.
Naomi: I'd like to see that.
Adrian: I bet you would.

    • The part where Colin Hanks is doing that Camp Gay run and voice. "Dinothaurs! Dinothaurs! They're coming!

Jack: Ass powder. Triple protection... powder. And the other kind of powder.
Some Guy: What are those?
Jack: That's a unique fuckin' kind of dinosaur.. Called bitch fucker. We gotta film it, it's fuckin' rare.
"It's dangerous having ships. Oh fuck. It's a dangerous thing having girls. I'm proud of this line."
Jack: A place so strange, it defies... human...fuckography.


Eddie Murphy: (as Mama Klump) I thought a colonic was a massage...
Eddie Murphy: (playing Papa Klump) I seen Sherman get so hungry once when he was young, he beat up a grown man!

    • Another scene:

John Ales: (as Jason, Professor Sherman Klump's lab assistant) Professor, the cages, what happened?
Eddie Murphy: (as Sherman Klump) They can't see me with yo head in the way! (John's head is inadvertently blocking the camera's view of Eddie)

    • And another:

Eddie Murphy: (as Grandma Klump) Come on, Cletus. Come on! Nah, fuck it, come on, Cletus! (takes off wig) Come on, Cletus! Come on! Come on! Nah, fuck it! Come on! (in various inflections) Come on, come on, come on, Cletus! Let's do this!

  • The DVD bonus features of Mary Poppins include an outtake in which Dick Van Dyke lip-syncs to a recording of Julie Andrews singing "Chim-Chim-Cheree", after which Andrews lip-syncs to Van Dyke's recording.
  • Mocked in Friends with Benefits.
  • In the 1930s and '40s, Warner Bros. put together an annual gag reel of the best outtakes from all their films called the "Breakdowns of [Insert Year Here],"[1] which were strung together with snarky intertitles that mocked studio executives, various stars and directors (especially ones of then-commonly stereotyped ethnicities), and Moral Guardians of the day. The intertitles also took great pride in thumbing their nose at the Hays Code, which didn't apply to the blooper reels and thus allowed for uncensored swearing.


Live-Action TV

  • Psych has the infamous "Psych-outs" at the end of nearly episode. And they're hilarious. Check out "Maneater", for example.
  • The new Battlestar Galactica has a blooper reel for every season. Highlights include Lucy Lawless' (Three's) "Yeah, why don't you put that on your perv tape?", Force Blows during the boxing ring scenes, and "Baltar's Basestar".

Kandyse McClure (as Anastasia "Dee" Dualla): Oh, I'm getting a headrush.
Katee Sackoff (as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace): From breathing? I've been I've been doing that for a whole fuckin' episode! Feel like I've been sucking on nitrites. (in a silly voice) Not that I would know what that's like.

    • A blooper tape from the 1970s show made the rounds at sci-fi conventions throughout the 1980s. A poor quality version (not that the original was high quality to start with) is on Youtube, seen here.
  • iCarly: "iBloop", entirely dedicated to the bloopers and outtakes of the cast throughout the series.
    • Victorious has an episode called "Blooptorious" like this coming up.
  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie has a parody sketch where Fry presents some "classic" bloopers. One features Laurie on a dull 1970s 'Open University' style nerdy educational show, dressed as a mathematician, reciting a long and complex formula. At some point, Fry (the 'director') shouts cut and points out his 'hilarious' blooper- inverting two digits. The two spend the next three minutes laughing helplessly, before taking us back to Fry, still wiping his eyes laughing.
  • Stephen Fry, star of Fry and Laurie and host of QI, has a reputation for being well spoken and articulate... which makes it all the more hilarious when he gets it wrong. "They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is..."
  • The page quote comes from Bottom being a reference to a British Christmas blooper show hosted by Denis Norden. Amazingly there were out-takes from Bottom that were OK for Christmas family viewing.
    • It'll Be Alright on the Night (the blooper show hosted by Denis Norden) wasn't necessarily broadcast during Christmas (some were, others weren't). The quote is a descendant of the cry of "Merry Christmas VT", back when the VideoTape [editing] departments at the BBC and ITV compiled "Christmas Tapes" for their own amusement during the festive season. These tapes were partly original sketches, partly outakes (usually of the sweary kind), and partly gratuitous nudity. An example is the start of the 1979 BBC vt Christmas Tape (NSFW). I don't have a clue if any Bottom outakes did appear on It'll Be Alright..., although there was the "Bottom Fluff" outakes VHS tape.
      • The above scene was in fact used as an introduction to an It'll Be Alright on the Night—it's a scene where Rik Mayall's character is trying to help a glamorous-looking woman put on a fancy necklace but can't get the necklace fastened. The "Merry Christmas, Denis Norden," then transitioned into an animated introduction with the saxophone-heavy Rod Argent theme playing, so it's from that era.
  • The host of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 has had at least two times while doing the 'Ridiculist' segment of his show (where he tries to take the edge off the normally serious tone of news broadcasting with more lighthearted stories) where he has become so overcome with laughter at some of the wording of the stories that he was left "giggling like a schoolgirl" as Anderson himself put it for several minutes on live television. Said outbursts were later featured in subsequent 'Ridiculist' segments.
  • On The Daily Show, outtakes are often left in for extra comic value—particularly corpsing. Probably the most famous example involves then-correspondent Stephen Colbert, a report on rumors about Prince Charles' sexuality, and a banana.
    • Also, a report on looting in Baghdad where Colbert got through a bunch of long, complicated names and messed up on an easy word. Jon: "I believe our correspondent in Baghdad is giving me the finger!"
      • To their credit, The Daily Show's correspondents have become almost entirely unflappable.
    • The Colbert Report has its fair share of these moments as well, including the "Filliam H. Muffman" bit, which Colbert apparently found unusually funny, since he kept breaking down laughing for the rest of the segment.
    • One of the best Colbert moments came recently during a Cheating Death segment where he actually shoved a strip of tobacco product called Snus between his upper lip and gums to demonstrate how to use it. Unfortunately, he didn't know this would make his lips numb and cause him to flub a line several times in a row until he flat out broke down from laughter. Its gloriousness can be here.
    • There was also one time from The Colbert Report when Stephen Colbert forgets the title of his own show during the intro.
    • One clip involved a number of (fictional) deceased British soldiers with Unfortunate Names - the names were read out by a totally straight-faced John Oliver while Jon Stewart wept with laughter. He later explained that the names had been changed since rehearsal.
    • Steve Carell made Stewart break apart when he ate a big spoonful of Crisco on camera. It made sense in context, but Stewart was expecting him to use vanilla ice cream as a substitute.
    • Oh, what the hell—one more for the record: the Ta-da Ballot.
    • In this Colbert Report clip, Stephen arms and places a mousetrap on his desk for perfectly logical reasons. In this clip, he forgets that it's there.
    • In one episode, Colbert pretends to feed a puppy into a wood chipper. The dog doesn't much like the special effects set up to simulate the event
  • This collection of outtakes from the second new series of Doctor Who contains a few obviously staged ones among the genuine screw-ups, including a CG werewolf face-palming when his actor misses his mark, a man in a Cyberman suit (complete with electronic voice) asking a bystander how to get to the BBC and then running away while pretending to fly, and a computer generated bat-monster crashing into a wall.
    • There's also an long, obviously staged montage of Cybermen in a playground, playing soccer and dancing. It's epic.
    • In one scene of "Human Nature/Family of Blood", Martha fast-forwards through a video containing instructions from the Doctor. Since it doesn't really matter what the Doctor says, David Tennant ad-libs...this.
    • The outtakes from series five include River Song helpfully informing us that "Whatever becomes an angel, is an angel", Matt Smith getting interrupted by 'Dalek birds', and also accidentally locking himself out of the TARDIS prop.
  • Firefly had some particularly hilarious outtakes. For example, in the episode "The Message" there was originally a scene where the camera was centered over the body of a man whose recorded voice was delivering his last words, and the camera would rotate to show each member of the cast as they listened to the message. Nathan Fillion chose to play around, and as the camera slowly turned, he would run from his current position all the way around to the next actor in line; the unedited version of this scene thus showed his character standing next to everyone as the scene played out...including, when it reached the end, lying in the coffin with the corpse! Other pranks on the blooper reel include Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Adam Baldwin singing "How Much is That Geisha in the Window?" and one scene where everyone wore fake mustaches.
    • Then, of course, there are the outtakes for Serenity, which include Nathan Fillion shouting "TRAP!" at the top of his voice, and, at some point, sneaking into the shot of someone else's scene and whispering "I'm on TV", at which point you hear someone shout "It's a movie!"
    • "Summeeeer!"
      • The "Summer" remark requires explanation: during the last episode of the TV series, "Objects In Space", the final scene was a very long single take showing all the characters coming to grips with the events of the episode. Because it involved a lot of precise timing, when someone screwed up, the entire scene had to be reshot. Inevitably, the actors in the beginning of the shot had to repeat their scenes a lot. As River and Kaylee's scene was last, played by Summer Glau and Jewel Staite respectively, when one of them screwed up the scene, the other actors would get frustrated. When Summer continually botched her scene, Nathan Fillion took to shouting "Summmeeeer!" from the other part of the set in mock anger. After Fillion botched his scene, he still shouted"Summmeeeer!" When the movie was released later, the joke continued: when Fillion and Morrena Baccarin screwed up a shot, they can be continually heard to mutter "Summer!" angrily.
      • Semi-related, many bloopers involved actors accidentally referring to River as "Summer".
    • The outtakes of Harken's interview with Wash from "Bushwhacked". If you didn't think that he went back and edited Wash's interview before:

Alan: I remember when I first met Zoe. I had a rash. (cut) There's no place on that woman I wouldn't put my tongue. (cut) I wasn't into hairy women when I met Zoe, but she brought me around on a lot of things. (cut) I'm a leg man from way back. Patricia Grassante when I was 13, first year I had "hair down there", if you know what I'm talking about. (cut) I'm ambidextrous, which was really came in handy right around twelve, thirteen. (cut) I'm not a big guy, but I'm lithe. (cut) I'm wirey, and I'll-I'll surprise you. I could take you. (cut) Are you wearing a perfume? (cut) Are you close with women?

    • Clearly whoever wrote this section is deluded, because as Nathan Fillion will tell you on the DVD set, Firefly's actors are always deadly serious and never make mistakes.
    • Now how do you turn this fucking thing off?!!?!
  • Alton Brown, on a couple of episodes of Good Eats, has included outtakes over the closing credits.
  • The early seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air include these.
    • One episode in the final season was a whole behind-the-scenes episode which featured some of the actors' outtakes.
  • Lizzie Maguire would end each episode with several outtakes by the characters, and usually, one "outtake" by the animated character.
  • A vast majority of the Numb3rs outtakes involve Charlie's actor messing up a line and letting out a stream of curses. Once, however, he stepped right into the koi pond—which is apparently deeper than it looks.
  • The U.S. version of The Office has a gargantuan 20-minute blooper reel on its season 4 DVD.

"You are so little and petite, but to me you are extra, extra sweet. (pause) You're evil... like a hobbit." (John Krasinski loses it)

    • That particular reel has a few Crowning Moments of Funny; in one, Michael is about to announce something to the office. Instead of his usual droll voice, Stanley gets up and energetically says "We get to go home!", which sends the rest of the cast into a minute-long fit of laughter, with Michael's reaction being particularly hilarious. In the other Michael delivers the bad news about ordering from a bad pizza place... and the office collapses into exaggerated overblown hysterics with Oscar spasming on the floor, John Krasinski/Jim play-fighting with Ed Helms/Andy (and later Rainn Wilson/Dwight) and Creed running outside with a skateboard mixed among the entire cast screaming/moaning/banging on desks.
  • Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights had many outtakes (one of the most shocking involves Kay narrowly missing getting fatally hit by a falling light that fell off only a few feet away from him as he lay on the ground) that were included on the DVD as well as being shown on Channel 4 during Peter Kay Night. The DVD of the second series has three different outtake reels, one focusing entirely on the characters Max and Paddy and another on a single scene involving Jim Bowen who constantly flubbed his lines.
  • Seasons 2-6 of Power Rangers played bloopers during the end credits, sometimes with extra lines dubbed in. Post-season six, the bloopers were discarded in favor of Fox Kids advertisements, and Zord-forming sequences in current broadcasts.
    • To return in the RPM episode "And... Action!"
  • Red Dwarf have made enough "Smeg Ups" to get two blooper reels. There are some bloody brilliant ones, "Stone..." and "Ohhh, Mr. Guitar!" being the most infamous.
    • And Chris Barrie forgetting his lines and improvising "Lister, she's a computer spuh...puh...pussy" instead of "computer sprite".
    • "...And when I catch up with him, I'm gonna cut off both his bollocks with me left hand! Fuck!"
      • For those playing at home, Craig Charles (delivering the line) was supposed to say "with a blunt knife." And waved his right hand, too.
    • Chris Barrie as Kenneth Williams: "Oh matron, yes, yes. I gathered we had no sound, you see, so we have to do it again, yes. We now have sound, which is that knob-like thing up there, which you can't see, you see.
      • "I then order you to don my old space suit, the one with theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh matron, yes, I screwed the line!"
  • Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant'sThe Office and Extras feature out-takes on the DVDs, with the second series of The Office featuring a short opening with Ricky Gervais himself more or less mocking the concept ("Do you want to see some of the times where we fucked up?!"). The second series of Extras actually had a featurette "The Art of Corpsing" that looks at actors laughing during takes with more detail.
    • And this is in addition to a regular blooper reel, plus additional outtakes strewn across episodic behind-the-scenes featurettes. Gervais himself explains that the actors felt there was no need to avoid corpsing when he himself did so blatantly and continually throughout the shoot. Several of the actors also comment on his tendency towards provoking them to corpse.
      • Indeed, he admits that he pretty much makes a game out of it, and tells a story about a scene with Ashley Jensen where he had the line, "I'm going to the Ivy." He told her beforehand that he was going to add a word onto the end of the line, and she expected it to be something ridiculous intended to put her off, but it turned out to be just "restaurant." So she laughed anyway because she knew he'd set her up, and he pretended to be bewildered while to the rest of the cast and crew it looked like she was laughing at a perfectly ordinary sentence, "I'm going to the Ivy Restaurant," for no reason. (As Steve Merchant points out, it's worth bearing in mind that it's his own show he's sabotaging in this way.)
  • The S Club franchise used these in later seasons.
  • Stargate SG-1:

Amanda Tapping: You spend seven years on MacGyver and you can't figure this one out? We...we've got belt buckles, and shoelaces and a piece of gum; build a nuclear reactor, for crying out loud. You used to be MacGyver, MacGadget, MacGimmick. Now you're Mister MacUseless. (crew & RDA start to laugh) Dear God! Stuck on a glacier with MacGyver!

    • Even funnier, toward the middle of this rant, Richard Dean Anderson—who's had his back to us in the foreground for the beginning—slowly turns to face the camera with a mock "You see the crap I have to put up with here?" look on his face.
    • Worth noting that an ad-lib about MacGyver is what got her the part.
  • As is the nature of improv, Whose Line Is It Anyway? has many Hilarious Outtakes. Since the program tapes in four-hour blocks, they can edit some of the more flavorful ones out, but they will keep many of them (and even have special "Too Hot for Whose Line" episodes with some).
    • In particular, the infamous HORWARD song from the 100th episode, which features the cast attempting to sing a Village People style disco song when the synthesizer inexplicably doubles in speed.
    • Here's some of the cast's many outtakes.
    • From the British version, there's a rather infamous outtake where Tony Slattery splits his pants.
  • Dark Shadows was infamous for this. The show's tight budget and hand-to-mouth shooting schedule rarely, if ever, allowed for second takes. The walls of the mansion wobbled if anyone brushed up against them, props failed, lines were flubbed, and it was all broadcast.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 sold the Poopie tapes, two VHS tapes of bloopers. In many of the bloopers, the puppets stay in character, often when Servo's unattached head falls off. More minor, salvageable bloopers were usually left in the show.
  • New Zoo Revue has a very infamous blooper reel too, in which Freddy the Frog tells Charlie the Owl to go fuck himself, and then goes on to call him a "faggot." Despite claiming this was based on just the one time he caught him with his cousin Orson, Freddy claims that Charlie wanted him for the whole series. And since it's all out, the two suited characters engage in homoerotic sexual activities. Anyway you can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfxayTFX8qY
  • Password Plus and its infamous blooper episode, the outtake of which was actually retained on the episode itself. Tom Kennedy forgets to give a free guess when Dick Martin used an illegal clue ("You cannot give 'France' for 'French!'"), and hilarity ensues.
    • Match Game. Lovely "nipples." Full stop.
  • Black Books included outtakes on the DVDs, including Dylan Moran messing up the line "This is my house! And while you're under my roof..." as "This is my roof! [pause] And I like it!"
    • Dylan Moran, observing Tamsin Greig flubbing her lines, suddenly picks up a phone and shouts into it: "Martin, change the cast, CHANGE THE CAST! Every fuckin' week, in and out, every fuckin' week: scene one, ding-dong, turning up, "whoops, sorry"!"
    • "Beans! No, I'm sorry, it's 'there' isn't it?"
  • Star Trek has had scores during its run, but this collection shows some of the best from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, especially:

Data: Captain, there was a programming malfunction --
Picard: You didn't bang [the door]...oh wait, he was not supposed to!

    • In these bloopers from the original series, we have such gems as Bones beseeching Kirk for a kiss, much walking into doors, and Spock smiling.
      • The original series' blooper reels are arguably the most iconic such material of all time. They were edited together and played at the wrap party at the end of each season (along with other surprises), but then expected to never be seen again. But in fact they somehow got into the possession of happy fans some time in the 1970's when the show had really taken off in syndication and fans were thrilled to get ahold of anything related to the series. For several years they were the featured part of a travelling show that played at various colleges and theaters and would also feature bloopers from other 60's shows and commercials, vintage cartoons (the show would always end with a Looney Tune such as "Duck Amuck"), and various other film oddities like the infamous "Bambi Meets Godzilla." Notably, these shows gave Hardware Wars its first wide exposure. Needless to say, the Star Trek people were not pleased, though they initially turned a blind eye and only started cracking down on the shows when the film fanchise started up.
    • A small set from Deep Space Nine

Q: What, you'll ravish me?... Ravish, I'm sorry...
Sisko: I might!

    • Many Voyager bloopers can also be found, often in the same collections as the Deep Space Nine outtakes.

Chakotay: You're going to emit that tachyon ship, beam, ship it down to the ship, and we'll ship it out of here."
Janeway: "Here goes!"

    • Enterprise had a blooper reel for every season, also included in the boxsets.

Archer: "I can't wait to see the look on the Admiral's face when he sees two Enterprises pulling into sickbay. *laughs* Sickbay? I don't think they'll fit."
Archer: "Do you hear something? *kneels on the floor* It's coming from under the deck plating, but every time I get close to it I have to start the scene over."

  • Gossip Girl has surprisingly funny outtakes, largely due to Leighton Meester's adorable funny voices, Pen Badgley's caffeine addiction, the whole cast's apparent inability to take the show seriously, and the fact they all swear like sailors. In the Season 1 bloopers, there's a part where no one can remember Serena's name, not even the actress playing her!
  • Seinfeld has eight huge 15-30 minute gag reels, one for every season (with the shortened seasons 1&2 combined). A large proportion of them involve the actors being unable to keep a straight face during the initial takes of the show's funnier scenes, most often at Michael Richards' various physical antics as Kramer. The fact that all the actors, particularly Jason Alexander, are major smartasses, and the fact that Julia Louis-Deyfus cannot stop laughing once she gets started, adds to the hilarity greatly. One of the most hilarious outtakes involves Wayne Knight (Newman) emitting a hilariously bizarre noise that was obviously intentional, but probably never heard in rehearsal. Seinfeld finds it so funny that he has to stagger off into his character's "bedroom" to laugh hysterically until he regains his composure.
  • Dan Marino hates to screw up, on the football field, and in the studio.
  • Scrubs has some excellent outtakes from Seasons One and Two
  • Each season of Friends has a blooper reel on the DVD. A Running Gag is that, every time another actor makes a mistake, the following blooper is Matthew Perry intentionally doing the same thing to crack everyone up.
    • The main cast's real-life friendship is shown in these bloopers. Unlike many other shows, none of the actors show any hints of real tension, irritation or impatience with each other in the blooper reels and have absolutely no compunctions about mocking each other mercilessly over stupid-sounding flubbed lines.
    • Possibly the best one of all was after "The One With Joey's New Brain," where Lisa Kudrow keeps going "EEEE! EEEE EEEE!!" along with Ross' bagpipes, and the entire cast just loses it. It's one of the few times the outtakes were actually shown along with the episode. You can even see Jennifer Aniston laughing before the credits.
  • Predictably, a lot of the bloopers on ER involve actors flubbing their medical jargon, getting hopelessly entangled while operating on a patient, or getting disoriented or tripping on the large cluttered set. The most prevalent running gag is for the cast members to enthusiastically hug or kiss each other after screwing up, especially if their characters had just been shouting at each other.
    • Others include Anthony Edwards ending many a derailed scene with "I love you", George Clooney repeating a cast member's flubbed line at the camera in a goofy voice, everyone making Memetic Sex God/Molester jokes about Clooney, Julianna Margulies using many a Precision F-Strike, Goran Visnjic corpsing, Noah Wyle trailing off into strings of gibberish, Paul McCrane being unnervingly sweet, and actors making a mockery out of their complete lack of medical knowledge...especially during emergency procedures. The many extras and crew make for almost a studio audience's worth of laughter for most outtakes.
    • One of the funniest outtakes has Paul McCrane (in a scene where Lucy bangs on Romano's door in the middle of the night to find him very pissed) somehow hide another (gigantic) actor, wearing nothing but a towel and carrying a pair of handcuffs and a bottle of wine, behind him. McCrane then proceeds to flirt with him, shoo him upstairs, and call him "honey" before asking Lucy to join them. Kellie Martin, the director, and the tech crew utterly lose it.
    • In another scene featuring an emergency birth, Anthony Edwards yanks a fake-blood-drenched rubber alligator (which is, actually, the lizard baby from "V") from between the mother's legs and starts brandishing it proudly in front of the camera, still in-character. Everyone proceeds to collapse all over the set in hysterics, waving the lizard baby at the father waiting outside the doors.
    • Another one has Alex Kingston (Corday) kissing Laura Innes (Weaver) completely out of the blue. And this isn't a peck. This is a full-on, Hays-code-breaking smooch. Anthony Edwards' reaction is hilarious.
  • The Lost DVD sets contain blooper reels, mostly of the corpsing variety, but also Memetic Mutations. Season 2 is full of Brokeback Mountain jokes. In season 4, Grant Bowler spontaneously yells "THIS. IS. SPARTA!" Another features a cow randomly running through the shot.
    • Perhaps the most famous is from the season 3 episode "Enter 77", in which Naveen Andrews suddenly screams his character's line, "NOT EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY, JOHN!" as he throws aside a carpet to reveal a trapdoor. Terry O'Quinn then responds "My God, Holmes!" as Evangeline Lilly cracks up throughout the next several takes of the scene. In an odd example of Beam Me Up, Scotty, some fans mistakenly claim the screamed variation is from the actual episode and not the blooper reel.
    • Season 6 has a couple of gems too: from "Sundown", Evangeline Lily failing multiple times to toss a ladder down to Claire (including tripping over it). The best one is probably from "The Candidate", from the scene where Jack and The Men in Black rescue most of the other castaways. The set people make the trees shake, and director Jack Bender is shouting out what the actors should be reacting to, the tension builds to a climax, and then Jorge Garcia shouts "JACK...I HAVE A LINE!"
  • Have I Got News for You has started airing a ten-minute longer cut (Have I Got A Bit More News For You) the day after the original, which includes a lot of bloopers along with other cut footage.
  • Supernatural has some great gag and blooper reels in the DVD sets. Nothing tops "Supernatural presents Jensen Ackles" shown at the end of the episode "Yellow Fever." Clip here
  • Farscape has bloopers that must be seen to be believed. Probably the best and most infamous example involves a dramatic conversation between Crichton and D'Argo turning sour when Crichton unexpectedly laughs.

D'Argo: (descending into broad Australian accent) What? That was completely fucking serious, then! I'm doing some of the best fucking acting the world has ever fucking seen...I'm talking showreel stuff... and he laughs in the middle of it? Americans!

    • Crichton cracking up again, this time because one of D'Argo's prosthetic tentacles has dropped off.

Browder: Sir, you dropped something...

    • Guest stars and ridiculously-oversized hats: "...Rise up and lead us to the light!" * THWACK*

D'Argo: I vote we call it Ploppy. Ploppy the Spaceship.

    • Pilot's voice actor swearing while obliging puppeteers keep Pilot's mouth sychronised with the expletives.
  • One episode of Babylon 5 ended with Marcus singing the Modern Major-General's song. As the credits rolled it picked back up again and after several seconds the crew can be heard tackling him in an attempt to make him stop.
    • Even better ones were seen in the other outakes such as Londo pausing in the middle of a blockade run to read a road map.
  • Angel has some hilarious ones.

David Boreanaz: No, Cordy; this isn't about winning, this is about what's at stake, and these waffles are fucking great. Can we eat 'em?

    • There's also a very staged but very funny one where a group of creatures start doing the Macarena.
  • In The 4400, besides Jordan Collier's constant improvising and Tom's frequent laughing at inappropriate moments, Shawn once knocked over a wall.

Peter Coyote (as Denis Ryland): We were just discussing the newest NOVA proposal...uhh...threat....uhh...thing...
Megalyn Echuniwoke (as Isabelle Tyler): Ah. That.

  • A particular one in Fawlty Towers, when Sybil (Prunella Scales) slams the door it swings forward; John Cleese keeps the episode's Running Gag with Basil 'testing' an object.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide used outtakes over the end credits.
  • How I Met Your Mother DVDs include unrated blooper reels. The cast seems to live by the philisophy "when in doubt, kiss". An outtake from the episode Third Wheel (following the scene where Ted goes to have a possible threeway with two hot women leaving Lily, Marshall and Barney hiding in his bedroom) features Neil Patrick Harris licking Allyson Hannigan's face, Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris kissing, and Harris and Segel sandwiching Hannigan on the bed (only stopping when they accidentally rip her dress).
    • Season two has a blooper from a scene where Marshall and Barney are caroling. Cobie Smulders joins in and attempts to make Silent Night more "pop". This leaves Jason Segel wondering what just happened, and Neil Patrick Harris whimpering: "You're killing me."
    • At one point, when Josh and Jason are unsuccessfully stifling their laughing during an extended silent scene, the assistant director finally ends their agony with "Pam Fryman's coming in to scold you".
    • Several bloopers involve the whole gang huddled around their booth causing domino reactions of giggling fits as the unusually close proximity to each other make keeping a straight face impossible. Special mentions to the infamous "Rabbit Or Duck?" smackdown from season 5, where the actors literally cannot get through a single full line without falling apart.
    • There are also running gags, such as Jason Segel's cell phone ringing in the middle of the scene (and the rest of the cast teasing him mercilessly about it every time), Josh Radnor cheerily dissing himself every time he flubs a line, and Neil Patrick Harris covering every bad take with something even more outrageous.
    • There's also a scene where Barney is supposed to whisper something incredibly hot (but inaudible) in Robin's ear. However, Neil Patrick Harris must have said something extremely bizarre and filthy, because Cobie Smulders cracks up and blushes as red as a beet.
      • Also, at one point, Neil accidentally, but very obviously, gropes Cobie's breasts while getting up from his seat, causing everyone to go into an extended fit of hysterics.
  • The House DVDs include a blooper reel...mostly of when characters mess up their complex medical technobabble. Hugh Laurie actually manages to keep his fake American accent throughout.
    • "Listen to me, you Antipodean fleck of bumfluff! Every single day I take this from you! The hair is adorable! I don't deny that! The figure is svelte!"
      • Ah, but he does go a little English when he says "figure," pronouncing it like "figg'r" rather than "fig-yur," but that just makes it cuter.
    • For no explicable reason, there are whole scenes with Cameron and Cuddy as Valley Girls. Hilarity Ensues.
    • "I could be Walter Matthau right now. I have no idea what play I'm in at all."
  • The crossover episode of Hannah Montana has some outtakes including flubbed lines, a door that wouldn't open when it should, and Miley squeaking her way through a line.
  • That '70s Show usually had tags at the end of every episode, except one in season 6: the one with a scene involving agent Murphy, Kelso as a cop in training and Fez and his frog. This episode had The Tag replaced by the blooper reel of this scene. According to the documentary "The Final Goodbye", the scene took forever to be shot correctly.
  • The bloopers for ABC's Castle look promising, mostly for Nathan Fillion's line after he flops onto a couch and exclaims: "What's got two thumbs and a date with a prostitute? THIS GUY!" What really sells it is the thumb-pointing and the ridiculously silly look on his face when he shouts the last part. The first few minutes can be seen here.
    • The Season 2 bloopers have managed to do the impossible by being even funnier than Season 1, with classic moments like Nathan Fillion slapping people who mess up their lines, mugging the camera, and even planting a big wet one on Jon Huertas. It begs the question: how are the Season 3 bloopers going to turn out? And there's also this:

Director: (off screen to the camera man) Can we go to Stana?
Stana: Why were we elsewhere?

    • Seamus Dever has a lot of particularly funny bloopers, including this:


    • The Season 3 bloopers will make you hurt yourself laughing. You have been warned.
  • What happens when John Barrowman and other actors try to film something? Torchwood outtakes. Watch and laugh.
  • Many episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy end with bloopers playing over the closing credits.
  • Home Improvement also usually featured outtakes at the end of episodes.
  • Parodied on Alexei Sayle's Stuff with "outtakes" featuring such things as Alexei accidentally bursting into song in the middle of a line of dialogue.
  • If you see any of The X-Files gag reels, at least 30% of it will involve Gillian Anderson laughing uncontrollably. Apparently she is a notorious giggler.
    • Mitch Pileggi, who played Skinner, said, "Once she starts giggling, it's all over." Watching a lot of the bloopers proves it's infectious, too.
    • And she has a hilarious habit of swearing like a sailor when she flubs a line.
      • So does Robert Patrick, which can make for some truly epic hilarity in the Season Eight gag reel. At one point Doggett is talking to Scully while she's in her car, Anderson flubs a line, Patrick flubs a line and says "Oh, fuck me" before turning to move away so they can start the scene over, and hits his head on the edge of the door.
    • And getting Gillian and Annabeth Gish in the same scene together is pretty much guaranteed dissolvement into laughter.
    • Another few bloopers generally involve the very petite Gillian Anderson stumbling off the box they've given her to stand on next to her taller co-stars. FOX actually turned one of these moments into a "coming up next on FOX" show promo during Season 9; generally they used clips of Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, and Annabeth Gish standing together and looking solemnly at the camera. During one take, though, Anderson is a bit unsteady on her feet, and topples straight down off camera, trying to grab Robert Patrick for support and nearly taking him down with her as Annabeth Gish cracks up. FOX used this take to introduce the "funny" episodes.
    • The cast was also very fond of pranking each other during scenes.
      • During one of the more gruesome episodes, Duchovny threw a handful of rice at Anderson during a take, which she mistook for maggots. Cue a lot of flailing and screaming, and an Oh Crap from Duchovny.
    • The cast, especially David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, would play off each other if a line was flubbed, leading to some hilarious ad-libbed blooper scenes.
  • Because Blakes Seven was shot on a shoestring budget, most of the outtakes involve the props not working right.

Dayna: Avon, what are you doing?
Avon: Pulling the set apart.

  • At the end of the Boy Meets World episode "Angela's Men", they intended to have a final scene in which Topanga, who is still up, notes to Angela and Shawn are still awake and right there at 3:00 in the morning. Then she lets them know, "You're crushing Eric". Suddenly, part of the couch comes up and a pillow falls off, revealing Eric's face sticking out of a hole in a fake couch cushion. He finally gets up, and he starts cracking up. They were literally NEVER able to finish the scene without corpsing, mainly as a result of Shawn and Eric being together, and the outtakes are the only recorded proof that it was meant to happen.
  • In The Tag of The Monkees episode "Monkees On the Wheel", Mike tries over and over to finish the line "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken", but ends up corpsing over and over. He finally gets the line down (to fake thunderous applause).
  • The blooper reel found on The Middleman DVD set largely consists of actors struggling to get out the show's wonderfully overwritten dialogue (and cursing head writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach). Other highlights include Kevin Sorbo wrestling with an uncooperate prop and a disco-dancing Interrodroid.

Mary Pat Gleason: Dammitjavidammitjavidammitjavi!

  • Community has outakes on every single DVD of the first two seasons. Involving everything from Chevy corpsing, to alternative ad lib lines, to Joel doing fake PSA, to Danny trying to get Gillian to wipe away a booger.
  • The special features on the Season 2 DVD of Law and Order UK include a 10-minute gag-reel. Most of the clips are typical—flubbed lines, malfunctioning props, etc. But the apogee is a botched scene where Detectives Devlin and Brooks are interviewing a witness. Distracted by the loud music playing in the background, Jamie Bamber begins struggling not to laugh before finally cracking up, declaring, "I'm sorry; I can't fucking do this". Knowing that the take is no good anyway, Bradley Walsh begins dancing to the music. What turns this into a Crowning Moment of Awesome is that he continues to say his lines with a straight face as though this is perfectly normal, even as his movements get increasingly goofy, pretending to be oblivious to the fact that the other actors are laughing hysterically—in particular, Bamber and the kid playing the witness are literally doubled over.
  • Among the bloopers for Burn Notice, Season 1 DVD features Bruce Campbell ad-libbing different naughty variations of two scenes, Gabrielle Anwar timing her Groin Attack at Jeffrey Donovan badly (resulting in a rather painful hit) and the problem with the Charger's hood getting stuck, prompting Jeffrey Donovan to ask Bruce Campbell to sit on it. Season 2 starts with the Badass Crew In Nice Suits scene being ruined by Bruce Campbell fooling around, and then goes through the prop guys' practical jokes, lots of Corpsing during different takes of one scene, a labrador walking in on the set, the trouble with tossing props correctly, Jeffrey Donovan randomly dancing, Gabrielle Anwar's innuendo and people making weird faces.
  • MythBusters has at least one blooper reel on the Discovery website. At least two special MythBusters episodes (MythBusters Revealed, Top 25 MythBusters Moments) also contained these. In fact, at least two regular MythBusters episodes contained these in the course of the episode.
    • A memorable one exists in the Confederate Rocket myth. Grant is attempting to make nitrous oxide gas (aka "laughing gas") with Civil War technology. While standing near the apparatus, he tries to explain how nitrous oxide is a more probable oxidizer for rockets than liquid oxygen would be at the time...and keeps bursting into sudden laughter.

Rob Lee: They've clearly made laughing gas. But what is he trying to say?

  • Highlander had two commercially released outtake reels. Some of the more notable ones:
    • Adrian Paul having huge problems jumping onto his horse in the episode 'Family Ties'
    • The director forgetting to yell 'cut' during the 'Prophecy' Cassandra/Duncan love scene. Tracy Scoggins finally exclaimed "If this goes on much longer, I'm going to need birth control!"
    • The episode 'The Stone of Scone' where Adrian Paul and Roger Daltry had a big problem getting lines out because of the highland cow's constant mooing at the wrong time. The outtakes ended with a parody of a quickening, with Duncan being beheaded by the cow.
    • Adrian playing a practical joke during 'Turnabout' with a sex toy
    • Jim Byrnes being unable to complete a scene in 'The Cross of St.Antoine' where Joe was supposed to break a glass door with his cane. It simply did not work and ultimately, a crowbar had to be painted like his cane to complete the scene.
    • A couple bloopers were left in the episodes, like Duncan and Amanda's kiss attempt/headbutt in 'Money No Object' and one season 1 episode where Adrian and Stan Kirsch thought the final scene was going to cut earlier than it did. They stay in character for a moment, then burst out laughing.
  • This was half the premise of TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes
  • For a show about serial killers, the cast of Criminal Minds manages to produce a lot of hiliarious outtakes. Every season but the first one has a gag reel with the DVD set. Here's a video with the bloopers from seasons 2-6.


  • Five Iron Frenzy's live album Proof That the Youth Are Revolting was edited together from 11 different live shows. So the album's hidden track was a montage of mistakes from the performances that had been edited out.
    • On their second live album The End is Here, several bits of stage banter and nonsense songs were cut so the rest of the show would fit on one disc. The cut bits were then appended to the studio disc The End is Near.
  • Blind Guardian released fifty minutes of concert screw-ups for free on their website. (It's no longer there, but you can still find it online.)
  • Ayreon's DVDs about the albums' creations sometimes includes these: "Fuck it, I'm a fish! Yeah!"
  • On Great Big Sea's Great Big CD & DVD, Alan Doyle begins a song with the wrong verse, stops singing, asks the audience for "your amnesia to forget that ever happened", and has Sean ask if he plans to sing it right this time. On the dvd you can see Darrell cuff him on the head.
  • I want a GODDAMN CONCERTED EFFORT to mention the Casey Kasem blooper reel. Or do you need to come out of a FUCKING UP-TEMPO RECORD first?
    • Ernie "Ah, shitballs..." Anderson on WABC Radio.
      • Also from WABC, here's Dan Ingram introducing one of these of his own.
  • Reel Big Fish's Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album with a cover of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry, subtitled "Trainwreck" as it falls to bits halfway through.
  • "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" is already a silly song to begin with...but it begins with his backup band missing their cue, before Dylan stops playing and producer Tom Wilson bursts into about thirty seconds of giggly laughter. After Wilson composes himself, he gives Dylan and the band the go-ahead to start over, which they do with a flourish. This bloop was kept on the final cut. Dylan also chuckles in several other songs when a particular verse seems to tickle his fancy.
    • The instrumental "Suze" is even officially subtitled "(The Cough Song)" since Dylan starts coughing in the middle of the harmonica solo and immediately claims it's supposed to end like that.
  • In the version of "Know Your Rights" on their From Here to Eternity Live album, The Clash would like you to know that "you have the right to free money." Joe Strummer isn't entirely able to hold in a tiny giggle afterward.
  • The Beatles' Anthology 2 includes a vocal overdub session for "And Your Bird Can Sing" in which Paul and John...well..get a little silly.

Print Media

  • Given the nature of the show, outtakes at the end of every episode have always been as important a part of Raumschiff Gamestar as the actual episodes. In fact, there hasn't been a single episode in five seasons that wasn't published with at least one or two outtakes.

Pro Wrestling

  • Very rarely does the corpsing "out take" show up in Professional Wrestling, but it is noticeable. When it shows up in Botchamania, it's especially noticeable.
    • <Person> corpsing?! SEND FOR THE MAN!
      • "Gentlemen as you know, the Ultimate Warrior..." (sign falls) "Nice move..." "FUCK IT!"
  • If you're Triple H, you just laugh and hang a lampshade on it.

"So Shane...no; I mean Shawn! Oh, gimme a break, it's live TV!"


Puppet Shows

  • The Muppets are known for staying in character after outtakes and having the puppets react rather than the puppeteer. This is especially funny when a puppet's head falls off and all the others in the scene react in utter horror.
  • The DVD of Emmitt Otter's Jug Band Christmas has a blooper reel, consisting primarily of a repeatedly botched scene where a drum was supposed to roll out of a shop and fall in a very specific way. As the story goes, it went perfectly for the first test, while they weren't actually filming, and they kept trying over a hundred times to get it right, and it never fell the "right" way again. The puppeteers remained in character the whole time, resulting in some absolutely hilarious, laugh-until-you-pass-out outtakes. There's also:

Porcupine: (after botching a line) Aww ffffffooey.

  • A Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop sketch has Lamb Chop with breasts made out of ping-pong balls; in an outtake one pops out and rolls away; the resulting horrified expression on the puppet is priceless.

Video Games


Waluigi: *running over to an electrocuted and unconscious Bowser* Don't expect mouth to mouth!

  • Pac-Man World featured some pretty funny bloopers after the game's been beaten.
  • An Easter Egg in the Age of Mythology computer game features the animated actor for Arkantos, the main character of the campaigns, first mocking one of his lines ("Ajax! Black Sails! Limited time only!") and then hamming it up after the animators get him to be more serious...the same game has audio outtakes in the credits, too. Notable examples include Arkantos's voice actor getting a phone call in the middle of recording, and Gargarensis's voice actor parodying his character's tendency to speak poetry...twice.
  • Command & Conquer 3 actually has traditional bloopers, because of the sheer amount of traditional FMV it has, almost unique amongst videogames nowadays. It's quite a sight seeing Kane, Supreme Nod Overlord, break into giggles.
    • As well as swallow a tonsil
      • And knock over a red lamp with His mind
    • Long before that, Frank Klepacki assembled a bunch of outtakes from the FMV's and voice clips of the original Command & Conquer and set them to music. Yes, it is as hilariously awesome as it sounds.
  • The ending of King of Fighters 2002 includes these, and features many character-based sight gags (such as Ryo and Takuma Sakazaki dropkicking Robert Garcia in the face after catching him hitting on Yuri).
  • Kirby Super Star Ultra features an unlockable "blooper reel". It features almost all of the game's CGI cutscenes being flubbed in some way, complete with Laugh Track. The real not-making-this-uppery comes when you learn that said video contains some genuinely funny material.
  • The Sam and Max games feature outtakes from the voice actors on their DVD boxsets, with the characters actually animated saying and flubbing the lines. They've gone to extra lengths to make it look like the characters are just acting on a set by showing Sam and Max standing in front of a Green Screen when saying bloopers in scenes from the future office and the text adventure.
  • The Sega CD version of Popful Mail features this if you beat the game with a stellar time. The faster you do it, the more blooper clips you get to hear.
  • An outtake from Wing Commander III included after the credits had Maniac ask Flint, "Isn't that [Blair, played by Mark Hamill] the guy from Star Wars?"
    • The official strategy guide for WC3 included a CD with, among other things, a section of outtakes, including the one mentioned above. Can be seen here.
  • The ending of Secret Files: Tunguska shows outtakes of events ingame (somehow makes it seems like that events in the game is actually a movie, or probably for Rule of Funny).
  • Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries features a part of the game where you as the main character can fight in the Solaris matches (think gladiatorial arenas with 100-ton mecha), this features a John Madden-esque announcer commenting on your progress based on how you're doing in the match. The voice actor released a 10 minute file of bloopers in the recording session, featuring him doing exotic voices, commenting on the rivals' sexualities, implying that the announcer character was a washed-up has-been, making fun of the recording script, and breaking the fourth wall with lines such as "Take them out of their Atlas and stick'em in a Camaro and I bet they will learn the main thing about humility. 'I have no weapon's!' *Explosion noise*" (There is even a joke in the session about leaving that line in there to see if anybody notices.) Have a listen right here.
  • One of the animated endings in the PlayStation port of Rival Schools: United by Fate is a blooper reel of the of the game's creation as if it were a movie being produced by the game's cast, with Large and In Charge school principal Raizo serving as the director.
  • Unlockable in Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
  • Both of the Lunar games have voice actor outtakes which run after the end credits. If you thought the Magic Emperor was a Large Ham before...

Magic Emperor: "Ohhhh, then my coming-out party can...finally...fffff*honking horn*
Ramus: "Now that the warm weather has melted the ice around the dragon's cage...he's not in a cage! He's in a cave!"
Magic Emperor: "Haaaaaa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...These ha-ha's are sucking more and more every minute."

  • There is an animated blooper reel included in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones that has the Prince fumbling up his acrobatics.
  • A tradition on the Tony Hawk skating games has been to include a short video of bails: namely, when the professionals (and sometimes the Neversoft programmers) attempt skating tricks and ...well...fail.
  • Black and White has some downloadable voiceactor outtakes where, for example, the player's conscience characters warn the player against using the in-game MP3 player to play terrible music ("If you play Boyzone, your creature will vomit." "Believe me; if he plays Michael Bolton he'll actually **** himself. I know I will.") and demonstrating how both characters are played by the same actor by gradually having one character's voice morph to the other's, and back.
  • In Free Space 2, if you go digging around in the game's voice files, there are a few outtakes sprinkled in:

Snipes: Well, that was a little too close, but we've gotta wait fifteen minutes to change our shorts...(someone in the background laughs)...I...ummmm...stop laughing there, copilot!
Snipes: Do not engage! Repeat!
Background: Do not engage do not engage do not engage do not engage...
Snipes: (singing along) Dom-dom-dom-do-ba-da-ba-do-ba-dom... alright, have you had your fun?

  • The latter Legacy of Kain games had some great blooper reels with just the voice actors, with, among other things, Michael Bell reading his lines as an old Jewish grandmother, Simon Templeman suggesting that Tony Jay, voice of the Elder God record his lines in costume, and this exchange:

Rene Auberjonois (as Janos Audron): Raziel, save yourself! Janos, noooooo! (pauses, breaks character, turns to Michael Bell) Oh, sorry; that was your line.
Michael Bell: Yes, but you did it really well. That's how I'm going to do it.

  • Another hilarious example in the Soul Reaver 2 outtakes
  • Army Men: Sarge's Heroes.
  • Bungie with occasionally post Halo outtakes online. They are oftentimes very hilarious. Here's 10 minutes' worth.
  • The end credits for Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst includes footage of the ghost actors clowning around.
  • The original Silent Hill, of all the games in the world, ends with an "outtakes" reel after the main closing credits, featuring each of the CGI characters blowing their lines, tripping and falling, or just breaking character and mugging for the camera during the cutscenes. It actually worked well as a lighthearted breather after the various Downer Endings, but only the first game has them.
  • The ending of the Light Gun Game Confidential Mission consists of outtakes of the game's various cutscenes.
  • Some of the newer Nancy Drew games have had these.
  • Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, created 2 short blooper reel videos of their CG animated Season 1 trailer for their community's amusement, parodying everything from the Male Gaze inherent in the female character designs to their own company logo. Watch them here and here.
  • Done in Star Control 2; during the credit sequence, most of the alien races give a humorous bit Animated Actor style, some of them breaking character and others just the fourth wall. They range from the Kohr-Ah being unable to properly say "annihilate" to the stereotypically new-agey Pkunk giving a phone-psychic pitch.
  • World in Conflict had a variation: odd glitches and bugs found during development. The most memorable were six humvees doing donut instead of going where ordered and a character missing from the game's final cutscene, resulting in the two coffe cups he was carrying flying back and forth through the air.
  • D. C. Douglas parodies this by making a Resident Evil 5 outtake reel.
  • Spoofed in Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. In one scene, John says "searching for me," when he should have said "searching for you." James Rolfe [2] even comments, in his review, that it was a "intake of an outtake."

Web Animation

  • The creators of Red vs. Blue created scripted outtakes and line readings as special episodes, including a character in white armor as a director giving suggestions to the actors.
    • There's also the genuine outtakes on the DVDs (albeit with machinima deliberately made for them), which are easily twice as funny.

Sarge: A-deez nuuuuts.
Grif: What? But I thought was illegible? I thought I was...what? Illegi... In-eli-gible. I thought I was inilligible... I thought...I thought I was illiterate. (gets sniped)

  • The Meet the Scouttakes video plays with this. They took the "Meet the Scout" video from Team Fortress 2 and, using video editing and in-game clips, make a fake blooper reel, trying to emulate what things would actually look like in a real round of TF2 if a scout tried to pull that stuff.
  • Audio-only version in Siblings. There are several voiceover outtakes in the post-"Runesuck" episodes that are taken from the recording session and added as bonus extras. You can click on any button in the "extras" menu on each episode and they will lead you to another menu that has a "play" button.
  • A few of the downloadable "Quotes of the Week" on the mainpage at Homestar Runner were flubbed lines from the various cartoons, often with the VA corpsing.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • Echo Chamber, on a few levels.
  • The web podcast Geek Brief concludes just about every episode with outtakes of Cali Lewis flubbing various lines or gurning during camera-rolling-between-takes moments.
  • A fake outtake for one of the online Bionicle videos features Hahli being decapitated and knocking over some equipment.
  • The two Halo Legend videos feature the creator blasting through segments of the first Halo on the hardest difficulty level, almost without breaking stride. Both of them have blooper reels at the end which showcase what happens when the all-out offensive fails, or your timing for a particular trick is a bit off.
  • RPG Parade currently has two collections of outtakes from the series as a whole.
  • The Guild presently has a reel avalable on it's website, and includes things like Fawkes freaking out when a giant insect lands on him, Vork accidentally breaking the pendant as he gives it to Codex, and Vork also failing to drive the camper van away...only to drive into a dustbin when he manages to get it right!
  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions, some fake outtakes were done.
  • A few Philthon Jones videos end in outtakes.
  • Chuggaaconroy has released at least one blooper reel from his Let's Plays, when he fails to beat his Rival multiple times in a row in Pokémon FireRed.
  • The credits of Water Human episode two. Also include some incredibly obscure inside jokes that the author had to explain in YouTube comments.
  • That Guy With The Glasses sometimes post blooper reels of their stuff, including three hilarious videos of Kickassia bloopers.
  • EPICMEALTIME had two videos with outtakes so far, but one was included as a stinger:

Harley: Changin' the game!
(Harley slaps down a bottle of Jack Daniels...which is accompanied by a crack.)
Off-camera voice: (as booze starts leaking) OHHH!
(Harley picks up the bottle, just as the bottom of the bottle falls out.)
Harley: Oh (vulture caw)
Off-camera voice: NOOOOO!

  • One episode's credit segment of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series had Mokuba say his line about what his previous kidnappers had all done, including Marik taking him on a pizza...wait; what; nooo; he didn't do that!
  • The end of every episode of Journey Quest has a brief blooper from the episode. The crowning one so far is Glorion's extended monologue on the honour if killing orc in a village... and a retirement village. It's pretty clear he can't tell the difference between an orc and a chicken.

Western Animation

  • Parodied in the "World's Most Hilarious Bloopers" segment of Robot Chicken.
  • Silverhawks features blooper reels, including Mon*star saying "I want to see your tits, my dear!" and Steelwill shouting "Tequila!"
  • The infamous Thundercats outtakes have circulated around the internet, involving the original actors spouting off extremely profane language. The actors themselves have confirmed that the outtakes are real. Some of the more memorable moments include Lion-O, after a long-winded, nonsensical line suddenly bursting out laughing saying "What the fuck am I talking about?" and most of the cast wondering "What the fuck is a Samoflange?"

Snarf: Lion-o... (the voice actor begins coughing unexpectedly)
Lion-o: What's wrong, Snarf?
Snarf: ... got a cold.

    • They have become so popular, that "Samoflange" is often referenced in numerous other works, including the remake.
  • In 1938, as part of Warner Brothers' annual in-house gag reel, Bob Clampett lovingly animated Porky Pig hitting his thumb with a hammer:

Porky Pig: Son of a bi...bi...son of a bi...bi...son of a bi..bi...gun. Ha, ha, ha! You thought I was gonna say "Son of a bitch", didn't you?

    • There's also the short cartoon Blooper Bunny, which is mostly made up of outtakes from Bugs Bunny's "51 1/2th birthday celebration". One of the funniest moments comes from Daffy Duck. After berating Elmer Fudd for one screwup, he slams into a loose floorboard:

Bugs: Ehhh...NOW can we cut?
Daffy Duck: You smug son of a... (DIRECTOR CUTS)


Real Life

  • A Black Comedy-esque example happened in Chile a few years ago. There was a child TV program called El Mundo del Profesor Rossa [3] where said professor (real name Iván Arenas), together with Guru-Guru [4] and Don Cárter [5] explain educative, fun and interesting facts about nature and society; expect your standard child fare here. But off the record, these same characters used to smoke, drink tons of whiskey and swear very loudly and in enough quantities to make a sailor hide his head in shame. Some of the cameramen, together with some of the technicians, put out a videotape with some of the most dirty and hilarious outtakes and presented it to Arenas as a birthday gift. Bet you can imagine what would've happened were someone to upload the video to a public FTP.
    • Add to that the fact that the program was aired on a Catholic-owned station and...well...Hilarity Ensues.
      • Not the only thing that ensued; the program was canceled and the actors were fired almost too fast.
    • Mind you, this happened before Youtube existed. Just to have an idea how popular this video was (besides the ample media coverage of the scandal), think that the video was a 133 MB MPEG file, and all the people with Internet access at the time had it via analog modem (yup, the 56k modem). Approximately 3 millions of Chileans waited the 2 1/2 hours required to get this video.
    • Seems this story has a happy ending. Via X (a privately-owned cable TV station) hired them and in August 2011 started airing La mansión Rossa[6] that is the same thing, but with the swearing and the dirty jokes. Not for kids, anymore, as you can imagine (it airs Mondays, 23:00).
    • And for those who are curious: here are some of the videos. No subs, but what they do is pretty obvious.
  • YouTube is a wonderful place to watch bloopers and outtakes; however people who want to up their video hits will often say their video is bloopers or outtakes just to get people to watch their unrelated videos.

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