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  1. Many of Kamina's phrases are repeated/modified for the inspiring hamminess, this one often with "me" replaced with something else. Other examples are listed below.
  2. Almost always used with "drill" replaced by something else.
  3. Alternatively "Are you aware of who exactly I am?!", due to Nia's Japanese Politeness.
  4. Three songs used in Gurren Lagann OST have a Surprisingly Good English Rap Track with the chorus of "Do the impossible, see the invisible, row row fight the power!" Sometimes "FIGHT" and/or "POWAH" are replaced with something else - for example, "Clean the Uncleanable, Wash the Unwashable, Row Row Take a Shower!"
  5. A background character with No Name Given who gives the Bicep-Polishing Gesture to Rossiu upon his announcement that Simon will be executed. Became a One-Scene Wonder Ensemble Darkhorse (mostly with American audiences) who got a lot of fan art of him beating up Rossiu, due to the cultural misconception explained on the Bicep-Polishing Gesture page.
  6. Word of God that the last few episodes of Gurren Lagann cost roughly 40% of the entire show's budget.
  7. Simon's response to Nia's claim that as long as the success chance isn't exactly 0, it's as good as 100% to him. Embodies the characters' habit of surpassing all expectations, even if physics itself is against them.
  8. Used in reference to Kittan's Heroic Sacrifice with Libera Me From Hell blasting in the background. His big moment started at approximately 8:52, and his final moments were just seconds before 8:53 on the timestamps. Kamina's Dying Moment of Awesome also occurred at around 8:52 of episode 8.
  9. A crossover meme with Code Geass, due to Rossiu and Lelouch sharing a voice actor and Rossiu being a Well-Intentioned Extremist. See the Code Geass Meme page for more info.
  10. A British poll to change the country's flag (currently the Union Jack) that allowed people to submit their own flag designs. The winner was the Union Jack with the Dai-Gurren logo superimposed in the center.
  11. Mocking the terrible QUALITY animation in the fourth episode.
  12. A popular AMV using a certain Crowning Music of Awesome from Mulan with footage from Gurren Lagann.
  13. Fans are still reeling from the Word of God that Yoko is fourteen years old.
  14. A referrence to how both Kamina and Kittan died soon after kissing Yoko
  15. After Kamina's death resulted in Simon spending several episodes in a Heroic BSOD to end all BSODs, with this speech he performs a spectacular He's Back moment that swiftly became legendary.
  16. Kamina's (and later Simon's) Finishing Move, reciting these three words became shorthand for epic.
  17. Norio Wakamoto doing his interpretation of Giga Drill Breaker. There are at least three different You Tube videos featuring this voice clip with various comments on its "manliness". Common interpretation of the *beep* in the middle is that the uncensored version would annihilate the speakers and everything near them.
  18. Someone decided to make a pun regarding the character Viral and the term "viral marketing". Cue endless drawings of Viral in a business suit.
  19. Referencing one scene where on their first stint piloting together, they took out an fleet of invading ships more or less by giving an epic speech and then fist pumping.
  20. During the fight against Lordgenome, when Simon tried a Giga Drill Breaker, he didn't yell "Finishing Move" beforehand, and Lordgenome deflected it. That probably wasn't the actual cause, but who knows?