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Code Geass is a show that manages to combine huge crowning moments of awesome with huge Narm. This is the perfect combination for the development of Fabulous memes.


Doubtless there will be more coming in in the new Code Geass project.

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  • The meme. <ref>The explanation behind the meme.</ref> [1]
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Fan Nicknames

  • Spinzaku
  • Pictured above: Orange(-kun), and the amazing loyalty he contains.
    • Source: The character earned this nickname during the show, and has become a Memetic Badass.
  • Table-kun.
  • Homolust: Suzaku x Lelouch ship
    • Source: The Suzaku x Lelouch fangirls have taken the word "homolust" as their battle cry after Suzaku becomes Lelouch's Dragon in episode 21 of R2.
    • Mutation: "SUZAKU PENETRATED LULU!!!" (during the end of R2)
  • Euphie's fandom nickname, The Euphinator.
    • Source: Her actions during the show, particularly when she was accidentally geassed into massacring the Japanese people.
  • Luciano Bradley, Knight of Straight Cougar.
    • Source: 4chan; this stemmed from the preview of episode R2 16. People noticed his similar appearance to Straight Cougar from S-Cry-ed and went with it.
  • "Code Geass: Code Gayass and Code GeASS
    • Source: the number of Ho Yay and Fanservice in the series. Can also be used pejoratively.

Other memes

  • Pizza Hut references
    • Source: While tie-ins aren't uncommon in anime, Code Geass's Product Placement deal with Pizza Hut is blatant enough to both Japanese and American audiences that it's even included in fan art, everything from lunches to use as Censor Steam. This has also given rise to calling the series "Code Grease", as well as the phrase "Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion".
      • Not to mention a nickname given to CC: "Pizza Butt", given how much she eats Pizza Hut throughout the series.
  • Lulucoptor, or Sayokopter.
    • Source: Sayoko, dressed as Lelouch, did a number of helicopter-like spinning moves. Youtube grabbed this and a meme was born.
  • Coke Geass. 4chan noticed a trend and related a few characters to different Coca-Cola versions.
  • Code Trainwreck: The words "Fabulous" and "Trainwreck" to describe the show
    • Source: Thanks to Code Trainwreck, Crazy Awesome Yaoi Fangirl Miasmacloud's Code Geass blog, the words Fabulous and Trainwreck get thrown around a lot regarding this show. Oddly, Miasma herself doesn't really use Trainwreck in a very negative sense, instead using it to explain why she likes the show but the Unpleasable Fanbase has taken the meme up as a weapon regarding the latest and very divisive episodes.To be fair the title as Miasmacloud used it as a reference to Code Geass's legendary Narm. She considers it a badly written series, as several actions are never explained, but the sheer amount of stupidity such as Suzaku's spinkick, Kanon's hat as well as the character designs made her enjoy the series in a So Bad It's Good way.
    • Fabulous was also taken up by everyone else in reference to the overly dramatic way Lelouch does...well, anything really.
    • Source: A quick, rhyming summation of the major plot points of the show.
      • The S1 version has been extended into an S2 version (just expand the comments), including such lines as KALLEN FLIES! and GINO JIVES! Oh, and a fan, liking the Clovis one, gave us this.
  • The Emperor's narm
  • "Code Geass: It's a show about terrorism"
    • Source: This image macro which juxtiposes some of the odder elements of the show with the basic premise.
    • May be related to the description for this silly AMV. Also see the page quote for Mood Whiplash.
  • "Everything is FABULOUS"
    • Source: From R2's second intro, "World End". Near the end of R2, gg's fansubs replaced the translation of "Everything is bright/heart" with a rainbow-colored "Everything is FABULOUS".
    • Source: The fansub group Your-Mom. The particular line comes from Jeremiah.
  • Some fans claim that Domon Kasshu is Kallen's dad, due to nearly identical hairstyles and headbands, similar hot-blooded fighting styles, predisposition for fanservice, and, amusingly enough, the fact that Kallen's mother shares the same voice actress as Rain.
  • "Code Geass: the resident Ms. Fanservice won't be satisfied easily...
  • "Code Geass: The some Emperocket, also known as Rocketmoto.
  • "Code Geass: a deformation of the speech of the emperor about inequities between humans is changed by a speech about the inequities of breast
  • Suzaku did it.[2]


  • *clap clap clap*
  • Lelouch's hat.
  • Kanon's hat. (Which is lusted after greatly by all. Especially Schneizel.)
  • Milly Ashford: Master Spellcaster!
  1. Like this.
  2. When Shirley was murdered in R2, a bunch of fans suspected Suzaku of being the murderer. It was actually Rolo.