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  • Oasis' (adoptive) father in Sluggy Freelance uses mind control technology to turn her into his slave and personal assassin, who he plans to use to fulfill various fantasies.
    • To a lesser extent, it's heavily implied that Riff's mom, Dr. Lorna, deeply screwed him up when he was a kid. If she treated him anything like how she treats every other human being on the planet, then it's amazing he's not an even madder scientist than he is now.
  • Leeza's father, Admiral Blake, in Terinu is implied to have merely been an Absent Parent when she was growing up. Now that she's an adult he's rebounded into a Manipulative Bastard, getting her fired when she thwarted his plans for Teri, sticking her with the boy's guardianship so he could still keep an eye on them both, culminating in arresting her and sending her to prison when she threatened to go public with the news that humanity wiped out Terinu's race.
  • The Order of the Stick: The only way in which Roy's father seems to care at all for either of his children is the extent to which they follow in his footsteps as a wizard. He has nothing but scorn for his eldest son Roy, who elected to take up the family Ancestral Weapon as a Fighter, and favors his spoiled Libby of a daughter instead. Oh, and his second son? The fact that he ignored Roy's pleading led to his death.
    • So much so that when Roy dies, he offers his father a bargain: Roy will only cooperate if his father agrees to go away and leave the entire family alone for eternity. For double points, Daddy jumps on the bargain and scoffs that Roy made his price so low.

Roy Greenhilt: I don't know what's more depressing: That you agreed to that so easily, or that I knew that you would when I proposed it.

    • Haley's father seems to have crippled her ability to interact with others honestly due to the paranoia that came as a result of living as a member of the Thieves' Guild. Whereas Roy seems to have risen above his father's abuse except for his habit of insulting people, Haley is still pretty messed up.
      • Ian meant well, but had different, rather family unfriendly values he tried to teach to his daughter. From what little we know of him, it seems they love each other very much.
  • In Dreamkeepers, there's 2 variations going on: one is physically abusive, the other shuts his daughter in and isolates her from the outside world.
  • What Birds Know: Dores' parents are both pretty bad, but her mother is an outright Jerkass who shows absolutely No Sympathy for her daughter. As far as she's concerned, Dores is an utterly worthless waste of space while Ian is her pride and joy. While the other parents are concerned by the girls' prolonged absence, Dores' mother just harps on about how she's going to punish her once she gets back and tries to shoot down everyone else's attempts to put together a search party.
  • In Kagerou, Kano's father was this. Though only a few details have been given, it's been revealed that Kano's father shoved him into a morgue box with a dead body in it, which is likely the cause for a large part of Kano's mental trauma.
  • In Voodoo Walrus, it's been suggested that Creep Knight's father has disowned him and refused to respect his choice to become a writer over being part of the Liechtensteinian royal family. Yet his father regularly sends mercenaries to test his son's mental and physical mettle and attempts to drag him back home.
  • Jacquline's father in Samurai Princess.
  • Poor, poor Kieri Suizahn. The comic here shows that her mother was more than someone who simply chastised her (as seen in an earlier comic), although one can argue this also crosses over with Emotional Abuse in some areas. [1]
  • Veser's father in Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name has been revealed to have beaten him from a young age.
  • Jared's father, and possibly his mother as well beat him throughout his life. All pictures of him as a child show him with bruises and scars all over his face. He ended up as a Self-Made Orphan.
  • Quain'tana from Drowtales has a virtual laundry list of all the horrible things she's done to her children:
    • Syphile: physically beating her, verbally berating her and handing her over as a plaything to Sil'lice.
    • Mel'arnach: Imprisoning her and having her beaten for disobeying, and it's also implied that she had her men rape her in an attempt to conceive an heir. She also took Mel's child, Ariel, to raise as her own daughter.
    • Laelle'aell: No apparent abuse besides being raised The Spartan Way, and she was actually considered the pride of the family until she was possessed by a demon, at which point she was discarded except for use as a mass killing machine.
    • Kel'noz: No apparent abuse, but was witness to all of the above and admits that she's a terrible mother, also seems to be a Manipulative Bastard with his own agenda.
    • Koil'dorath: No apparent abuse, but being and adult and one of the few people capable of having a chance of fighting back when she was adopted probably helped.
    • Ariel: Being taken away from Mel, her mother and handed over to Syphile to raise (unsurprisingly Syphile did a terrible job and gave Ariel much the same treatment she had received) and not seeing her for 10 years, rejecting her as a suitable heir until she killed a boy who had tried to kill her in a Sadistic Choice between him and one of her few allies.
  • Luna Travoria from Dominic Deegan was emotionally abused by her mother in hopes that she would commit suicide while a knight was visiting, ensuring a hefty payout from the government.
  • Marena from Keychain of Creation had a mother with... interesting ideas on parenting. Marena a long list of things to forgive her for.
  • Ryotaro Dojima in the Peachi comics comes off as one, in a type we cannot peg yet... but he's an amusing raging psychopath of a father/uncle

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