Alien Dice

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"Alien Dice - It's only a game."
— page title.

Alien Dice is a Web Comic by Tiffany Ross and is a deconstruction of the Mons genre. It has a interesting format where text accompanies the comics. Either the text or the comics can stand alone, but to get the whole story you have to read both.

Lexx, an alien raised by the ADC (Alien Dice Corporation) is a player in a game known as Alien Dice. Players are either the bored rich or unwanteds raised by the ADC. Players raised by the ADC, Indentured Players, are also bonded to dice themselves. These players are essentially owned by the ADC, and their only real chance at freedom is to play three rounds of Alien Dice. However they can be challenged by other players, and will belong to them if they lose in combat. Thus far, no die has escaped the clutches of the ADC.

To play the game players must throw their dice on a planet, where they will bond with the local non-sapient fauna, altering their genetic code in the process to make them "roll" to a new form when they reach a certain point in training. Some also gain the ability to talk and greater intelligence. Players are popularly televised by the ADC.

The story begins when Lexx, a Rishan on his third round of Alien Dice throws his die on Earth, since the planet is a fringe world away from the normal game channels, in hopes of completing the game with a minimum of fuss. However, his plans go awry from the start as his secondary dice, Stealth, bonds to the kitten of a nineteen-year-old human girl named Chel. Chel has no intentions of just giving her kitten to this strange alien, so in an effort to convince her that it's too much trouble, Lexx asks Chel to accompany him for awhile in hopes of scaring her off.

However Lexx's plan backfires as Chel only ends up bonding with him and his dice despite his best efforts to push her away. He also gets tracked down by his friends and fellow players Damien, Claudia and Riley. Damien and Claudia are fascinated by how hard Lexx is to reach, and Riley considers Lexx a brother.

As Chel gets sucked into the game, she learns the dark secrets of the game, her own parents, and her own planet's past.

Alien Dice is also in the process of being adapted as a Radio Drama, with seven episodes already available on the website.

Tropes used in Alien Dice include:


Chel's Dad: "I don't care which one's behind me, they need someone to set them straight.

  • Rubber Forehead Aliens - The Littan with their fangs, the Kourwine and Saira with their pointy ears.
  • Shiny Looking Spaceship - They're downright eyecandy to look at sometimes.
  • Ship Tease - Damian/Claudia (the kiss) and Damian/Lisaan. A little Keith/Chel for those who like illusions.
  • Slave Race - The Rishan, who are actually human.
  • Traumatic Haircut - Lexx's hair tends to get longer/change color each time he rolls. He considers it a minor irritation most of the time, but has lamented that it's another aspect of his life over which he has no control. Later, when Chel gets kidnapped, her long hair gets cut of as a punishment for resistance.
  • Uplifted Animal - The Dice.
  • Webcomic Time: This comic started in 2001. 9 years later 23 days have passed.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human? - What measure is a sentient, individual being? Harshly deconstructed in the course of the series. First introduced was the idea of the slavery only being allowed if a race was created artificially (the idea: to outlaw slavery since no species had ever been created from scratch). Next is the Dice- sentient creatures who display varying degrees of intelligence (Stealth, among others, displays intelligence perhaps even greater than Lexx), are treated as dumb animals with no free will. Finally, and perhaps most disturbing, is the treatment of indentured players.
  • Winged Humanoid - Lexx gets bat wings after leveling up a few times, they recently became feathered.
  • You Keep Using That Word: The singular form of "dice" is "die," not dice.