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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Dragon Ball, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped (wiki). Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Authors and Websites


  • Recommended by Elenor
  • A site focusing on the DBZ couple Bulma and Vegeta. Great variety of stories from many different, talented authors. A few NC-17, but all stories have the rating clearly marked so easily avoided for those underage or who are simply not interested. Also includes fanart and hosts contests. Unfortunately the site has not been undated since May 16, 2005, but the stuff that's there is wonderful.


  • Recommended by Svata
  • A very engaging author with a good grasp of plot, spelling and grammar. Most of his(?) fics are Vegeta-centric, and revolve around his relationship with Bulma. Especially recommended: Rediscovering Honor and Guardian of Vegetasei.

Dragon Ball Multiverse

  • Recommended by joeldi
  • Very well drawn ongoing webcomic in which the post-manga cast agrees to participate in a tournament to decide who is the strongest in the entire multiverse. The ultimate what-if story, not just for a lot of vs-matchups, but also answering questions such as "what if Kakarot never hit his head?", "What if the Nameks merged in to one super-being to defeat Freezia" and "What if [insert villain here] had won." At first I was skeptical, so if you are a person that doesn't find that awesome, it's better than it sounds.
    • Recommendation seconded by Katbroth the Almighty. The art style is almost indistinguishable from Toriyama's style in the last sagas of the Dragon Ball (Z) manga. When I first saw the rec here, I didn't give it a second glance, until I saw some pages of it on Deviant ART. I am now driving myself nuts waiting for the next chapter.

Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki

  • Recommended by Sonik Fan 112
  • A fanon site where most fanfictions are accepted. It has some very talented users and extremely good stories. I suggest Tien: Origins or Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem.


  • Recommended by Lady Nomad
  • Chuquita has one of the most interesting and well thought out multiverses. She had taken lesser known Dragon Ball Z characters like King Vegita and Bardock and given them interesting characteristics. She had been writing this multiverse since before the year 2000 and she is still writing. She had also written a bunch of web comics.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Triple Identity by Lucifer-Allheart

  • Recommended by Comprende
  • Synopsis: Gohan has been working at the CC since he was 15, but now at age 18 his mom forces him to go to high school. How will Gohan fit in while trying to keep his identity as half-alien, superhero AND scientist hidden? Gohan x Videl highschool fic with some twists
  • Comments: Very original story, with a great focus on not just the earth-shattering DBZ battles, but interesting side characters. The further in the story goes, the better it gets, with some surprising twists, but all are well built-up and the character development is extremely well done. The action scenes are few and far between, but all outstanding and extremely exciting.

Dragonball Z: The Earthling Chronicles by Final Flash X

  • Recommended by capeclare
  • Synopsis: This story will be a re-telling of the events of Dragonball Z where Tien not Goku made the ultimate sacrifice during the battle with Raditz and how that one change affects the entire DBZ universe.
  • Comments: Very original story, bringing into focus the characters who were more or less forgotten after Dragon Ball and allowing them to shine. The author has also brought back character who where developed in the old series but were simply never seen again making them likable motivated characters.

Two Of A Kind by Lucifer-Allheart

  • Recommended by Comprende
  • Synopsis: An old saying in Martial Arts goes; 'To defeat your enemy, you must first defeat yourself.' But what can you do, when you are the enemy? Can you defeat yourself? What will Gohan do, now that the ultimate enemy has been revealed: Gohan himself.
  • Comments: A rather dark Gohan-centric fic that manages to captivate the reader within the first two chapters and simply doesn't let go. An interesting concept is taken to it's extreme and for once we see the consequences of what would happen if a DBZ fighter would turn against the people. The most fascinating thing about this fic is that it isn't simply a battle of Good vs Evil. Gohan and his enemy are both well-developed and have done their fair share of bad things. The character development is well-done, the action scenes are action-packed and the villains and characters are all well-developed.

Vengeance by catgirl26

  • Recommended by Joebro
  • Warning: Definately deserves its 'M' rating, also comes with a slash warning and a strangeness warning. I mean, come on, Android 16xChichi???
  • Synopsis: AU, largely BV,with other pairings. With Earth destroyed, Bulma and the Z gang find themselves in an outer space guerrilla war against a tyrant. Can the mysterious Vengeance help her win the war against Frieza, and more importantly,the ruthless Vegeta?
  • Comments: This is a very hard fic to describe. Very AU, somewhat dark, but seems almost canon in the way events play out. Dark elements include Goku going near-crazy from starvation; the only reason he doesn't is because he eats Piccolo's arm, repeatedly. Also includes some very strange ships that this troper ended up liking, namely Puar/Radditz??

President For A Day by Darke Angelus

  • Recommended by Joebro; Elenor
  • Synopsis: When Bulma comes down with the flu Vegeta takes over Capsule Corp. for the day, much to the horror of executives of a rival company who had hoped to intimidate the heiress into a deal. One-shot.
  • Comments: It's always hilarious watching people underestimate Vegeta. The ending is delightfully half-sweet, and half-horrifying. Eight thousand words makes for a decent sized one-shot, as well.

Forgotten Strength by Janiqua

  • Recommended by Joebro
  • Synopsis: A wish is made that no one on Earth has, or even remembers having, superhuman strength. What happens when that strength is required to save the world again? Complete with an epilogue.
  • Comments: Focuses on some trivial things at first, such as Gohan's commute to school making him switch to a boarding school, where Mr. Shu works, and then the plot immediately explodes into action. Brings some underused characters into the spotlight when they are the only powerful beings left facing an alien invasion and another evil doctor. Focuses quite a bit on Gohan, but not in the annoying way that other Gohan-centric fics tend to be.

Crimson by GothicDream

  • Recommended by Joebro
  • Synopsis: For the sake of Earth a deal must be made. A broken soul must face the horrors of his past. Lovers are torn apart, and blood is shed. Our heroes learn that it takes more than strength to survive, and a prince will learn that redemption isn't easy. Canon pairings.
  • Comments: Incredibly well written. Goes very in depth into what exactly happens to the rest of the universe after Freeza, and conveniently pulls the cast into it without making them the center of attention. Somewhat Vegeta-centric, and, as hinted in the summary, manages to avoid making the cast too overpowered for their enemies, despite taking place after the Buu saga. Updates are recent, and it's already a nice long read.

Dead Race by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

  • Recommended by Army2319
  • Synopsis: An AU where Frieza has Goku, Vegeta, and their families captured for experiments for ten years the human Z fighters plus Videl work on a ship together. Until Gohan manages to escape Frieza, meets Videl, and hides on the ship.
  • Comments: This is an amazing AU that somewhat reminds me of Firefly. It has good development with the characters, and shows good relationships between them. The action has great pace, and the plot is well thought-out. It's a WIP, but has regular updates.

The Middle by DoraMouse

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: Why Hercule decided to claim the credit for defeating Cell.
  • Comments: This is the most mature, complex and detailed look at Hercule's character I've read. The Hercule presented here is a man with complex motivations, and the strange mix of pragmatism and altruism is almost heartbreaking.

Wish for the Past

  • Recommended by Elenor
  • Synopsis: A misspoken wish lands Goten in the past, traveling alongside Barrock, the grandfather he never knew. Concerned for his friend's safety, Trunks soon joins him, and together with Raditz and Vegeta they travel from Vegeta-sei to Earth, meeting up with family and friends and trying to find a way back home.
  • Comments: The writer doesn't get all the facts quite right, notably ages and the like, but has a solid plot and complete characterization of all those involved. Though she's not above a little humor thrown in here or there. A good read for those who find Barrock an underused character.

To Be A Hero by Engar

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
    • Seconded by Lord Mudkip
  • Synopsis: Hercule's thoughts as he goes to confront Cell at the Games.
  • Comments: Here we see the nobler side of Mr.Satan, as he decides to go, knowing full well what he's up against, simply because someone has to.

Raditz's Return by Dragoness Eclectic

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Synopsis: Seven years in hell can make even a hardened Saiyan rethink his ways. When a newly-dead Vegeta seeks out an old comrade in hell with a personal request, Raditz finds himself thrust back into the world of the living as a specter charged with protecting Vegeta's family and his own nephews.

Mythic Descent by Dragoness Eclectic

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Synopsis: Sister/sequel fic to Raditz's Return. While Raditz is busy protecting Bulma and the kids on Earth, Vegeta isn't content to wait around for the gang to use the Dragonballs to resurrect him. Instead, the Prince of Saiyans embarks on a journey into the Mythic Hells, the underworlds of long-dead religions and mythologies, in search of a means to escape hell by his own power.

KiBlind by Sholio

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: The Earth is threatened by a new enemy, and they've figured out how to cancel out the ability to use ki. How will the Z Senshi fare when forced to protect the Earth while inflicted with this bizarre and crippling limitation?
  • Comments: This is a fun story. The author brings back all the minor characters that got pushed to the side and makes them active and useful. The Z fighters are forced to fight strategically and cautiously, and they're forced to think as well as punch their way through problems. The author does a good job keeping everybody in character. Be warned, there's some swearing, which can be a little jarring. Also, the whole theme of, "Use your head, not just your fist," does get a little Anvilicious, but that kink aside this story is excellent.

Eclipse by Doramouse

  • Recommended by J the capeclare
  • Synopsis: Android creation explained, human potential expanded upon and the details of world politics examined. Set between the Freezia and Cell sagas, explodes the effects of the Garlic Jr. saga. Recommended for fans of the first Dragonball series. In progress.
  • Comments: This is a brilliant and thoughtful story without falling into any cliche traps . The author brings back all the minor characters that got pushed to the side and makes them active, useful and interesting but in realistic ways. The brilliant and imaginative thought put into the world of DBZ by this author is brilliant, 40 chapters long and still going strong the OCs are done tastefully and well they are well thought out and their interaction with the story makes sense and wrokds obviously this does not take away from the series normal characters. I cannot say much else for fear of spoiling, truly an excellent fic and it deserves more love.

Tainted Hearts by Dreamweaver4121

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: A sinister force has taken some of Goku's friends and bolstered their power... as well as cutting loose the resentment that lies inside their hearts.
  • Comments: It's a neat concept that handled well, though the writing is rough and Tien, Puar and Chaotzu are forgotten. However, the characterization is good and the plotting is deft. Besides, it has (almost) every character who never did anything beating on the characters who got too much attention.

Third In Line by Leia

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: Post Cell Games, Piccolo reflects on his inability to hurt Cell and his own diminishing role in the defense of Earth.
  • Comments: Sad, bittersweet and an excellent character study of Piccolo.

Unexpected Majin by rainbowraindeer

  • Recommended by Newtype S 3
  • Synopsis: Rather than Vegeta becoming the Majin slave of Babidi during the early Buu Saga, the wizard chooses another Saiyan... Gohan.
  • Comments: This story seems to be unfortunately abandoned now (two years as of this addition), but the 30 chapters of this story are all extremely well-written and take the Majin concept in an interesting direction. Serious bonus points as well for using the canon events to take a much darker turn than the anime in a way that makes sense for the character.

Chichi In Charge by Kettricken

  • Recommended by Sparkysharps
  • Synopsis: After the Cell Games, Chichi tries to cheer up Gohan...by defeating Vegeta in combat?! But what she gets is more than anyone could have bargained for...
  • Comments: This fic starts off as deceptively simple (though well-written) fluff before it pulls a total Wham Moment, at which point the fic explodes into an epic with a well-blended combination of comedy, action, and drama. Instead of the standard My Kung Fu Is Stronger Than Yours fare the villain goes the way of David Xanatos, and seemingly "useless" characters such as Puar, Chichi and Yamcha finally get their chance to shine.

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go by The-Saiyan-From-Hyrule

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Synopsis: A teenage Goku gets his learners permit and Bardock is stuck teaching him to drive.
  • Commentary: A nice and funny little father/son fic between Bardock and Goku. There really aren't enough of those...

Trunks and Goten Take Over the World by Frozenflower

  • Recommended by Lady Nomad
  • Pairing(s): Trunks and Goten friendship
  • Synopsis: Trunks and Goten were bored and Trunks wanted to impress his dad. So, what do they do? They went off and took over the world!
  • Comments: This is a very cute and hilarious fic with everyone in character and it just leaves you with a warm feeling in your heart.

Trek Z by Kusco

  • Recommended by The Rich Sheik
  • Crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Synopsis: After destroying a Federation ship, Vegeta encounters the Enterprise. Meanwhile Goku and company meet the Romulans.
  • Comments: There are moments of Crack Fic in this story, which works when Q is involved. Its not the best fic out there but is good for a few laughs.

Journey to the East by Starr Dust

  • Recommended by tvtropeslover93
  • AU/Genderbent version of Dragon Ball
  • Synopsis: In this retelling of the "Search for the Dragonballs" saga, Son Goku is now a little girl with a monkey tail and superhuman strength who is found by a bratty teenaged boy named Bulma, who is on a quest to find seven orbs that can summon a wish-granting dragon. Along the way, they meet many friends and enemies.
  • Comments: This is almost definitely, in my opinion, the best genderbending fanfiction ever. While the story changed many genders of some of the characters (ex. Goku and Yamcha are females, Bulma and Chi-Chi are males), it both kept and switched around many of the important plot points of the original manga without making the characters act out-of-character (ex. Bulma wanting to wish for the perfect girlfriend, Yamcha wanting wish away her fear of boys)

Happiness by My Journey

  • Recommended by Nal
  • Pairing(s): None.
  • Synopsis: A brief one-shot from Cell's perspective. What gives a cold-blooded machine happiness?

Watching by My Little Lolita

  • Recommended by Wild Okapi
  • Slight AU Post-Frieza
  • Synopsis: Future Trunks spoke of alternate timelines. This is one based around the relationship of Gohan and Piccolo, starting after the Frieza Saga.
  • Comments: Easily one of the best non-shipping Gohan/Picclo fanfics this troper has had the pleasure of coming across. Still updating and definitely worth the 40+ chapters.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Saiyajin Genesis by Ashnod

  • Recommeded by Anthiens
  • Synopsis: Bulma, wanting to understand Vegeta better, uses a teleportation pod to make her a Saiyan, trains with 18 and uses a time machine to travel to Planet Vegeta and proceeds to get stuck there. Forced to work with Frieza (Not wanting to change what comes later) and watch over Vegeta as a child, Bulma gets far more than what she wished for.
  • Comments: This is one of the finest fanfiction pieces-it's a Tear Jerker at times, especially at the end where she Fights Vegeta who doesn't recognize her and goes Super Saiyan. It evades the usual pitfalls of time travel fic and what Bulma goes through in the past is truely heartwrenching.

World Enough and Time by Lisalu

  • Recommended by Elenor
  • Synopsis: Barrock gained the ear of his king and the future changed. Now the Sayain-jin Empire fights a war against the Cold Empire lead by their Prince, on the verge of Super Sayain. However, Freeza's experiments and metal soldiers often drive the Sayain-jin back. Then Raditz is sent to fetch his younger brother from Earth. He returns with the news that Earth has been destroyed and his brother captured. But he also brings with him someone who can turn the course of the war, a scientist by the name of Bulma Briefs, his new wife. Then she catches the eye of Prince Vegeta and the stage is set for a love triangle played out before the backdrop of war, where desire and love battle with honor and authority and the future can only be seen by one man, Barock who has returned from captivity with his youngest son to see to the destruction of the Cold Empire.
  • The writer of this fic never wastes a character. All of them are distinct and examined with voices and points of view that do not contradict canon for the canonical characters and are more than mouthpieces for original ones. One or two places skirt lemon, but nothing to explicit. Very well written so that no plot overrides the other and no character or race forces another to be neglected. All very realistic and sure to keep the reader interested until the end.

The Attractions of Abduction by Piccolo is green

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Pairings: Vegeta/Bulma
  • Synopsis: During the Saiyan Saga, Bulma sneaks onto the battlefield to watch the fight. After Yamcha is killed, she becomes hysterical and begins yelling at Vegeta for trying to kill them when they are the only one who can find the Dragonballs him and Nappa seek. Vegeta then decides to kidnap Bulma and the three go to Namek to use their Dragonballs. Bulma begins to connect with the two saiyans and when they realize Freiza is on his way to Namek, she is able to convince them to use the Dragonballs for something other than immortality. Instead, Vegeta uses the wishes to bring back planet Vegeta, transport themselves and the Namekians there, and revive the entire Saiyan race. Freiza wouldn't bother looking for them on a planet he believes doesn't exist, so the Saiyans and Nameks are safe, but only for now...
  • Commentary: A very well done AU fic. The characterizations are spot-on and the romance between Bulma and Vegeta is developing nicely.

Vejiitasei Ascendant by Bulmasan (Jeanne Burch)

  • Recommended by Scullery
  • Pairings: Vegeta/Bulma
  • Synopsis: An early, influential AU of epic scope. Vejiitasei is not destroyed, Zarbon finds himself swearing fealty to the Saiyan monarchy, Frieza is setting a clash of empires into motion, and Earth gets caught in the web of intergalactic politics. At the center of everything is Vegeta: a prince whose royal responsibilities are constantly at war with his ambitious personality and forbidden attraction to Bulma: genius of Capsule Corporation and a young woman tying to balance a business model that will save the Earth with the moral problems of marrying into an evil alien empire. Tons of characters, suspense, action, romance, and all skillfully done.
  • Commentary: Very addictive, Better Than Canon. The characterization and pacing are impressive, as is the complex but seamless introduction of Saiyan culture and biology. (Perhaps not too surprising, since the author double-majored in English and Biology.) Everyone is pitch-perfect, from Bardock to the Z-warriors. Still unfinished, but you'd do a disservice to yourself to pass over the fic for that reason—there are Author's Notes available if you can't wait to know how it ends. This troper was in love at first sight, and a re-read ten years later convinced me its excellence was hardly just nostalgia talking. This fic absolutely Needs More Love.

Chi Chi's Journey by Lady Thundera

  • Recommended by Lady Nomad
  • Pairings: Goku/ChiChi
  • Synopsis: After Goku leaves to train Ubuu, Chi Chi felt alone and left to find herself on a vacation.
  • Commentary: This shows why Goku and Chi Chi love each other and actually gives us a good reaction on how everyone felt about Goku abandoning his family again.

I Wanna Murder You

  • Recommended by Celestial Alchemist
  • Pairings:Goku/ChiChi
  • Synopsis: When everything is lost and you have no meaning anymore why not to wipe out all traces of it? Consumed by dark rage ChiChi has a surprise for Goku but which one is the real surpriser?
  • Commentary: NSFW. Humorous.Chichi lays awake one night contemplating her life as a wife and a mother and suddenly decides to try to smother a sleeping Goku, the strongest being in the universe, with a pillow. Because sometimes married couples wanna kill their spouses. A look into how nearly thirty years of marriage between Goku and ChiChi still works.

Second Chances

  • Recommended by tvtropeslover93
  • Pairings: Goku/Chichi
  • Synopsis: Kakarot was considered to be the strongest Saiyan warrior. Princess Chichi was considered to be Earth's strongest hero. When Kakarot lands on Earth on a false mission by the jealous Saiyan Prince Vegeta, what will happen when two extremely powerful fighters meet? Will they be enemies...or lovers?
  • Commentary: This is an interesting twist on the whole "what if Kakarot never became Goku?" thing! In this A/U, Kakarot's change from villian to hero is surprisingly real and somewhat touching. Plus, his growing romance with Chichi (who basically takes Goku's place as Earth's strongest fighter) is quite beautiful and real, too. There are few naughty bits between the two, but it's not totally NSFW.

Always You by smee-chan

  • Recommended by Thanos6
  • Pairing: Trunks/Goten (slash, obviously)
  • Synopsis: One confession starts off a chain of them.
  • Comments: This story perfectly encapsulates the way I think that Goten and Trunks's sexual orientations work with regard to each other. Contains If It's You It's Okay-similar bits which may not be to everyone's taste, but for these two, it works. Even aside from the orientation, they're written wonderfully in character. Just ignore the little Gratuitous Japanese here and there.

A Glad Day by Lisalu

  • Recommended by Helly
  • Pairing: Vegeta/Bulma
  • Synopsis: This is one of the best piece of writing this tropes has read, ever. Glad Day is a five-parts fic, Lisalu's own take on the popular "Bulma is taken to Vegetasei" theme. It's beautifully written and has a great characterization, but it's really, really dark and very unsettling. While reading the first part, people might wonder why this fiction is in the shipping section, but saying anything else about the plot would be a spoiler; all I can say is that it's simply amazing. read it.

Universe16 by Katsuargi

  • Recommended by Indalecio
  • Pairing: Vegetto/Bulma
  • Synopsis: Vegetto remains fused after Majin Buu self-destructs.
  • Comments: Not strictly a shipping fic, but it does pair up Vegetto and Bulma rather than Vegetto and Chi Chi which is why its in the shipping section. Vegetto deals with being the strongest person in the Dragon Ball universe, the remaining threat of the Majin Curse, and training his children to protect the next generation. Some significant appearances by Krilin, Tien, Chaotzu and Yamcha in later chapters as well.

Chikyuul by Lisalu

  • Recommended by Elenor
  • Pairing: Vegita/Bulma
  • Synopsis: An AU where Earth is destroyed while Vegita and Napa were en route. Bulma and Vegita work together, alone on the Ginyu's ship trying to get the dragon balls so they can each get their wish.
  • Comments: This was hard to write a synopsis for. Really it's two characters getting together in a way that hasn't been beaten to death. They are in character and we get a "alien bond" that works for the story. It ends well. I really like this fic, I just don't know how to say it.

Day In The Lime Light Fics

Fics that re-tell canon from another character's POV and focus on that character's experiences.

Who Would Have Thought? by wingsofseyfert12

  • Recommended by Joebro
  • Synopsis: The androids have destroyed the time machine and have killed Trunks. Now there is no hope in this forsaken world. Yet there are some forgotten warriors who beg to differ. RENEWED and EXTENDED edition of the other story.
  • Comments: Bonus for being a completed story. The very definition of 'Day In The Lime Light'. Focuses on characters such as Mr. Satan, Roshi, Chichi, and Tao Pai Pai trying to defeat the androids. Starts in the forsaken future timeline and it definitely gets worse. Just think of the implications of Cell absorbing Kid Buu, and that's not even the worst of it.

And I Shall Go On by Dreamwraith

  • Recommended by Thanos6
  • Synopsis: The life and times of Yamcha, from his point of view.
  • Comments: Ever wanted a Yamcha-focused fic with a sympathetic POV? Here it is. Incredibly well-written and everyone always in character. Focuses on his eternal friendship with Puar and his rocky relationship with Bulma. Chapters have been published on-and-off over seven years, having just restarted after a long absence.