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Most crossover JRPG plots, such as Namco X Capcom, Chaos Wars and Cross Edge, are fairly light-hearted affairs, being based almost entirely around Rule of Cool and Fan Service and having stories consisting of the awesomeness of having all your favourite heroes from different franchises teaming up with each other (and some Original Generation characters) to defeat the villains of the franchises who apparently have also teamed up (along with some new Big Bad).

Guest Of Dishonour's Fate/megami atelier does not work that way.

A Cult ritual gone horribly awry has torn open the barriers between different dimensions, creating rifts connecting the hi-tech harbour city of Skymantle to the worlds of the Nasuverse, the Shin Megami Tensei games and the Atelier Series. Also time has too been warped, making it so that there's now two Holy Grail Wars running at once. Chaos and confusion ensue.

Four people (and one cat) have ended up straight in the middle of the whole mess, Rin Tohsaka, a magus who'd prefer to be concentrating on the Holy Grail War they were supposed to be in, Raidou Kuzunoha, Taisho Era Detective and Devil Summoner Par Excellence (and by extension his feline overseer Gouto), Rorona Fryxell, a ditzy alchemist who'd rather bake pies than fight demons, and Elyssa, a young, old-fashioned girl dealing with the death of her childhood friend Gareth. They all realise that unless they work together and recover the Tome of Eldritch Lore that started the entire thing everyone's lives will never be returning back to normal.

The fanfiction (although originally envisioned and written like an Eastern RPG) is divided into three different routes ( although they all reach the same conclusion), each told from the view of a different protagonist mentioned above. The routes are:

The Distant Grail (Fate route)

  • The Tome ends up in the hands of the Devil Summoner Hikawa, who plans to manipulate both Grail Wars into his favour to begin his new Assimilation Plot. Another large threat is the Council of Angels who plan to end the chaos of the broken worlds by setting up an iron-fisted dictatorship "for the glory of God" in their own words. Poor Rin is caught right in the middle of this, which is not made easier by Tokiomi Tohsaka's and Shinji Mato's involvement.

The route would feature, gameplay-wise, Weapon Synthesis.

Vortex Hellfire (Megami route)

  • Based on "What If the Tome never fell into Hikawa's hands?". Viewed from Raidou's perspective, the Tome's completely unknown whereabouts make the story initially more of a clue-finding ordeal rather than a Stop This Villain plot.

The route would feature, gameplay-wise, Devil Fusion.

Mysteries Of The Heart (Atelier route)

  • Based on "What If Gareth never went to the factory and interrupted the cult ritual?". Despite featuring an Atelier Series character (Rorona) as the protagonist the story is the most cynical of the three routes, as it shows what the cult (whose leader is now the initial Big Bad) is really capable of and focuses more on the confusion in Skymantle.

The route would feature, gameplay-wise, Item Crafting.

The story part can be read on this site's own Writer's Block forum here. Note that this is a work majorly in-progress.

Author's Note: As I can no longer care at all for Fate/stay night, more specifically it's characters (save for three of them) and it's plot, this fic is pretty much abandoned.

Tropes used in Fate/megami atelier include:

(Character-specific tropes to be listed on the upcoming Character Sheet.)