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  • In a Lost Galaxy episode, Leo tried to score a date with a girl but had to deal with her motorcycle-riding brother. At one point, the brother offers "Want to take her for a test drive?" The question hangs in the air for a bit before he clarifies "The bike!"
    • Not to mention that the last episodes feature the villain ordering suicide bombings.
  • Way back in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, in "Green with Evil, Part IV", when Those Two Guys Bulk and Skull are caught in yet another monster attack:

Bulk: I want my mommy!
Skull: (without thinking) Yeah -- I want your mommy!

(Bulk shoots him a look)


Xander: Leelee's mom is hot!
Vida: (wide eyes, big grin, enthusiastic nodding) Uh-huh!

(Adding to the subtext, up to that point Leelee's mom was the vampire queen Necrolai. Who had briefly turned Vida into a vampire earlier in the season.)

Theo: Have you seen Lily?
RJ: She's getting her groove on with Casey. (pelvic thrusts)

(Casey's and Lily's actors have been dating for a few years now, making this Hilarious in Hindsight.)
    • Not to mention that whole episode and the finale. It's not very often Disney allows relationships.
    • Also from Jungle Fury, villainess Jellica (whose underbust noticeably did not get past the US radar) commenting on Jarrod's "power and technique" as her gaze lowers to his crotch level.
  • Lightspeed Rescue had the Hot Scientist recuperating in the medical wing... and the Dogged Nice Guy pursuing her trying to peek under her sheet. (Don't worry. They end up married.)
  • From Power Rangers SPD:
    • An early episode has Red Ranger Jack approached by an attractive young recruit, asking him to show her "some close-quarter defensive maneuvers."
    • Resident Cloudcuckoolander Green Ranger Bridge, who falls asleep during an important meeting, is prodded by the Police Chief and responds with a half-asleep "Five more minutes, Sky." (referring to the Blue Ranger). Just one of several Ho Yay moments involving these two.
      • I just assumed they were roommates.
        • Or that Sky is usually the one who gets up early and harasses the others for sleeping in (meaning past 6, given how Type A Sky is).
  • In Turbo, they managed to get the villain being a terrorist bomber past the radar by referring to the bombs as "detonators" as she tried to bomb fire trucks, bridges, parks, skyscrapers...
    • Speaking of Turbo: In the movie, Divatox calls Rita. The view of Rita and Zedd's bedroom implies the two had recently had sex. Maybe the beginnings of Thrax?
    • Am I really the only one who remembers a certain T.J. centric episode about him and baseball? The monster was either named or had written on him "Ballzac". I doubt it was in reference to the novelist.
  • Wild Force had main character Cole's parents murdered by the Big Bad prior to the first episode. Fox's censors would only let Cole's parents be murdered because the producers assured them that they'd be ressurrected in a later episode. Then, the series changed networks, from Fox to Disney/ABC, and the Disney censors hadn't seen any of the Fox episodes... so Cole's parents remained dead.
  • Speaking of Wild Force in one episode Toxica is ignoring Jindrax who asks her "Do you have a headache or something?" This isn't the last time they hint at the true nature of their relationship.
  • Power Rangers RPM:

Ziggy: I would have laid odds that you were a dude.
Dr K: ... Sorry to disappoint you.

    • While fighting a Vacuum Cleaner monster, Scott is able to get away with the pun: "Suck on this!"
    • Ziggy teleporting into Dr. K's chair as she was sitting down, causing her to sit on his lap.
      • It becomes Hilarious in Hindsight as both Milo Cawthorne (Ziggy Grover) and Olivia Tennet (Dr. K) have been dating since then.
    • Everything else in the metaseries, and quite possibly everything else in every other radar-monitored show ever pales before the non-sexual stuff Power Rangers RPM got past the radar. Specifically, the death of 99% of life on earth in a nuclear holocaust. That... doesn't show up in kids shows very often.
  • Ninja Storm had an episode open with Shane and Dustin ogling a computer with lines like "what a babe" and "check out the lines on her". Cam catches them and remarks "I hope you guys aren't doing anything illegal". Embarrassed, the two try to hide the computer, only for Cam to grab it and find they were looking at... readouts of the new motorcycles they received last episode.
  • "Lights, Camera, and Action", a late Season 2 episode of Mighty Morphin, has Rocky making the following remark:

Rocky: They (the Power Rangers) really reached out and touched me!

    • What makes that better is the sly look he gives Adam before delivering the line.
  • Rocky gets another one in a Zeo episode when he's starting to mutate into a plant - he says to Kat: "You've got nice leaves."
  • The last episode of Mighty Morphin' Season 1 contains a monster that looks very phallic and shoots pink goo.
  • The Mighty Morphin' Season 3 episode "Follow That Cab!" has Tommy saying he's glad he can make Kim scream.
  • Oddly averted in "Forever Red", which aired during Wild Force. Originally they were going to make a reference to "those stories [about Jason and Tommy] on the Internet".
  • Power Rangers in Space. Psycho Yellow's One-Winged Angel form is a wasp. Pink's is a giant flower. Sure, you could say it just signifies how Pink, even as her teammate, was just a pawn for Yellow's plans, but it's not hard to get the vibe that they were literal Psycho Lesbians.
    • In one of the early Psycho ranger appearances Ashley has an obvious panty shot that the censors apparently missed
  • Zedd ultimately wants a baby. Rita doesn't want to be pregnant. Yes, they have Zedd and Rita discussing their sex lives.
  • Power Rangers Time Force crosses this with Unfortunate Implications: The heroes of the series are from a eugenic utopia, and the bad guys are the rejects.
  • In Power Rangers Samurai, when Mia and Emily pose as brides, a close-up of the wedding registry shows that one of the couples due to get married that day had the respective last names of Beaver and Wetter.
  • In Ninja Storm episode "Nowhere to Grow," the plant monster moans in a seductive voice, and in the voice tells her little plants to "Grow baby grow," among other seductive one-liners. If listening, without watching, you'd think you were watching a cheesy porn.