The Cherry Project

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The Cherry Project is a Naoko Takeuchi manga that ran from 1990-1991. It spanned 3 volumes and was rereleased in 1992.

The story's main character is Asuka Chieri, a fourteen-year-old aspiring figure skater. One lucky day she meets her childhood inspiration and crush, professional figure skater Masanori Tsuzuki at the rink. He's looking for a partner, and once he transfers to her school they decide to team up. Chieri then needs to skate at the school's fundraiser, and finds love with Tsuzuki. Things reveal not to be so easy Chieri searches for the key that she is missing.

Possibly exists in the same universe as Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V due to cameos.

Tropes used in The Cherry Project include:

"You're Cherry but you like bananas? You're weird."