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  • The Skaarj are heavily inspired by Predator, including such homages as dreadlocks and wrist-mounted blades.
  • The second single-player level, "Nyleve's Falls" is named after the levelmaker's[1] wife.
    • The Vortex Rikers registration number (NC114-85EKLS) is a reference to him, as well.
    • All the names in the translator logs belong to many of his friends.
  • The ninth level, also made by Eekels, is called Harobed Village.
  • In the level "Bluff Eversmoking", there's a tombstone marked "Myscha"[2]
  • In the first mission of Return To Na Pali, "Edge Of Na Pali", near the end, after you killed the Pack Hunters and opened a locked the door, when you go outside, near the crashed ship, you can find a dead soldier under the name M. Worch. Matthias Worch is one of the Legend Entertainment developers.
    • There's another one, at the beginning. When you exit from the building you start, you'll find a guy drown at the lake. His name is W. Marshall. Warren Marshall is one of Epic Games's employees.
  • The map "Glathriel Village", also from Return To Na Pali, has an Easter Egg which guides to a secret. It has the Unreal Tournament clan Ocrana's logo, and the translator has the following message:

"Will you die for this? http://www.ocrana.de"

  • The map DmAriza has the Quake shape.

Unreal Tournament

"Its been 5 years since I've used one of these."

  • DM-Morpheus is inspired by a scene from The Matrix, and its name was taken from Morpheus, one of the main characters.
  • AS-Overlord ("Operation Overlord") is inspired by D-Day.
  • When you play in the campaign, in the Venom team, two of the characters are named Ada and Lovelace, a Shout-Out to the (arguably) first programmer in the world.
  • The Sniper Rifle is a custom scoped M16.
  • One of the female Commando (Dark Phalanx) characters is called Nikita.
  • The map CTF-Orbital has, in the ceilings of both flag bases, the Digital Extremes logo.
  • The name of the map DOM-Sesmar is taken from Ramses's Sdrawkcab Name.
  • The hallways guiding to the flag bases in the Bonus Pack 1 map CTF-Hydro16 form the number 182.

Unreal II the Awakening

  • Terran Colonial Authority, anyone?

Unreal Tournament 2004

  • The Assault level AS-MotherShip is a literal Battleship Raid on the Skaarj Mothership, which is a Shout Out to the first Unreal game.
  • "Flawless Victory!"
  • ONS-Icarus to DM-Morpheus.
  • DM-Inferno explicitly references The Divine Comedy.
  • Invasion mode uses the classic Unreal enemies.
  • AS-Junkyard, from its description to the objectives of the map itself, references Scrapheap Challenge / Junkyard Wars.
  • The Nightmare voicepacks have varying shoutouts to horror films:

Unreal Championship 2 The Liandri Conflict

Unreal Tournament III

  • The name of Act III is "The Liandri Conflict", which is also the subtitle of Unreal Championship 2.
  • The Titans and Behemoths in the Titan Expansion Pack take their names from the Titans and Behemoths from the first Unreal game.
  • The achievement for beating the Chapter 4 is called "Not In Kansas Anymore".
  • The achievement for defeating Akasha in Insane is called "Fear The Reaper".
  • Get the "Combo King" award 15 times, and you get the "Don't taze me bro!" achievement.

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  1. Juan Pancho "Xceptone" Eekels
  2. which is the name of its levelmaker, Elliott "Myscha" Cannon