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Due to the Loads and Loads of Characters, we're just going to name the main characters, or at least those which have some kind of Character Development, such as being the main guys of a game or having appeared across more than one game.

Malcolm and Lauren can be found in the UT Character Sheet

The Ronin Team

Tropes related to them:


"I don't give a damn about politics." (Pulls a picture of Akasha from his back) "This is why I'm here."
Act II intro

Voiced by: Chris Cox

Real name: James Hawkins. He was born into a hardworking mining family in the Twin Souls clan. Four years ago, his sister Jester joined the security forces charged with protecting the clan. After a skirmish left her injured, Reaper left the mines and joined the forces in order to watch for her safety. He lost everything on Twin Souls, and will not rest until he sees the total annihilation of those responsible.

Tropes related to him:

Reaper: This isn't war - this is slaughter. You call this calculated losses? Collateral damage?
Malcolm: We didn't think they'd came this fast... attack every front...
Reaper: You wanted them to break the rules, start an open war... Take a look, you got your wish!
Malcolm: They came too fast... we didn't provoke this... they must have been preparing for years...
Reaper: Yeah, you blew it. But this was coming no matter what we did... Only one thing to do now. Let's kick some Necris ass.

Malcolm: Listen. I heard what happened to your colony. I know you want blood. This job gets you there faster. Trust me.

    • And then, against Malcolm.

"Only one person knew our plans. That makes you next... Malcolm."


Voiced by: Andrea Baker

Real name: Sarah Hawkins. Jester was born into a hardworking mining family in the Twin Souls clan. She never showed much aptitude for mining; her capricious, happy-go-lucky attitude was not a fit for the dangerous, methodical lifestyle of a miner. Instead, she chose an even more dangerous route by joining the security forces charged with protecting the clan's interests at the colony and abroad. Once known for her lighthearted nature, Jester's entire world shifted when the Krall slaughtered her parents and friends. Her acrobatics in combat and carefree approach left her with the nickname "Jester".

Tropes related to her:

Reaper: Jester... My little Sarah... I'm so sorry.

  • Genre Savvy: She notices a lot of stuff which later happens. In fact, she was the first to notice that the trip to Omicron-6 was a trap all along.

"Something's wrong. Feels like a trap."

Reaper: Damn. Dying HURTS!
Jester: Try not to tense up.
Reaper: That sounds easy

"Need more bedrest?"

"Nice one, big brother!"


Voiced by: Terrence Carson

Real name: Terrence Marshall. He was born into a family of means, and never had to work to support himself. Instead, he challenged himself with the most deadly jobs and adrenaline-fueling adventures around the galaxy, which includes a participation in the Liandri Grand Tournament, and mercenary work in against-all-odds military conflicts. He became a drifter, floating from colony to colony, teeding his needs as a street brawler and soldier for hire. A series of unfortunate coincidences made him a first-hand witness to the Twin Souls Massacre.

Tropes related to him:

Othello: Hell yeah, this is my kind of fight!
Jester: The kind where we all die, Othello?


"Every sinner shows in my sights, eventually."
Act V intro.

Voiced by: Nolan North

Real name: Jeremiah O'Connor. Ronin team's resident Cold Sniper. He's a Warrior Poet who considers himself a Crusader, a Knight Templar on a mission from god. Those falling outside of his close circle of friends, or worse, those serving on an opposing force in a battle, are subject to his brand of divine justice. No church would ever sanction his methods. His tactics usually fall just within the limits of legality and wartime treaty convention, but they never fit well within a civilized society or regular army. Thus Bishop found himself on the fringes of known space, serving as a mercenary by day and an exceedingly unpopular army chaplain by night. He may be unstable, but his deep inner focus, intense personality, and steady aim make him a valuable asset.

Tropes related to him:


Here's the new Queen Bitch of the Universe.

As the High inquisitor of the Necris, Akasha rules with an Iron Fist, and orders with the Voice of the Prophet. She's the responsible of leading the Necris army to the planet Taryd. Reaper wants her head because the Necris used the Krall to overrun the Twin Souls colony.

Tropes related to her: