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The Beehive Hairdo is a woman's hairstyle in fashion from about the 1940s through the 1960s, in which long hair is piled high above the head and cemented with plenty of hairspray. A few elderly women could be seen sporting the beehive into the 1990s, at which point it became more of a gag and/or trope hairstyle than anything real. They seem to have made a small comeback in the last few years, thanks to celebrities from shows like Jersey Shore making "poofy hair" trendy again.

Examples of Beehive Hairdo include:



  • Many panels of The Far Side featured one or more beehive-coiffed beauties.
  • Night Girl of the Legion of Substitute Heroes wore a beehive hairdo for years... and has sported it in most of her modern appearances as well, as it's apparently now considered her iconic look.
  • Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four has worn a beehive at various points. (There is a "The horribly hairstyles of Susan Storm" page somewhere...)
  • Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis wrote a strip that, apparently, nobody got. Pig sees a "Beware of Dog" sign in a yard, that appears to have the 'g' missing. He knocks on the door to let the owner know, only to be greeted by a woman with an atrocious beehive haircut. Beware of do. Geddit?
    • Also worth noting Patty and Pigita, even though the former is, um, a reptile.
  • Mindscan in Guardians of the Galaxy appears to have one. It's actually a wig to cover her oversized, lumpy skull.

Fan Fic

  • Beehive Randomness, a one-shot Lucky Star fic about six of the (long-haired) characters' hair mysteriously becoming updone. Miyuki finds it rather embarrassing, and so does Kagami once she and Konata wind up next. (Despite the title, there is not actually much random about it.)

Films -- Live Action

  • Johnny Cash's mother in Walk the Line acquires one of these in The Sixties.
  • Ricki Lake sports this style in Hairspray.
    • Everyone sported that style in Hairspray, hence the title.
    • And quite a few other John Waters characters have this hairstyle.
  • Hedwig and The Angry Inch: "Suddenly, she's Miss Beehive, 1963..."
  • Bride of Frankenstein has an infamous version of a beehive.
  • In Mars Attacks!, one of the aliens disguises itself as a woman sporting one of these, because it was the only kind of costume that would hide its huge head.


  • Susan Sto Helit sported one when she was being Death's granddaughter (as opposed to Governess Susan) in the Sky One Live Action Adaptation of Hogfather. Based on the painting by Paul Kidby which has her with more of an afro, which in turn is based on the description in Soul Music of her hair resembling a dandelion clock.

Live Action TV

  • Turned up often enough in the original Star Trek: The Original Series, that it's been speculated that (like many, many other parts of the show) it was a case of Author Appeal with Gene Roddenberry.
  • Brought back from the dead by Joan Holloway and her startlingly-red updo in Mad Men, which is after all set in the very early 60s.
    • Also by Betty Draper when she and Don go to Italy.
  • Vlad, the Divine Executioner, from Lexx had such a hairdo... about a foot-and-a-half high.
  • When beehives appear in Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies, one of the gang will probably make buzzing noises at least once.
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark sports a rather unusual beehive-mullet.
  • As mentioned above, Snooki's signature "poof" from Jersey Shore.
  • Joy once sported one in My Name Is Earl, when she and the rest of the cast went to see an independently produced movie.


  • Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson of The B 52s used to always sport a pair of beehives. It's where the band's name came from, after all. Not so much nowadays.
  • Mari Wilson of Just What I Always Wanted fame.
  • Adele, of course.
  • Diana Ross And The Supremes. And others of their time.
  • Amy Winehouse, more or less.


  • Rosemary "Rosie" Willow from FAC-AgentC's dA comic Timepeace.

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