Doctor Who/Recap/S2/E03 The Rescue

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You're sorry for me aren't you? I'm perfectly all right, you know. I don't care if nobody ever comes. I'm fine. I'm perfectly all right!
Vicki, who is not all right

The Doctor, with Ian and Barbara still in tow, arrives on the planet Dido some time in the 25th century and find a crashed Earth spaceship with two survivors on board: the paralysed Bennett and young Vicki. Both are fearful of a native monster called Koquillion, who has apparently killed the other members of the expedition.

In a short two-part story, the Doctor figures out that Koquilion is in fact Bennett in disguise (he's not really paralysed, of course), and he has killed the other crew members in order to conceal a murder he committed earlier. He has also been killing the native Didonians, and believes he has in fact wiped them out - but a confrontation with two Didonians causes him to fall to his death from a high cliff and the Doctor decides to take Vicki with him.

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