Doctor Who/Recap/S16/E01 The Ribos Operation

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The Doctor: Ah! You want me to volunteer, is that it? And if I don't?
The Guardian: Nothing.
The Doctor: What? Nothing? You mean nothing will happen to me?
The Guardian: Nothing at all. (pause) Ever.

The White Guardian interrupts the Doctor's puttering around in the TARDIS to give him a quest: find all six segments of the Key To Time before... well, there's a deadline, but it's not entirely clear when it is. But sooner would be better.

True to form, the White Guardian gives the Doctor some supernatural aid.

Her name is Romana.

She's a still-wet-behind-the-ears Time Lady, fresh out of the Time Lord Academy, where she acquitted herself rather better than the Doctor ever did. And she can out-smug the Doctor.

Romana reads the TARDIS Owner's Guide and effects a perfect materialisation on the icy, remote, pre-contact world of Ribos, location of Plot Coupon #1. They quickly track it to the royal bling room, where it's been disguised as a huge glowy blue lump of jethrik, an incredibly rare and expensive subtance.

But all is not as it seems. The jethrik has been planted there by one Garron: ostensibly a real estate agent showing the planet to a client (the Graff, a psychopathic ex-dictator), but really a Snake Oil Salesman trying to trick the Graff into paying an inflated price for the allegedly jethrik-rich planet.

It works, and the Graff's million-opek down payment is stored in the royal treasury for the night. The Genre Savvy will not be surprised to learn that, next morning, the money and the jethrik is gone, and the guards have no idea what the Graff Vynda-K is ranting about.


Unstoffe: Someday, even here, people will look at each other and say: "Binro was right!"