Island in The Sea of Time

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A trilogy by S.M. Stirling, in which the entire island of Nantucket is sent back in time to the late Bronze Age by a mysterious dome of light. "The Event" also brings along the Eagle, a Coast Guard training vessel--a mixed blessing for Nantucket, for while the ship and its crew prove invaluable in saving the island from starvation, one of the officers, William Walker gathers a band of followers and hijacks a ship for England, where he sets himself up as a warlord among the Indo-European tribes of the area. For obvious reasons, the people of Nantucket are not pleased with this, and the Town Meeting, under the leadership of former police chief Jared Cofflin and Marian Alston, captain of the Eagle, sends a force after him.

The first book, Island in the Sea of Time, covers the first couple of years, from the Event up to the Battle of the Downs, where Walker and his local allies meet the expeditionary force from Nantucket and their local allies.

The second book, Against the Tide of Years, sees Nantucket facing a threat from Tartessos, a kingdom in Spain that has been rapidly "modernizing" under the rule of one of Walker's friends. Contact is made with the kingdoms of Mycenae and Babylon, and an expedition prepares to follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark.

The third book, On the Oceans of Eternity, brings with it the end of the war.

There is also a short story, "Blood Wolf", set in the same milieu, but about a generation later.

The series is tenuously connected to the Emberverse, which covers what happened in the world Nantucket left behind.

Tropes used in Island in The Sea of Time include: