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JulianSmith.tv is a series of videos made by Youtuber Julian Smith. He produces humorous sketches and songs. Some of his videos may or may not make sense, but that's all part of the fun.

His channel is in the top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube.

Find it here.

Tropes used in JulianSmith.tv include:

Rhett: So if Link gets two waffles, and I get two waffles, that still leaves eight waffles for you.
Jeffery: I don't want eight waffles! I want twelve! I just want twelve of them!
Rhett: If you can seriously eat all those waffles, I will personally drive you to the store to buy some more.

Julian: Okay. Chris is dead now.
Josh: What??
Julian: He died like an hour ago?
Josh: Why are you watching a movie!?
Julian: Oh come on Josh, I put that movie on before he died.
Josh: There's a dead guy on your couch, Julian!
Julian: I think Chris would have wanted me to finish this movie before disposing of his corpse.

Josh: Alright Chris. I'm no good at eulogies. And there's not anybody here to impress, so I don't really feel that obligated to say anything at all, actually.

Julian: Okay, then play me in rock paper scissors and if you beat me, you don't have to play.
Travis: ...Fine.

Mr. Timn: Ever wonder why a candy castle's made out of ice cream instead of candy?
Toby: Not really...
Mr. Timn: Me neither. But now I really wanna know what they're up to in there.
Narrator: Toby could barely keep up. Mr. Timn spoke a hundred miles an hour.

Gabrielle: Julian Smith is dead.