Lucky Dog 1

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Lucky Dog 1 is a Boys Love doujin Visual Novel by the company Tennenouji. (Whose artist is known for her work on Enzai and Absolute Obedience)

Set in 1930s America, it's about a particularly hot Mafia group called the CR-5. At the beginning of the game, they're stuck in prison, until the protagonist, Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte (mostly known as "Gian"), finds out that he can become the CR-5's boss if he manages to break out successfully. With his cohorts Giulio di Bondone, Ivan Fiore, Bernardo Ortolani and Luchino Gregoretti, he (hopefully) makes it out of prison intact, and to his hometown known as Daivan. The plot then chronicles his life with whatever character you choose to pursue, and whether or not Gian makes it into his position or not.

Very popular amongst the Japanese BL Game fandom, especially on Pixiv. Has a small-but-dedicated English-speaking fandom too, who pretty much unanimously agree it Needs More Love.

Tropes used in Lucky Dog 1 include: